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Friday, August 07, 2020

Highlights of the News

Donald John Trump is still our president.

ITEM 1: The Washington Post reported (no links for pay sites), "In an interview with Fox News’s Sean Hannity, Justice Department spokeswoman Kerri Kupec said the attorney general had tasked John Bash, the U.S. attorney in the Western District of Texas, to examine the practice of unmasking, which many Republicans charge was abused by the previous administration to unfairly target people close to Trump.

"'The attorney general determined that certain aspects of unmasking needed to be reviewed,' Kupec said. 'We know that unmasking inherently isn’t wrong, but ... can be problematic.'

"Bash’s review is an offshoot of an investigation underway by U.S. Attorney of Connecticut John Durham, who was tapped by Barr to investigate the origins of the 2016 election interference probe that has overshadowed Trump’s presidency. Like Trump, Barr has been sharply critical of the 2016 investigation, which centered on the question of whether Trump’s campaign coordinated with Russia to influence the election’s outcome, and he has said the Durham investigation could produce some results in late spring or early summer."

Unmasking is when political operatives like Susan Rice get to read what Donald Trump and others spied on said when the FBI spies under a FISA warrant.

In 2017, Rice bragged about unmasking. All the time. She'll make a good vice president.

Of the inmates club in Alderson, West Virginia.

ITEM 2: WFLA reported, "President Trump has signed an executive order forcing the divestment of TikTok by its owner, ByteDance.

"The order states 'action must be taken to address the threat posed by one mobile application in particular, TikTok.'

"Any company still doing business with TikTok in 45 days is subject to sanctions according to the order. Microsoft had been in advanced talks to buy the U.S. operations of TikTok."

Time is running out for TikTok. Tick tock.

ITEM 3: Just the News reported, "The Trump administration announced a plan Thursday that will force Chinese companies with shares traded on U.S. stock exchanges to forfeit their listings if they fail to comply with U.S. accounting requirements.

"The proposal addresses a long-standing dispute over U.S. regulators’ inability to inspect the auditing standards of Chinese companies that sell shares on the exchanges, according to The Wall Street Journal.

"The plan would require Chinese firms listed on either the New York Stock Exchange or Nasdaq Stock Market to comply by 2022 or give up their listings on those exchanges."

He has a phone and a pen.

And 40 years experience of dealing with other people's BS.

ITEM 4: Biden's staff worked overtime on writing his renunciation of his own words.
Dementia only gets worse. It does not go away.

ITEM 5: Todd Cummins reported, "President Trump addressed a crowd of supporters after he landed at a Cleveland airport Thursday afternoon.

"The president made remarks against his election opponent Joe Biden. President Trump says he is running against radical left ideology and he is in position to win Ohio again in November. Plus, he touted his record, versus the Obama administration, on protecting U.S. jobs, especially at the Clyde, Ohio Whirlpool Plant.

"'Foreign-made washing machines were dumped on market below cost in order to put Whirlpool out of business,' says President Trump. 'And yet the Obama administration, with Joe Biden watching over freely, allowed this grave injustice to continue. They let other countries pillage American jobs, lay waste to American communities, and eviscerate American middle class.'"

Democrats hate the middle class because Democrats hate independence and self-reliance.

The Democrat American dream is a nation run by Beijing.

ITEM reported, "Army Chief of Staff Gen. James McConville made it official Tuesday: A headquarters group will be going to Poland as the first move in the major realignment of forces in Europe brought on by President Donald Trump's decision to withdraw about 11,900 troops from Germany.

"In a ceremony in the Polish city of Krakow, McConville promoted John Kolasheski, the Army's V Corps commander, to the rank of lieutenant general and officially unfurled the headquarters' flag for the first time on Polish soil."

Fort Trump, Krakow.

ITEM 7: Paul Sperry reported, "Ex-Colleagues See Durham Dropping Bombshells Before Labor Day."

Hmm. Maybe John Durham will be a Bull Durham after all.

The story said, "Justice Department policy prohibits prosecutors from taking overt steps in politically charged cases typically within 60 days of an election. Accordingly, Durham would have to make a move by the Friday before Labor Day, or September 4."

The story also said, "If Durham announces criminal indictments or plea agreements involving former officials operating under the Obama-Biden administration, or releases a report documenting widespread corruption, independent voters could sour on Biden and sympathize with Trump. On the other hand, kicking the ball past the election could dispirit Trump’s base."

I think the base is not expecting an indictment or plea bargain of any consequence. We will just soldier on. We have had too many years of DC BS to stop us from voting for Donald Trump.


ITEM 8Reuters reported, "New York state's attorney general sued to dissolve the National Rifle Association on Thursday, alleging senior leaders of the non-profit group diverted millions of dollars for personal use and to buy the silence and loyalty of former employees.

"The lawsuit announced by Attorney General Letitia James alleges NRA leaders paid for family trips to the Bahamas, private jets and expensive meals that contributed to a $64 million reduction in the NRA's balance sheet in three years, turning a surplus into a deficit.

"James alleged in a statement that NRA leaders 'used millions upon millions from NRA reserves for personal use,' failing to comply with the NRA's own internal policies in addition to state and federal law."


Considering 2 of the 3 elected attorneys general before her resigned in disgrace in sex scandals, maybe we should dissolve the attorney general's office in New York.

Better yet, Republican attorneys general should go after the SPLC.

ITEM 9DNYUZ reported, "For most of the year, Sturgis, S.D., is a relatively quiet city of 7,000 residents tucked beside a 1.2 million-acre forest, with a motorcycle museum as its signature attraction. But each summer, Sturgis transforms as bikers descend for a massive motorcycle rally.

"This year’s festival may attract about 250,000 people despite an uptick in coronavirus cases across the state, city officials say, leading to fears it could become a super-spreader event.

"When the virus upended life across America in the spring, it forced the cancellation of graduation ceremonies, music festivals, marathons and other large gatherings. Sturgis, which has hosted the rally since 1938, pushed ahead with its plans anyway.

"The 10-day rally, which begins Friday, may be the country’s largest public gathering since the pandemic began, and it comes amid widespread opposition. More than 60 percent of residents favored postponing the event, according to a city-sponsored survey."

Republican Governor Noem should welcome them all.

Meanwhile, Republican Governor Mike DeWine has been a Little Napoleon over covid 19. Now he has it. Covid 19 is inevitable. Let's learn to live with it instead of living in fear.

But then he re-tested.
If we re-tested everyone who got a positive, how many cases would be removed?

Someone is lying. A lot.

ITEM 10: The last president to win without Ohio was JFK.
Democrats nominated Biden knowing he would tank.

ITEM 11: WCHS reported, "Two West Virginia education unions sharply criticized Gov. Jim Justice, saying his announcement that children in the state will go back to school lacked specific details on how the plan will be carried off and how students and school employees will be protected."

Well, who doesn't want to stay home and collect a paycheck?

I am sure all the people working retail would love to sit at home, too.

ITEM 12: My frustration with the Spygate investigation aside, I dig Bill Barr, bagpipes and all.
Back the Blue means believing in the United States of America, a republic where the rule of law is second only to God.

ITEM 13: The New York Post reported, "Teachers brought along visual aids, including handmade coffins and a guillotine, while protesting Mayor Bill de Blasio’s schools reopening plan in Lower Manhattan on Monday afternoon.

"About 200 protesters — many of them educators, parents and students — marched from the United Federation of Teachers headquarters to the NYC Department of Education offices near Foley Square.

"'We demand safe schools,' they chanted."

If it is safe enough to chant in the street, it is safe enough to teach in a school.

Judging by the teachers shown, maybe children are better off without public schools.

ITEM 14: United Press International reported, "A federal judge on Thursday tossed out a Republican challenge to the proxy voting system approved by House Democrats amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

"U.S. District Judge Rudolph Contreras denied the GOP motion for an injunction against the historic proxy voting system stating that the Speech or Debate Clause of the Constitution prohibits lawsuits regarding the legislative efforts of Congress."

Obama judge.

ITEM 15: I stopped rooting for Fox News when they sacked Roger Ailes.
But I want everyone -- even CNN -- to beat the NBA stars who make millions peddling shoes made by slaves in Red China.

Maybe they should pay reparations to the Uighurs.

ITEM 16: Step aside, I am Spartacus. Make way for...
I am Ruth Gotian.

UPDATE: Apparently she has since taken this tweet down after so many people commented on it.

ITEM 17FIRE announced, "Last week, Auburn University said it was looking at “options” following comments by Jesse Goldberg, a lecturer whose condemnations of — and advocacy of the abolition of — police had sparked calls for his termination. Those calls have since grown to include an Alabama state legislator and a member of Congress.

"In response to FIRE’s Aug. 3 letter explaining that the First Amendment protects Goldberg’s speech, Auburn now says it will 'not take adverse action against Dr. Goldberg or any member of the Auburn community based on' protected speech."

Boy are their faces red at Auburn.


  1. #13: Seems to me schools could make plans for safety...and the President alluded to such. Teachers over the age of 65? Stay home. Teachers over the age of 45 with serious diabetes, heart disease, or morbid obesity? Stay home. Otherwise...let the learning commence.

  2. Re: Last comment in item 17, so are their hearts and minds. Red through and through.

  3. 12 - and hardly a mask in sight. Nice.

    15 - Maybe even Fredo drew more viewers than the Sixers-Wizards. Hahahahaha.

  4. Item 10: "Democrats nominated Biden knowing he would tank."

    I think they focused on him in March because he was then the "most electable" candidate that could be controlled by the Democrat establishment. Other choices were not viable or crazed leftists.

    But I think you are right about the present. Since the party establishment manipulated Biden into being the nominee, they've been improvising--and they're not very good at it. They have thrown everything they could think of against Trump, and it's only August. They are doing everything they can to submit fraudulent votes.

    I think they know it's not going to work and are willing to let Biden take the hit rather than sacrifice the career of some (supposed) up-and-comer.

    1. I agree. They don’t want to sacrifice what they currently see as a strong candidate - Newsom or Cuomo or even Moochelle - against Trump. I try not to think past him since there is no one with his strength of character on the horizon.

  5. Joe and Hunter BidenAugust 7, 2020 at 8:50 AM

    Item # 4.

    Look, I'm gonna' tell you something, well most of you already know but a lot of people don't, a lot don't know so, I'm gonna tell you something. Look poor kids smell just as good as white kids, I mean, everyone should know that...

  6. "Can we make a quick U-Turn?"

    "You're the Attorney General--you're supposed to know!"

  7. Item 9: DeWine was just using the positive test for an excuse to snub Trump during his visit. It was predictable that he'd re-test negative after the Prez left town. Ohio needs to fix their snake problem.

  8. Nice publicity on American Thinker, even though in this post the writer has a differing opinion.

    “ Don Surber, one of the most astute political writers around, has reluctantly concluded that the whole Durham investigation is for show...”


    “ Don is so often correct that I hesitate to contradict him. (By the way, if you’re not checking out Don’s blog every day, you’re missing some of the best political analysis in America.)”


    1. Amen. Thank you Don, for being here for Trump and for us. Many days I have looked to you for sanity and to "talk me down from the ledge" when I get worried about things.

  9. Joe and Hunter BidenAugust 7, 2020 at 9:18 AM

    (By the way, if you’re not checking out Don’s blog every day, you’re missing some of the best political analysis in America.)


    This is about me, isn't it?

  10. Attorney General Letitia James is a corrupt Communist who refuses to prosecute Gov. Guido Granny-Killer for his vast corruption in New York while using her office to suppress her political opposition. Nor is she interested in the Clinton Foundation and Crime Syndicate.

    When she was running for office, she called the NRA a terrorist organization, which by extension makes the Second Amendment to the Bill of Rights a terrorist manifesto and gun-owners domestic terrorists. She would never use such language for the actual terrorist groups she supports.

    The NRA was chartered in New York in 1871, when it was still part of the United States, which it seems to be rapidly moving away from. Union Gen. (Gov. and Sen.) Ambrose Burnsides was the first president. The concern was the need to train American men in marksmanship. It is one of America’s oldest Civil Rights organizations and this is akin to destroying the NAACP.

    The extremist attorney general is right about one thing: La Pierre and Co. have looted the place, but you don’t disenfranchise millions of members except as a police state action. She may actually be doing the organization a favor if this sends the Fake “conservative” grifter La Pierre down the road. It is certainly a favor to the President, energizing 2nd Amd. voters in the midst of a Democrat Crime Wave.

    This may be a bid by the radical AG to get Joe Biden’s handlers to pick her for the veep slot, especially given his deteriorating “fental mitness”.

  11. Deplorable behind the lines in CalifAugust 7, 2020 at 9:38 AM

    Re #13, “maybe children are better off without public schools.” Indeed, conservatives should use this opportunity to press for the separation of school and state, offering vouchers wherever public schools are not open for in person instruction. As someone once said, “ never let a crisis go to waste”.

  12. #7 "We have had too many years of DC BS to stop us from voting for Donald Trump."

    And, too many years of betrayals by fake Republicans in high level positions.

    - Gary B

  13. Dissolving the NRA? Maybe they should be dissolving the NYC Teachers Union.

  14. 7: Believe it when you see it.

    9 : They don't call him Magoo for nothing.

    10: Kennedy lost without OH, but the bootlegger had Richard J Daley steal IL.

    13: I'd say if the teachers don't want to go back to school, then they should be able to get a vacation without pay.

  15. U.S. District Judge Rudolph Contreras - this was the judge that had to recuse form the Flynn trial, quickly quietly and without much fanfare. Still no news as to what prompted the recusal.

  16. Democrats should forfeit the 2020 election. They've acted in bad faith since Trump's election.

    I like FIRE.

  17. Item 4-
    No way Dopey-Gropey's gonna be able to walk back those comments.
    Heck, I'm waiting for him to go full-on gonzo and quote Earl Butz.
    (Hint: it refers to satisfying sex, comfortable footwear, and a nice place to go to the bathroom).

  18. A penny costs several times more to produce and put into circulation than it's worth.

    So a Biden penny is very appropriate.

  19. #14: Judge Rudolph Contreras is not only an Obama minion, but a very bad boy, IMHO.

    He was the judge in the Michael Flynn case, until some texts surfaced from Strzok to his girlfriend that mentioned going to talk with their friend "Rudy" at a party re the FISA application.

    Contreras was (and still is) in the FISA court.

    When the texts came out, Poor Rudy had to recuse himself from Flynn persecution (for unspecified reasons!). He was replaced by the current Flynn judge-weasel, Judge Emmett G. Sullivan.