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Thursday, July 30, 2020

Trump secures the election date

My favorite DC political reporting is the lazy repeat of tweets because it allows the president direct access to the viewers and readers. Tweets are short and repeated in full.

He uses misspellings and capitalized words to enhance the temptation to quote him in full. They think they are mocking him because he eschews the AP stylebook.

Today, President Donald John Trump tweeted, "With Universal Mail-In Voting (not Absentee Voting, which is good), 2020 will be the most INACCURATE & FRAUDULENT Election in history. It will be a great embarrassment to the USA. Delay the Election until people can properly, securely and safely vote???"

And with that, the president turned delaying the election into hydroxychloroquine.

Democrats now fervently oppose any delay or postponement. Their reaction was automatic.

The Atlantic reported, "In his latest assault on the American electoral system, President Trump today proposed postponing the November election."

How rich of Democrats to complain when they have spent the last 4 years denying the legitimacy of the 2016 election result.

AP reported, "President Donald Trump is for the first time publicly floating a 'delay' to the Nov. 3 presidential election, as he makes unsubstantiated allegations that increased mail-in voting will result in fraud."

I am not sure why AP decided to put air quotes around delay. He also said "the" and "election." Why not air quote them as well. Random air quotes by writers annoy me and I have taken to editing them out.

BBC said, "He suggested -- without providing evidence -- that mail-in voting, as it is known in the U.S., would be susceptible to foreign interference."

Ah yes, the old without evidence canard.

Reporters say that when they know the president tweeted the truth. On March 4, 2017, President Trump tweeted that Obama spied on him. Without evidence, they cried. But it was true and they knew it. Heck, the New York Times published a story on its front page on Inauguration Day based on transcripts of Obama's spying.

NPR decided to lecture the president on the law.

It said, "Trump also does not have the power himself to move the date of the election, which was set by an 1845 federal law placing it the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November.

"The date could move theoretically with action by Congress — but that would require agreement both by the Democrats who control the House and the Republicans who control the Senate. A number of high-ranking House Democrats have already responded to Trump's tweet by saying they would not consider an election delay, making the prospect extremely unlikely."

That is of course the reaction he wanted. The federal election day is set. It will be held on November 3 come hell or high water.

Democrats control the press, and Democrats now oppose any delay in the election.

And now, none of the 50 governors and 50 secretaries of state (who run the elections) can delay or postpone their elections.

I suppose some idiot Obama judge will try to delay the election, but a Supreme Court that still stings from Bush v. Gore will want no part of it.

Securing the election date reduces the time Democrats and their RINO enablers can use to steal the election.


  1. #MyPresident

    Thank you for you daily posts, Don. They keep me grounded.

  2. "In his latest assault on the American electoral system..." Wait, what assault on the electoral system are they talking about? Is he trying to circumvent the Electoral College? Is he proposing to allow illegal aliens, dead people, imaginary people, foreign nationals, or convicted felons to vote, or saying that you can vote in both your home state and the state where you spend the winter? Is he proposing vote harvesting? Is he in favor of sending a ballot to everyone who's registered to vote, whether or not that person resides at that address or whether that address even exists? Does requiring a valid ID to vote constitute an assault on the electoral system? I think I'll go over and troll The Atlantic...

    1. He is just getting the low I.Q. crowd worked up again as he knew this tweet would do. He knows how to rile up their Amygdala to overload condition which causes them lash out as a child does. He is a PRO.

  3. You understand Trump so well! I love it!

  4. See your 5, raise you 500.

    That's how you beat this crowd.

    I love this guy.

  5. How about another tweet today, he managed to include St. James(island?) and pizza in the same tweet on Ghislaine Maxwell day.

  6. PDJT had question marks after his delay the election sentence. He wasn’t saying change it, he was asking a question. Should we? Hell no was The answer he got and the answer he wanted. Leave it to the media to change the context.

  7. No one knows where Ghislaine Maxwell is. Authorities say she is in the Metropolitan Detention Center, Brooklyn, New York. But if you query their list of prisoners she hasn't been logged in since February 2020. Visiting Epstein at that time?

    So where is she? Visiting Epstein again??????

  8. Since the date is sacrosanct, it is essential that all votes be tallied on that date. Any votes discovered or received after that date should be invalid. No delayed vote counts!

    1. Delayed votes are how they do it in the Bay Area. We had two tax increase propositions on the ballot, voted, the propositions failed, but the County had "irregularities" and "found some more ballots". Back and forth, day by day.

      Two and a half weeks later, both propositions miraculously "passed".

    2. Suspected to happen in WA somewhat frequently.

  9. Elections are important, but so are life and health. Asking people to put either in jeopardy to vote for a man whose mental health is failing and whose chance of being elected remain near zero is WRONG.
    The option of delaying the election until herd immunity is achieved is now off the table. It would have been a minor delay, twelve years tops.
    What I propose is proxy voting. While many states and cities remain locked down, the wonderful intrepid folks of South Dakota are able to move freely and without fear. Social distancing is the norm in Jackrabbit land, usually by a mere seven to ten miles.
    Let's have them proxy vote. They can cast ballots for the eastern states in the morning, take lunch, then pick the winners from the Mississippi to Baja California in the afternoon.
    They would have to take an oath to vote liberally for California Oregon and Washington... Find boxes of ballots the next day or even a week later, but they can do it.

  10. Of course, the en banc grants illegal sullivan request to continue to persecute Gen Flynn.

  11. He truly is the Road Runner and the Dems are the Coyote. They just do not (and seemingly CANNOT) understand what he's doing.

    The man has been involved with the infotainment industry for years. He understands communication and human psychology. Maybe not to the point of a degree but he definitely understands it to the point of useful manipulation of ones enemies when they have such a large advantage.

    It's jiu jitsu of the mind.

  12. Do not ever forget about the death of Seth Rich.
    William Binney Former Head of the NSA Data Systems has something to say about there was no hack at the DNC. Jul 27, 2020

    1. No Doubt, yes don't forget seth rich. AND don't forget the Las Vegas shooting! We STILL have not been told the truth on that one either...I still say it was set up to kill trump supporters at the concert.

  13. Don, I hope you’re right (you usually seem to be!) When I first heard about this I thought of him: “YOU IDIOT!! WHY did you have to go over and kick the hornet’s nest?!”

  14. More to the point it shuts up any emphatic pieces by pundits/"reporters" on the need to delay the election which might cause confusion among inattentive voters.

    No opining on the election date now, without having to declare that Trump brought it up and got a resounding "NO". No breathless papers from think tanks, not even "controlling the narrative" history rewrites.

  15. Big D, surely Mr. T has at least one more dimension of this to reveal. Seems too easy to me. Gotta be something involving mail-in. Maybe it’s something as simple as the staggering incompetence of the USPS?

  16. I second lyn5's comment. Thank you for your sanity. #MyPresident

  17. Myself I took this Tweet as Trump baiting the press. He says something kinda crazy and the DIM's press arm goes wild. They clearly took the bait.

  18. WHY did you have to go over and kick the hornet’s nest?!”
    I believe these are the murder hornets - attack those who move left - so I am okay with it

  19. "Securing the election date reduces the time Democrats and their RINO enablers can use to steal the election."

    LOL! Mike Pompeo just testified under oath that *Barr* will decide if Trump—despite having no constitutional authority to do so—can *announce* he's moving the election.

    The way to win an unwinnable election, using the sort of powerful reframing of events a certain way of thinking Trump instinctively (not intelligently or responsibly) employs, is not to turn out your voters... but *declare the election invalid once your voters don't show up*.

    You're in over your head on this one, Mr. Surber.

    1. POTUS can announce all he likes, the states control elections, not the Feds. It is obvious you are being gaslighted, and you're simply to stupid to realize it.

  20. Surber: "Democrats now fervently oppose any delay or postponement."
    Yes, Democrats do oppose as do every single Republican in Congress and the staunchest of all Trump allies, the ultra conservative Federalist Society, is calling Trump's tweet 'fascist.' So, approximately 230 Congressional Republican lawmakers are all RINOs. Interesting.
    Surber - your (absurd) rationale for Trump's tweet may be you're most fantasy island post ever. Congratulations.

  21. Personally I'm urging my local election board to have purple ink on hand for everyone that votes in person. Cause if you can't get off your butt to go vote in person, who gives a dang who you think should win. (Autocorrect modified the language)