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Saturday, August 29, 2020

Democrats learn the hard way about riots

The first rule about fires is they don't extinguish themselves. That also applies to riots.

Lefty Andrew Sullivan wrote, "The Trap The Democrats Walked Right Into. If law and order are what this election is about, they will lose it."

But Democrats did not walk into the trap. They built it. They positioned it. They tried to entice President Donald John Trump into walking into it. They wanted to have footage of the Trump administration mowing down peaceful protesters -- which is what journalists call rioters and looters.

The president declined their invitation.

Now they are stuck with it.

Sullivan wrote, "In the current chaos, I’ve come to appreciate Marcus Aurelius’s maxim that 'The object of life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to escape finding oneself in the ranks of the insane.'"

After a few perquisite stabs at President Trump, Sullivan got to the point: "Here’s one thing I have absolutely no conflict about. Rioting and lawlessness are evil. And any civil authority that permits, condones or dismisses violence, looting and mayhem in the streets disqualifies itself from any legitimacy. This comes first. If one party supports everything I believe in but doesn’t believe in maintaining law and order all the time and everywhere, I’ll back a party that does. In that sense, I’m a one-issue voter, because without order, there is no room for any other issue. Disorder always and everywhere begets more disorder; the minute the authorities appear to permit such violence, it is destined to grow. And if liberals do not defend order, fascists will."

Now we all know, President Trump is not that fascist.

If he were a fascist, the tanks would have rolled on Inauguration Day when Obama's Antifa Thugs rioted in DC.

No, Sullivan knows that a real fascist dictator will rise if Democrats do not allow President Trump to extinguish the fire they lit.

Democrats attacked the core of Trump supporters: normal people doing normal things like working 12-hour days to keep a business going. The 4-year campaign of intimidation was not enough. They had to destroy businesses, especially the small and independent ones.

It is boomeranging.

Democrats want to silence people into submission. Slowly, Democrats are realizing this too is boomeranging.

Bloomberg reported, "A new online study finds that Republicans and independents are twice as likely as Democrats to say they would not give their true opinion in a telephone poll question about their preference for president in the 2020 election. That raises the possibility that polls understate support for President Donald Trump.

"Some 11.7% of Republicans and 10.5% independents said they would not give their true opinion, vs. 5.4% of Democrats, according to the study by CloudResearch LLC, a Queens, N.Y.-based company that conducts online market research and data collection for clients."

11.7% of Republicans won't give their true opinion to pollsters vs. 5.4% of Democrats.

Let's see, 11.7% minus 5.4% equals suddenly that vaunted lead Basement Biden has in the Real Clear Politics polling average does not mean squat. Suddenly, Texas is not in play. Suddenly, Colorado, Maine, New Mexico, Virginia, Connecticut, and Oregon are.

Suddenly, my 37-state prediction makes a lot more sense than the Biden Landslide that 538 believes is possible.

Democrats want the race to be about race.

But their tactics made it about riots, looting, and lawlessness.


  1. "If he were a fascist, the tanks would have rolled on Inauguration Day when Obama's Antifa Thugs rioted in DC."

    The government would not have obeyed him, they all thought he was a Russian puppet, remember? Their disobedience is likely why Trump has used a gentle touch with the riots. In a way the left sealed their own fate. They started riots to force Trump to quell them, but he had no power to do so even if he wanted to because of progressive activists in the Executive branch. He knew better than to even utter a negative word on the phone about the rioters due to leakers and phone taps. Instead of getting Trump to do what they wanted, Trump was forced to do nothing while his enemies devoured themselves.

  2. “Raises the possibility.” HAHAHAHA! Good one, Mikey!! OK, so I will “raise the possibility” that another 22% of Republicans feel the same but didn’t bother with the poll, making that 33% (1/3rd) nut that you talked about in a different poll recently. Any way you slice it, it’s gonna be a massacre. 50-0. DC to the LibCommies.

  3. I can't wait for Trump to be a lame duck, with no worries about re-election. My fondest hope is to see the Department of Education flushed down the drain, among many other unconstitutional government functions.

    - Gary B

  4. Connect The Dots is in play?

    Holy Mackle Brothers, Batguy.

  5. The polls are astrology for the 21st century. I'm as interested in the polls as I am in what Erik Erikson thinks about anything.

    1. OK. Then October 31, 2020 will pass by unevenly, peacefully, and nothing major will occur. (!!!)

    2. One of the highlights of the news is that on October 31, there will be an "Escape From Portland" shooting contest in Texas. Something tells me that the media will report on it.

    3. You made me laugh. That is also like worrying what Egg McMullin or Jonah Goldberg or Captain Billy think. Foolish waste of time!

    4. Goldberg is so easy to ignore. Saw a column of his today and sailed right on by. Shame what happened to him.

      Orson Welles for a time had a newspaper column. In it he ranted about The New Yorker magazine "sneering" at him.

      Editor Harold Ross’s response to Welles sums up the hazards that Goldberg ignored to his peril:

      "I was astonished at your column... in which you say TNY sneers at you... I advise you to beware of columning... a deadly occupation, leading frequently & successively to overzealousness, super-seriousmindedness, monomania, hysteria, & sometimes madness. When a columnist takes himself too seriously, he is in grave danger... look at what happened to Broun, Pegler, Winchell, & several others."

      Don Reed

  6. A box, a stick to prop it up, and the label:"Free Birdseed."te Dems lie in wait for the Orange Haired Roadrunner.
    "Duh Nancy how do we get out of this box?"
    "Don't worry Chuck, I've got a can of Tunnel Paint!"
    "It'll work THIS time."

    1. ...Hold up the tiny umbrella Dems as you look up at the 50 State boulder landslide falling down on your heads. ZB

  7. "Some 11.7% of Republicans and 10.5% independents said they would not give their true opinion..."

    But if in the act of responding to the question, if they mean what they say, then they are not giving their true opinion about not expressing their true opinions...

    Don Reed

    1. Captain Kirk : Everything Harry tells you is a lie. Remember that. Everything Harry tells you is a lie.

      Harcourt Fenton Mudd : Now listen to this carefully, Norman. I am... lying.

      Norman : You say you are lying, but if everything you say is a lie, then you are telling the truth, but you cannot tell the truth because everything you say is a lie, but you lie... You tell the truth but you cannot for you lie... illogical! Illogical! Please explain! You are human. Only humans can explain their behavior! Please explain!

      Captain Kirk : [giving him the same statement the androids have repeatedly given him several times before] I am not programmed to respond in that area.

  8. Don, How would your count of 37 states increase if President Trump also wins the popular vote? It seems that the bulk (if not all) of the states that have passed the National Popular Vote Compact ( are blue or maybe purple. If they actually carried through, that could add several states to his Electoral College victory. Now that would make me smile to see Connecticut's electors required to cast their votes for President Trump. It would also give the Republicans in those "guaranteed Blue" states a reason to get out and vote anyway (Californians, I'm thinking particularly of you.) They could help add the electors of 15 blue states and DC (I think that is the count today) to the Trump side, maybe even their own state.

    1. In deciding how electors are appointed, state lawmakers may choose among a range of procedures. But, they have a constitutional duty to choose a method consistent with the electoral system’s purpose and design. Attempting to convert electors into agents of OTHER states—like selling them to the highest bidder — would be an unconstitutional breach of public trust.

      the demwits always try and change the rules - Hitlery won the popular vote so Pres. Trump is illegitimate, right - so this too would never pass constitutional muster.

  9. "Statehood for D.C."? Are you kidding me?

    This attack on Rand Paul and others is the VERY REASON our Founders created a Federal District: so senators would not be threatened, intimidated and coerced by local scumbag partisan politicians like Mayor Bowser and her Klantifa/Black Lives Murders-mob of domestic terrorists.

    Statehood? We should rescind Cityhood. These Hoodlums can't even handle that.

    This is the Satanic spirit of the Mob unleashed by Mayor Jezebel Bowser when she sent her domestic terrorists over to the White House to lynch the Trumps last month.

    The President tweeted for rioters to avoid the White House because the Secret Service was highly armed. Bowser tweeted back that there were no weapons and the President was alone and defenseless.

    Mayor Bowser was trying to get the Mob to assault the President, and failing that, she hoped to get rioters killed to get her Kent State on. And now we find that she denied the senators Secret Service escort to their hotels. She wanted them attacked by her Soros-zombie night-riders.

    In a way, it is a fitting end to Republican Convention, which got better and brighter every day if that’s even possible. This dark evil only shows us clearly what is at stake in this election.

  10. The democrats have a little over two months to Try and lie their way out of the hole they’ve dug. Their base will split over the lies. They are screwed. I hope.

  11. If he were a fascist, the tanks would have rolled on

    Surber lives in the past he's stuck there. He's blind too. He cannot see the fascism/socialism FDR and Wilson erected! He really can't see it.

    American fascism isn't about tanks. Its about badges and guns enforcing monopolies. Like in education, health care, retirement, banking, the price of money and its purchasing power, and formerly conscription.

    Wilson in 1913 signed into law 2 key planks of the Communist Manifesto. FDR re-engineered both into fascism.

    The two planks are central banking owned by private corporations and progressive income taxation. LBJ brought health care into the picture although it already had its foot in the door with monopoly medical schools, patent laws, and exclusive rights to prescribe and mandate use of only the allopathic health model.

    None of these none of them existed prior to the progressive era from 1910 forward. Any reform without addressing the systemic fascism just noted is whistling past the grave yard.

    I choose to prepare for the reckoning instead of whistling.

    1. Dead on.

      The "partnership" between corporations and the government is the very definition of fascism. FDR admired Mussolini and was known as the "American Mussolini". No accident that his New Deal was fascist to the core. Minimum wage is fascism. Rent control is fascism. When the government has so much control over PRIVATE ownership, then it is properly called fascism. The fascists have been screaming about the horrors of fascism for decades all the while implementing it.

  12. And it was a poll that reported the percentage of people who would not tell their honest opinion to a pollster. Oh the irony!

    Wonder why they think all those other people are telling them the truth?

  13. Trump played it brilliantly. He let the left destroy itself. Day after day, night after night the country got to see up close and personal what they are all about. They were hoping for another Kent State. Another group of "martyrs". This has so benefited Trump that consider it an in-kind donation to his campaign worth billions, the cost of the clean-up.

    The left is so insane don't be surprised if they demand Trump declare the total on his list of campaign contributions and file it with the FEC.

  14. "Democrats want the race to be about race."

    It is as Democrats and BLM will discover.