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Monday, August 24, 2020

Media pushes fake Republicans for Biden

Breaking News: Some Never Trumpers are against re-electing President Donald John Trump, who won without them in 2016.

Reuters reported, "More than two-dozen former Republican U.S. lawmakers, including former Senator Jeff Flake, endorsed Democrat Joe Biden for president on Monday, the first day of the Republican National Convention, in the latest rebuke of President Donald Trump by members of his own party."

The Hill reported, "The Biden campaign announced the endorsements, first reported by Fox News, on Monday morning. The list includes other former members of Congress who had previously announced their support for Biden, including former Sens. John Warner (R-Va.) and Gordon Humphrey (R-N.H.), who is now an independent, and Rep. Charlie Dent (R-Pa.).

"Other former lawmakers on the list include former Reps. Steve Bartlett (R-Texas), Tom Coleman (R-Mo.), Bob Inglis (R-S.C.), Chris Shays (R-Conn.), Alan Steelman (R-Texas) and Jim Walsh (R-N.Y.)."

CNN reported, "A number of prominent Republicans have come out in support of Biden in recent weeks, including former Ohio Gov. John Kasich and former Secretary of State Colin Powell, who both spoke at the Democratic National Convention last week."

The media's embrace of this non-story does not hurt the president. His base will stick with him, and his base was enough to elect him in 2016.

But what these stories reveal is how fake these Republicans were all along. Never Trumpers do not cite one policy issue for their opposition to President Trump.

They do not complain about his tax cuts. They do not complain about his appointing conservative judges. They do not complain about his cutting regulations. They do not complain about his moving the embassy to Jerusalem. They do not complain about his prison reform. They do not complain about his 3.5% unemployment rate before the pandemic panic.

They even do not complain about his building of the wall this time.

No, they only make personal attacks after they spent decades in Congress, and failed to get anything accomplished besides giving grandiose speeches and taking care of donors.

An official with the Biden campaign told Fox News, "These former members of Congress cited Trump’s corruption, destruction of democracy, blatant disregard for moral decency, and urgent need to get the country back on course as a reason why they support Biden.

"These former Members of Congress are supporting Joe Biden because they know what’s at stake in this election and that Trump’s failures as President have superseded partisanship."

Corruption? Biden's son took a billion dollar bribe from Red China while on an official vice presidential trip to Beijing.

Destruction of democracy? Obama spied on political opponents including Donald Trump. Biden read the transcripts of the wiretaps.

These Never Trumpers were Never Republicans because if they were they would back the man who is accomplishing all those things Republicans said they wanted.

Instead these flakes back the candidate who would raise taxes, socialize medicine, defund police, and squash dissent.

I thank them for reminding us just how bad a President Romney would have been. Oh, and you know he will come out against President Trump sometime between now and November 3.

And Drudge will banner it with redlights flashing.

And it will all signify nothing.


  1. Desperation is the tone of the left using this non story as proof that Trump is losing his base. Bwahahahah! Those RINOs were never part of Trump's base, and none of them, nor future RINOs who come out and support the corruptness of Biden, voted for Trump.

    This crap only fools fools.


    1. No, this story is intended for foreign audiences. They know they are not going to dishearten us. They know Bidet and Horizontal Harris couldn't fire up a pile of California brush.
      This is to justify the riots they plan and the civil war they are stoking.
      The ultimate goal is to bring foreign powers into play to destroy freedom.

    2. Sorta like the Democrats did in 1860, right?

  2. journalism these days is covering a story. with a pillow. until it stops breathing.

    1. Agree, wonderful wording! Will share with people--"...covering a story, with a pillow." Haha!

  3. The correct framing of this story is what are these losers trying to hide? Are they complicit in corruption? Does that ever happen on the right side of the aisle?

  4. We must take names and make sure that none of these f@*kers ever again hold a position of prominence in the Republican party. They seem to think things are going back to "normal" once Trump is gone. The problem for them is that we hate them more than we hate Democrats. And, unlike your incidental voter, we have long memories.

    1. You are correct, we the people now know, we know who are the true enemy's of America, we know who are the traitors and subversive's.
      The best part is they have exposed themselves and we will deal with them too.They are the fool, not us.

  5. "Don't ever take sides with anyone against the Family again. Ever." Who's up for a fishing trip out on the lake?

  6. All the Never Trumpers and media Republicans are doing is making people more aware that just because someone says they are a Republican, doesn't mean they are. And that's a good thing as too many just assume that people label themselves honestly.

    And that doesn't happen a lot these days and it's caused a lot of trouble. Less so since Trump started to expose folks for who and what they really are and what they stand for.

  7. I've come to the conclusion that these worthies are only Rs because that's the party they needed to belong to in order to get elected where they chose to live. If their preferred area was controlled by Ds, every one of these rats would have run as Ds.

    1. Similar to one of our former Prime Ministers, a successful banker who speculated twenty years about entering politics. The interviewer asked 'Which party?' He replied, 'It doesn't matter'.

    2. Your conclusion absolutely nails John Warner.

      He is the epitome of the left-of-center old guard of the Republican Party of Virginia.

      Here's hoping that Governor Doctor Blackface Klansman Coonman Mengele's ridiculous overreach on guns has put the final nail in the coffin of the RPV milquetoast controlled opposition.

  8. They still haven't figured out that we don't care what they think. PDJT got elected despite all the bad things Republicans said about him four years ago. Or maybe because of what they said four years ago.

  9. The media thinks supporters and potential supporters trust and believe them. Hahahahaha hahahah.

  10. I'm pretty sure they did this in 2016, with many of the same "Republicans" and I think even a longer list. How did that work out for them?

  11. What we are witnessing right now in my opinion is a political realignment. In 2016, the old guard of both parties wanted a rematch between two failed dynasties, in this case, Jeb! vs. Hillary. Defeating both was a major achievement for President Trump. As Jefferson said, "A revolution [realignment] is like a thunderstorm. It clears the air." The last such realignment occurred with the election of Reagan 40 years ago. Seen in this light, the RINOs are relics whose time has come and gone. Likewise, the Democrats and their media shills are still living in the 1960s with nothing to offer but nostalgia for the New Left. That is why it is imperative that we reelect President Trump, keep the Senate and flip the House.

  12. Reagan's terms ended and the Rino deep staters took over for another 30 years

  13. We are to believe that Powell and Kasich are prominent Republicans? No, they are notorious RINOs.

  14. 08/24/20: Benedict Arnold, Inc., has just announced a 2-1 stock split (each share yesterday was worth nothing; your two shares today are worth nothing).

    And... "CNN reported, 'A number of prominent Republicans...' "

    There is no more abused / promiscuously used Worst-Of-The=-Hack-Press phrase than... "a number of."

    When you see it, consider it fair warning that the writer was sound asleep in from of his/her/its keyboard.

    Don Reed

  15. All the quislings coming out in support of Biden, supported Hillary.