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Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Highlights of the News

Donald John Trump is still our president.

ITEM 1: Fox reported, "Over 1,000 DNC delegates voted against party platform, in sign of Dem discord.

"DNC didn't release platform vote until after convention ended."

So they nominated a man who cannot handle the job to advance an agenda about a fourth of them reject. No Green Deal, no Medicare For All.

How does a party maintain the House if no one shows up to vote for president?

ITEM 2: The Associated Press reported, "Melania Trump on Monday marked the 100th anniversary of women gaining the right to vote with an art exhibit based on works by children from all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

"The first lady called adoption of the 19th Amendment to the Constitution that granted women voting rights a turning point in the women’s rights movement.

"She unveiled the exhibit on Pennsylvania Avenue outside the White House and said it would encourage people to talk to their children about the 'important conversations taking place around equality' and help them understand the history behind women’s suffrage.

"Mrs. Trump also used her appearance — on the opening day of the Republican National Convention — to promote certain aspects of her husband’s record on women’s issues."

Just a reminder: Republicans championed women's voting rights.

Democrats did not.

ITEM 3: The Federalist reported, "Richard Spencer, neo-Nazi, white supremacist, and organizer of the infamous 2017 Charlottesville riots, announced yesterday on Twitter that he will be voting for Joe Biden in the upcoming 2020 election."

Democrats are returning to their roots, and Spencer is a perfect fit.

ITEM 4World Socialist Web Site reported, "Since late June, the Office of Residential Life and Housing Services at New York University has been working closely with a small, student-led task force to make racially segregated housing a reality in undergraduate student dorms.

"On July 20, Washington Square News, the weekly undergraduate student newspaper of NYU, published an article titled 'Student-Led Task Force Calls for Black Housing on Campus,' in which they reported on the university’s willingness to help implement residential communities open solely to 'black-identifying students with Black Resident Assistants.' Since then, the university has officially given the project a green light, aiming to have NYU’s first segregated residential floor established by Fall 2021."

As a Democrat governor said in 1963, "segregation now, segregation tomorrow and segregation forever."

ITEM 5: Democrats want a race war.
Don't fall for it.

ITEM 6: The Trump administration takes on Jeff Bezos's rag and others.
Journalists in DC no longer practice journalism.

ITEM 7: Axios reported, "Early readings of IHS Markit's manufacturing and services purchasing managers' indexes rose by more than expected in August, showing continued improvement in expectations and output among U.S. firms.

"By the numbers: The manufacturing index rose by 2.7 points month over month to 53.6, continuing the series' rise from 50.9 in July.

"The services index rose by the most since March 2019, beating expectations and jumping to 54.8 (50 is the dividing line between growth and contraction)."

That's encouraging.

ITEM 8: The worst oil mess comes from a socialist dictatorship because it is run by Patty and Selma at the DMV.
A capitalist would work his fanny off to avoid a spill of the precious oil he spent a million bucks on drilling to get. A capitalist would savor every drop.

ITEM 9: The New York Post reported, "Claudia Conway, daughter of President Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway and her husband, presidential critic George Conway, took to TikTok to react to their withdrawal from politics — expressing dismay that her parents 'didn’t even talk about it with any of us.'

"The left-leaning 15-year-old — who tweeted Saturday night that she is 'officially pushing for emancipation' — said she was taking a break from TikTok to focus on her mental health."

Pray for them. They put a lot on their plate without thinking things through.

ITEM 10: The Washington Free Beacon reported, "Officials with Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden’s campaign reportedly offered private apologies to anti-Israel activist Linda Sarsour after labeling her an anti-Semite in a bid to distance the campaign from Israel critics. The apology comes after Sarsour touted her ability to push Biden and his team into embracing anti-Israel policies, telling a Facebook audience that she would "force Biden to change his views."

"The Biden campaign criticized Sarsour last week after her appearance at the Democratic National Convention's Muslim Delegates Assembly.

"Sarsour, an anti-Israel activist and supporter of boycotts against the Jewish state, previously served as a surrogate for Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders. Biden spokeswoman Ashley Allison apologized for the campaign's treatment of Sarsour in an off-the-record call held over the weekend."

Basement Biden just cannot hide his antisemitism, can he?

ITEM 11: Andrea González-Ramírez reported, "Why a Third of Latinos Still Plan to Vote for Trump. Entrepreneurial and evangelical, Republican Latinos are a force to be reckoned with this November."

She focused on Mindy Garcia, a California Democrat of Mexican-American heritage.

González-Ramírez wrote, "When Donald Trump launched his presidential campaign, Garcia was immediately hooked. She saw a reflection of herself in Trump and the Republican party: She saw the president as a God-fearing man whose values aligned with her Christian faith, who wanted a better future for children like hers, and who valued hard, smart work. And she felt well received. 'The Republican Party is more welcoming,' she said. 'They are so excited to see Hispanics coming up.'"

Hey, remember how the experts said Donald Trump saying there are rapists and murderers among the illegal immigrants lost Republicans the Hispanic vote 4-Evah?

He did better than Romney among Hispanics.

ITEM 12: The Independent reported, "Pro-Trump ad faces ridicule after it claims he is the most ‘pro-gay president in American history.’"

The story said, "A Donald Trump election ad has faced ridicule after it claimed he was the 'most pro-gay president in American history.'

"The claim was made by Robert Grenell, a former acting director of national intelligence, in an ad released by the Log Cabin Republicans."

I think they mean Richard Grenell.

If you are going to hold someone up for ridicule, try to get his name right.

ITEM 13: Business Insider reported, "Rumors about Kim Jong Un dying are going viral again, but experts say not to believe them."

To paraphrase Chevy Chase, Kim Jong Un still not dead.

But those rumors eventually will prove correct. Maybe not this year or next, or this decade or the next. But I have it on good authority that someday, Kim Jong Un's term will end as president for life.

ITEM 14: Fox reported, "Scott Peterson just escaped the needle - and he might not even know it.

"The California Supreme Court on Monday overturned the wife killer's death penalty sentence, but his lawyer and sister-in-law told Fox News on Monday that an outbreak of covid 19 in San Quentin State Prison has blocked them from telling him the news directly.

"Peterson has been on death row in San Quentin since 2005, when he was sentenced to die by lethal injection for the murder of his wife Laci and their unborn son Conner.

"His attorney Mark Geragos told Fox News that he hasn't been able to tell Peterson the news "because of the massive covid issue" and isn't sure when he will get a face-to-face meeting.

"'I hope soon,' he said but didn't provide a timeline."

I hate the guy. He should have been hanged by now. But for pity's sake why not tell him? He has the right to know the outcome of his case. Once again, the government uses covid 19 to deny people their God-given rights.

ITEM 15: Washington Post reported, "New York attorney general files legal action against Trump Organization, revealing state investigation into the company's financial dealings."

Democrats used the FBI to lie and spy on President Trump.

They violated the Constitution by impeaching him without any criminal allegation.

Now this.

They want to ruin the man, ruin his family, and ruin anyone who ever supported him.

You know why Democrats call him Hitler and us Nazis?

It is all projection.

ITEM 16: Just the News reported, "The Kentucky Fried Chicken fast food chain on Monday announced that it will temporarily stop using its decades-old slogan, 'It's Finger Lickin' Good,' in advertising because the slogan does not seem appropriate amid the ongoing public health crisis.

"The fried chicken restaurant's announcement comes months into the corona virus pandemic."

Wait a second.

Now I cannot lick my own fingers?

I thought this was America.

I guess I was wrong.

ITEM 17: The RNC has begun.

Relax. 10 weeks until his re-election.


  1. "DNC didn't release platform vote until after convention ended."

    The Republicans chose not to make a platform this year. Seems the Democrats win this round.

    1. They kept the same winning platform as 2016.,_2020

    2. The party isn't over, and the Dems want the destruction of this country as we know it.
      They gave the Republicans Free Publicity.

    3. So they ran their 2016 platform through a copy machine. Good thing nothing has changed since then. Laziness or stupidity?

    4. No it wins freedom VS tyranny.Constitution vs. Communist manifesto. even their own are leaving re:#1 the 'rats are running down the Hawser.

    5. "Laziness or stupidity?"

      Sigh. Another boring example of troll projection by the stupid hypocritical dishonest chinese troll.

      It has no new material. What a dud.

      But, it's all just deflection anyway. Because the idiot trolls don't want to discuss their dementia addled candidate, or his policies.


    6. Don't think so. It won last time. You don't throw in a winning hand.

    7. Why is a GOP platform needed when the party has the presidency? Actions speak louder than words.

  2. 2 - As First Lady, Melania Trump runs rings around Big Mike.

    3 - that made me smile.

    12 - that was an excellent ad and Grenell was one of the best appointees of PDJT. In term two, he will again serve with honor and effectiveness.

    13 - correct. And I predict that the stock market is due for a correction, some day in the future.

    15 - they are a bunch of sick bastards.

    16 - we had KFC at our fire meeting last night. The buckets still said “Finger Licking Good”. We licked our fingers. We didn’t wear masks. We didn’t distance. We are Americans.

    1. "We didn’t distance. We are Americans."

      You're selfish and unpatriotic.

    2. Thanks for the laugh, Anony! Made my day.


    3. Depends on where they are at. If say in a New York nursing facility vs. say a rural fire department-with known members and windows and
      doors open...
      How about antifa setting fires> no social distancing there either but you probably consider the thugs "patriotic.."

    4. Protestors wore masks and those cities faced no spikes. Republicans refuse to wear masks and they prolong the pandemic. Just ask Herman Cain.

    5. They are not protestors.
      They are rioters. They are domestic terrorists.
      They are wearing masks to protect their identities. They are NOT "social-distancing".

      Thanks for playing and showing your stupidity

    6. Shadow covers he sun over Nonny/Rollie.
      I pull my dark glasses from my Pocket as the
      Atomic Trollhammer is about to descend..

    7. Item 16: You can lick your own fingers, just don't let 'Karen' see you do it.

    8. We need to a lot of it so Karen will melt like the Wicked Witch of The West does when you throw water on her.

  3. 1-5- I'm all for reparations-paid by the Democrat party to the nation for all of the suffering blatant racism and genocide (Margret Sanger I'm looking at you.)tha tthey perpetrated on this country.
    Now they want another Civil War.
    they will get it if they keep pushing. Operating under "It will be different this time>"

    1. When it happens, it will be the first Civil War. The one mislabeled Civil War is properly known as the war of northern aggression.

  4. #4 The Segregated floor will be the most dangerous with all of the fake hate crimes that will undoubtedly be perpetrated.

  5. RNC convention day one was incredible! Maximo Alverez brought tears to my eyes... and we need to listen to his message too, but Gilfoyle made me feel like my ex wife was screaming at me again. Way too over the top for the lady in red.

    1. Umm, I'd be OK with this lady yelling at me.

    2. This guy wrote it best:

      Matt Couch @RealMattCouch
      Conservatives saying that Kim Guilfoyle didn’t have to yell like that have NO CLUE how close we are to losing this country. Her speech was needed, fiery, & a wake up call to all armchair quarterbacks.. Get in the game or get out of our way! We have an election to win! #Trump2020
      7:51 PM · Aug 24, 2020

  6. Item 4: NYU says, no we won't be doing that.

  7. 2: Giving women the vote was the dumbest thing this country ever did.

    5: They may want it, but they won't get it.

    9: I hope George is happy, but I doubt it. His kind never is.

    11: CA in play?

    1. #9. George is the culprit in this. A sore loser who married way, way up and has whined ever since when POTUS wouldn't give him a job. Created a toxic environment attacking his wife's boss when he should've been a supportive spouse, keep his vindictiveness to himself and be a better father to their whining, spoiled brat. Sometimes, one spouse has to stay home for the kids to support the rising career of another. Had George swallowed his overinflated ego and tended to his kids, the daughter wouldn't have been running wild.

  8. ""Over 1,000 DNC delegates voted against party platform, in sign of Dem discord."

    Wow, that is nearly a fourth of the total.

  9. Journalists in DC no longer practice journalism. Do the ones outside DC do any better? We have the uninformed, but far worse are the misinformed. Like our nitwit trolls.
    GOD bless you Don and have a great day

  10. Item 10: Business axiom, as well as Vince Lombardi quote, "Praise in public, criticize in private."

    Granted, this is radical has-need Linda Sarsour being discussed here, but still it's another piece of evidence how the Biden campaign is upside down.

  11. Lake Maracaibo in Venezuela was a polluted mess 20 years go when I worked there. Many leaking underwater pipelines were fouling the Lake. And the locals in charge didn't care. Just accepted the leaks and let them bubble away forever. The pipelines on the lakebed are laying all over the place and no-one knows where. When we moved our rig we had to send down divers to position the jackup legs so they wouldn't accidently crush one of the many pipelines put down since the 1920s. Doesn't surprise me that it has just gotten worse over time.

  12. 1. Alas, MO 1st Congressional District's next congresscritter made the McCloskeys' little talk. A 10% turnout in her district will win it for her because the Republicans, get this, didn't run any real candidates.

    Never thought I would see the end of the Clay sinecure. Now it's out of the frying pan and into the fire.

    4. Didn't the US pass some kind of law against Apartheid? We should not fund Apartheid schools.

    6. You missed the mark when you referred to them as 'journalists'. They are Democratic Party Propagandists.

    Nothing more. Nothing less.

    J in StL