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Saturday, August 29, 2020

Highlights of the News

Donald John Trump is still our president.

ITEM 1: The Duluth News Tribune reported, "A cast of Iron Range mayors didn’t upstage Vice President Mike Pence in Duluth on Friday, but a couple of them did take the stage with him — signaling their support for the Trump-Pence ticket in the most dramatic moment in a day heavy with conservative values.

"'There’s many people in northern Minnesota who truly are Republicans,' Two Harbors Mayor Chris Swanson said, describing a blurring of what had once been solid Democrat country. 'They truly understand what’s going on.'

"Swanson joined five other Range mayors in timing their Trump endorsement with Pence’s arrival at the Clure Public Marine Terminal.

"'I’m seeing people come our way every single day,' Pence told a crowd of more than 250 supporters, who provided Pence with a series of standing ovations throughout a 50-minute address."

Old: Donald Trump is Batman.

New: Iron (Range) Man.

There goes Minnesota. But Bill Kristol's endorsement sealed Washington DC for Biden. Right?

ITEM 2: Reuters reported, "A federal judge on Friday rejected the New York Times’ bid to dismiss Sarah Palin’s defamation lawsuit over an editorial she said wrongly linked her to a 2011 mass shooting.

"U.S. District Judge Jed Rakoff in Manhattan said there was 'sufficient evidence to allow a rational finder of fact to find actual malice by clear and convincing evidence.'"

Clinton appointee.

Palin may get justice after all.

ITEM 3: Kyle Shideler reported, "A largely unsung, but truly momentous action took place at the Republican National Convention as the Republican National Committee formally approved a resolution condemning the Southern Poverty Law Center as a radical organization which deliberately mislabels organizations as hate groups.

"The resolution cites the attack on the Family Research Council by Floyd Lee Corkins, who admitted to attacking the organization and seeking to kill its employees because the SPLC had smeared the FRC as a hate group. Corkins shot and injured the FRC’s building manager before being disarmed.

"The resolution also calls on the federal government not to rely on the SPLC as a legitimate organization, and notes that the Obama Administration encouraged federal law enforcement to rely on the SPLC and designated SPLC-listed organizations as hate groups."

Facebook and others pay SPLC to provide cover when they censor and blacklist conservative groups.

I wonder if a RICO lawsuit could be filed against SPLC.

ITEM 4: Just the News reported, "Chelsea Clinton, author and daughter of Bill and Hillary Clinton, said she wants her 'white children of privilege' to 'erode' their privilege over time to ensure more people are enfranchised.

"Clinton's comments were made during a national Women for Biden organizing call with Massachusetts Democratic Rep. Ayanna Pressley."

She is as phony as the day is long in Anchorage in June.

Clinton should simply give away the money she got from her crooked parents.

Then she should campaign against Joe Kennedy and every other born-to-the-manor Democrat.

ITEM 5: Just the News reported, "The U.S. Postal Service has racked up billions of dollars in excessive overtime from its workers over the last several years, even as its employee numbers have gone up and its mail delivery has declined, according to a new audit likely to raise questions about congressional Democrats' demands for a bailout.

"Overtime pay has become so predominant at America's premier mail delivery service that more than 4,000 postal workers last year actually earned more in OT pay than their base pay, a 429% increase in highly compensated overtime earners since 2014, the agency's internal watchdog reported this week.

"The situation exists in part because postal employees are allowed to determine their own overtime hours without needing prior management approval, and management does not always keep accurate payroll records, the audit report concluded."

Postmaster General Jeff Bezos would stop this in a New York minute.

ITEM 6: United Press International reported, "Shinzo Abe, Japan's longest-serving prime minister, announced Friday that he will resign due to health issues.

"Abe announced his resignation during a press conference Friday evening in Tokyo where he told reporters that his health had been deteriorating since mid-July and he did not want his failing condition to affect the government."

Unhappy ending to a friend of 3 presidents.

ITEM 7: CNN reported, "Keith Dwayne Nelson was executed Friday at 4:32 p.m., according to the Bureau of Prisons, marking the fifth federal execution in the past six weeks.

"The Justice Department reinstated federal executions in mid-July after a 17-year hiatus. Nelson, 45, had been sentenced to death for the 1999 kidnapping, sexual abuse and subsequent killing of a 10-year-old girl, Pamela Butler, he abducted while she was rollerblading in front of her Kansas home. Nelson confessed to raping Butler and strangling her with a wire."

Life in prison is cruel and unusual punishment. This should have been done 10 years ago.

ITEM 8: The Washington Examiner reported, "After months of political jokes about him hiding in his basement, Joe Biden looks set to join President Trump in returning to the campaign trail in September.

"'I’m a tactile politician. I really miss being able to, you know, grab hands, shake hands, you can’t do that now. But I can, in fact, appear beyond virtually, in person, in many of these places. That’s what you’re going to be seeing after Labor Day,' the 2020 Democratic presidential nominee said Thursday.

"Biden, the two-term vice president, listed Arizona, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin as likely destinations during a fundraiser hosted by the Illinois Trial Lawyers Association."

Democrat riots have forced him out of the basement. He will be the first Democrat candidate in at least 8 years to visit Wisconsin during the general election.

Democrats have held the state every time they ran a male candidate since 1988.

ITEM 9: Fox reported, "President Trump focused his New Hampshire rally Friday night on blaming Democrats, first for harassment aimed at attendees of his White House nomination acceptance speech the night before, then at opponent Joe Biden.

"'The mayor should be ashamed for that kind of display of incompetence,' Trump told supporters at his New Hampshire rally Friday. 'It's happening all over when you have Democrat-run cities.'

"Trump, calling the D.C. protesters 'thugs,' said the D.C. police are 'good' but that D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser gave them 'bad instructions.'

"'Police took tremendous abuse,' the president continued. 'Rand Paul was in big trouble last night. He's a good guy.' Trump added that he told Paul he would invite the four officers who protected him to the White House for a medal."


Wait a second.

Since when do journalists put air quotes around the word thugs when discussing thugs.

By the way, the excessive use of quote marks bugs me.

ITEM 10: Fox reported, "Meghan McCain declared Friday that 'radical protesters' could help President Trump win re-election this fall.

"McCain was responding to a video posted on Twitter of Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., being surrounded by a mob of demonstrators outside the White House Thursday night following the conclusion of the Republican National Convention."

She said, "What do these radical protesters think they are accomplishing exactly? Are they trying to scare all Republicans and law and order voters to stay inside and quietly vote for Trump? Last night was the first night I thought it was possible Trump could actually pull this off again."

I figure she knows Paul, knows he's good guy, and knows he still hasn't recovered from his injuries from a sneak attack by a Democrat.

Democrats hired and trained these Antifa goons. To heck with them.

ITEM 11: The Hill reported, "Democratic strategists are worried scenes of violence in Kenosha, Wis., and the 'defund the police' [battle cry] could give Republicans and President Trump a boost with suburban voters.

"The issue has come back to the forefront amid new incidents of violence, property destruction and protests this week after another black man, Jacob Blake, was shot in the back by a police officer.

"Some Democrats worry the continuing unrest could give Trump an opening with swing voters in Wisconsin and other key states that voted for Trump in 2016."

We tried to warn them.

Oh well.

ITEM 12: Variety reported, "J.K. Rowling has emerged into a fresh controversy after she returned the Ripple of Hope Award bestowed upon her by the Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights organization in December 2019, following criticism from Kerry Kennedy. Kerry is the daughter of Robert F. Kennedy, and the president of the organization."

Rowling is the daughter of Peter James Rowling.

Good for her for standing up to the Kennedy Awards for their LGBT bullying.

ITEM 13: Salena Zito reported, "Of all the riots that have gone unchecked in the country this summer, the one in Kenosha, Wisconsin, is the one that might matter most in the November presidential elections.

"The vivid imagery in the days following the police shooting of Jacob Blake shows a town in devastation. Rioters blocked traffic. And they stole gasoline from a nearby gas station to start fires that took out numerous small businesses, car lots, an apartment building, and a Family Dollar store.

"Other businesses that were not burnt down nonetheless had their windows and doors smashed and were looted.

"It is a war zone, and no one wants to live in a war zone. No one wants his or her children and grandchildren to live in a war zone. No one wants to own and run a business in a war zone."

Democrats did this to themselves by encouraging rioting. They reap what they sow. November 3rd is their day of reckoning.

ITEM 14: Two more things that Democrats must square with their own voters are defunding the police and abolishing ICE.

Their much ballyhooed squad and their supporters want to defund the police and abolish ICE.

Republicans should force Biden and Harris to choose which side they are on. For Democrats, those are lose-lose propositions. If they say yes, they lose the middle. If thye say no, they lose the left.

ITEM 15Sundance reported, "The Bloom is Off The Ruse – Tom Donohue and U.S. Chamber of Commerce Announce Support for Far-Left Democrats in 2020."

His Conservative Treehouse also goes by the name The Last Refuge.

He wrote, "A fifteen year argument is finally over…. We win.  Most CTH readers probably don’t even remember the reason for the name: “The Last Refuge” upon this little corner of the internet.  However, for well over a decade we have tried to share the truth behind the financial mechanisms that run Washington DC; and the primary machine has always been a completely corrupt, deceptive and anti-American U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

Against the entirety of the conservative media; and against the entirety of every organized group that ever attended CPAC; this website has attempted to educate people about the genuinely fraudulent purposes of the U.S. CoC and their President Tom Donohue. I have written hundreds of articles over the years outlining 'there are trillions at stake' and the elements of importance behind that statement.   Every single mainstream conservative voice has denied the truth; and likely most of them are probably on the CoC payroll."

Corporate America needs to pay a price for kneeling to Democrats and the Red Chinese.

President Trump and Republicans cut corporate taxes by 40% and this is what they get in return?

Republicans must become the abolition party again and refuse to let American companies import products made by slave labor, starting with the blocking of Red Chinese products.

ITEM 16: The Blaze reported, "Glenn Beck issued a public apology to President Donald Trump for doubting him in 2016.

"In a series of tweets, the talk-show host wrote, 'I am feeling so humbled this week. I feel truly horrible for the things I said and believed in 2016 about Donald Trump. I believed the worst politically, which he proved me wrong at almost every turn. In the most dramatic cases (life/Israel/China/authoritarian).'

Beck pointed out that the president deserves to be praised for his handling of the economy during the covid 19 pandemic.

"According to researchers at Johns Hopkins University, the virus has infected at least 5,889,652 Americans at the time of this writing, and has caused 181,186 deaths.

"'I expected Donald Trump to take control federally at the first opportunity. Here we are in a massive crisis. Bush 'violated the free market to save the free market.' Trump could have violated federalism to 'save federalism' yet he has stood firm through covid."

Good for Beck. Bravo. I no longer care where he was in 2016. He's here now.

ITEM 17: A big shooting match is scheduled in October in Pleasanton, Texas.

It is called Escape From Portland.

Law Enforcement Today reported, "Portland, Oregon has become the poster child for the wacky, hard-left Black Lives Matter and Antifa rioting across the country, which is now well into its third month.

"In some ways, the antics in Portland closely resembles the 1980’s movie starring Kurt Russell, 'Escape From New York.'

"In the movie, New York City has been taken over by criminals and gangs (not unlike what is going on in Portland or in much of the country for that matter) with walls being erected around the city to keep the bad guys in and the good guys out.

"Reality Defense, or RDI saw this as an opportunity to have a Portland-based event to add to their fall training lineup.

"RDI is a training and consulting company which focuses on the preparation and response to an attack on either an individual or organization. The training component gives 'attendees the building blocks necessary to protect themselves and their loved ones.'"

My money is on the LA Korean Shopkeepers. They have the most experience.


  1. Gonna miss ol’ Shinzo. There’s a batshite crazy far left wing in Japan also, and he managed those clowns with a little bit of Tora Tora Tora and a little bit of Japanese game show host. A remarkable achievement from the leader of a country that only 80 years ago, coming up, looked every bit as cunning and ruthless as today’s China. Thank you Mr. Abe for your service.

    1. Amen to that, zregime. Abe was a good guy, and we're going to miss him.

      I do hope that his replacement isn't from that far-left wing you mentioned!

  2. Item 8: "Tactile politician." LMAO!

  3. "Abe announced his resignation during a press conference Friday evening in Tokyo where he told reporters that his health had been deteriorating since mid-July and he did not want his failing condition to affect the government."

    Okay, am I so cynical that I see a woke Japanese leader emerging after a forced retirement? The Catholic Church forcing the German out and forcing the South American communist in has me jaded...

    1. Japan's left isn't near as big a threat as ours. The Japanese public is not going in to the arms of the Dragon Panda suit or not..

    2. Korean Shop Keepers. My old neighbor ran a restaurant in Coos Bay, He was a Korean ROC
      Marine. Nice guy, but he could kill you with his thumb. This Methead tried a holdup in the restaurant, pulling a knife on His very lovley daughter.Papa did a "crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon " type attack on the Tweaker- rotary fracture of his arm plus a few other things..
      Good family, they lived down the street from Wife and I. They moved to Portland to run the other family restaurant..

    3. I was in Seoul in a bbq place eating next to a ROK Marine's birthday party. There was 8 of them and they had a teeny tiny cake (because ROK Marines make 3 bucks a month). So I bought a 1.50 bottle of soju and had it sent to him. they all came over and we partied all night. I was speaking in subtitles when the sun was coming up. Good dudes, well as far as my experience is concerned anyway.

    4. ROK had a reputation of being squared away when I was in the military 40-plus years ago. They fought in Vietnam. Highly respected.

    5. The Viet Cong were terrified of ROK troops. They had somewhat different rules of engagement when it came to conflict.

    6. I was there in 1971 and they were highly regarded.

  4. #2: The editor at the New York Times who defamed Sarah Palin? James Bennett, who earlier this year was frog-marched out of the newsroom for the effrontery to let a Republican (ewww) US Senator, Tom Cotton, write an op-ed for the paper. We get two smiles for the price of one: seeing the jerk-off journ0list getting his karmic comeuppance; and seeing the red-diaper babies at the Times guillotine one of their own. They the they!

  5. #16: I listened to this apology and was actually surprised that Beck's actions during the 2016 election were even worse than I thought. Beck said that Trump called him to offer condolences for the death of his father in 2015. Beck interpreted this as a political move to gain his support for a POTUS run, which Trump did of course. So given all the ridicule that Beck poured on Trump and his supporters in 2016 after being given a kind gesture makes him look even worse. It's not that I resent or cringe at his support, I'm indifferent to his support for Trump. It wasn't required before.

    1. Beck's smearing his face with Cheetos was nuts.

    2. Beck lost me when he was saying someone should shoot Trump if he started to go against the Constitution. This was after he had told his listeners to pray for Obama.
      Beck was a disciple of 'Tater' Stelter, believing everything that CNN nut job said about Trump. It wasn't until Tater "betrayed" him during an interview (when Glenn stormed off the set) that Glenn started to think differently about Trump.
      Beck brags about his Christianity, but his mocking, belittling, and false witnessing of both Trump and Trump, Jr. does not show an ounce of Christianity. Both Trump and Jr. show true Christianity and forgiveness.
      Beck's apology (that I've seen) does not even begin to atone for his hateful (not funny) behavior. Until Beck does a heart-felt apology, based on self-reflection on his specific behavior, I will continue to not listen to him.

  6. Item 16.

    I don't fault, nor hold a grudge against Beck, or any other person from that time because they did not like Trump. I fault them, and will never accept any appology from them, for the fact that they attacked supporters like me personally.

    Remember, they actually wanted Hillary to win. Beck went on Samatha Bee, a vile human being. Erickson at Redstate attacked supporters, George Will did, author Larry Corria did.

    And now they are trying to make amends. This is grifting at its finest. Nope.

    1. Expect a lot more "conservative" voices to come out of the woodwork when it becomes obvious that Trump is going to win.

    2. ...Beck apologizing would be like Jonah Goldberg apologizing...My I-don't-give-a-rats-arse meter just overloaded and broke. ZB

  7. ITEM 10: Democrats hired and trained these Antifa goons, and they put the goons up in an expensive hotel according to Carol Greenwald who got caught in that mob trying to get home. I was probably one of the people who lives closest to the White House, and I could not get home. At 1:30am, I checked into an expensive hotel for the night. In the morning when I left, I met several other hotel guests wearing Black Lives Matter tee shirts who were also staying at this expensive hotel. They were leaving to join the planned demonstrations in D.C. this weekend.

  8. #7 Sorry Don I think that death is too good for most of these animals. Also with the false conviction rate in this country we are going to put innocent people to death. I do not want that on my hands. End the death penalty.

    1. I agree, Robin. There are too many rogue prosecutors in this country to trust the process. Plus, there are also evidence mistakes. Also, not having a death penalty means we can extradite more criminals from other countries. And, finally, even though it's counter intuitive, life is prison is much less expensive for taxpayers than the death-row tango. The downside...families don't get revenge, which is understandable.

  9. for rand Paul, this is the third attack he's been through.
    1) the scalise shooting
    2) psycho neighbor
    3) Antifa/ blm


  10. 3 - SPLC is evil. Glad to see them under attack.

    4 - Chelsea Hubble is A disgusting person. As phony as her mother.

    5 - the USPS will be transformed during PDJT’s second term.

    It’s too late for the Dems to act like they give a rip about law and order.

    15 - the Chamber execs can sit in the corner with the editors from National Review and Weekly Standard.

    1. 15 reminds me of when the NR and Weakly Standard "Red Octobered"themselves with their Orange Seeking torpedoes..

  11. ITEM 3 - The SPLC, which has nothing to do with either poverty or law, sure seems right for a RICO suit, especially since they stash the funds for their defamation activities in offshore accounts. If their targets can bring these suits directly, so much the better.

    ITEM 8 - "I'm a tactile politician." Biden sure sounds like he yearns for the glory days of groping and hair sniffing.

    ITEM 11 - After three months of mob violence they tacitly supported, let's see Democrat politicians put the genie back in the bottle now that the goons have developed a taste for blood. Perhaps,frog marching a few mayors and governors to the federal pen might encourage the others.

    1. Yeah, the establishment LibCommies are laboring under the false impression that they’re still in charge.

    2. It looks like Jacob Blake of Kenosha pretty much got what he deserved. A dangerous psycho according to some reports.

  12. #12, I hope JK did a drive by and flung the award on the front lawn.

    On BLM and Antifa, treat them like the enemy combatants they are.

  13. 5: He does have a rep as a slave driver.

    8: And with it the end of Wu Hu Flu and lockdowns.

    10: Boobs McCain finally gets one right.

    17: I love it.

  14. Another NeverTrump convert ...

    “ In October of 2016, James Taranto wrote in the Wall Street Journal that I was “one of the 2 or 3 most intense Never Trumpers we’ve encountered all year.” He was right. From the moment Donald Trump descended the golden escalator I hoped his shoelaces would get caught in it. My criticism of Trump was relentless and brutal. I exposed his connections to Mafia figures, I latched on to any vague allegation of racism I could find, I didn’t just want him to lose, I wanted him to lose in a landslide.


    My virulent opposition to Donald Trump was rooted in fear. I was afraid of electing a man who had never held office to our highest office, I was afraid that the brash unfiltered way he talked would careen the country into mayhem if he won, which I assumed was impossible. I was afraid that his nomination would hand generational power to a Democratic Party I already knew was sliding into fever dreams of socialist utopias. But I think what I was most afraid of was change.


    Thursday night the president stood in stark contrast to his opponent Joe Biden, who ran a convention based on fear of the virus, who embraces a new normal in which petty dictators like Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Mayor Bill de Blasio control my life, a desperate old man who said he would lock me down again. No. President Trump did what he does best; he spoke to a crowd. There was joy and optimism and patriotism. Instead of fear there was pride. For me, he was no longer the lesser of two evils but a man I dearly hope will remain our president.“

    1. Actions speak louder than words, and Trump is pretty darned loud

    2. Excellent article in The Federalist, thanks for linking it!

      I still miss James Taranto of WSJ, he was a daily read for me until the paper went behind its paywall. He's got a marvellous way with words, almost (almost!) as good as our host Don Surber!

  15. #8. ObamAA- carried Wisconsin as well.

    1. #15. His autocorrect keeps changing Communists to commerce. He needs to get that checked.
      Sundance has been vocal on that for a long time. If only more people were paying attention.

  16. Beck's Restoring Honor rally, held August 28, 2010 at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C., was a supernal event in support of Liberty and God.

    Somehow, Beck lost his way; was corrupted; was turned by Deep State traitors. He now comes to his senses?

    O.K. Apology is on record, but I will NEVER TRUST HIM AGAIN. I pray he remains devoted, but cannot ignore another terrible fall from decency and liberty. Go in peace, Beck--but go.

  17. There is no such thing as "too many" roof Koreans!