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Thursday, July 16, 2020

Systemic racism explained

Back when SNL was a comedy, Eddie Murphy spoofed "Black Like Me," a movie in which a Southern newspaperman donned blackface and lived as a black man to experience life in segregation. "Black Like Me" helped move civil rights forward.

Segregation had ended by the time the parody came along.  A race that had sacrificed a generation of men to the liberation of black slaves finally ended a century of second-class citizenship for the descendants of those slaves.

Imagine the surprise 50 years later to hear complaints of systemic racism.

What in the hell?

We just elected and re-elected a black president.

The National Museum of African American History and Culture -- a creation of Congress that opened on September 24, 2016 -- has given white people a definition of systemic racism in America.

It is a hoot.

Among the things listed as whiteness are.

  1. Self-reliance.
  2. The nuclear family.
  3. Science.
  4. The Protestant work ethic.
  5. Judeo-Christian religions.
  6. Planning for the future.
  7. Barbie.
  8. Holidays.
  9. A criminal justice system.
  10. Wanting to be No. 1.
  11. Speaking English.
  12. Be polite.

If those 12 things are white, then we need more whiteness.

But this is not about race.

This is about destroying the best society the world has ever known, and replacing it with some form of totalitarianism.

The museum promotes:

  1. Dependency.
  2. The destruction of families.
  3. Superstition.
  4. Sloth.
  5. Atheism.
  6. Living in the moment.
  7. Obesity.
  8. No holidays.
  9. Kangaroo courts.
  10. Discouraging self-improvement.
  11. Speaking in tongues.
  12. Rudeness.

The word cockamamie was invented just to describe that list.

The whiteness list by these aggrieved bureaucrats even includes time.

And a written language.

The graphic is part of an unbylined piece posted by the museum, entitled, "Whiteness. Since white people in America hold most of the political, institutional, and economic power, they receive advantages that nonwhite groups do not."

The piece said, "If you identify as white, acknowledging your white racial identity and its privileges is a crucial step to help end racism. Facing your whiteness is hard and can result in feelings of guilt, sadness, confusion, defensiveness, or fear. Dr. Robin DiAngelo coined the term white fragility to describe these feelings as 'a state in which even a minimum amount of racial stress becomes intolerable, triggering a range of defensive moves.' Since white people 'live in a social environment that insulates them from race-based stress,' whites are rarely challenged and have less of a tolerance to race-based stress."

There is enough racism in that piece to warrant shuttering the place for promoting black supremacy.

But it is not about race. Dividing people by race is part of the plan to create enough chaos to shepherd in a strong man to make everything right again.


  1. It is ironic the amount of racism in that article. Or moronic.

  2. When you consider the "white culture" attributes you realize they are euro centered.
    I am 73 and I can remember when I was in school anyone interested in getting educated was accused of "being white" or "trying to be white." That's a half century of trying to remain ignorant.
    Maybe that explains the difference in "advantages."

    1. sounds about right. Erbonics is not a language. neither is rap. making 2+2 = 4 is not racist. You want to have someone build a bridge on FEEELINGS? WTH? math is math, and so is most science. Other than the we have to have 40+ genders, most of it is repeatable.

  3. But...but...but, Wakanda?!?

  4. “If being late is wro-o-ng, I don’t wanna be white.”

    Damn I’m funny.

    1. You will always be a role model Z. The fact that we are being challenged because we are white is the dumbest, stupidest, most ridiculous I have ever heard in my lifetime. I see the narrative but it needs to!

  5. Never been a big fan of Barbie and I’m not real polite. That gives me a 10 out of 12 on the whiteness scale. Does that make me white?

    1. 1 out of 12 will do it these days.

      Or none at all. They'll simply accuse you of being white-adjacent without need of proof.


  6. I'm all three racial groups. White American Indian and Black.
    The "witeness they describe is western civilization. they want to tear it all down and rule over a pile of smoking dung, period.The prejudice I encountered was always from the left.
    I hope someone does something about this screed..

    1. Sorry, Douglas DC-

      But you can't be black, if you won't vote for Joe Biden.

      He said so himself, and as we all know, he never lies! ;-)

  7. "Social justice is an actual impediment to acquiring human capital"
    --Thomas Sowell, Uncommon Knowledge podcast, 'Thomas Sowell on the Origins of Economic Disparities'

    By design or error, social justice damages the futures those who come to believe it.

  8. I recently came across this blogger who had collected a 21 part series published 1948

    "In 1948, star newspaperman Ray Sprigle of Pittsburgh Post-Gazette posed as a black man and traveled through the Deep South to see for himself what life was like for the 10 million blacks living under the oppressive and humiliating system of legal segregation known as Jim Crow."

    I had read "Black Like Me" back in the '70s but Sprigle's series seems worthy, not least due to when it was written.

    1. That was outstanding. Thanks for sharing it.

    2. The author did not have on black face. I, too read the book in the 70's. He injected himself, or had someone do it. I can't remember what he used, it certainly wasn't black face as I understand it. The only reference to that was to "touch up" some of his exposed skin, maybe that qualifies. It was a highly interesting book.

    3. Thanks for the link

  9. Is this parody? What sane Black person would accept this stereotype as applying to themselves? What employer would ever employ a Black except as a token? How dare they insult the Blacks living in my neighborhood with this blatant racism?

  10. The blue field of the Flag is placed backwards. Same as this poster!

  11. I believe all the academic nonsense will work to their disadvantage in the larger population of normal people.

    Sure the triggered lefties and other mentally ill will fall for it. Head over heels begging some darker skinned person for the opportunity to abase themselves and then attack the normal folks.

    We here out in the hinterlands (and many in the urban/suburban circle) will not accept much of any of this nonsense and will vote Trump in large numbers just on the basis of the obvious insanity of the left/Dems and the weakness of mind (if not collapse) of Joe Biden. Even if he was tip top shape mentally his reputation is not the best and def. not good with Blacks. Even tho he was our first black president's vp, he was very much a promoter of many unfair laws that affected many blacks disproportionately and also kept them in jail for longer than was just.

    And all those actions Trump has done his best to reverse/revise and the Black community knows this.

    Trump has NO Racist history. He only comes close when he speaks of nations that have failed to become just and fair to their citizens or about invaders from the south taking jobs away from citizens here. (mostly black)

  12. Seems to me that the behaviors they're calling "whiteness" are things we were told were part of being a responsible adult.

  13. Three words that blow all this bullsh*t into the ditch- Look. At. Africa.

  14. the best examples of systemic racism out there are the nfl and the nba.

  15. Racism used to mean hating or perhaps harming someone because of their race. Now it means a white people who deny in any way money, space, their bodies, work, and talents to benefiting non-whites. Systemic racism is the white victim trying to hide a few dollars from the exploiter putting a gun in his face. Modern anti-racism is the newest form of racist colonialism that conjures excuses to put victim and victimizer together.

  16. Its odd that the Smithsonian would announce (with some degree of pride) that the negro is stupid, ignorant, lazy and rude.

  17. All attributes of whiteness listed by NMAAHC are color independent. So anybody can be WHITE by appropriate modification of behavior.