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Monday, August 10, 2020

Democrat death wish explained

Glenn Reynolds wrote on Sunday, "There’s some kind of weird blue-state death wish going on."

Indeed. It began with the election of Ronald Wilson Reagan as president.

Get comfortable. This is a long piece.

Reynolds reacted to Steve Cuozzo's column, "NYC will die if we don’t allow indoor dining in Midtown ASAP," and to Michael Goodwin's column, "There’s no masking Mayor Bill de Blasio’s apathy for NYC."

Both ran in the New York Post.

Cuozzo is the only newspaperman who understands New York real estate, both in terms of who builds it and who lives in it. He predicts the city will crater because restaurants are shuttered even though the governor and mayor have allowed other businesses to resume work.

Cuozzo wrote, "I know of no poll that asks employees how important restaurants are in deciding whether to return to their offices. But they matter at least as much as subways. I’ve worked in central Midtown for 25 years and I’ve written about restaurants for 20 years. I also know the office market, the prime mover of the city’s and state’s economy. And, as much as I miss the camaraderie of my office at 1211 Sixth Avenue, I won’t go back as long as Midtown remains a restaurant graveyard.

"My friends working from home in Brooklyn and in the suburbs say the same thing. They need a Midtown (and a Midtown South and FiDi) with some of the spirit they remember. Stores aren’t enough. They need places to eat — and to socialize, to do business off-campus and to people-watch even with masks on.

"Bankers, brokers, art directors, media moguls and digital wizards have little reason to give up their Zoom sessions for a Midtown that’s bereft of actual human interaction — which occurs mainly in restaurants, from holes in the wall to Michelin-starred temples of haute cuisine.

"Restaurants doesn’t just mean destination places like La Grenouille, 21, The Grill and Le Bernardin, or moderately priced Serafina, Docks Oyster Bar and scores of casual Japanese sushi joints. It means any place with tables, chairs and food. It means diners like Red Flame on West 44th Street and Parkside Diner at West 55th Street. It means Chick fil-A, Bare Burger and every cheap spot serving tacos, pasta, chicken tikka and Cuban sandwiches. Even dressed-down millennials need their Chipotle fix."

An army runs on its stomach.

New York's army of office workers ran home.

They won't be back for many many reasons, but Cuozzo hit on a major one that I thought only applied to the elitists who dine at the fancy places. But it means them all. You have to eat.

Democrats want to kill New York City. Goodwin pointed out Mayor Bill de Blasio doesn't care what happens to the city. He opened the jails, defunded the police, and sided with the rioters and looters.

Goodwin wrote, "Cuomo is resisting tax hikes for fear it will give high earners another reason to quit the city and state permanently.

"Not de Blasio. He wants tax hikes and doesn’t care if the rich never come back. 'There’s a lot of New Yorkers who are wealthy who are true believers in New York City and will stand and fight with us, and some may be fair-weathered friends, but they will be replaced by others,' the mayor said.

"Reality begs to disagree, with chunks of the middle class also fleeing. There was nothing subtle about a Friday New York Times headline. 'Leaving New York: How to Choose the Right Suburb.'"

I will go a step further.

The mayor released 6 pedophiles from jail into an Upper Manhattan neighborhood -- 1,000 feet from a children's playground. No parent stays under those conditions.

New York City is the role model for Portland, Minneapolis, Seattle, and all the other nests that Democrats befoul.

Maybe they want a race war. I don't know. What I do know is they hate the middle class. Obama planned to mandate the end of single family housing in suburbia.

It did not start with Obama. He is not the fount of Democrat evil. He is merely the result of it. Remember, Bill Clinton dumped Somalians in Minnesota in an effort to undermine the Nordic principles established there. It worked. The Land of Lakes is no longer America's Canada.

Democrats play a long game. They nominated William Jennings Bryan for president in the 1896, 1900, and 1908. He wanted to end the gold standard.

25 years after Americans rejected Bryan for a third time, FDR signed an executive order "forbidding the hoarding of gold coin, gold bullion, and gold certificates within the continental United States."

That was the law for 41 years until Republican President Ford signed a bill into law allowing private ownership of gold again.

To change the law, FDR used the Trading with the Enemy Act of 1917, which Democrat President Wilson signed into law during World War I.

Never let a crisis go to waste.

Democrats pretty much ran the federal government from March 4, 1933 to January 20, 1981. For 46 of those 48 years, the controlled at least one house of Congress or the presidency. In 26 of those those 48 years, Democrats controlled all three.

Reagan came along and not only whomped Carter, but he took the Senate, a body Republicans had not held in 26 years.

The Reagan Revolution threatened the party because he stood fast against communism and high taxes. He dared call the Soviet Union the Evil Empire. He also inspired a generation of conservatives to get involved in politics again. Along with Pope John Paul II, Margaret Thatcher, and Lech Wałęsa, Reagan brought down the USSR, albeit on his successor's watch.

He said Tear Down This Wall and 3 years later, the wall was gone. All 96 miles of it.

Meanwhile in New York City, Rudolph Giuliani was putting the mob and Democrat Marc Rich away. Rich fled the country before going to prison for selling Iranian oil -- while Iran held 51 hostages.

Giuliani became mayor of New York and reversed 30 years of rising crime. He (along with developer Donald John Trump) made New York livable again.

Just as Reagan led to 28 years of a moderate split government (including the Clinton presidency), so Mayor Giuliani ended New York City's slide into socialism. For 20 years, Democrats were outside looking in on the mayoralty.

All good things come to an end. Bush 43's presidency led to Obama and Democrat control of the House and Senate for the first time since the first two years of the Clinton presidency.

Clinton had tried to rebrand Democrats with the passage of DOMA and Biden's Too Tough On Crime bill.

The public did not buy Republican-lite and after 2 years, turned both houses of Congress over to Republicans in the Gingrich Revolution.

Which is why 14 years later, Obama used a Democrat-controlled House and Senate to go hardcore with Obamacare. The Republican takeover of the House in 2010 surprised them. Democrats had thought they would rule for 40 years. James Carville explained it all. When their 40 years became just 2, they panicked a little. But Obama used executive orders to do their dirty work. They were confident that 2016 would return them to full power.

The election of President Trump gave Republicans rare control of both houses of Congress and the White House. But his was a new Republican Party that was hellbent on putting America first. This clashed with the old guard. Paul Ryan and the rest took their ball and went lobbying, turning over the House to Nancy Pelosi in 2018.

Democrats have abandoned incrementalism this time. They embraced a Scorched Earth policy. If they cannot rule America, then there will be no America.

Just like 1860 when Democrats freaked at the possibility of reining in slavery.

This time though, they know they cannot secede. Instead, they (and many Republican governors) have used the pandemic panic to seize the economy. The Democrats' BLM and Antifa terrorist affiliates serve notice to others not to try to intervene. Peaceful protests when the sun is up mask nightly rioting in Portland and elsewhere.

Surely Democrats know what is happening. Surely Democrats know they are pushing voters into Trump's column. Surely Democrats know that the death and destruction they cause will lead to an election that will come close to wiping them out.

Just as President Trump made over the Republican Party, a new generation of outright communists has made over the Democrat Party. But rather than leave as Ryan and company did, the Democrat old guard -- I mean really, really old -- stayed and hangs on to power by accommodating the New Guard.

Thus you have them nominating a dementia patient for president. They know that is political suicide, but many Democrats would rather jump off Trump Tower than live in a free and capitalistic society.

37 states.


  1. I live in a well off community dominated by retired, pensioned, neighbors. Most are democrats and hang on the Democrat ideology.

    I don't think the destruction of that leftist group will be that easy. they will fight to the last.

    1. Dude, simple demographics. Every day an old LibCommie (about a 5 on the TALA scale) dies, a young LibCommie (they go to 11 - hat tip Chris Guest) replaces him in the power structure. We got Dan Crenshaw, they got AOC. Case closed.

      Great piece, Big D.

  2. I've been hanging on since Reagan...

  3. Kaiser Wilhelm's stewardship is the Nero Befell of the 21st century.

    The Land of Lakes is no longer America's Canada.

    You say that like it's a bad thing.

    BTW slavery was the excuse. On both sides. The issue was money. The protective tariff.

    1. Um... "The Land of Lakes is no longer America's Canada.
      You say that like it's a bad thing."

      Seems to me that trading "America's Canada" for Little Mogadishu was indeed a bad thing.

      I'd much rather have kept the hotdish-loving, Scandanavian-background, Minnesota nice people, instead of Somalian America-haters like Ilhan Omar and her ilk!

      But maybe I misunderstood?

  4. Trump just turned America into a monarchy. The serfs here celebrate their new god exerting raw power while usurping Congress.

    They are a hypocritical lot. Claiming to support the rule of law they don't mean the Constitution they mean executive orders.

    One koolaid drinker here said cause Obama did it then Trump can too. Clearly he's against the rule of law for Trump but for it with Obama. He's just another hypocrite.

    But you all are. Only a despicable person would support Trump's royal decrees. Its good to see this blog exposed for posterity's sake.

    And there is no difference between the parties now both use executive orders to seize power. There is no going back.

    1. I know it's hard to believe, but there was history before 2016. In fact, executive orders go all the way back to the presidency of one G. Washington, and the numbered series of them to the presidency of one A. Lincoln. Perhaps you've heard of them. Perhaps you've also heard that Washington specifically refused the title of king, and yet clearly saw no contradiction between that and the exercise of executive power.

      Perhaps, then, you can stop whingeing about "monarchy" before you make a monkey of yourself.

    2. The stupid hypocritical dishonest chinese troll, trolls:

      "One koolaid drinker here said cause Obama did it then Trump can too. Clearly he's against the rule of law for Trump but for it with Obama. He's just another hypocrite."

      Hey stupid. Did you not read the SCOTUS ruling on Obumble's DACA EO? They upheld it. Funny how you didn't bring that up. Wait. It's because you couldn't blame Trump, or use ad hominem against the commenters here. Also, you troll, you idiot. That makes you the biggest of all hypocrites. So, STFU about hypocrisy. You have no standing whatsoever to label anyone a hypocrite, you hypocrite!

      And, then, you lay down this jewel, after typing your hypocrisy ad hominem:

      "And there is no difference between the parties now both use executive orders to seize power. There is no going back."

      You are just plain stupid. Maybe, you should have typed that first, before you labelled posters here hypocrites. And maybe, you should consider that Trump, who is way, way smarter than you will ever dream of being, is using a strategy to force leftists and dumbocrats (BIRM) into challenging his EO so it goes back up to the SCOTUS. If they will touch it after what they did with the Obumble DACA EO.

      You really are a stupid troll. Which is a big reason why you are so ineffective here in demoralizing the Trump supporters here. I wonder if the Chinese government who pays you, understands this conundrum. But then again, they did pay Slow Joe, and it appears they are not getting their money's worth there, so maybe they don't care. Anyhow, do something constructive troll. GFY.


    3. Well, except for the fact that Trump's financial orders are authorized by an actual law:

      "Who gave President Trump the power to cancel payroll taxes in the event of a declared disaster?
      Trump Hater John Kasich & Bill Clinton
      26 U.S. Code § 7508A. Authority to postpone certain deadlines by reason of Presidentially declared disaster or terroristic or military actions."

    4. Obama is a treasonous turd.

  5. Had some NYC relatives - from park ave to outer boroughs. No one had a big kitchen. They are out or ordered in almost every night. Eating in meant left overs. Restaurants are as vital to the city as are the wealthy.

    1. Schlongy, part of my (super high ultra def secret) strategy for victory in Civil War II was blockading NYC, and now mini-Vilehelm is taking care of that hisself! I LOVE own-goals!!!

    2. I reside in the outer borough of Queens, and many restaurants have set up outdoor dining areas with patronage ranging from moderate to brisk. On some storefront blocks, there are three or four sidewalk dining areas. Never bet against New Yorkers any more than you would bet against our New York-bred president.

  6. The key takeaway:

    "Democrats have abandoned incrementalism this time. They embraced a Scorched Earth policy. If they cannot rule America, then there will be no America."

    Put another way...They would burn the place down if they could rule over the ashes. (Can't remember where I read that.)

    It appears it's true. They are 100% out of the closet. The sight of the flag makes them gag. They identify themselves by screeching at red hats. They are raving lunatics. Trump is lucky to have such morons as enemies. Trump's luck is our luck. God bless the man.

    - Gary B

    1. "The Democrats are perfectly willing to burn down the entire country as long as they are the only ones in the end with the power to redistribute the ashes to their cronies." --me

      J in StL

  7. The Demon Rat Party is the Enemy Within!!

  8. Obama was the worst thing that ever happened to the country and the dem party. Many trusted that he would be the one to help the blacks into the 21st century. He did not and most I think can now see through the mask of the messiah.

  9. Democrats know their only hope on Nov 3 is chaos from the massive mail in ballots. Focused on the swing states...pray that Trump victory is huge enough where the mail and ballot harvesting does not rule!!

  10. Man, I hate to see Commie trolls and spammers mess up this place... but then, it's the same thing they did to 'Murrica.

  11. The South seceded because Lincoln convinced the rest of the country that there should be no more slave states.

    No more slave states meant more free states, cancelling out the advantage the slave states got from the 3/5 rule.

    Greater pressure on the Democrat slaveocracy, maybe even an end to slavery by Constitutional amendment down the line.

    I'm a Southerner from the mountains where they weren't too enthusiastic about secession, but I take it as an insult to the South to think that its leadership was dumb enough to bring that kind of devastation on their states over a freakin' tarrif. Tarrifs were politics as usual. They'd survived tarrifs before.

    They engineered secession because they believed that their way of life was at stake. They were defending a wicked institution but they were not idiots.

    1. Lincoln's policy was 'moderate' abolition. Stop the expansion of slavery into the territories and wait for slavery to die on its own in the slave states.

      The Democrats would accept no limits on their goal of making the entire United States all slave.

      J in StL

  12. We need to remember that the Republican led senate and house when Trump was first elected did little or nothing. Yes, as you noted, that was largely due to Paul Ryan (but don't forgot McConnell in the senate who is still there) We have way too many Paul Ryans and Mitch McConnells in the house and senate. One of them is a republican from WV. You know who she is and I know who she isn't. There's little hope unless we rid ourselves of these RINO's.

  13. They hate the middle class. And I'm not to thrilled with them. New York acts like the rest of the US owes fealty because of the NYC culchah.

    We owe NYC nothing. Let them fall on their own swords. Let NYC die in place. Maybe from the residue something better might rise.