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Thursday, August 13, 2020

National Review ignores Obama spying to take on the right-wing fringe

The Democrat Party used a packet of lies they paid Fusion GPS $6 million to rationalize having the FBI spy on Donald John Trump's campaign. Fusion GPS fed the media the Mother of All Conspiracy Theories. The New York Times and Washington Post received Pulitzers for promoting these lies.

Rich Lowry as editor of National Review should be a man and stand up daily and relentlessly against this fascism.

Instead, Lowry attacks Republicans, which is the favorite sport of National Review.

In Politico, he wrote, "Q Anon is getting its first congresswoman.

"Marjorie Taylor Greene won a runoff in a Republican primary Tuesday, all but assuring her victory in November in a heavily GOP district.

"She is thus set to become the highest officeholder in the land who explicitly believes in the lunatic theories of QAnon, the anonymous internet poster who says, among other ludicrous and poisonous things, that there’s a global network of pedophiles about to be exposed and undone by President Donald Trump.

"Greene’s ascension is the latest indication of the creeping influence of Q, who has fashioned a kind of free-floating John Birch Society for the digital age. The author’s adherents or fellow travelers are adept at spreading memes on social media, hold signs or wear paraphernalia touting Q at Trump rallies, and now are notching some victories in GOP primaries."


Look at all the virtue he signals because he has absolutely none.

Q Anon is nothing.

Far more dangerous is Louis Farrakhan of Nation of Islam who promotes anti-white racism and antisemitism. He has enforcers. Rashida Tlaib, Danny Davis, and Karen Bass are among the seated Democrat members of Congress who support him and his conspiracy theories. Bill Ayers is an admirer of Farrakhan as well.

But his following pales compared to the power of the FBI, which Obama abused.

Lowry should focus on that.

Instead, Lowry is laying the groundwork to get Republicans to abandon Greene and give Nancy Pelosi a congressional seat?

He wrote this in Politico for crying out loud.

He's a political Steppin Fetchit in conservative face.

When Lowry and others speak out against conspiracy theories without mentioning Obama and Fusion GPS, you know they are not serious. Lowry provides cover for that pack of lies with his silence.


  1. Could the reason that Lowry (and many other establishment conservatives) can't criticize NYT and WaPo regarding 3 years of Russian conspiracies is that he believed them as well. Which makes his critique of Q Anon as meaningless conspiracy theories rich with irony.

  2. If group A says person B is Fascist and a homophobe, then the media looks more deeply at person B.

    If group A says person B is Satanic and a pedophile, then the media looks more closely at group A.

    Group A accusing person B of being a Nazi means Group A in in the Mainstream and person B is on the fringe. Group A accusing person B of being a Communist means Group A is on the fringe and person B is in the mainstream.

    Group A & B complaining about person C repeating a media myth mean the media got it it fairly well down the middle. Groups A & B complaining that Person C is making claims without evidence means Person C is a visionary leader.

    See how it works?

  3. "Lowrty priovides..."


    - Toby Flenderson

  4. National Review is the Saruman of Middle Earth journalism. Saruman's mistake was in gauging that the good guys can't win, so might as well sell them out to buy a little space from the bad guys.

  5. I guess Little Boy Lowry is unaware of Ghislaine Maxwell and the global network of pedophiles being exposed and undone by the Trump DOJ.

  6. is there any way to measure how much influence, if any, rich lowry has with any voter?? Does anyone outside of DC know who the hell he is?? Or what he does??

    1. Agreed Navy. I know nothing of this pile of garbage, and would never hear what he had to say if it wasn't for the astute blogger known as Surber. Actually, I thought he used to kick in the NFL!

  7. This is the new norm, democrats will let the media go to all the bigwig cocktail parties and the press runs block for democrat corruption. The ruling class has been created, they will stick together until the bitter end, even if they contradict themselves 15 times a day.

  8. So, Rich, lemme get this straight...If I think that Epstein didn’t kill himself, I’m fringe? You twisted fook.

  9. "The Democrat Party used a packet of lies they paid Fusion GPS $6 million to rationalize having the FBI spy on Donald John Trump's campaign. Fusion GPS fed the media the Mother of All Conspiracy Theories. The New York Times and Washington Post received Pulitzers for promoting these lies."

    Excellent synopsis, Mr. Surber. Here's another:

    The previous Democrat President, his CIA Director, his FBI Director, his Attorney General, the Democrat Candidate and all their agencies and minions entered into a seditious conspiracy to thwart George Washington's Peaceful Transfer of Executive Power and rig the People's presidential election by wiretapping and framing Candidate and then President Donald Trump and his team.

    This Attempted Coup is the Greatest Political Scandal in American History.

    Any election interference by Russian Intelligence pales into nothingness compared to the massive and unprecedented criminal election interference by the entire American Intelligence Apparatus.

    Congratulations--you are now an expert on #ObamaGate. Tell all your friends!

    1. Nah, Jim Acosta & CNN say that never happened, and he is a "reporter" and CNN is "media," so they should know, right?

      So it must be another Conspiracy Theory!

      Personally, I trust the Babylon Bee for accurate and unbiased reporting. They're always right!

  10. In a remarkable coincidence...

  11. Nobody I know gives a flip what Q anon says. Ironically, there wouldn't even be a space for him if Lowry and all the Professional Reagan-Fakers had helped expose the Obama/Clinton Police State and their Uni-Party stooges instead of ankle-biting the only conservative populist warrior we've seen in 30 years.

    You might enjoy this related post:

    Ace of Spades: "Many of the #SalonHot25 conceive of themselves as rather like William F. Buckley in the 1950s, ejecting the Deplorable John Birchers from the movement.

    Indeed, a group which served as AllahPundit's and the NeverTrumpers' most repulsive Twitter allies called themselves "The Buckley Club" -- a reference to Buckley's ejection of the Birchers.

    Idiots like Noah Rothman once called for purity tests and purges of the "new Birchers," as they imagined them.

    But while these Cargo Cultists fancied themselves as the New Buckleys kicking out the New Birchers, they never talk much about why Buckley expelled the Birchers.

    They never talk about what lunacy it was that finally got the Birchers expelled.

    It wasn't that the Birchers were antisemitic or anti-black. The old National Review accepted a certain amount of that.

    No, what finally spurred Buckley to read the Birchers out of the movement was the Birchers' psychotic obsession and conspiracy theory that The Current President of the United States was actually a Russian agent under the positive control of the Politburo.

    The current president, back then, was Eisenhower.

    Now, of course, it's Trump.

    And the people who want to kick out "the New Birchers"... believe exactly the same conspiracy theory that made the Old Birchers laughable.

    Back then, believing the president was a Russian Sleeper Agent was enough to get you kicked out of the conservative party.

    Today, of course, it makes you a True Conservative Hero.

    The difference?

    Back then, the Russian President Conspiracy Theory was put forward by Deplorables and hence deplorable itself.

    But now, the Russian President Conspiracy Theory is put forward by their very good liberal friends, and as this group is culturally liberal and aspires to be accepted by liberals, they believe that anything liberal is automatically non-deplorable and in fact rather Elevated.

    So the only real difference between the Old Birchers and the New Birchers -- the deranged "Republicans" who've pushed the Russian President Conspiracy Theory -- is that the latter believes in a liberal-originated conspiracy theory, which they think makes it smarter and classier."

  12. Lowry is another GOPe quisling and QAnon is fake news. But Mr Surber goes astray, as well. Russia didn't meddle in our election or try and get Trump elected. The Steele dossier was manufactured in-house by the corrupt and incompetent IC. Why would anyone believe the IC would need help from Russia to concoct a bunch of lies? all through this coup attempt, the disloyal opposition has been using cut-outs and back-fills. Steele and Fusion GPS were just a couple. The Obama regime and IC thought they would remove Trump from office within the first six months. But Trump was no easy meat. As the coup dragged on, the hoax began to unravel and the traitors had to keep spinning out more lies to cover their backsides. The quislings in the GOPe support the coup. In 2018, they gave the House to the dems so they would impeach Trump. Now they plan to give up the Senate. The dems will impeach Trump a second time if he is re-elected. The dems know they can count on the quislings to give them enough votes for a simple majority. they will claim victory and use that to block anything Trump wants to do. The quislings should know they're hoisting themselves up by their own petard. Another group of quislings, the Lincoln project, has targeted Senate #neverTrump because they know many Trump supporters won't vote for them. If they're successful, it won't matter if Brain-dead Biden and 'la Harris win in November.

  13. So she believes that a plane didn't hit the Pentagon on 9/11 and that the DNC is running sex rings out of pizza parlours?

    Sounds legit.

    You people are nuts and completely deserve the electoral landslide that's scheduled to bury you in November. May your fruitcakes wander the political wilderness for years to come.

    1. Nuts like you give me a good laugh. Keep whistling past the graveyard. I'll watch you and yours stage a massive chimp out starting November 4th when trump takes most of the country in a landslide. All you fools had to do was act sane. Just. Act. Sane. But no, you just couldn't do it. You had to go and riot and try to burn the major cities and Portlandia, in an insane chimp out hoping to overthrow the government. Didn't work, and neither will your insanity buy you an election in November.

  14. When Lowry acted the fool and defenestrated the Derb for telling the truth, Lowry proved that "Rich Lowry is a coward." Nothing has changed. Sadly, even Bill Buckley was no great shakes as a conservative. He didn't want to turn people against him as he liked the same cocktail circuit as the hard left liked, so he became their pet conservative. Lowry is actually his kind of man. Buckley showed his colors when he sent O'Sullivan and others packing back in the 90s.

    There are still a couple writers they publish that are decent, but I wonder how much longer they will last. Even the future of the mag is in question. It will end up in the sewer as Bulwark. As it is, fund raising is nothing like it was in the 90s.