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Saturday, July 11, 2020

Trump won't give money to Minnesota looters

When the NFL inevitably decides that the name Vikings insults by exclusion Somalians who live in the state, I suggest the team change its name to Minnesota Looters. From late May to early June, looting was the top industry in Minneapolis.

The Democrat mayor sanctioned this by not protecting private property. Furthermore, his city council has no plans to protect anyone foolish enough to rebuild, as it voted 12-0 to begin defunding the police.

The Pioneer Press reported on Thursday, "Top law enforcement leaders on Thursday said earlier deployment of National Guard members to assist in the response to protests, arson fires and looting in Minneapolis and St. Paul could’ve mitigated the damage that resulted in May.

"It’s the first time state law enforcement officers have chronicled in-depth their efforts to respond to the protests.

"Tens of thousands of people took to the streets in the Twin Cities to demonstrate after George Floyd’s death after former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin knelt on his neck on May 25. And after a night of initial protests, some began setting fire to businesses and breaking into dozens of stores.

"The fires and looting affected or destroyed 1,500 businesses and racked up more than $500 million in damages. Gov. Tim Walz has sought federal help from the Trump administration to rebuild."

These were not protests.

The Antifa and BLM wings of the Democrat Party rioted.

Now the Democrat governor wants taxpayers in 49 other states to pay for the damage by his fellow Democrats.


President Donald John Trump told him no.

The Star-Tribune just reported, "The federal government has denied Gov. Tim Walz’s request for aid to help rebuild and repair Twin Cities structures that were damaged in the unrest following George Floyd’s death.

"Walz asked President Donald Trump to declare a “major disaster” for the state of Minnesota in his request to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) on July 2. More than 1,500 buildings were damaged by fires, looting and vandalism in the days of unrest that followed Floyd’s May 25 death in Minneapolis police custody, racking up more than $500 million in damages, according to Walz."

It was not unrest. It was organized chaos.

Republican Congressman Tom Emmer of Minnesota wrote to the president, "If the federal government is expected to assist in the clean-up of these unfortunate weeks, it has an obligation to every American — prior to the release of funding — to fully understand the events which allowed for this level of destruction to occur and ensure it never happens again."

I am open to relief.

Federal aid to the state should be a loan. Let Minnesotans pay the price of choosing to be a one-party state.


  1. I love that our President has a backbone and knows how to use it.

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  2. MN License plate: Land of Looters.

  3. How long before they ram a bill through Congress to cover it. Most of the Republicans in the end don't have the spine to stop it

    1. It's going to need 2/3rds majorities because Trump'll veto it.

  4. Perfect! Of course, this will last only until the Getalong Gang decries President Trump's "meanness," and some judge orders the federal government to pay for all damages....

  5. From the History Channel website:

    "... Slaves—who could also be traded at international markets—may have represented another type of resource for the Vikings, too. Evidence suggests Vikings often targeted women and girls in their raids, suggesting the existence of sexual slavery, as well as intermarriage. "

    I think the NFL Vikings should change their name, it offends me. I'm in for the suggestion of the Minnesota Looters.

  6. A loan? Like we give them money and they pay it back?
    Babylon Bee does satire and parody, don't even try it, sir, it isn't on your resume.
    No. No loan. Loaning money to somebody who probably won't pay it back isn't a loan.

    1. Monday: Money loaned to MN.
      Tuesday: The money's now in Somalia.

  7. Yeah the Scandanavian Social Justice League is outraged over the continued use of Vikings as the team name.

    Not only does it cast Norwegian bachelor farmers in a bad light it constantly reminds people that Swedes, Danes and Norwegians were marauders, pillagers and probably rapists. (Mercifully my ancestors the Finns are spared this slur.)

    As a result Scandinavian Lives Matters demand a name change or they're going to start burning occupied saunas across the region in protest. And no one wants to see pasty, lumpy middle aged Swedes running for their lives naked.

    But seriously the best news is MN's request for $500 million was stamped DENIED by the Feds. Which should be squash de Blasio's hopes for a Federal NYC bailout. So no relief for that smoldering husk he pretends to oversee. All the more problematic for him if the class action lawsuits being brought gain traction.

  8. "Let Minnesotans pay the price of choosing to be a one-party state. "

    Exactly. Although my heart goes out to them (I'll explain)

    I have tons of relatives that live in MN - mostly in the twin cities - and most of them are DFL (D) supporters.

    Never lived there myself, but have many great memories of visiting grandparents, aunts & uncles, and cousins. Every one of them personifies the expression "Minnesota Nice".

    Like them, watching the riots and the crazy aftermath (de-fund the police, etc.) has been like a "gut punch" for me too.

    But as an adult I know that those who voted DFL brought this on themselves, by voting DFL regardless of the candidates or policies.

    I will be watching their elections this fall to see if they have learned anything: President, 1 US Senate, all US Reps, all State Senate & Reps.

    Lastly, even if the R make significant gains they still need to clean up their mess - budget & policies - not the rest of us.

    Keep up the good work DS.

  9. The governor and people of Minnesota must be treated with "tough love" at this point and best of luck to them.


  10. Let them sue BLM and Antifa - they have about a BILLION $ in donations from various idiots!

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