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Friday, August 14, 2020

Riots should re-elect Trump

Bill Ayers turned 75 the day after Christmas. This summer, he saw his decades-long dream come true. No, not the election of his protegee Obama (whose memoir Ayers "edited" -- i.e., wrote).
Ayers real dream was a violent race war which would lead to the overthrow of the government in favor of a Soviet-style dictatorship.

Which would be for our own good, naturally.

Bill ain't too bright. His Weather Underground -- a KKK-like terrorist group -- blew itself up more often than its targets. But daddy ran Chicago's electric company (tell me he was not politically connected) and hired the lawyers that sprung the son.

The dream lived on.

Days before 9/11, Ayers told the New York Times he wished he had done more damage.

His exact words were unambiguous, "I don't regret setting bombs. 'I feel we didn't do enough."

Why not? He shared much in common with Osama bin Laden, another rich boy terrorist who sent others to die for his cause.

This summer, Ayers got his wish for a race war. The death of George Floyd provided the excuse to roll out the nightly riots, which used peaceful protests in the daylight to soften the PR.

But the press in 2020 is not what it was in 1970 when Ayers first began blowing things up. Back then, most journalists were men who served in World War II or later.

Today's press is mixed sexes with mixed up ideas about America. Veterans are newsroom oddities now. Degrees from Marxist universities -- such as the one that employs Ayers -- make journalists easy targets for communist propaganda.

And so for 2 months, rioters had a jolly good time trashing the cities and blinding officers with lasers. Mayors joined in the fun by writing FTP (spelled "Defund The Police") in the streets. The press called this government-approved graffiti "murals."

But the fun is ending as the trees of August catch their first autumn breezes from the north.

Reality is about to sucker-punch these Ayers-heads. Mayors were too woke. The cities are broke.

The Star-Tribune reported, "Landscape of rubble persists as Minneapolis demands taxes in exchange for permits."

The story said, "In Minneapolis, on a desolate lot where Don Blyly’s bookstore stood before being destroyed in the May riots, two men finish their cigarettes and then walk through a dangerous landscape filled with slippery debris and sharp objects. The city won’t let Blyly haul away his wreckage without a permit, and he can’t get a contractor to tell him how much it will cost to rebuild the store until that happens."

After the story appeared, the city relented. Only a fool would rebuild because city hall let rioters destroy 150 buildings and cause a half-billion-dollars in damage.

In Seattle, the mayor let rioters take over a six-block area, ceding the nation's first gayborhood to anarchists. The city council cut the police budget, which forced the city's only black police chief to resign. There are no black people on city council.

So much for Black Lives Matter.

In Chicago, rioters crossed the line and trashed the stores along the Magnificent Mile. This broke the long-standing Democrat rule of allowing criminals to do what they want in poor black neighborhoods, but leave the elitists alone. New York also broke that covenant.

Turning the cities into urban wastelands forces residents to flee for the suburbs.

Only the most delusional Democrats believe those refugees will vote for Basement Biden and COMMA-la Harris.

Ayers got his wish.

He should have been more careful with what he wished for.


  1. Only by propaganda and outright fraud will PDJT be beaten by a dimwit and a lightweight. The time between November 4th and January 20th will potentially be the most memorable in our Republic's history.

  2. I feel bad for those who tried to live quiet productive lives and improve themselves while living in these hell holes.

    Slow Joe will receive record numbers of votes from these ravaged cities. Double the number of residents. But those states won’t change the electoral college.

  3. I think we should call her:
    COMMA - Comedian
    because everything out of mouth is bat-shit crazy!

    - Toby Flenderson

  4. "Guilty as sin, free as a bird," Bill Ayers said after beating a rap. "What a country, America." It was, Billy Boy, once upon a time. Now, its cities either sewers or fire pits; sometimes, amazingly, both. Don't feel TOO sorry for the wretches living in these hellholes: they voted for the mayors and councilors that turned them into such. They had a choice, and they chose Hades.

    1. NOT ALL OF US "wretches living in these hellholes.. voted for the mayors and councilors that turned them into such. They had a choice, ..."
      And many of us chose someone else! None of them ran unopposed! Unfortunately the winner either had more money, more name recognition, more fraud, more dead relatives... Maybe the current situation will finally shock the liberal progressives into a reality check and they will stop putting socialist destroyers into power.

  5. Kama Chameleon, Kama Comedian, Kama-lama-ding-dong. The list goes on and on . . .

  6. O/T, but ... Durham has obtained his first indictment. Former FBI legal counsel Kevin Clinesmith has copped a plea to falsifying evidence to the FISA Court to obtain a warrant to spy on Carter Page. Now, the next question is, who is he going to rat on to get a light sentence.

    1. It was part of a Cooperative Agreement. Now, will he really cooperate?


    2. should be interesting to watch, I need to buy more popcorn.

    3. The indictments should wrap up around the year 3020, at the pace we're going. Those convicted, long deceased, will serve time in prison caskets.

  7. It’s my understanding that a plea deal involves giving up the goods PRIOR to sentencing. Am I mistaken?

  8. The Press called stuff painted on a street surface “murals”. Just to show you how dumb they are.

    mural (noun): late Middle English: from French, from Latin muralis, from murus ‘wall’.

  9. I don't know Don, maybe, hopefully, you're right but I don't think the morons have figured it out. Again maybe hopefully you're right.

  10. Don, don't know if you caught the trend but it seems like the Trumpster is having a terrific week. About every two or three days he drops another turd in the DNC pool. Trump reveals a HUGE deal with Israel and the AE. Biden snivels about masks. I bet the Donald will keep the hits on coming all the way to November.

  11. A majority of Americans support the BLM protests and oppose Trump's authoritarian tactics, especially his photo-op where he held a Bible upside down.

    By all means, continue.

    1. I have neighbors that talk like you.

      If your side gets its wish, by the time the sun next sets over the horizon, I will no longer have neighbors who talk like you.

    2. Liar. No concurrence without real evidence. Polls are mostly garbage anyway. And anecdotes are not evedence.

  12. daddy ran Chicago's electric company (tell me he was not politically connected)

    You mean the very same ComRf that just copped a plea for bribes in the amount of $200 million paid to Michael Madigan--a Daley Machine boy?

    1. *Com ED !!!

      And yes, that bribery prolly extends back to when Old Man Ayers was paying off Daley.

  13. Roland Where you standing on your head when you think the bible was upside down. You are spouting fake news. Shame on you.

  14. I keep hearing everyone talking about "racial tensions" in America, but I don't think the problem is between black and white Americans. Yes, there seems to be a certain number of minorities who hold some anger against whites in general, but that doesn't pose too great a problem. The real problem is with white progressives and their hatred of white non-progressives. They hate us so much, they love to stir up all the minorities to join in their hate, but I notice the minorities get tired of this pretty soon. The progressives have this hatred in them down to the cellular level. It reminds me of Ayn Rand's depiction of the impotent rage that was present in Jim Taggart in "Atlas Shrugged".

    Eric W.

  15. The majority of immigrants don't care if "your" cities burn, they're going to vote as a racial bloc, and they're going to vote Democrat, no matter what. This is the difference between now and the past. Forty years ago these riots would have finished the Democrats, but immigration has changed that.

    If the Republicans win, if they take over the federal government and half the states, will they:

    Declare a near moratorium on immigration?
    Launch a ruthless crackdown on illegals?
    Launch a vigorous campaign on those who blatantly employ illegals?
    Build the wall?
    Crack down on the crypto-communists and white-hating racists who run our schools?
    Defund treasonous and destructive humanities departments in those schools?
    Get the militant left off of the taxpayers teat?
    Etc., etc.

    No they'll do nothing. They'll steam and groan and shout and in the end the only thing they'll produce is . . . wait for it . . . yet another tax break for billionaires. As Mark Steyn says when the Democrats win they're in power, when the Republicans win they're in office. There's no way for you to win, the Republicans will never address the fundamental problems of this country.

  16. The Blue States may not go red because of the riots, but there will be a lot more trump voters from those states this time.

    That will give significant heartburn to (primarily blue) states that opted to give their electoral votes to the winner of the national popular vote. Their states may have voted blue, but if Trump decisively wins the popular vote, he will take some blue states electoral votes with him.

    I love the smell of Karma in the morning.

    P.S. Trump should offer to debate Harris because she's the *real* Dem presidential candidate

  17. Until white colored people start saying the truth about black colored people, the idiotic pretense behind this communist revolution will continue. Black failure is a result of black behavior. The only "systemic" racism in this country is directed against white colored people. Black people being at the bottom of American society is to do with THEM, not anyone else. Id love to hear some jackass explain how white colored people have the power to force black colored people to score dead last as a group on every cognitive test ever devised. the bottom line is that reality is racist, and white colored people aren't in charge of the laws of nature.