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Saturday, August 01, 2020

Rich Lowry outs himself as a fraud

As editor of National Review, Rich Lowry has advocated fewer regulations, lower taxes, and the appointment of conservative judges. In his latest column, Lowry showed it was all a pack of lies meant to peddle subscriptions and draw donations to his magazine.

As president, Donald John Trump has delivered on all three as no president has.

Even Ronald Wilson Reagan did not cut regulations as severely as The Donald.

It is a tossup as to the better of the two. President Reagan fought two communist powers -- Russia and Red China. President Trump fights two communist powers -- Red China and the Democrat Party.

Lowry showed little appreciation for President Trump's accomplishments in his column on his Never Trump buddies turning into a cancel culture that wants to destroy any and all Republicans.

Oh, Lowry briefly mentioned the judicial appointments. In one term, President Trump has appointed 53 appellate judges. Obama appointed 55 in two terms. The Judiciary would  have been lost if Hillary were elected. Jeb!, Cruz, Rubio, and the rest could not defeat her. Only The Donald could.

Mind you, President Trump did all this despite being saddled with an unjustified criminal investigation.

Rather than admit that President Trump delivered on substance, Lowry whined about President Trump's style.

Lowry wrote, "Let's stipulate that Republicans have often excused or looked past the inexcusable during Trump's presidency, and almost every GOP senator has a dimmer view of Trump than he or she will let on publicly. GOP officeholders have been especially loath to speak of the character defects that blight his presidency."


What is inexcusable is chumps like Lowry failing to call out Obama for spying on Donald Trump.

Lowry should be shouting from the rooftop every day about Obama's injustice toward our president.

Obama lied and spied.

Obama refused to give President Trump the peaceful transfer of power he earned.

Obama encouraged sedition by Sally Q. Yates and other holdovers (including Jimmy the Weasel Comey) in refusing to cooperate with the new president.

Obama sent Kerry to Paris to meet with Iranian officials to get their help in Obama's insane campaign against the president.

But Lowry is a coward. Standing up to Obama would risk being called racist or worse. Saying Orange Man Bad is safer. Much, much safer.

In the end, Lowry did not endorse the purging of all Republicans. He just publicized the movement.

However, it is not Donald Trump that bothers him.

People who voted for President Trump bother him. He only knows one person who voted for Donald Trump. Where they are he doesn't know. They're outside his ken. But sometimes when he in a theater he can feel them.

Judges don't matter to Lowry.

Regulations cuts don't matter to Lowry.

Tax cuts don't matter to Lowry.

All that matters is that President Trump appeals to the people outside his ken. Ugh.


Peggy Noonan also opined on (publicized) the 1/10th of 1%ers.

She wrote, "When the Trump experience is over, the Republican Party will have to be rebuilt. It will have to begin with tens of millions of voters who previously supported Mr. Trump. It will have to decide where it stands, its reason for being. It won’t be enough to repeat old mantras or formulations from 1970 to 2000. It’s 2020. We’re a different country."

Yes, it is a different country.

Regulations are falling.

Taxes are cut.

Judges are conservative.

Most of all, President Trump's detractors were wrong.


  1. Rich Lowery? Peggy Noonan? who are these people of whom you Speak?
    what is a National Review?
    They hate US nearly as much as the Dems..
    Les Deplorables..

    1. The national review is only a shadow of its former self. All liberals run the mag now.

  2. "Most of all, President Trump's detractors were wrong. "

    100% agree.

    Conceptually: Trump is one of the most consequential president' since WW2 (e.g., Economic Security is National Security).

    Practically: Trump gets the "big things" right (e.g., economy, security, freedom).

    Keep up the good work DS.


    Most of the complaining about Trump - from folks who are not 100% partisan - reminds me of the old joke about the French economist who was debating the merits of Communism versus Capitalism.

    • He was supporting Communism.
    • Time and time again he would have to concede a point in favor of Capitalism.
    • Finally, in great exasperation he stated: Yes, Capitalism works fine in practice, but in theory it is a disaster.

    I'll take Trump' Practice (results) over their Theory (caricature) every time.

  3. The NeverTrumpers have come up for their last gasp of air. A second term and they drown in their own tears.

  4. Why do we refer to ppl like noonan and lowry as “Republicans”?

    The foundational traits and characteristics they diplay are scantly, if if at all, different from the anti-Americans who follow The Donkey.

    For that matter, the majority of the GOP critters down to even the mayors of mid-sized towns, display the same thought patterns as evidenced by behavior.

    Either we flush the offal out or we organize a new party. The GOP, as currently constituted, is run by Proggies — DumpsterCraps-in-Training and those who are cowardly assistant seditionists at heart — so cowardly that instead of openly declaring their sedition they manifest it in passive-aggressive attacks with covered knives.

    The ENTIRE group, from bloodsucking pols to crap-eating commentators need to be shunned into retirement. Turn our backs on them and not ever respond to them again.

    I am so angry at this worthless scum and their ankle-biting attacks on a real patriot of a president that I could “chew nails and spit rust”!

    ~ Greybeard

    1. I’m all in with Greybeard. We can figure out a name later. For now, remember when the internet started and we all thought AOL was The Shite? Distributed software, brilliant, man! Those people are hanging onto AOL. News flash: THAT SHITE IS OVER. It’s done, and it ain’t comin back.

    2. I say again, Republican voters have to be the most betrayed group in modern history. The title of Pat Buchanan's book nails it: "Conservative Votes, Liberal Victories." Republicans, the fake opposition party. Their betrayal continues to this day, all the way through Trump's first term. The BLMers say, "Your silence is violence." That same claim, directed at current Republican Congress critters, is 100% valid. They are worse than useless.
      - Gary B

    3. Grey has nailed it!

    4. "Either we flush the offal out or we organize a new party."

      AMEN! An idea whose time has come. Could we call it "The Constitutionalist Party"?

    5. Many Republicans are turning out to be jackwagons.
      If Trump loses, I'll stop voting Republican. That goes for all down-ballot, too.
      In such a dark future, I may just request an absentee ballot and return it unmarked except for write-ins (with no name written in).

  5. Lowry, like the Obimessiah himself, is just doing what his puppetmasters tell him to. Doesn't matter what he really thinks. He's bought and paid for.
    I actually subscribed to NR after 911, even when they dumped Ann Coulter and learned a lot from their once excellent content. When they dropped Derbyshire, that was the beginning of the end for me.
    Thanks Don, for paying attention to these rags so that I don't have to.

    1. Canceled my subscription when they published a hit piece on Pat Buchanan years ago. NR has long been what I refer to as “Conservative Inc.”, a group of n’er do wells like Lowry/Goldberg/Hayes who want you to buy a ticket to take a cruise with them so they can hawk their useless tomes to you & feel like a celebrity.

    2. Lowry/Goldberg/Hayes ilk all want to be invited to the "cool" parties in D.C. They never figured out like my buddies and I did in our you that University; the way to becoming cool is celebrating your opposite ideas from the "cool" crowd, who then clamor for an invite to your anti-cool get-togethers. ZB

  6. Rich Lowery a/k/a Pauline Kael 2.0
    ... Blind squirrel Peggy Noonan is right
    >>> As a DINO slow to switch like Mr. Surber, the only thing left is my empty Democrat voter registration exoskeleton (e.g. cicada). ZB

  7. I had voided my online subscription to NR in 2017 and would check in every once in a while to see if their TDS had abated. They seem to be coming back and acting more reasonable in 2018 but then slid back by late 2019. Don and others were correct it was all a big scam and this boutique publishing niche is dancing to the tune of the oligarchs and their handmaidens of the uniparty. At this point I would rather read the socialist "Daily Worker", at least I know those guys believe their own b.s.

  8. The only thing she gets right is the Republican Party will have to be rebuilt.

    Get rid of the Whigs and the dough faces and build a truly Conservative party. And I don't think it will be that hard.

    I think a lot of people have come over to the Side of Light in the past 5 months.

    1. Those coming over to the Side of Light are seeing the truth from the Democrats for the first time. Another win from DJT.

  9. Lowry knows a lot of people who voted for Trump. On the last NR cruise, before the election, about 80% of the cruisers were for Trump. More than 80% of the NR people were anti Trump - which pretty much ended the NR cruises for the 80% - who had been going on them for years. Lowry became the least anti-Trump NR person of the whole crew. Those of us who traveled with those people for years didn't get it and still don't.

  10. NR has never called out the Democrats for constantly calling Repblican voters "racist" and they've been doing it for years. They called Reagan a racist, they called Bush 41 a racist, they called Bush 43 a racist. See a pattern here? NR is fine with the name calling as long as it's not Donald J. Trump.

    I was an online subscriber to NR during the Bush 43 administration, but it became clear well before DJT appeared that they weren't who they purported to be and I dropped them. You know who is a real conservative? Tucker Carlson, and he's not one.

    1. Dave - you’re forgetting that every Republican President/and or candidate has been called “Hitler!” @ least since the days of Harry Truman.

      One caveat on that is GW Bush- whom I refer to as “Elmer Fudd” - was called “McChimpyBushHitlerHalliburton”.

      Projection, no?

  11. The only thing that has to be rebuilt about the GOP in the post-Trump era (i.e., post 2025) is the fac that the shills, chumps, fools, cowards, and preening, moralistic traitors will find no home in it.

  12. The BLM group are bragging about burning bibles. Let's start a rumor that they are burning Korans and watch them being attacked by the Alah Akbar folks.

  13. The elites hate us. We will never go back to any of their loser politicians again. We don;t have to change; they do.

    Check out Heather MacDonald's video. she addresses the real lies of the Marxist insurrection: The Truth about Crime, Race & Policing in America.

  14. Lowry: the character defects that blight his presidency

    WHAT character defects?

  15. Lowry outed himself as a fraud whit the defenestration Derbyshire. He was a callow youth when Buckley hired him, and he hasn't aged well at all. I doubt NR will survive.

  16. Lowry Amen Noonan will have to negotiate with Don Jr over the future of the R party. If Jr will even acknowledge them.

  17. Donald J. Trump (Facebook)
    11m ·

    Peggy Noonan, a “Concast” MSDNC WSJ puppet, doesn’t have a clue, and hasn’t for many years. Never got the “Trump thing”. She plays right into the hands of the stupid people!

  18. Soros or Zuckerberg will prop up NR. They need a pliant group that will pretend to function as an opposition. Real opposition? The intent is to eradicate it.

  19. I know 2 people besides myself who read NR in the fifties and have dropped our subscriptions. Who reads it?

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