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Wednesday, August 05, 2020

Satire becomes real life as NYT publishes actual communist propaganda

On September 27, 2017, the satirical People's Cube ran a piece, "The New York Times, organ of the Communist Party."

This week, the Washington Free Beacon confirmed it.

The Beacon reported, "The New York Times quietly deleted hundreds of advertorials that the Chinese Communist Party paid to publish on its website.

"A Times spokeswoman told the Washington Free Beacon that the move is a reflection of a decision to stop accepting ads from state-run media. 'We made the decision at the beginning of this year to stop accepting branded content ads from state run media, which includes China Daily,' she said.

"The Times‘s decision to end its partnership with China Daily is part of a society-wide reckoning about the cozy relationships between the Chinese government and American institutions, from the NBA to Harvard University. While the paper is responsible for some of the most gut-wrenching stories about Chinese government oppression, it has also run more than 200 propaganda articles in the last decade, some of which sugar-coated China's human rights abuses. One 2019 video ad, for example, promoted Xinjiang tourism by depicting the oppressed Uyghur people as content under Chinese rule."


Maybe the American government should bribe the Times to run pro-American stories.


Readers would see right through it.

Accepting bribes to run propaganda may run afoul of the law.

The story said, "After the Free Beacon found that China Daily failed to follow federal disclosure requirements about its relationship with U.S. media outlets, (Republican Congressman Jim) Banks and 34 other Congressional Republicans demanded a Justice Department probe into the outlet. Following the demand, China Daily submitted a revised disclosure of its U.S. activities since 2016, revealing previously undisclosed details about its ties with U.S. media organs."


Did the New York Times collude with Red China to interfere with the 2016 election?

Jeff Bezos's Washington Post is no better.

Fox reported, "The Washington Post was roasted on Tuesday for publishing a glowing piece praising China’s Communist Party that was quickly compared to Beijing's propaganda.

"The piece, headlined 'Trump views China’s Communist Party as a threat. Young Chinese see it as a ticket to a better future,' and written by Beijing bureau chief Anna Fifield, was accused of reading like a press release by Rep. Dan Crenshaw, R-Texas.

"'After seven decades in power, the ruling party has faced potentially existential challenges over the past year, from pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong and an economic slowdown to a devastating corona virus and, most recently, once-in-a-generation floods that have wreaked destruction across central China,' Fifield wrote. “'But far from diminishing its stature at home, as some in the Trump administration appear to believe, the party’s response to some of these crises has helped solidify the support of existing and aspiring members — or at least neutralized grumbling.'"

How evil it is that the Times and the Post keep bringing up American slavery which ended 155 years ago while serving as human shields for a Red Chinese regime that has enslaved a million Muslims to make Nike wearing apparel and the like.

The legacy of Walter Duranty lives on.


  1. Yet, the NYT article on Obama spying on Trump is 100 percent proof positive that Obama spied. So is NYT fake news and communist or not? You are so confused Don.

    1. Of course it is. It's an admission against pecuniary interest.

    2. Sorry anonymous but until the Times gives back its phony Pulitzer for lying about collusion it doesn't have any credibility. Publishing any thing about spying without a thorough mea culpa is worthless

    3. Ano what is it you do (or did) for a living, Nony Doosh?

    4. What does that have to do with the NYT being a communist tool?

    5. Look at all the MAGA snowflakes with their panties in a wad. Hi FLOlson. "Jump!!"

  2. Next question. Are they dumping ads for the NBA?

  3. Don captured it perfectly in a phrase...

    "Colin Kaepernick - Front Man for Slavery"

    - Gary B

  4. NEW. YORK. POST!!
    NEW. YORK. POST!!!

  5. I knew a Ukrainian woman who escaped the Ukraine after WW2 she met and Married a
    US Soldier who was with the US Army Railroad Corps. She was freed from a German Prison Camp. and had the good fortune to have family in the US. She did however survive the Famine that Stalin caused to kill the "Kulaks" the farmers the productive people. Nothing has changed...
    BTW Stalin had th epolicy of killing or exiling POW's that survived because they didn't die for the Motherland even if Prisoners.


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