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Saturday, August 29, 2020

RNC 148 million, DNC 122 million

Matt Drudge reported Biden got more viewers from his basement than President Donald John Trump got at the White House.

The opposite was true. The RNC beat the DNC in viewership, and I will explain why.

To be sure, Democrats did well on commercial television -- ABC, CNS, CNN, FOX, NBC, and MSNBC. Why wouldn't they? Those are their networks. Even Fox, which has Chris Wallace as its DC leader.

But commercial TV was only part of the story.

Republicans watched online and on CSPAN. Those were the only ways to get around the Big Foot anchors and Acosta-style correspondents who talked over the RNC, which put on a great show with ordinary people who were not politicians or Hollywood stars. They gave testimony to the greatness of Donald Trump's presidency.

Following the DNC, liberals set the metrics for measuring the success of the 2 conventions.

CNN gushed, "Biden's campaign says it raised $70 million during DNC watched live by 122 million people."

That 122 million watching was the cumulative number. The daily average was a little more than 30 million.

This week, Fox reported, "Trump campaign rakes in $76 million during Republican National Convention. The GOP convention brought in 147.9 million views across television and online, Fox News has learned."

Rounded off, that is 148 million for a daily average of 37 million.

Measured by viewers, President Trump did 21% better.

Measured by money, he did 8% better.

Yabut, the polls.

I addressed this in my previous post, and I will go over it again.

Bloomberg reported, "A new online study finds that Republicans and independents are twice as likely as Democrats to say they would not give their true opinion in a telephone poll question about their preference for president in the 2020 election. That raises the possibility that polls understate support for President Donald Trump.

"Some 11.7% of Republicans and 10.5% independents said they would not give their true opinion, vs. 5.4% of Democrats, according to the study by CloudResearch LLC, a Queens, N.Y.-based company that conducts online market research and data collection for clients."

This renders the polls as useless as a fishing pole in the Sahara. Today was the first time I wore my Veterans for Trump shirt in Poca Food Fair. Anyone who knows me knows my opinion on everything from reading my blog. My county was 70% Trump, 23% Hillary in 2016. It likely will be higher this year, but I really do not want to be confronted by that 23%.

I get calls from pollsters on caller ID, but I don't pick up the phone.

We are quiet now. We will roar on November 3rd.

UPDATE: Joe Biden has 8.9 million followers on Twitter.

The Donald has 85.6 million -- or nearly 10 times as many.


  1. I would also add that Trump has almost 25 more Twitter followers than he did around the last election. They're not all fans, I'm sure, and may not all be real, but that's still a whole heck of a lot of people who hear from Trump directly without Jim Acosta's annoying whine.

    1. D'oh! 25 million, Josh, you dummy!

    2. Don't be too hard on Josh, Josh. At least he has Acosta pegged!

    3. Sadly, Trump has lost one Twitter follower.

      Yes, the Twitternazi fascists discovered I'm conservative, so I've been suspended. They didn't bother telling me what I'm suspended for, of course- but I'm sure it was for "violating the Twitter rules," which they make up as they go!

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  3. ___Been a huge supporter of President Trump since his, "I like people who weren't captured,” July 2015, dig at the Songbird. My reaction then?!...Think of Dennis Hopper in Hoosiers, when Gene Hackman benches his disobedient player and sends only four players back onto the Court. Hopper's smile was mine.
    I love the POTUS and didn't watch a second of the RNC or DNC Conventions. Probably the DINO's like me, and the 'Red-Dog Republican' Trump supporters have moved on from the antiquated media faux political theater...The President broke that chokehold of the media control, at the 2016 Convention. ZB

  4. Is Rachael Madcow making any bold predictions this year like she did 4 years ago?

    1. Yes xe did. After his speech, all attendees would get COVID because they weren’t wearing masks. It was a “Super Spreader” event. Xe can’t help itself.

  5. You forgot One America News, which showed the proceedings uninterrupted from start to finish every night. Perhaps not all cable systems carry it, but it is invaluable.

    On the internet, Right Side Broadcasting also showed the proceedings uninterrupted from beginning to end and it also shows the Trump rallies in their entirety.

    1. When I watched, which wasn’t much, it was on OAN.

    2. When the commentators started talking on FOX, I went to OAN.

    3. I watched at least a little, each day.
      OAN was great: gavel to gavel coverage, no bobble heads talking over the speakers.
      RSBN (Right Side Broadcast Network) was also great! They started covering Trump rallies in 2015 before covering Trump rallies was cool.

  6. Please VOTE IN PERSON! If all of Trump's votes are in person they'll have no choice but to call the election in his favor on election night, instead of weeks later if there are too many mail-in and absentee ballots.

    1. I attended a presentation on vote-by-mail this week. They also recommended voting in person. In CA it gets counted right away. Besides being faster, it avoids the situation where your ballot gets bent in the mail, or has a coffee mug stain or a stray mark. If the machine can't read the ballot, the poll workers have to copy your vote to a clean ballot. The presenters said "This happens more than you would think! And sometimes they make mistakes copying over your vote choices."

  7. "Statehood for D.C."? Are you kidding me?

    This attack on Rand Paul and others is the VERY REASON our Founders created a Federal District: so senators would not be threatened, intimidated and coerced by local scumbag partisan politicians like Mayor Bowser and her Klantifa/Black Lives Murders-mob of domestic terrorists.

    Statehood? We should rescind Cityhood. These Hoodlums can't even handle that.

    This is the Satanic spirit of the Mob unleashed by Mayor Jezebel Bowser when she sent her domestic terrorists over to the White House to lynch the Trumps last month. The President had tweeted that rioters should avoid the White House because the Secret Service was highly armed. Bowser tweeted back that there were no weapons and the President was alone and defenseless.

    Mayor Bowser was trying to get the Mob to assault the President, and failing that, she hoped to get rioters killed to get her Kent State on. And now we find that she denied the senators Secret Service escorts to their hotels. She wanted them attacked by her Soros-zombie night-riders.

    In a way, it is a fitting end to Republican Convention, which got better and brighter every day if that’s even possible. This dark evil only shows us clearly what is at stake in this contest. These riots were scheduled because President Trump has cut into black vote. Massa don't allow that.

    One hundred years ago, the Klan acted as the paramilitary militia wing of the Democrat Party. They were domestic terrorists. Today BLM and Antifa are the paramilitary militia wing of the Democrat Party. They are domestic terrorists.

    They used to be white supremacists and segregationists, now they're Black Supremacists and Communists, but nothing else has changed much for them in a century.

    1. Well said. If you want to live in a state, move out of DC. If you want DC to be a state, then move ALL the agencies to some other place that is neutral and lose ALL those jobs. Hmmm, y'know, at the thought of moving agencies I'm kinda warming up to the thought after all .... Or maybe don't make DC a state, just move the government and give DC back to Maryland or whatever.

  8. the greatness of Donald Trump's presidency.

    LOL. Seriously? Compared to what exactly? You left that out how convenient.

    When compared only to democrats is it in anyway decent at all. Why not compare it to the Constitution for a change?

    In that he's just another failure leading the nation to federal bankruptcy. So in that regard he's no different than Bush Obama. But you'll go ahead and pretend otherwise .

    Its what cult like people do. With their head in the sand they clap their feet marching on to doom. Just admit it you all like power just as much as liberals do. So does Trump.

    You think just as long as your party is in charge then DC should retain and use said power over people. Its only when your out of power that you complain. Its hypocrisy not unlike the double standards liberals have used for generations.

    Centralized power is unAmerican and unpatriotic and repugnant to the Constitution. You clowns are the useful idiots of the progressives because they educated you in public schools.

    You pretend this is still a republic that follows the Constitution. You are beyond help.

    1. You're fun to watch. Next week, your training wheels come off. Maintain your balance!

    2. Wow you sure told that guy off! Do ya feel better now? Tread lightly as the Bible says even fools know when to shut up.

    3. Daddy gets home tomorrow morning and he is going to whup that ass. With a switch. Like Adrian Petersen used to. And AP’s kids aren’t rioting.

    4. Yeah, Trump is just a Democrat.

      Uhhh ... ok.

      Put down the crack pipe, untie that heroin tourniquet.

  9. Another factoir to consider:

    Democrats don't like to watch GOP events - they wait for CNN or MSNBC to tell them what happened and how they should feel about it.

    Republicans watch Democrat events for the laughs and because somebody has to keep an eye on crazy people.

  10. 25 more reasons to vote for DJT:

  11. For those with DirecTV, OAN is channel 347. I don't like DTV but if a carrier doesn't have OAN available, I don't even consider them. As an alternate, OAN is available through a subscription service on "Klowd TV". It's what "Fox Nation" is pattered after.