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Saturday, August 08, 2020

Annie gets her gun. Trump gets her vote.

Actions speak louder than polls, and actions are shouting "4 more years!"

July was a great month for President Donald John Trump's re-election efforts because gun sales reached for the sky.

They doubled last year's sales in July.

In the first seven months of this year, Americans bought 12 million guns.

They bought 13 million in all of last year.

In an editorial this week, the Wall Street Journal reported, "These record sales are best understood as a referendum on the riots, and the growing lack of confidence many Americans have that police will protect them. This is more than National Rifle Association spin."

40% of the purchases last month were by first time purchasers.

And 40% of the first-time gun buyers were women.

And gun sales among black people are up 58% this year.

The editorial noted, "A year ago gun controllers were on the march, as Democrats used the issue to gain control of the Virginia Legislature, which proceeded to limit handgun purchases. Michael Bloomberg’s Everytown for Gun Safety, which helped those Virginia Democrats, is trying to pull off similar victories this year with a $60 million campaign."

The gun grab in Virginia is the reason I included Virginia in my 37 states forecast a month ago.

The shift in attitudes is sudden. The cause for this effect is pretty simple. The Journal said, "The larger lesson is that if liberals won’t control crime, expect more Americans to buy guns in self-defense."

Oddly enough, polls bear this out.

The Lid reported, "More than one-fourth of American voters who say there is a gun in the home told a national survey that a firearm was purchased within the past six months. Which makes total sense when considering the covid crisis and the Antifa violence.

"That’s the revelation of a new Rasmussen survey, which also said 47% of voters say they or someone in their household now owns a gun. The number of people who said there was a gun in the home purchased within the past six months was 27%, the survey said.

"The same survey revealed a drop in the percentage of people who think the country needs stricter gun control laws. Today, only 52% of likely voters believe the U.S. needs stricter gun laws, which is down 12 percentage points from the record 64% who thought more gun control was needed. But that was in the wake of mass shootings in Ohio and Texas."

The decision to buy a gun for the first time is made after considerable deliberation. Guns don't come cheap. And background checks ensure that these are not impulse purchases.

And if you buy a gun, you do not want the government confiscating it. And if you don't want the government confiscating your weapon, you vote for President Trump.

79,000 adults bought guns in Minnesota last month. That's nearly double the 42,000 purchases there last July.

If 40% were first-time buyers, that means 30,000 new gun owners in Minnesota.

In one month.

President Trump lost Minnesota by 45,000 votes.

Riots have consequences that go beyond the destruction of 150 buildings in Minneapolis.


  1. I think the whole firearms industry is producing mostly for the new buyers now. 9mm pistol being the choice of new buyers, the ammo and pistol production must be taking up all the manufacturing capacity. I know they're not buying up all the match grade rifle reloading bullets that are impossible to find now.

  2. My 66 year old sister, who is such a horrible Democrat, I got rid of her on FB because of her CNN tunnel vision. She has actually gone out and bought a S&W 9mm and is now going to take her CC class because even she sees where her party is going. I would have never thunk it!

  3. Deplorable behind the lines in CalifAugust 8, 2020 at 4:15 PM

    Others have also suggested the increase in gun ownership bodes well for Trump. I’m not so sure. Logically it makes sense, but to be a leftist means living in a constant state of cognitive dissonance. Their brains are well adapted to It, so they may still vote Dem.

    1. What is a Conservative?

      Very often a Lefty who's just been slammed in the face with the real world.

    2. I don't ever see my sister voting for Trump, but I can see her staying home election day.

  4. On the contrary gun sales have been escalating for twenty years running. And when Trump refuses to quell the riots with troops people have seen he is a wimp.

    Even worse he started the lockdowns in March on his own authority. Thus he set the precedent that governors could also move to do likewise.

    The buck stops at the top. Election history proves that well. When you send 40 million people home with lost jobs they will not forget it. And worse still their unemployment has expired.

    Revenge beckons in less than 90 short days. Read 'em and weep ever trumpers!

    1. Hey Nonny, make sure someone is videoing you Jan. 20th, 2021 as DJT is sworn in AGAIN!!

    2. better ease up on the koolaid before you od

    3. LOL. Democrat mayors and governors are wimps.

    4. FIFO: Replace "Trump" with Cuomo and/or DeSocialisto, and add, "kill your family member in a nursing home," and you are actually right!

    5. Funny that the Prez just signed an Executive Order to extend unemployment benefits to the end of the year, and Democrats are mad about it.

    6. Wake up! You are in lala land! Trump2020

    7. read em weep dimentia joe followers.

    8. I believe America has gotten smarter. President Trump MAGA/KAG 2020

    9. puff puff pass bother, I need somma what you are smoking.

    10. aaaahhhh...the ever brave Anonymous speaks. Put your name to your words. Take reponsibility for what you have to say.

  5. If 47% tell Rasmussen there is a gun in the house, imagine the real number.

  6. the old-time Democrats I know have ZERO enthusiasm for Biden. They are not likely to vote.

    That's quite a bit of the (D) vote--the over-60 union member/retiree crowd.....

  7. I don't always comment but when I do I open carry

    It is interesting the number of uber libs that have booked it to a gun store to buy their first firearm.

    It's all anecdotal but I personally have been in a few gun stores and seen the crowds. Too many shoppers not enough entry level guns in stock.

    I have also seen and heard personally two new gun purchasers who were stunned by the background check and wait period for the computerized check to complete. One was a woman who half whispered to the man with her "But I always thought it was easy to buy a gun".

    I have also seen a few gun salesmen mention early that being a citizen or lawful resident aka green card holder is required to purchase. I didn't ask but it was stated within my earshot enough that it must come up that some buyers cannot complete a gun purchase.

    I myself have taken a few liberal friend hunting or to the range. Without exception it moves their thinking on gun ownership. Firing a gun seems to make an impression. It's like the nanny scolding state told them it's not safe but yet bullets were fired and everyone when home ok.

    The Dems have made a large miscalculation on embracing the protests. Lawlessness and anarchy increases crime across the board. But the crime spikes in the poorer sections of our nation the worst. These people bear the brunt of Police being demonized and Police response times in heavily poor minority areas has increased. Women also noticed that the nice comfortable feeling they used to have in their gentrified urban area is no longer so comfortable. Police are busy, they can't encourage vagrants to leave, tell groups of youths from a few miles away to go elsewhere. So yeah women have noticed that their walks seem a bit more dangerous now.

    I'm also confused that my liberal friends refuse to make the connection that liberal politicians blaming police begets lax police enforcement. Lax police enforcement begets higher crime and more violent crime. I know New Yorkers know the score they went Dinkins to Gulianni and noticed the difference. But there are many cities like Baltimore who last had a Republican mayor a century ago. I think that a law and order plank should definitely be emphasized in the Republican Platform. I think it's a winner.

  8. It used to be if you needed the police you hoped they would arrive in time. Now you wonder if they will arrive at all.
    A fellow calls the police to report 2 burglars in his shed. The police tell him they'll be there in a half hour. He hangs up and calls back in a couple minutes. He says "no need to rush, I killed them."
    The police arrive two minutes later and arrest the burglars who are still in the shed. They said to the fellow "I thought you said you killed them." He say "I thought you said you couldn't be for a half hour."
    Keep this in mind when you need the police.

    1. When seconds count, the Police are only minutes away. In many places it wouldn't matter if the Police were defunded. In many places they won't respond to what they consider "minor" crime.

  9. I just bought my first handgun.i never felt the urgency but have always wanted to buy a gun. I feel an urgency now in preparation for November. I honestly believe that there will be rioting in the street when Trump is reelected. They will not accept defeat lightly.

  10. Don't forget thee quislings in the GOPe, like Romney and Kristol. They ran a anti-Trump candidate, Evan McMullin. He had 53K votes. In addition, Jill Stein and Gary Johnson got three times as many votes than they did in 2012. all due to the GOPe on the repub side and Bernie bros on the dems' side. If the GOPe had supported Trump in 2016, instead of Hillary, Trump would have won those 37 states.