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Tuesday, August 04, 2020

Trump Is American Conservatism

David Azerrad is an assistant professor at Hillsdale College’s Van Andel Graduate School of Government in Washington, D.C. He did an amazing thing. He wrote an 1,100-word essay on What Is American Conservatism without mentioning President Donald John Trump once.

Other than that, it is a spot-on column -- for 2015.

Azerrad (without naming names) knocks the conservative establishment.

He wrote, "Conservatism is the seven cheers for capitalism and the deafening silence on demographic change, feminism, and corporate malfeasance. It’s the same tired cast of speakers blathering about limited government almost a century after the New Deal. It’s the platitudinous Reagan quotes and the worn-out Buckley anecdotes. It’s the mindless optimism and the childish exhortations—if something can’t go on forever, it won’t!"

All that was true.

5 years ago.

President Trump has reached out to black people and Hispanic people -- which is what the professor means by "demographic change" -- without pandering. Jack Kennedy's tide which lifts all boats has done the same in the Trump presidency, which brought record low unemployment to all demographic groups.

His daughter raised $1 billion for the World Bank to lend companies begun by women worldwide.

And President Trump is riding on companies to quit using slave labor in Red China.

Azerrad wrote, "But conservatism is also the endless wars, the nation-building, and the outdated alliances. It’s the free trade fetish. It’s the foolish libertarianism that hates the government more than it loves America. It’s the unconscionable refusal to clamp down on immigration.

"Worst of all, conservatism is the cowardice and accommodation in the face of leftist hegemony. It’s the long list of enemies to the Right. It’s the court eunuchs and other members of the controlled opposition who offer an echo, but never a choice. It’s the faux grandstanding while living in fear of being called a racist."

1. President Trump is ending endless wars, eschewing nation-building, and challenging NATO.

2. President Trump has clamped down on immigration.

3. President Trump has faced every weapon the left has -- often alone -- and ignored taunts of racism and far worse, and prevailed. Bigly.

Where the hell has Azzerad been?

I read the piece and was tempted to leave a sarcastic but sincere comment, "President Trump has done all this."

But how do you educate an educator?

He wrote, "We must develop policies commensurate with these problems, identify plausible ways to implement them in a hostile landscape, and ensure they are enforced once enacted. Since the entirety of America’s rotten ruling class will oppose us, this bold undertaking requires both prudence and courage.

"The task before us is daunting. It may be insurmountable. But this much we know: unless we succeed, we will eventually be reduced to second-class citizenship in a declining country whose only solace will be the distant memory of former greatness."

Has he spent the past 4 years playing Dungeons and Dragons while ignoring all news?

I am baffled by how uninformed the man is.

Paul Mirengoff at Powerline also responded to Azzerad's column, but did so without mentioning President Trump.

Mirengoff wrote, "My kind of conservatism focuses on protecting America, individuals Americans, and core American principles like free speech, religious freedom, free enterprise generally, and freedom from being discriminated against (or preferred) on the basis of race, gender, ethnicity, and the like.

"Protecting America means a strong defense, a strong policy to combat [Red] China, strong anti-terrorism policies, and enforcement of our immigration laws. Protecting individual Americans means supporting the police generally including the use of proactive policing approaches, and imposing stiff sentences on felons. For many, it also means protecting the unborn. And given the benefits strong families confer on individual Americans, it means family-friendly policies, as well.

"Protecting core American values means, among other things, firmly rejecting identity politics, as well as America-hating renditions of history.

"All of this is consistent with the conservatism of the past 40 years. Substitute the Soviet Union for China, and you have a largely Reaganite agenda."

In short, Mirengioff is for everything President Trump stands for.

Azerrad and Mirengoff went on and on about conservatism without mentioning Donald Trump. It is like talking about 1950s baseball without mentioning the New York Yankees.

Neither man wants to admit that President Trump is the king of conservatism. He wrested the crown from the very phonies Mirengoff and Azzerad now rail against, five years after Donald Trump defeated the establishment.

And Donald Trump kept that crown by doing the very things they now prescribe -- after the fact.

Where were these men 4 years ago when we Trump supporters could have used their help?

Of more importance, where are they today?