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Monday, August 31, 2020

Trump supporters stop Portland riots

For 3 months Portland's Democrat mayor and Oregon's Democrat governor did nothing while Democrats rampaged nightly in the streets. The only complaint this pair of Democrat imbeciles made was when President Donald John Trump sent marshals to protect federal buildings.

On Sunday, Mayor Imbecile and Governor Imbecile finally shut down their party's 3 month orgy of anarchy after Trump supporters rolled through town.

Saturday's actual peaceful protest scared Democrats straight. They suddenly realized that Trump supporters are not going to take it any longer, and they have guns.

A Democrat shot and killed a Trump supporter whom Democrats in the media tried to frame as deserving death because the man is a member of Patriot Prayer, which the media libeled as a far-right group.

But praying is a crime in the eyes of the media and most other Democrats.

The riots, arson, and looting are polling so badly that Basement Biden's staff put out a press release saying he opposes violence on both sides. So far Trump supporters have destroyed exactly zero cars or buildings. The damage by Democrats is in the billions.

But OK, I will condemn violence by both sides beginning with the Democrats who killed retired Police Captain David Dorn.

Mayor Imbecile wants to blame the president for Democrats killing a Trump supporter in the streets of Portland. The media aids him in his lies.

The CNN division of the Ministry of Misinformation reported, "His forceful comments come one day after a person was shot and killed in downtown Portland after an evening of violent clashes between Trump supporters and protesters denouncing police brutality."

There is no police brutality in Portland.

Trump supporters killed no one in Portland.

The lies continue.

But the rioting no longer does because Democrats pulled the plug on these Maoist, mayor-supported demonstrations that put the fear of mobs in decent citizens.

USA Today reported, "Less than 24 hours after a fatal shooting that sparked a war of words between Portland mayor's and the president, Oregon Gov. Kate Brown on Sunday night announced her plan to end violence in the state's largest city after months of protests.

"Brown called on multiple law enforcement agencies — state and local — to assist the Portland Police Bureau and announced plans for a community forum to protect the right to free speech.

"The announced plan comes after a man fatally shot on a Portland street amid clashes between supporters of President Donald Trump and protesters was identified as a good friend of the right-wing group Patriot Prayer, founder Joey Gibson said Sunday."

Bill Ayers has long sought a race war.

His protegee, Obama, tried to ignite one in his second term.

This was to be the summer it began.

But the race war backfires on Democrats.

Paul Bedard in his Washington Secrets reported, "President Trump’s support from likely black voters is nearly twice what campaign officials believe is needed to win reelection and 15 points under the level Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden needs, according to a new survey.

"The latest John Zogby Strategies/EMI Research Solutions poll, which was taken after last week’s Republican National Convention that featured several minority speakers, put Trump’s support from black voters at 20%. For Biden, it is at 75%.

"For Trump, that is 12 points more than he received in 2016 and 9 points more than campaign officials believe he needs to keep the White House. One senior official recently told Secrets, 'If it’s at 11%, then we win.'

"The polling analysis suggested that the rioting in cities and Trump’s law and order stance could be driving more black voters into his camp and robbing Biden of votes from the Democratic Party’s most loyal base."

Like Ayers, I have long wanted a showdown between capitalism and communism.

This year we get one.

This is a sea-change election that could be as big as 1980, which was 40 years ago. We're due.


  1. Had to drive a bit today. Put on MSNBC and CNN on XM radio. They are working overtime trying to blame PDJT for the violence as well as Patriot Prayer, a group described as a far right hate group by the far left hate group, the SPLC.

  2. That mamma with a long rifle is delicious. And her kids are just perfect! The dirty secret in Chicago is that MANY black families have guns, legal or not. I mean- are you gonna tell them to just call the police?

  3. Well Kate dodged recall again. almost had her. 2000+ shy of 380,000
    about 1/5 the of the electorate...Loved tha pcture of the Armed family...
    We are not alone. The movment against the Dems is growing..
    Knew one of the recall leaders -one problem was harassment by dem operatives on the west side. Not safe.

    1. Sad to hear that the recall doesn't make the ballot. But we still hope for an electoral shock in November. Politically that's still a long ways off, but the momentum is there.
      Saw the story yesterday that several local sheriff's have told Kommie Kate to pound sand. Why should they be sacrificial lambs when the Portlandia prosecutors refuse to charge those the police arrest.

  4. The counties have told Kate to bugger off, citing the policy of catch'n'release as the issue and not numbers.

  5. I hear that the various police groups have said that they are not going to Portland to help out. Why should they face angry mobs for the idiot mayor and governor.

  6. I hope the family of the person murdered sues the crap outta the mayor and the rest of the thugs running that dump.

  7. “A sea change.” Good call, Big D. The Old Skool Liberal, as a going political concern, is gone. If you ain’t down with The Revolution, you DONE. Those folks will be the new constituency of The Trump Party for his second term and beyond.

    1. I still remember watching the election returns come in Election Night in 1980. I was still (marginally) a Dim at the time.

      Not only did Reagan win, but the Republicans won control of the Senate by taking 12 Senate seats away from the Dims. One by one, they all went down, just like big trees.

      My young and stupid days were over. I became a Reaganite shortly thereafter.

  8. "40 years ago" Malaise or Hope. Today it's freedom or socialism.

  9. The recall petition for NM's queen mother started the other day. Wouldn't it be nice to see all of the authoritarian progressives removed for their covid mass murders and disproportionate attacks on working people vs rioters?

  10. I voted for Trump in 2016 and will do so again this year. My fear is that with all the election fraud the Democrats are planning, I don't see how Trump can possibly win again.