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Monday, August 10, 2020

Highlights of the News

Donald John Trump is still our president.

ITEM 1: Willie Brown wrote, "If Joe Biden offers the vice presidential slot to Sen. Kamala Harris, my advice to her would be to politely decline.

"Harris is a tested and proven campaigner who will work her backside off to get Biden elected. That said, the vice presidency is not the job she should go for — asking to be considered as attorney general in a Biden administration would be more like it.

"Being picked for the vice presidency is obviously a huge honor, and if Biden wins, Harris would make history by being the first woman to hold the job.

"But the glory would be short-lived, and historically, the vice presidency has often ended up being a dead end. For every George H.W. Bush, who ascended from the job to the presidency, there’s an Al Gore, who never got there.

"True, the vice president does have an advantage the next time the party needs a new nominee, which in Biden’s case could be four years from now. But in the meantime, the vice president has no real power and little chance to accomplish anything independent of the president.

"Basically, no one takes the vice president seriously after election day. Just ask Mike Pence."

Brown likely still likes his former paramour, and his is sound advice — but not for the reasons he cited.

13 of the nation's 49 vice presidents became president. 9 by death. 3 by election to succeed their president. And then there was Jerry Ford. Being Biden's veep would give her a 1 in 4 shot at the presidency. Those are great odds. Take them.

Given Biden's health, if he wins, his veep is nearly a lock to succeed him before his term ends.

But a losing vice presidential candidate has pretty much zero chance of ever becoming president. Only FDR became a president after losing as VP nominee. He was James Cox's running mate in 1920.

If she thinks Biden will win, she would be nuts to say no.

If she thinks Biden will lose, she would be nuts to say yes.

But maybe Harris already knows this and has turned Biden down, Maybe that is the holdup on his selection of a running mate.

ITEM 2:  United Press International reported, "President Donald Trump signed several executive orders Saturday, including an order to provide an extra $400 in weekly unemployment aid to those whose $600 weekly benefits expired in July as well as eviction protections and student loan relief.

"A fourth executive order would defer payroll tax payments for people who earn less than $100,000. It would take effect retroactively and continue through December.

"During a press conference in Bedminster, N.J., Saturday to announce the orders, the President said if he is reelected in November he would terminate the payroll tax, which funds Social Security and Medicare benefits."

Democrats had a beautiful plan. They would tear up the cities and not pass any aid for the economy to Bring The Orange Man Down.

President Trump just turned the whole thing around with four strokes of the pen. He will not let the American economy die.

37 states.

ITEM 3:  Newsweek reported, Democrat "Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders introduced legislation on Thursday that would levy a 60% tax on billionaires. Money generated by the tax would purportedly go towards covering all out-of-pocket health care expenses for every American for one year.

"Known as the Make Billionaires Pay Act, the tax would be effective until the end of the calendar year. If adopted, the proposal would tax the wealth gains made by 467 U.S. billionaires from March 18 to August 5. During that time span, closures initiated by the coronavirus pandemic caused 50 million Americans to apply for unemployment benefits.

"According to a statement released by Sanders, 5.4 million Americans lost health insurance benefits during that time. The act would allegedly raise $421.7 billion, which would be enough to allow Medicare to pay for such out-of-pocket health expenses, including prescription drugs."

Does the Democrat Party also propose to give them welfare for the money they lost between February 19, when stocks peaked, and March 17, when stocks bottomed out?

These are paper losses and gains. The Democrat plan would force them to sell stock to pay the tax, which would both tank them and the market. Oh, Democrats know exactly what they are doing. They don't want to just kill the goose. They want to cook and eat it.

ITEM 4: Maoists took over the Democrat Party. They no longer hide it, post-Obama.
Red China gave Biden's son a billion bucks "to invest." Biden flew him in Air Force Two to collect the bribe. The media ignores that.

But the media would have you believe Kuwait renting a room at Trump International is an emolument.

ITEM 5: The New York Post reported, "The city dumped at least six homeless pedophiles, all still on parole, at a luxury Upper West Side hotel just a block from an elementary-school playground — an apparent violation of state law, online records show.

"The outrage is only the latest slap in the face to residents of the Manhattan neighborhood — who as The Post reported have had to deal with everything from public urination to open drug use since the city began moving hundreds of homeless into the area amid the corona virus."

This breaks the big city covenant which held that as long as crime stayed out of their neighborhoods, the elitists supported Democrats.

Andy Cuomo wants the rich to return to New York City. Mayor Billie does not because he believes they no longer are necessary to keep him in power.

He may be right.

ITEM 6: CNN reported, "White House aides reached out to South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem last year about the process of adding additional presidents to Mount Rushmore, the New York Times reported.

"According to a person familiar who spoke with the Times, Noem then greeted Trump when he arrived in the state for his July Fourth celebrations at the monument with a four-foot replica of Mount Rushmore that included his face.

"Noem has noted before Trump's dream to have his face on Mount Rushmore, the Coolidge-era sculpture that features the 60-foot-tall faces of Presidents George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt."

62 million Americans agree,

ITEM 7: Just the News reported, "Nevada sent more than 250,000 mail-in ballots for the June primary to wrong addresses, according to a report from a watchdog group.

"The ballots were were marked undeliverable by the U.S. Postal Service, according to the report from the Indianapolis-based Public Interest Legal Foundation."

The story also said, "In Clark County alone -- Nevada’s largest county -- nearly one-sixth of the ballots could not be delivered because they were sent to the wrong address, the foundation reported."

Just the News also reported, "A non-profit group says more than a half-million inaccurate applications for absentee ballots were mistakenly sent across Virginia this week — including to dead voters, errant relatives and even a pet — in an unprecedented mailing flub that has heightened concerns about the integrity of expanding mail-in voting efforts.

"The mistakes raised alarms with recipients as diverse as election monitors, members of the League of Women Voters and a retired FBI agent. The Center for Voter Information, the nonprofit group that sent the mailers with pre-filled absentee ballots, is now apologizing."

Democrats know voting by mail is an undemocratic nightmare. Why do you think they promote it?

ITEM 8: DISRN reported, "Toy-maker Hasbro announced that it will pull a new Trolls doll from stores after an uproar and petition denouncing a button located in the doll's private area that makes it gasp and giggle, drawing accusations that the toy grooms children for sexual abuse."
The only trolling I see is by the pedos.

Someone needs to walk the plank on this one. Several someones. I would start at the CEO level and work my way down.

ITEM 9: Campus Reform reported, "Students saw an increase in reported violence just weeks after the University of Minnesota announced that it would cut ties with the Minneapolis Police Department after the death of George Floyd.

"In the weeks following the University of Minnesota’s announcement that it would cut ties with the Minneapolis Police Department, students received multiple systemwide public safety alert messages, telling them to be cautious on and near campus due to various reported violent crimes. This is a substantial increase in safety notifications for Minnesota students, given that prior to the announcement, only seven such announcements with only two emergencies were made in a six month period.

"The university made its announcement on May 27. On June 16, students were alerted of both a robbery and an attempted robbery. On June 18, an alert warned students that an individual had been assaulted and four male suspects had stolen his car. The alert said that this incident 'may be related to a second robbery.' Yet another robbery was reported on June 20, this time at gunpoint."

Criminals, like water, seek the path of least resistance.

ITEM 10: Just the News reported, "The Senate Judiciary Committee on Sunday released a document it says shows the FBI misled senators on the Intelligence Committee during the Russia probe by falsely suggesting Christopher Steele's dossier was backed up by one of his key sources.

"'Somebody needs to go to jail for this,' Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., the panel's chairman, told the Fox News program Sunday Futures with Maria Bartiromo. 'This is a second lie. This is a second crime. They lied to the FISA court. They got rebuked, the FBI did, in 2019 by the FISA court, putting in doubt all FISA applications.

'"A year before, they're lying to the Senate Intel Committee. It's just amazing the compounding of the lies,' Graham added.

"The document in question contains the draft talking points the FBI used to brief the Senate Intelligence Committee in February 2018, including an assessment that the primary sub-source of the information contained in the Steele dossier had backed up the former MI-6 agent's reporting."

All talk, no action.

As Foghorn Leghorn would say, the boy's about as useful as a back pocket on a T shirt.

ITEM 11: CNBC reported, "Driving in the 2021 Mustang Mach-E is different than any other vehicle to ever bear the iconic pony car badge from Ford Motor."

The story also said, "The engine noises sound like they’re coming from the front of the vehicle, which is a front trunk, or frunk, but they’re actually coming from the car’s speakers — whether the radio is on or not."

O-60 in 5 seconds is nice but if it doesn't come in convertible, what good is it?

ITEM 12NPR reported online, "TikTok To Sue Trump Administration Over Ban, As Soon As Tuesday."

The bottom line of the story was literally its bottom line, "Editor's note: TikTok helps fund NPR content that appears on the social media platform."

Well, we know which side NPR is on in this cold war.

ITEM 13: NPR/TikTok reported, "Democrats Worry Attorney General Has An 'October Surprise' In The Making."

Matt Drudge thinks that's news. I don't. Paragraphs 5 and 6 were.

They said, "John Durham has been on the job for more than a year now, leading some lawyers familiar with the investigation to believe he may be close to the end. One such source told NPR that Durham has asked to interview former President Barack Obama's CIA director, John Brennan, confirming a report by NBC News.

"That source said both sides are trying to iron out details for the interview, which largely involves technical questions. The source added that Brennan has been told he is not a target of prosecutors."

If true, Comey is the only weasel left who needs to worry. We shall see.

ITEM 14: Fox reported, "Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden is targeting Latino voters by running the same Spanish-language ad -- but with the accents from three different Spanish-speaking places.

"The ads all use the same slogan to contrast him with President Trump-- 'los cuentos no pagan las cuentas,' a play on words that roughly means telling stories won't pay the bills.

"But -- according to the Associated Press -- the version of the ad that aired in Miami featured a narrator with a Cuban accent, while in Orlando, the ad had a narrator with a Puerto Rican accent and, in Phoenix, the accent was Mexican."

That makes sense. I remember the fuss over the TV show Chico and the Man because Freddie Prinze (Chico) was a Puerto Rican from Hell's Kitchen in NYC and not a Chicano in LA. Democrats made a good move. Hispanic covers people from 22 nations and territories.

ITEM 15Just the News reported, "Hillary Clinton leveled a jocular broadside against New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd on Saturday, pointing out that the writer appeared to forget wholesale that Clinton chose a man to run as her vice president during the 2016 election.

"Writing on the 1984 vice presidential candidacy of Geraldine Ferraro ahead of Joe Biden's announcement of a female running mate, Dowd in a Saturday column wrote that it had been '36 years since a man and a woman ran together on a Democrat Party ticket.'

"That claim ignored the 2016 presidential election, in which Hillary Clinton selected Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine as her running mate on the Democrat ticket that year."

Biden isn't the only one with memory problems.

Mo and Hillary need to join him in the basement.

FINALLY, one of those cable channels that shows black-and-white reruns holds a marathon on Sunday afternoons of The Untouchables. The acting is superb and the stories are tight. Robert Stack played Eliot Ness. His favorite episode was the Rusty Heller Story with Elizabeth Montgomery as the title character. She received an Emmy nomination for the episode, and deservedly so.

In one scene, she kisses actor David White, who later played Mr. Tate on Bewitched. I always thought there was something going on between Samantha and her husband's boss.

What struck me about this series — that stretches back 60 years to an age 30 years before that — is the violence. Most of it is gangster-on-gangster violence. They slap around their molls. Civilians also are not safe. The gangsters are truly psychotic. There is zero honor among these thieves.

Eliot Ness comes off as a decent, virtuous, no-nonsense G-Man. But he can be as cold as a glacier. In one scene, he is talking to a gangster on the street, sees an assassin, grabs the gangster, and uses him as a human shield.

Once upon a time in America, we held lawmen in high regard and violent criminals in low regard. The crime rate was much lower then as well.

Then Hollywood made Bonnie and Clyde heroes...


  1. President Trump just turned the whole thing around with four strokes of the pen

    The pen of a tyrant! Trump is legislating and usurping Congress. Unsurprisingly the cheers erupt from the cultists here just like the liberals cheered Omama's scandals.

    Never again can these cultists honestly support the rule of law and the Constitution. They want a king with divine rights. He can trash the Constitution and they'll bend the knee to his decrees.

    Its what happens when you idolize a politician like the cultists have. Their koolaid has completely destroyed all traces of conservative thoughts they once had. They are gone with the wind and into the dustbin.

    They are the useful idiots Stalin often referred to. Its disgusting. You are now all neocons. As if you ever were anything else.

    1. Yeah even worse it sets a precedent and those always hold in the future. So a future dem president will be able to outlaw guns, free speech, anything he wants to.

      We're now a banana republic ruled by the whims of raw executive power.

    2. Anon: You're coming along nicely. "Unsurprisingly the cheers"! You might consider using the word "ukase" too. That way you include the Russian hoax...adorably.

    3. I agree my mistake was thinking this was a conservative blog. Big mistake. I guess the major clue I ignored was the way they gushed when Trump rose taxes unilaterally when the Constitution places that power exclusively in the House. This is gonna get ugly no matter who is the president now.

    4. "Trump rose taxes" --not to be confused with his chrysanthemum taxes.

    5. You can thank Chief Justice Roberts, who ruled that Obama's creation of DACA without legislation was legal. Thus there is now legal precedent for President Trump's unilateral action.

      When Pelosi howled about it, Chris Wallace reminded her that the distressed public would otherwise be getting nothing thanks to her legislative intransigence. Game, set and match to President Trump.

    6. Completely missing from your anal-ysis:

      * That presidents can get things done via executive orders isn't new to Trump. It goes back at least to Lincoln. So there's no "precedent" being set that doesn't already exist.

      * For all your blather about "ukases" and so forth, you don't seem to realize that Congress has the power to pass laws - they're the legislative branch, remember? - that would void these EOs. If they don't choose to, for reasons such as that they realize that it'll play right into Trump's hands, then that's their problem.

  2. Item 13: No October surprise. It's all coming out in August, before the 60 day rule. I'll get flak, but educating the American public, those capable of being educated, is more important than indictments, though there may be some of those too. If testimony by Rosenstein and Yates is an indicator, many are abandoning ship, which has Weissmann worried. I expect lots of plea bargaining, and the story will be told by the insiders.

  3. "'Somebody needs to go to jail for this,' Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., the panel's chairman, told the Fox News program Sunday Futures with Maria Bartiromo."

    Then, they all started laughing....

    1. But Miss Lindsey is going to write a STERN LETTER!

      So that'll fix 'em!

  4. ITEM 3:
    "5.4 Americans lost health insurance benefits"
    Shouldn't that be 5.4 million?

  5. I don't always comment, but when I do I talk of rearranging deckchairs on HMS Dem-tanic

    Willie Brown advises Kamala not to take VP. As if she were on the medal stand. She apparently was not. Willie may be a bit off but he's one of the best political operators there is. He knows what's going on.

    The Dem VP slot offers up a rare opportunity for any politician thinking of being one of the rare chosen few making a serious attempt at being President. If Biden loses will it EVER be due to his VP? (well maybe if Joe gives a Whitmer)

    Don's thinking here is faulty. The VP slot has ALWAYS been a path to the presidency. Ask Truman (duh)

    Traditionally the VP is selected after the Nomination. It was odd that Joe allowed his nurses to run wild and stoke speculation about a VP choice that most likely will not be his or his nurses to make.

    No this will be handled in the non-smoke filled zoom rooms of the Dem Convention. There will be a man (yes it will be a man) selected who will help unify the party and when Biden loses will help carry the banner into 2024.

    Because... if they were SURE Biden was going to win, well the VP nomination could be insert right?

    Interesting side note Gavin Newsom's first political activity was working on Willie's campaign.

    Interesting coincidence no?

  6. #14. And panic covers democrats from fifty states, Washington DC, and a host of territories.

  7. 6 - CNN is the source. Fake news for me.

    10 - Conservative Treehouse shows Graham’s outrage is only for show.

    14 - I saw a Slow Joe as this weekend. Same talking points as PDJT with the exception of Slow Joe fighting global warming.

    FINALLY - If inside, I watch an occasional episode on Sunday’s as no more sports to watch. Good stuff.

  8. Don, re VPs,

    I don't think you should count VPs before the 12th Amendment. Before that, the VP was the runner up presidential candidate. That eliminates Adams and Jefferson, leaving 11.

    The only 2 sitting VPs to be elected president were Fillmore and Bush. Nixon got elected but only after 8 years as a civilian.

    None of the VPs who became president by succession were judged as very good at the time. Ford, LBJ, Truman, none could get re-elected to to a second term (not counting their rump term)

    Ditto Bush.

    TR and Coolidge were exceptions and they chose not to run for a 2nd term. TR might have been re-elected had he chosen to run in 08. But not in 12.

    Coolidge definitely could have been re-elected.

    The problem with the VP is that they almost never have any executive experience. TR, Coolidge, Bush and Pence are exceptions. They are chosen for political, not executive skills. The presidency is an executive job, it needs someone with executive experience.

    John Henry

  9. As Samuel Johnson said about 2nd marriages: "They represent the triumph of hope over experience."

    John Henry

  10. A Trump v Biden ad displayed reminded me of the post-war picture of MacArthur and the emperor of Japan:


  11. 7. I never voted by mail before so I don't know. Do I send in all 7 ballots at one time, or, space them out?

    9. 95% of all mass shooting occur in "gun free" zones. Will liberals ever learn? Not if they quit teaching history, I guess.

    12. Are you just learning about npr? Why are we funding this anti American propaganda station. Everyone has access to music and news today. We no longer need a national radio station.

  12. #5. The people of that Manhattan neighborhood are getting what they voted for...good and hard. And I'll be willing to bet that they keep voting for Dimocrats. - GOC

    1. New Yorkers have actually elected good mayors over the last century - La Guardia, Wagner, Koch, Giuliani,even Bloomberg's quirks were tolerated because he kept crime low. Even DiBlasio was tolerated during his first term because crime remained low. As earlier, the pendulum will swing again when even "inner cities" have had enough.

  13. I've tried to explain the golden goose to democrats before.

    if you take care of it, you'll get some golden eggs.

    if you kill it, you get a dinner.

    if you pluck its tail feathers and have your way with it, it's leaving, it ain't coming back, and it ain't gonna work on Maggie's farm, no more.


  14. BTW, Big D, pretty sure I saw Dan’s Balz at The Woods trash facility this morning. I thought to myself, “Self, Dan’s Balz don’t look very happy.” Now why would that be?

  15. Congress does have the ability to over turn Trumps pen and paper stuff.

    And they did delegate a lot of power to the executive branch.

  16. 1: If Chlamydia said, "Yes", we'd know it.

    7: Democrats know voting by mail is an undemocratic nightmare. Why do you think they promote it?

    Just like nominating Gropin' Joe in March.

    8: But Barbie, the teenage fashion model, inspired by a sex doll, with a rack like Mae West is OK?

    Too many people with dirty minds.

    1. That doll with the secret pleasure point reminds me of the original Harry Potter broomstick, remember them?

      They came with batteries and vibrated! (Girls really loved them, I'm told, but they've been discontinued.)

  17. Don - great point on Harris already turning down the Biden campaign.

    She just had a face lift. Pictures were strange. She had to come out of hiding due to Rep. Lewis death.

  18. Before Bernie was a millionaire he campaigned on taxing millionaires.

    When he took the dive for Clinton became a multimillionaire and he raised his taxing threshold to anyone over $5 million.

    Now he's raised it again to billionaires.

    Bernie must have gotten an ENORMOUS payoff for taking this latest dive for Biden.

  19. #6 - Mount Rushmore is a NATIONAL memorial; the STATE governor has no authority at all over the facility.

    Obviously, CNN is "news for morons".

  20. #5.
    Homeless pedos, and dolls for pedos,the next special rights group.

  21. You need ID to enter democrat headquarters. There's a sign in the lobby with security.
    If they're so sure voter ID isn't needed then the dems should take that sign down and remove security.

    As if.