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Saturday, July 25, 2020

These aren't protests. They are a show of force

I read the headline on the Department of Justice press release and thought, sheesh, even the DOJ is calling this lunacy a protest.

The headline said, "18 Arrested, Facing Federal Charges After Weeknight Protests at Federal Courthouse in Portland."

These are not protests.

These are violent attempts to ignite a revolution.

These are demonstrations of the power Antifa has, and what to expect if they do not get their way.

The press release was a police blotter-style account of 18 of these violent loons, but it was the accompanying photos that told the tale of defacing federal property and hurling frozen bottles of water at the police.

The trashing of a federal courthouse is not very bright because judges will decide the fate of these 18 thugs the feds arrested.

By billing the vandalism and destruction as a protest, the press -- and now the feds -- are rationalizing the violence.

The press would have people believe that this is a normal protest and that the violence comes from the frustration of the powerless.

The violence is planned because powerful people are behind this unleashing of violence. They have intimidated mayors and the police. Black Lives Matter is the new national motto in DC, New York, Portland and other Democrat hellholes, replacing In God We Trust.

Anyone who dares say otherwise is subject to being doxxed, and threatened with the loss of employment.

I used to wonder how Germans, the best-educated people in the world at the time, could be conned into becoming Nazis.

The Antifa Riots are a primer on the Nazification of a nation. Democrat mayors protect, encourage, and even participate in these Kristallnacht-like demonstrations.

Democrats are saying to America, nice country you have there. It would be a shame if someone tore it up and turned every town large or small into Minneapolis.



New York.

Their message is clear: Vote Biden or we will turn America upside down.


  1. Fly Emirates


    Hey LibCommie ladies, see that shirt? What’s your status in a Muslim country? That’s right! SECOND CLASS. Higher than dogs though...

    BTW, I’ve got another one for the White Supremacy Characteristics List: Treats Animals Humanely. Right Mr. Vick?

  2. I stand with President Trump and the decent, patriotic citizens of this great country against this illegal insurrection. Let them do their worst. I shall not be intimidated to change my vote for Trump.

    1. I firmly agree. These are not protests. There is nothing that they are protesting for. George Floyd? Ha!
      This is the beginnings of a full-scale INSURRECTION.
      President Trump should be telling Wray to do his job. BLM and Antifa are subversive Marxist organizations. The FBI should infiltrate these organizations, identify their leaders and financiers and put them behind bars.
      I guarantee that some high level arrests would end this nonsense

  3. Here in the Catican Compound, we've been onto this since 2017.

    Now if you'll excuse me, with the onset of day, I need to change my tinfoil hat for a copper foil one. It's the effect of radiation on the ionosphere that changes the wavelengths of the government's mind-control rays, you know.

    1. Just build a Faraday cage in one of your rooms and then take off your shinny hat. Of course you will not have wi-fi or use of a cell phone but you will stop 99% of the current surveillance and just enjoy your piece of mind.

    2. That's just what they want you to think!


  4. Notice, however, this is all happening in cities with Democrat mayors who allow them to run wild, so the threat is only for Lefty paradises, where the elite sip their lattes on the terrace and tell themselves how lovely everything is.

    This is just a violent clash with the mob.

    Object lesson? A Conservative is a Lefty..., etc.

  5. It's PortAntifa,Jake..
    I'll bet that the headline writer is an Obama Hold over.
    Barr's office had nothing to do with this.
    Except prosecutions..

  6. As the kid with the gun in the movie "Stand By Me" said to the bully when asked "What are ya donna do, you can't shoot us all?"
    "Just You, Ace!"
    Tea Party participants cleaned up after (actually during) their protests. These frozen water bottles are 'optics' and are starting to loose their impact and influence with 'the viewers at home'.
    It's self defense not paranoia if the wolves have decided that you are lunch and you don't want to be.

  7. Being a race-realist I post the story below.

  8. This is how you get a 1930s Franco. Did most Spanish people want fascism inder Franco. No. He gained power when the Leftist popular front government win tje 1936 elections and started implementing radical socialist policies. The conservative military revolted and Franco wound up on top. Conservatives cherish the Constitution but it only works when a majority agree to abide its tenets. Democrats are skating awfully close to a precipice where violence will be the only resort. I pray they rethink their strategy.

    1. Leftist popular front government

      You forgot "backed by Stalin" and "killed thousands of Catholic priests, nuns, laity" and "Stalin also financed their war against Franco" and "THEY WERE COMMUNISTS"

      Otherwise, pretty good.

    2. Most Of the time, the initial revolutionaries are then defeated by an even more radical, despotic group.

    3. Sch. Lard. you are right but all revolutionaries eat their own because the revolution demands greater heights of purity and radicalism. Islam is the same so terror reigns.

  9. Just so you know. Posting anonymously on any Blogger site does not mean you are really anonymous. Pyra Labs, the developer, was purchased by Google in 2003. And you know how Google would never do anything bad.

  10. These Antifa are the communists that spawned the fascists. In Germany, Nazism in all but name was inculcated for 70+ years by the professors. It just needed a catalyst in the communist rioting, murdering, etc.

    "For more than seventy years the German professors of political science, history, law, geography and philosophy eagerly imbued their disciples with a hysterical hatred of capitalism, and preached the war of “liberation” against the capitalistic West. The German “socialists of the chair,” much admired in all foreign countries, were the pacemakers of the two World Wars. At the turn of the century the immense majority of the Germans were already radical supporters of socialism and aggressive nationalism. They were then already firmly committed to the principles of Nazism. What was lacking and was added later was only a new term to signify their doctrine.

    "When the Soviet policies of mass extermination of all dissenters and of ruthless violence removed the inhibitions against wholesale murder, which still troubled some of the Germans, nothing could any longer stop the advance of Nazism. "
    --von Mises, Ludwig (1947). Planned Chaos

    And again, those who would battle with ideas of human liberty (liberals in the 1920s) are failing in their arguments against these socialists and whomever will form up to oppose them.

  11. Putin Knows how to deal with them. Don't let the door hit you in the a$$.

    1. Whatever happened to Pussy Riot, man?

    2. I stopped at the 1st word to think about your question.

  12. Gee, I'm so old that I remember when individual plastic water bottles were damaging to the climate/earth.
    And I remember when climate change supporters also said fire was destroying our climate/earth.
    Are the Hollywood crowd paying for carbon credits so these rioters can destroy our planet?
    It seems as though these rioters have destroyed both the climate change lies AND the Covid19 lies.
    Should we be thanking them for that?

    1. Yeh, bring them over. I have a surprise for them. maybe two so it is a really good surprise that keeps on giving.

    2. Biggest mass pollution by a crowd I ever saw, was attending University in the late '80's, and went down to the Mall in D.C. in the late afternoon after the crowds went home...garbage everywhere! ZB

  13. This next story should warm the cockles of your heart knowing that the government is here to help each and every time. Or Not! The Biden's thank them for running out the clock though.

  14. Too bad it wasn't a 30 round clip. This is much better than the Saturday Football games before the kneeling. Sooting each other is much more fu to watch life.

    2:45 p.m. LMPD statement on accidental shooting.

  15. Someone is funding the violence. We need to neutralize the rioters, but we absolutely have to nail anyone funding them. - Elric

  16. If they come to rural America, what's the bag limit? Asking for a friend.....