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Wednesday, August 05, 2020

Highlights of the News

30 years before covid 19, Macaulay Culkin invented contactless pizza delivery.

ITEM 1: Forbes reported, "Summer usually brings some of the year’s most iconic television, from the crack of bats on baseball’s opening day to the hushed voices of the final rounds of golf’s PGA Tour. Typically, these are also among the highest-rated shows on television during the summer months — but 2020 has shattered all the rules.

"Since June 1, Fox News Channel has been not just the most-watched cable news network, but the highest-rated network in all of television. With an average prime-time audience of 3.451 million viewers, FNC beat CBS (3.430 million), NBC (3.155 million), ABC (2.690 million) and Fox Broadcasting (1.414 million).

"With the corona virus dominating news coverage since early in the year, cable news has seen big jumps in viewership, but neither CNN nor MSNBC has managed to deliver audiences as consistently big as Fox News. The network’s ratings delivery has held strong, even as some major sports — initially canceled or delayed due to the pandemic — returned to television."

This is one of the many are reasons I keep saying 37 states for President Donald John Trump.

ITEM 2: The White House announced, "President Trump signed the Great American Outdoors Act, which is the single largest investment in America’s national parks and public lands in history.

"This legislation marks the most significant conservation accomplishment since the presidency of Theodore Roosevelt.

"The act renews our national parks and protects local lands, while also serving as a jobs and infrastructure package that will create over 100,000 additional infrastructure-related jobs.

"The legislation will provide $900 million a year in permanent funding to the Land and Water Conservation Fund, and will allocate $9.5 billion over 5 years to restore facilities and infrastructure in our national parks and public lands."

TR is a tough act to follow. The Donald did well.

ITEM 3: Zero Hedge reported, "House Speaker Nancy Pelosi just revealed that Congressional Democrats not only won't budge on their $3 trillion stimulus package passed by the House in May - she's upped the demand to $3.4 trillion in order to 'settle' on a deal."

Democrats don't want a deal.

Oh well, President Trump will just have to wing it.

The Daily Wire reported, "President Donald Trump is reportedly considering unilateral action on a corona virus relief package after negotiations between House Democrats and Senate Republicans stalled over the weekend, largely over how much the next bill should give in supplemental unemployment benefits."

Congress gave presidents too much power.

ITEM 4: Fox reported, "A portion of New York City’s Upper East Side, which reportedly boasts residents such as billionaire Glenn Dubin and hedge funder John Paulson, has been riddled with a recent uptick in crime, including a weekend gunpoint robbery spree, police said.

"The New York Police Department’s 19th Precinct oversees the Upper East Side between East 59th Street and East 96th Street, described by the NYPD as 'one of the most densely populated residential areas in Manhattan.'

"Over roughly the past month, the precinct has seen robberies skyrocket 286% compared with the same period last year, with 27 reported incidents, the precinct wrote on Twitter. Five of them were gunpoint robberies."

De Blasio should know better.

Democrats allow crime to run rampant in ghettos, and now openly promote crime there. But the Rubicon protects the elitists, and the criminals are crossing it. I suspect there will be a SUES program soon.

Save Upper East Side.

ITEM 5: The Sun reported, "Last week Iran's paramilitary Revolutionary Guard simulated attacks on a replica US aircraft carrier with the aim of symbolically sinking it, so it can be reused.

"The exercises — dubbed Prophet Mohammed 14th — were staged near the Strait of Hormuz, a vital shipping lane for a fifth of global oil output.

"In a propaganda coup, Iranian state television reported the exercise last Tuesday, which is aimed at threatening the US amid growing tensions with Washington."

Instead of symbolically sinking it, they actually sank it.

In the worst place possible.

The story said, "But it seems Iran has ended up being its own worst enemy after its replica carrier sunk by its own accord — and now risks bottling up the Iranian navy."

I can almost hear those ayatollahs moan, "Oy vey."

ITEM 6: CNN reported, "President Donald Trump's nominee to become the US ambassador to Germany has a history of making xenophobic and racist comments about immigrants and refugees in both Germany and the US.

Retired Army Colonel Douglas Macgregor, a decorated combat veteran, author and frequent guest on Fox News, claimed that Muslim migrants were coming to Europe "with the goal of eventually turning Europe into an Islamic state." He criticized Germany for giving "millions of unwanted Muslim invaders" welfare benefits rather than providing more funding for its armed services.

"Macgregor's newly unearthed comments come as the Trump administration announced it will withdraw nearly 12,000 troops from bases in Germany. The decision to remove troops from Germany was slammed by Republicans, Democrats and former senior military officials, who said the move would benefit Russia."

Wait, I thought decorated combat veterans were above reproach.

Oh wait, that only applies to Democrats.

Any Republican who votes against Colonel Macgregor should be kicked out of the caucus.

ITEM 7: The Express reported, "Donald Trump in US election polls surge as voters trust him to revive covid 19 hit economy."

The key numbers are 57% prefer President Trump on the economy. Only 43% prefer Biden.

And 62% prefer President Trump in dealing with Red China. Only 32% prefer Biden.

The story said, "Writing for the Sunday Express, Director of the Democracy Institute Patrick Basham suggested that the Biden campaign may have reached its high water mark.

"Basham wrote, 'Although Biden remains in a competitive race with Donald Trump, and may well do so until election day, his support isn’t growing. And, tellingly, almost all of the issues that matter most to voters are trending in President Trump’s favor.

"'More Americans are concerned about the economy and keeping their current, or getting a new, job. They don’t especially blame Trump for the lockdown-induced economic contraction, and they think he’ll do a better job of righting the economic ship than Biden.'"

37 states.

ITEM 8: Politico reported, "When Rep. Karen Bass’ friend and mentor died three years ago, she eulogized the community organizer’s passing in remarks she inserted into the Congressional Record.

"The California congresswoman described Oneil Marion Cannon as a one-man force in progressive politics who became the union printer to the left in Los Angeles, where he worked for 'interracial and intercultural understanding,' opened a community hub and even once 'belonged to the Independent Progressive Party.'

"Left out of the 406-word eulogy: Cannon was a top member of the Communist Party USA for decades.

"That omitted detail and her little-noticed 2017 eulogy today takes on outsized importance now that Bass is on Joe Biden’s VP shortlist. As quickly as the congresswoman and former speaker of the California state Assembly shot into serious contention for Biden’s No. 2, she has come under intense scrutiny, prompting questions about whether Biden would be risking too much by selecting a politician just now coming under the glare of the national spotlight."

Bass made a mistake.

Democrats never openly support communists or communism.

Discretion is the better part of sedition.

ITEM 9: The Washington Free Beacon reported, "A film center in Portland cancelled its screening of Kindergarten Cop after a local author complained about the movie’s portrayal of police in schools and compared it to The Birth of a Nation, a 1915 film that romanticized the Ku Klux Klan."

The trouble with hyperbole is you diminish what should shock people.

With that comparison, Democrats downgraded The Birth of a Nation to just a comedy. In fact the film, created by a Democrat, glorified and rationalized their century of apartheid rule in the South.

ITEM 10: William A. Jacobson reported, "The Trump campaign has released a TV ad that directly addresses what is commonly referred to as cancel culture, and the fear of people to speak up for fear retribution from liberals, like people trying to get you fired.

"Polling backs up the effect. Polling shows that a majority of Americans, but particularly conservatives, fear expressing their views. The only people who are comfortable speaking out are people who are strongly liberal."

People tried to cancel the professor at Cornell Law.

My advice to conservatives is to prepare to be fired. I did. It works.

ITEM 11: NBC reported, "BEIRUT — A colossal explosion that rocked the port area of Lebanon's capital Tuesday, killing dozens of people and injuring thousands more, happened at a warehouse where tons of ammonium nitrate were being stored, the prime minister said.

"'I will not rest until we find the person responsible for what happened, to hold him accountable and impose the most severe penalties,' Prime Minister Hassan Diab said.

Diab said it was unacceptable that a shipment of ammonium nitrate estimated at 2,750 tons had been in warehouse for six years without preventive measures to protect it. The chemical compound, which is commercially available, is used widely in fertilizers and explosives.

"It wasn't clear what ignited the shipment, but at least 3,000 people were injured and 50 others were killed, Public Health Minister Hassan Hamad said at a news conference earlier in the day. The numbers are likely to rise with hospitals filling up fast."

This was an avoidable tragedy. Someone should pay.

ITEM 12: Oprah suffers black guilt.
White people did not keep her down.

All the bad things that happened to her were at the hands of black people, including sexual abuse and two unwanted pregnancies.

But she also had the opportunity and gumption to turn her life around. She should not feel bad because she succeeded where others did not. No one should.

ITEM 13: The Blaze reported, "Caleb Reed, a 17-year-old student activist from Mather High School in Chicago, was found shot in the head on Friday.

"The teen's death comes just weeks after he publicly called for the district to remove police from district schools."


Defund the gangbangers. Use the money to hire more police to protect young activists who want to defund the police.

ITEM 14: Just the News reported, "The Justice Department says that an internal review of nearly 30 disputed Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act warrant applications had determined that all of them were undertaken with 'sufficient basis for probable cause,' and that earlier-identified errors within them were overwhelmingly minor.

"Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz announced in March that a review of 29 FISA warrants had revealed numerous false statements or omissions in the documents, raising fears that the application process for FISA warrants was beset by incompetence at best and corruption at worst.

"The procedures and information used by the FBI to run surveillance on members of the 2016 Trump campaign has renewed concerns about the process in which the secretive court grants the warrants."

The FBI is now free to lie and spy -- on anyone.

Abolish the FBI then.

ITEM 15: Just the News reported, "After months without lockdowns, school closures and other mitigation measures widely imposed across the world, Sweden's coronavirus cases and deaths have fallen to such minimal levels as to revive the debate over its so-called herd immunity strategy.

"Some Swedish officials are far from declaring victory, warning there could be a second wave and that too many elderly died in the country during its comparatively lax pandemic restrictions. The country's population-adjusted death rate, meanwhile, is in the top 10 worldwide, but lower than the rates for Italy, Spain and even New York, where heavy lockdowns prevailed.

"And the dramatic drop in new cases and deaths in that country point to a rapidly improving situation there in defiance of many earlier predictions."

Herd immunity rocks.

Masks suck.

ITEM 16: The New York Times (no links to pay sites) whined, "Trump's denigration of mail-in voting — as recently as Thursday when he also floated delaying the election — as well as differing attitudes about the seriousness of covid 19, are poised to blow open an unprecedented partisan divide between votes cast by mail and those cast on Election Day. A July ABC/Washington Post poll found that a majority of Democrats (51% to 46%) plan to vote by mail this November, while nearly 4 in 5 Republicans (79% to 20%) still plan to vote in person."

So 79% of Republicans would risk covid 19 to vote for President Trump.

Only 46% of Democrats would do that for Cellar Dweller Joe.

ITEM 17CNN reported on a man confronting a couple wearing swastikas on their masks.

The man said, "You can't wear that mask. You cannot. We literally had a war about this. You're wearing a swastika!"

The woman said, "I'm not a Nazi. I'm trying to show you what's going to happen in America. If you vote for Biden you're gonna be in Nazi Germany. That's what it's going to be like."

Free speech covers hate speech. The ACLU helped establish that 43 years ago when it stopped Illinois officials from stopping Nazis marching in Skokie, Illinois.

FINALLY, Come January, for the first time in 52 years, Missouri will not have a Democrat congressman named William Lacy serving in the House. In Tuesday's Democrat primary, William Lacy Clay Jr. lost the seat he inherited from his father 20 years ago. The winner was a BLM activist as the Democrat Party goes full-tilt Weather Underground.

Kris Kobach also lost his bid in the Kansas Republican primary for the Senate. President Trump liked him. Most Kansans do not.

Rashida Tlaib was not primaried as she easily deflected a challenge by the president of the Detroit City Council.

Next week, Ilhan Omar is on the line in the Minnesota DFL primary. Her challenger, lawyer Antone Melton-Meaux, is just as whack-job anti-American but without the brother marrying and money laundering baggage.

Democrats are getting crazy. Republicans are getting smart.

Tuberville in Alabama opened a 17-point lead against Democrat Senator Doug Jones.


  1. Item 10 - "feleased", as in Feleased Navidad

    1. Mr Surber, Sir.
      You have a lot of us 'amateur Text Editors' here in your audience. I also saw 'top' where 'to' should have been. [the problem I have is that I can't spel (sic)]

    2. I encourage them. They are better than me.

      And thank you for your contribution. I shall fix.

  2. "Democrats are getting crazy. Republicans are getting smart." I must disagree, Don. Republicans in office are doing everything they can to sit out the balance of Trump's first term. As such, they are worthless, meaning having no value whatsoever. Zero, zilch, nada, as Rush says.
    - Gary B

    1. Well said! There are a few exceptions but way too many swamp Republicans.

    2. To paraphrase Mr. Shakespeare, "My kingdom for an actual Republican!"

      Or, an avid birdwatcher, "Hey, I'm so excited! I spotted an actual Republican this morning!"

      - Gary B

  3. Item 11: Hopefully Hez....

  4. The potential for voter fraud is so real that I fear that it will turn the election. Even something simple like the one judge forcing unpostmarked ballots to be counted practically opens the door to fraud. I would like to propose one rule - any county or municipalities where votes exceed its population (adjusted for current growth) - voting or not - automatically is subject to a re-vote with ballots only accepted if you can prove you are a resident.

    1. I'm not worried about mail-in ballot fraud so much as fraudulent ballots that aren't mailed but instead shipped to precincts to change the result of elections. Why bother with the expense of mailing ballots when you can keep what you need in reserve in-house for future distribution. Why isn't anybody talking about that kind of potential fraud? We're talking about 120% of the registered voters voting here!


  5. On the voter fraud and the judge ordering certain ballots to be counted. The answer to this is to take away federal court jurisdiction over election processes. Let the states sort it out.

  6. The FBI from its inception was a corrupt organization, almost designed for abuse by power-mad self-serving lunatics. Eye Eee, LibCommies. My daughter in law works for them. She’s a smart girl and will have no problem finding a new job.

    1. US Marshals.ICE.Nothing at FBI that couldn't be done by others..

  7. ITEMS 4,5,8 and 13 -
    Karma is a female beagle.

    ITEM 11 - Four years ago, Hezbollah head Nasrallah, from his Lebanon lair, threatened to send a missile to blow up the ammonia tanks in Haifa. Israelis took the threat seriously and emptied the tanks. Now Israel is offering to send rescue and medical aid to Beirut. Karma is indeed a female beagle.

    ITEM 15 - The Swedes made the same mistake as Gov. Cuomo in commingling kung flu patients with the general nursing home population, accounting for the abnormally high death rate. Otherwise, their strategy works.


  8. #5 how do we know the Iranians actually sunk the "Carrier"? too. Nice little artificial reef...
    Strange things are happening over there.

    1. Nice little fake carrier you have/had there. Shame about all those mysterious explosions around your s-hole country.

  9. 8 - Bass also praised Fidel Castro when he passed on to hell. Bass is a commie through and through.

  10. Finally:

    Of course Tuberville is opening the lead, Jones was an anomaly to begin with.

    Democrat politicians are getting crazier, and republican voters are getting smarter I think you mean. Way to many RINO's and Uni-party members, but that will be changing I hope. I am sincerely hoping after we get this election craziness behind us, serious conservatives/libertarians/independents start the process to run at every level of government so we can purge the nastiness that has made its way into government over the last 100 years or so.


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