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Thursday, August 06, 2020

Highlights of the News

Donald John Trump is still our president.

ITEM 1: PJ Media reported, "Sally Yates Says Comey Went 'Rogue' with Michael Flynn Interview."

All is not what it seems. Lindsay Graham chaired this Senate hearing and he said Comey went rogue.

GRAHAM: Did Comey go rogue?

YATES: You could use that term, yes.

It was not Yates who said he went rogue, it was Graham. Now why would a Republican senator throw Comey under the bus like that and make him the scapegoat for Obama's spying and ham-handed attempt to overthrow the Trump administration with this Russian Collusion conspiracy?

As the cartoon swamp critter Pogo said, we have met the enemy and he is us.

ITEM 2: USA Today reported, "Over 100 Black women leaders and activists slammed comments made of Black women being considered to be Joe Biden's running mate as racist and sexist in an open letter published Wednesday.

"Sen. Kamala Harris, Rep. Karen Bass, former US Ambassador Susan Rice, Rep. Val Demings and former Georgia Democratic Gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams have all been floated as possible vice presidential contenders for Biden.

"The letter comes as Biden is nearing an announcement on his vice presidential pick. It also comes just days after a Virginia mayor made a Facebook post that read, 'Joe Biden has just announced Aunt Jemima as his VP pick.'

"Barry Presgraves, mayor of Luray, Va., is now facing calls to resign following the post, which has since been deleted, according to a report from WTOP."

But I thought snowflakes only came in white.

Thank you, liberals, for this clutch-the-pearls moment because it reminds Americans that a vote for Biden is a return to the bad old days when you dare not mock the president for fear of being called a racist.

ITEM 3: Politico reported, "Donald Trump’s campaign says it knocked on over 1 million doors in the past week alone.

"Joe Biden’s campaign says it knocked on zero.

"The Republican and Democratic parties — from the presidential candidates on down — are taking polar opposite approaches to door-to-door canvassing this fall. The competing bets on the value of face-to-face campaigning during a pandemic has no modern precedent, making it a potential wild card in November, especially in close races.

"Biden and the Democratic National Committee aren’t sending volunteers or staffers to talk with voters at home, and don’t anticipate doing anything more than dropping off literature unless the crisis abates. The campaign and the Democratic National Committee think they can compensate for the lack of in-person canvassing with phone calls, texts, new forms of digital organizing, and virtual meet-ups with voters."

The president should knock on a few doors.

ITEM 4: Just the News reported, "The Trump reelection campaign and the Republican National Committee announced Wednesday that they have filed a lawsuit against the state of Nevada challenging the constitutionality of a recently enacted State Assembly bill that will send ballots to every resident, arguing the measure 'puts the democratic process at risk.'

"The Nevada Republican Party has also joined the suit, after Democratic Gov. Steve Sisolak on Monday signed a measure passed by the state's Democrat-led legislature that requires country registrars to mail ballots to all registered voters.

"President Trump has in recent weeks, with the country’s presidential election less than 100 days away, increasingly argued that mailing ballots without a voter’s request, as absentee ballots are done, could lead to vote fraud and long delays in the vote counts."

Democrats want to steal the election. We shall see who gets the case.

ITEM 5: United Press International reported, "The U.S. economy added 167,000 workers during the month of July, ADP and Moody's Analytics said Wednesday in its monthly preview of the government jobs report.

"The report said analysts found anemic job growth across the board, with payrolls at mid-sized companies actually declining by 25,000 positions. About 7.6 million total U.S. jobs were added in May and June, according to government figures.

"Experts said the low figure may signal a road bump in the U.S. economic recovery after months of hardship due to the covid 19 pandemic."

It is growth.

I'll take it.

ITEM 6: Fox reported, "A trucking company owner told Fox News on Wednesday that in order to keep drivers safe, he will not direct services to cities that are pushing to defund the police.

"'Our first priority is to support our drivers and their safety when they are on the road,' co-owner of JKC Trucking Mike Kucharski told Fox & Friends First.

"Kucharski said that defunding the police is a bad idea because drivers carry valuable cargo on the road for weeks.

"'Everybody wants to steal this,' Kucharski said.

"A soon-to-be-released survey of 258 police departments nationwide shows almost half have had their budgets cut amid calls for police to be defunded despite increases in gun violence and otherwise violent crime in some parts of the country, according to USA Today."

But who will bring the Rolex watches to loot?

No truck driver wants to be the next Reginald Denny. In the Rodney King riots,  "peaceful protesters" -- rioters -- pulled him from his truck, and beat him nearly to death. He suffered brain damage.

ITEM 7Vice reported, "A popular Twitter account claiming to be run by a queer, Indigenous Arizona State University professor who died from covid 19 on Friday was an elaborate catfishing hoax. Though the account, called @sciencing_bi, had gained some renown in Science Twitter circles, the professor does not seem to have ever existed at all.

"For months, @sciencing_bi had tweeted about their apparent battle with covid 19, and being forced to teach in-person at Arizona State University in April. Early last week, @sciencing_bi tweeted about needing help fighting covid 19 misinformation on a covid 19 survivor Facebook group. The account tweeted extensively about social justice, the professor’s Indigenous heritage as a member of the Hopi tribe, the LGBTQ experience in academia, and their battle with covid 19."


Imaginary Lives Matter.

Ask Corn Pop. And T Bone.

ITEM 8USA Today reported, "If you’re among the nearly 70 million people receiving Social Security benefits, you might be wondering what, if any, cost of living adjustments you'll receive in 2021.

"The government won’t officially announce the next COLA until October, but experts are predicting a small raise or none at all."


This is why I did the 401k thing when I was working, even though I also have a pension.

ITEM 9Red State reported, "The University of Buffalo has chosen to remove any reference to President Millard Fillmore, in spite of the fact that POTUS 13 helped found the school.

"Additionally, he served as its first chancellor, holding the position from 1846 ’til his death in 1874."

I tried to reach Fillmore for comment, but I could not because he has been dead for 146 years.

Some people are so woke they suffer insomnia.

ITEM 10: Just the News reported, "Rudy Giuliani says that Black Lives Matter could possibly be designated a domestic terror group.

"'This organization is this close to being able to be designated as a domestic terrorist organization,' Giuliani said in an interview with Just the News, holding his thumb and index finger very close together .

"The former New York City mayor and private lawyer to President Trump said 'you got the beginnings of a pretty good case' for slapping the group with the designation."

RICO action against BLM's sponsors would make me happy.

ITEM 11: United Press International reported, "Johnson & Johnson said Wednesday it plans to produce and deliver 100 million doses of its covid 19 vaccine as part of a new agreement with the U.S. government.

"The company said its Janssen Pharmaceutical subsidiary agreed with the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority to distribute its investigational Ad26.COV2.S vaccine on a not-for-profit basis once it's approved.

"The government can also buy an additional 200 million doses as part of a commitment made in March.

"Early-phase clinical trials of the vaccine are underway in the United States and Belgium."

How many covid 19 vaccines will I have to take because I seem to buy 200 million doses every week from some Big Pharma company that claims it has the answer.

Boy are my arms gonna be sore once all these doses are approved.

ITEM 12: Art Forum reported, "Faced with financial uncertainty and still closed to the public, the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston has eliminated 113 full- and part-time positions after 56 staff members were laid off and 57 others voluntarily took early retirements. According to a statement released by the institution, the restructuring plan, which downsizes staff by 15%, will 'create stability and sustainability for the MFA' and 'accommodate our new realities — which include a reduction in our workforce.'

"Closed since March 13 due to the pandemic, the museum furloughed 301 employees, about 40% of its staff, in early April. At the same time, director Matthew Teitelbaum’s salary — which was $841,921 as of 2018 — was reduced by 30% through June 30, when the museum initially planned to open its doors again. While other museums in Massachusetts have begun to welcome visitors under phase three of the state’s plan, the MFA has remained indefinitely closed with no scheduled reopening date, although it hopes to reopen in early autumn. A spokesperson for the museum told Artnet that its 211 furloughed staff members will return to work in August."

We shut down the economy for 15 days to flatten the curve.

4 months later we remain locked down with no end in sight.

This is the biggest mistake in American history since the court legalized abortion.

ITEM 13: Politico reported, "Rep. Karen Bass on Wednesday corrected her explanation for why she appeared and spoke effusively at the opening of the Church of Scientology’s headquarters in Los Angeles a decade ago.

"The California Democrat had noted in a written statement over the weekend that the new building was in her state Assembly district. But the headquarters was well outside the boundaries of her district at the time, and Bass removed 'in my district' from the statement after Politico contacted her office Tuesday about the discrepancy."

Bass is the perfect match for Basement Biden. She doesn't know where her district is, and he doesn't know where he is.

ITEM 14: Gateway Pundit reported, "Former First Lady Michelle Obama whined about being holed up in her mansion during covid quarantine during Wednesday’s episode of The Michelle Obama Podcast.

"Obama said she is suffering low-grade depression because of quarantine, racial strife and of course the hypocrisy of the Trump Admin."

Her net worth is now in the nine-figures.

Was this woman ever happy?

ITEM 15: The New York Post reported, "A Brooklyn gang member, released without bail in May on an attempted murder charge, participated in at least three drive-by shootings after he was freed, federal prosecutors allege.

"Darrius Sutton, 23, was initially arrested in connection with a May 16 shooting in the courtyard of an East New York building that left a man seriously injured.

"Despite the attempted murder rap, Sutton was set free without bail the same day of his May 20 arrest. The Brooklyn District Attorney’s Office said the lone witness in the case recanted."

Democrats are turning their cities into hellholes. Why don't we just ship the whole lot of them to Afghanistan?

ITEM 16: The Telegraph reported, "Lee Teng-hui, the former President of Taiwan (aka the Republic of China), who has died at 97, was his country’s first leader to be elected by popular vote; but his insistence that Taiwan be regarded as a sovereign state led Beijing to damn him for 1,000 generations and call him a whore.

"As president from 1988 to 2000, Lee presided over his country’s transformation from one chiefly associated with cheap plastic toys and cut-price computers to one of Asia’s most prosperous democracies.

"Yet his insistence that Taiwan be treated as an independent state posed a political quandary for western nations seeking to improve relations with Beijing, which views Taiwan as a breakaway province and insisted on Lee being treated as an international pariah. Taiwan still has formal diplomatic relations with only 14 UN member states, not including the U.S. or the U.K., both of which recognize Beijing as the sole government of China."

I don't do many obits but a reader suggested I link this one.

Maybe President Trump can lead the world back to picking Taiwan over Red China again.

ITEM 17: The Telegraph reported, "Sweden's economy has fared better during the peak three months of the corona virus pandemic than the European average, the country's statistics agency has reported, adding to growing evidence that the decision to avoid a full lockdown is paying economic dividends.

"The country's gross domestic product (GDP) fell by 8.6% in April and June, compared to the preceding three months, Statistics Sweden reported.

"The average drop of the 10 member states who have so far submitted flash estimates for the three months is 11.9%, the EU's statistics agency reported last week."

We need to be more like Sweden and less like Fauciland.

ITEM 18Reuters reported, "Trump’s campaign and closely allied groups pulled in $165 million during the typically sluggish political fundraising month of July, more than Democratic rival Joe Biden’s $140 million, the campaigns said in separate statements."

Hillary spent twice as much as The Donald in 2016.

ITEM 19: United Press International reported, "The Tennesse Supreme Court on Wednesday ruled that voters in the state cannot receive absentee ballots for the November general election due to fears of contracting covid 19 while voting.

"The high court ruled 4-1 to vacate an injunction by a Nashville judge that allowed voters concerned about the pandemic to vote by mail."

The judiciary in the Volunteer State is run by grownups.


  1. And here in Almost Heaven, you have to GOYA and request an absentee ballot for November, pretty much just like normal. Mountaineers are always free, baby. Too many RINOs in Nevada. Anyhoo, I’m sticking with 50-0. That latest ad is (my) money well spent.

  2. #3. The Biden campaign visited over one million graves. You go where the voters are. Bad form to have aunt Sally accused of voter fraud because the family had her exhumed.

  3. Joe and Hunter BidenAugust 6, 2020 at 9:13 AM

    Hold up Hold up now. Are you saying there's an election coming up? C'mon man, what are you,, a junkie?

  4. #12 - MFA must be a massive museum. 113 employees is 15% of a total workforce of 753.

  5. Item 7: Elizabeth Warren is in Arizona?

    Item 8: Always believe the "experts"!

    Item 12: "director Matthew Teitelbaum’s salary — which was $841,921 as of 2018 — was reduced by 30% through June 30, when the museum initially planned to open its doors again." Was that reduction extended, increased, or stopped after June 30?

    "This is the biggest mistake in American history since the court legalized abortion."
    From a different (ie, Democrat) perspective, it's not a mistake, it's a success.

    1. Right. Deliberate sabotage is not a mistake.
      - Gary B

  6. In regards to #16: This may be anecdotal, but I have chatted with several friends, and everyone strives to buy products NOT made in China....and it doesn't matter what political party they identify with (I live in California, so most I have talked to are registered Democrats. Any non-China nation could get rich by identifying all the little household items Americans like (e.g., can opener, fans, nail care kits) and manufacture them ...and place a BIG MADE IN #NOT_CHINA on the outside...and watch the profits roll in.

  7. #3) The polls show, percentage wise, more Blacks want NO defunding/reduction in the police. Neither does this old White gun who lives in a rural area and law enforcement resources are not great to start with. With the upsurge of drug use in our county, break-ins and other such crimes have exploded in the past decade.

  8. Donald Trump won without Nevada last time, and he can win without it this time. All fraud there would do is increase the Left's frustration about the popular vote.

  9. #6) With NY and NYC with checkpoints, will truckers have to stay in NYC for 14 days after arriving? Just asking.

    1. The secret is not to arrive in the first place. See how their self-imposed siege works out. What's the expected lifespan of a typical, dumb-ass Democrat in the real world. By that, I mean in an actual, free-market economy, where customers have free choice in everything?
      -Gary B

  10. #7, sooo not only do we have racist hoaxes, we have covid hoaxes. This is like the motorcyclist that killed himself in an accident in FL reported as Covid death. or the 600,000 positive tests on people that werent even tested. Now the democrap mayors are are talking about shutting off electricity and water to anyone doing anything they dont like. In my state that is illegal. Hell the electric company cant even DO disconnects due to the usual heat and possible heat deaths due to no AC. And its crickets from the MSM news.

  11. #1 "Now why would a Republican senator throw Comey under the bus like that and make him the scapegoat for Obama's spying and ham-handed attempt to overthrow the Trump administration with this Russian Collusion conspiracy?"

    Why? Because Graham is a "Republican" and we know Republicans are worth-less. Worth less than what? Worth less than your run-of-the-mill, pile of bull shit. Was this question rehearsed? I don't know; what do you think? Thank God Trump can handle working without a net.
    - Gary B

    1. Graham is a deep-stater. Some big talk at times. Some inspiring talk at times. But like Trey Gowdy, Nikki Haley and others, no action.

  12. Item #6: Klooters will be kshot

  13. #5 New job numbers were disappointing. Who is the largest employer in the country? Right - small business. Who has been targeted in this virus lock down hoax? Right - small business. Class dismissed.
    - Gary B

  14. 2. Maybe he should have said "uncle ben?"

    4. The democrats know they can't win this election if they don't cheat.

    10. Follow the benjamins.

    11. Yet we have a cure using the HCQ protocol.

    12. Yet we have a cure using the HCQ protocol.

    14. The bigger question is "was this woman ever a woman?"

  15. ITEM 1 - There might be some method behind Sen. Graham's madness in scapegoating Comey. To save his own bacon, Comey might find it necessary to rat on Yates, Rosenstein, and the other higher ups in this conspiracy. I certainly wouldn't put it past him to do so.

    ITEM 11 - I regard the vaccine competition to be a good thing, since all the competitors must exercise the highest level of quality control or find themselves shut out. However, if the prospect of all those needles is daunting, an Israeli lab is getting ready to test an oral vaccine. When you raise that little cup to your lips, remember to say, "L'chaim!"

    ITEM 16 - Shortly before I finished my tour of duty in Vietnam nearly 50 years ago, I took a week of leave in Taipei. The artworks in the National Palace Museum, including priceless pieces from the private collections of emperors, were spectacular and sheltered from the mainland's Cultural Revolution. The food, prepared by disciples of master chefs who had fled the mainland, was outstanding. Even their TV soap operas set in the dynasties depicting an against-the-odds romance between a headstrong princess and an intrepid warrior displayed a glorious civilization. Yes, Taiwan is the real cultural China and should be recognized as such.


  16. #7 fraudulent data and experience is rampant in Science. this little bit of Bravo Sierra is just one more reason to doubt any data or stories coming out of the Covid industry..

  17. #17. I would rather wear a mask than have my children groomed by 13th century goat herders. Don't get me wrong I think we've been played about the whole Winnie the flu. I am still proud to be an American!

  18. 1 Graham led the witness. Inexcusable in a court of law.
    2 What a sense of humor! And what a lack of self-awareness? Don’t they understand that by limiting his VP pick to a black woman objectifies black women? That they are being chosen ONLY because they are black women? Regardless of pedigree or accomplishments? It’s called tokenism.
    3 Why bother knocking on doors when you can win by fraud?
    4 Why not try to fight a closed-door party line vote through legal means?
    5 It’s hard to add jobs when the Democratic-run states which include the majority of the large ones keep their economies on lockdown.
    6 JKC Trucking is racist for denying looters reparation-by-theft.
    7 When the truth contradicts the narrative, print and push the narrative. See Floyd, George.
    8 Uh, the economy effectively deflated. COLA shouldn’t be guaranteed to anybody.
    9 Fillmore ensured the destruction of the Whig Party by signing the Fugitive Slave Act. Next, Jesus Christ, for losing his temper and whipping the moneylenders out of the Temple.
    10 Let it Be.
    11 Watch for Democrats to try to delay the distribution of the vaccine because it isn’t 100% safe, because that would interfere with mail-in voting.
    12 Teitelbaum should bite the bullet and forgo his entire salary to keep the peons in pennies. Naw, that would be too much of a sacrifice.
    13 Bass; not just a Communist sympathizer but a fan of cult leader L Ron Hubbard! Who else does she admire? Mr. H?
    14 Michelle, just stroll about the grounds until you feel at home.
    15 This is how reparations work in 2020.
    16 You might call him the George Washington of Taiwan.
    17 Contagious viruses are gonna do what contagious viruses do. See Spanish Flu, Pandemic of 1918, for all the good masks and quarantines did.
    18 See comment #3
    19 The TSC hates grannies / sarc


  19. Give everyone a GG shot and let them limp back to work.

  20. #11 (vaccine): As we computer people like to say, never buy "Version 1" of anything. If the company survives, consider buying "Version 2".

    #14 (Michelle Obama): She's just depressed because the Dims want her to be Hidin' Biden's VP pick. She might actually have to do something other than whine about other people's racism.

    1. #11 - my thoughts exactly!! No Version 1 for me.

  21. 12&17 - so many people are living in Fear now. So sad. I refuse to. I am so sick of what this has done to my state and Country.

    The democrats and the citizens of Fauxcistan coudnt be more Pleased.

  22. 14: Look at her usual expression.


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