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Tuesday, August 04, 2020

Highlights of the News

Donald John Trump is still our president.

ITEM 1: Just the News reported, "President Trump on Monday signed an executive order banning federal agencies – with particular attention on the technology sector – from firing U.S. citizens or green card holders only to replace them with foreigners.

"The order, which the White House is calling the Executive Order on Hiring American, challenges federal contractors’ use of H-1B visas to bring in temporary foreign labor for high-skilled jobs rather than relying on American workers."

The story also said, "Trump's action was in part to prevent the outsourcing of jobs at the Tennessee Valley Authority, the federally owned corporation created by congressional charter in 1933 to provide electricity, economic development and other essential services to the region."

Its CEO gets $8 million a year.

The story also said, "Lyash almost immediately after the order signing contacted the White House, saying he wanted to settle the labor dispute. But Trump nevertheless fired Lyash, according to the Associated Press."

Well, surely he should have no problem getting a job elsewhere, provided he was really worth $8 million a year.

ITEM 2The New York Post reported, "The University of Pennsylvania recently received $3 million from a company reportedly owned by a Chinese Communist Party-linked businessman, according to a report.

"The Philadelphia school’s spokesman Stephen McCarthy told the Washington Free Beacon the cash came from a Chinese citizen named Xin Zhou, who McCarthy said was a 'large client' of UPenn’s business school. But the paper said it actually came from Shanghai real estate developer Xu Xeuqing, who has no connection to the university.

"The funds flowed through the Hong Kong-registered Nice Famous Corporation Limited company, which Xu reportedly owns."

How sad that Red China has bought off President Trump's alma mater.

ITEM 3: Breitbart News reported, "The United States reported nearly 49,000 new coronavirus cases on Sunday, marking the lowest single-day number of infections in four weeks, after seeing record levels in July.

"Echoing other sources, data maintained by the COVID Tracking Project revealed that the U.S. recorded 48,694 new cases this Sunday, the smallest number since about 28 days ago on July 6, when the country reported 41,600 infections.

"Citing data from a different source — Johns Hopkins University — the Wall Street Journal made a similar finding Monday."

Here is an idea: stop testing people who have no symptoms.

No symptoms, no problems.

ITEM 4: CNBC reported, "Twitter on Monday disclosed that it expects to lose as much as $250 million for using personal information users provided for security purposes to target advertising instead, after receiving a draft complaint from the Federal Trade Commission.

"The stock dropped about 1% after hours on the announcement.

"The company made the disclosure in its second quarter 10-Q financial filing with the SEC, saying that, “The allegations relate to the Company’s use of phone number and/or email address data provided for safety and security purposes for targeted advertising during periods between 2013 and 2019. The Company estimates that the range of probable loss in this matter is $150 million to $250 million and has recorded an accrual of $150 million.”

"The estimate comes after the FTC sent a draft complaint to Twitter on July 28 for violating the company’s 2011 consent order with the federal agency. That consent order required Twitter to establish and maintain a comprehensive security program and barred the company from misleading consumers about the extent of its security and privacy practices."

My privacy matters.

Oh, and Twitter is run by liars who broke their word.

ITEM 5: Just the News reported, "As the Trump White House this week announced a major deal to pivot photo giant Kodak toward pharmaceutical manufacturing, it made clear this was just the first step in a broader plan to break Chinese dominance of supply chain in manufacturing.

"With a focus first on healthcare manufacturing, the White House brokered a $765 million loan to Kodak after noticing 90% of the main ingredients of the most common pharmaceuticals taken each day in the United States are manufactured abroad.

"Adam Boehler, CEO of U.S. International Development Finance Corporation, is a lead administration official on the Kodak deal, and said the White House plans to move beyond drugs toward other medical supply areas vulnerably exposed during the corona virus pandemic."

Be American, buy American only works if there is American to buy.

ITEM 6: CBS reported, "A report from the Palm Beach County Medical examiner obtained by CBS shows that a young Wellington nurse believed to have passed from covid 19, was never infected with the virus at all.

"The report shows that 33-year-old Danielle DiCenso died from complications of acute pyelonephritis, otherwise known as a kidney infection.

"DiCenso was quarantining at home when she died suddenly in her sleep. Before she passed away, DiCenso was tested for covid 19 after she was reportedly exposed to the virus at work.

"Her husband, David DiCenso told CBS News that the young nurse was not given proper PPE at her job at Palmetto General in Hialeah. He said she began experiencing corona virus symptoms in late March, and her test came back inconclusive."

Her death was tragic -- a tragedy compounded by the false report of covid 19. The media needs to be more careful.

ITEM 7: Fox reported, "A Minnesota lawmaker whose house Black Lives Matter protesters visited last month spoke to Fox News about the experience of having the demonstrators bang on his front door and demand he come out and address them. He called recent Black Lives Matter protests "nothing but a loud profane mob coming to peoples' houses."

"State Sen. Warren Limmer, a Republican and the assistant majority leader, saw a group of about a dozen or more Black Lives Matter protesters demonstrate outside his house on July 18. A two-hour-long video of the encounter was posted on the Facebook page of Alpha News before going newly viral this past weekend.

"Limmer said that although authorities had alerted him of the planned protest and he had left his home by the time demonstrators arrived, the protests were unnerving to his wife and he felt bad for his neighbors, who had to deal with the protesters blocking half the street and the profanity."

This is intimidation and terrorism.

This is how Democrats rule.

ITEM 8: The New York Post reported, "A 7-year-old Philadelphia boy is clinging to life after he was shot in the head as he played on his front porch, police and distraught relatives said.

"The boy, identified by his mother as Zamar Jones, was struck in the head by one of more than 12 shots that rang out late Saturday as he played outside with other children on his West Philadelphia block, police and neighbors told the Philadelphia Inquirer.

"A gunman opened fire on a group of people who were standing outside at the time, two of whom fired back, police told the newspaper."

The Democrat Party is not healthy for children and other living things.

ITEM 9: KING-TV reported, "Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best said a 'large group of aggressive protesters' targeted a residence of hers late Saturday night in Snohomish County.

"In a letter to Seattle City Council, Best said her neighbors were concerned by the group, but 'they were successful in ensuring the crowd was not able to trespass or engage in other illegal behavior in the area, despite repeated attempts to do so.'

Best urged the city council to 'stand up for what is right' and asked council members to call for an end to these tactics used to target elected officials and civil servants.

"Best said the actions are 'out of line with and go against every democratic principle that guides our nation.'"

Best is black. I thought black lives matter. Guess I was wrong.

ITEM 10: United Press International reported, "Efforts to save the giant panda from extinction have come at the expense of other large mammals, a new study released Monday by the science journal Nature Ecology and Evolution said.

"The study, led by Sheng Li, of Peking University, and William McShea, of the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute, suggests that leopards, snow leopards, wolves and Asian wild dogs have disappeared in areas protected for the giant panda."

The story also said, "Since the giant panda reserves were set up in China during the 1960s, leopards have disappeared from 81% of reserves, snow leopards from 38%, wolves from 77% and Asian wild dogs from 95%."

Once again, environmentalists show they do not know what the hell they are doing.

ITEM 11: You think you are badass?

You are not badass until you put a Trump 2020 sticker on a bear.
Via Instapundit.

ITEM 12: The October Surprise.
Republicans have battled Democrats at Gettysburg since 1863.

ITEM 13: When Democrats call him Hitler, they are projecting.
The devil thinks we will roll over like Germany in 1933.

Boy did he pick on the wrong pony.

ITEM 14: Don't get angry.

Get even.

ITEM 15: Never again, everyone said.

The way you fight this is to quarantine Red China.
Companies that don't should be de-listed on the stock exchanges.


  1. 11. Does it have to be said?

    Black Bears Matter

    1. Woke Polar Bear Apologizes For Being White - Babylon Bee

    2. Who's to say the Bear isn't "smarter than average".
      The Local Ranger station keeps getting "Trump 2020"
      stuff in the mail addressed to "Yogi" then they throw it in the dumpster an dhe picks it up.
      People have no sense of humor anymore..

  2. “Her test came back inconclusive.”


    End all lockdowns NOW. FOOK THE KARENS.

    1. that's the standard reply for a negative test. My wife has had shortness of breath for three weeks. two tests came back inconclusive and an antibody test came back negative. Dr really wanted her to test positive Changing Drs.

    2. Also in FL: 21 yr old killed in motorcyle accident and 60 year old dead of gunshot wound to head & 17 year old girl dead from cancer listed as covid deaths.

    3. Reason? Follow the money.

    4. A friend of mine had a COVID test in the spring -- May I think -- and has yet to get the results. However, she did get a bill for TWO tests.

    5. Local health office has been fighting with
      Oregon Health Commission , they said we had
      three new cases when the re have been none for the last 12 days. then Oregon health called a young man's death from septosis
      Covid-and his family is suing the state.
      they said he was positive. he died at home.
      No other tests showed covid. I trustOregon state as far as I can throw Kate Brown's
      Ford Escalade. or her Citation Jet.

  3. Item 11 - I wonder if any of the "Help Ashville Bears" organization is badass enough to try & take it off?

    1. I wonder who was badass enough to put the sticker on the collar in the first place. . .

    2. It probably was the bear trolling the Ashvilleian Karens (just sayin'). :-)

    3. Wife and I both have family in NC. Her cousin
      lives outside (well outside)of Ashville. the came to Oregon to visit and dropped by Ashland, Oregon Wife cousin said it was an eerie experience-Ashalnd is smaller but infested with new age lefties of all possible permutations.but just like Ashville.

    4. We live over the hill from Ashland. Stopped our regular visits when domestic terrorists vandalized vehicles parked on the streets.

  4. Item 7: "although ... he had left his home by the time demonstrators arrived, the protests were unnerving to his wife"

    I certainly hope she had left home with him and was unnerved from a distance.

  5. Item 11: Who put the collar on the bear in the first place? And maybe the bear is just expressing its own opinion, did they think of that? Maybe that's no ordinary bear!

  6. Smarter than the average bear!

  7. The difference is the Germans were burning porn in that picture, something I really can't fault them for.

    1. To most of you Anons, a Bible is considered porn, isn't it?

      If that's the case, then you're probably right. The Nazis, just like the Portlanders, have no use for God!

    2. If you say so.

      Dont shoot the messenger for pointing out the truth. One picture they are burning filth, the other the word of God.

  8. Don, why no mention that the $750mm plant Kodak is building is primarily for Hydroxychloraquine?

    Most articles in the press, and I went and looked, only say it will produce primarily anti-kung flu drugs. But if you look, you will find some that say HQL.

    Regarding reshoring pharma, I recently published an article on this in a national magazine

    John Henry

    1. Excellent article, John Henry!

      I had no idea PR was once so central to the manufacture of pharmaceutical drugs, and I would sure like to see them in that position once again. Last I heard, there's severe unemployment in Puerto Rico, so getting that industry back would be a Godsend to the unemployed there too.

      Thanks for writing it, and linking to it!

  9. #8 - I counted four hackneyed phrases. Worn-out tropes. Clinging to life ... distraught relatives... shots rang out...gunman...
    Sophomore Journo major says "Can't we work in a 'grim milestone'?"

  10. Item 7: Just waiting to see what they will burn at the homes of their opponents; crosses have been taken already. Hammer and sickle, perhaps?

    Item 9: see Item 7.

    Item 13: no second amendment in Germany.

  11. Don: Why limit H1B1's to federal workers only. Let's make it for every business. Americans first!

  12. #7. I’m not sure the Republicans mind the violence. Neither they or their voters seem to be doing much about it. Remember when the miltias were going to come and fight? Yeah, me too.

    1. The last box is the worst. That is why it is delayed until there is no other means to be tried. If you don't understand that, go read about the civil war, where brother fought against brother.

  13. 14 - the backlash over the double standards is growing daily. Let my people go.

  14. 6: Inconclusive is not negative, but it shows how unreliable these things are.

    7: A Conservative is a Liberal who just got protested.

    13: The krauts didn't have the God Emperor of the Cherry Blossom Throne.

  15. Thanks for putting the video of Trump at the Somerset Patriots game, as I didn't know about it. The Patriots are the only professional sports team I attend. Once a year, we enjoy a night out at a family friendly stadium where the National Anthem is sung respectfully. Entrance and food prices are reasonable. I think balls are for children and have no interest in any ball sports, but I do enjoy our night out at the Patriots.

  16. Anyone else getting tired this diversity Scam?
    The last thing that they want is a equal representation of 13%.

    1. How about if we want an equal representation of the White Population of The U.S? Anyone who is believing otherwise is a fool or a Shill of the Cabals.

    2. Do you really believe that those companies that are allowing you to order foods are going to send you receive uncompressed products.? The whole food chain is compromised.

    3. If they would stop aborting their children in such high numbers they wouldn’t still be just 13%. Doesn’t help their % that Mexicans and Central Americans don’t kill their babies.

  17. The bear. So, let's say someone turns in the actual perpetrator and claims the $5k reward. Then what? Are they going to burn his house down? What law did he break? Will they make up their own law on the fly? The perp ought to turn himself in and snag the $5k. Offer of a reward is a unilateral contract and enforceable. Leftists can't think more than about ten minutes into the future. They are among the dumbest listing things on earth.
    - Gary B


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