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Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Republicans gain in Pennsylvania

I imagine tears rolling off the staff's eyes when the Philadelphia Inquirer reported today, "Since the 2016 primary election, Republicans have added about 165,000 net voters, while Democrats added only about 30,000. Democrats still maintain a 800,000-voter edge over Republicans. But that’s down from 936,000 in 2016, when Trump still won the state by less than 1%."

Oh no! The Orange Man may take Pennsylvania.


The last Democrat to win without Pennsylvania was Truman. Biden is no Truman. He is barely a Dukakis.

Meanwhile, Bush 43 became president twice without Pennsylvania.

Lawrence Tabas, chair of the Pennsylvania Republican Party, told the paper, "Look, the president won our state by 44,000-plus votes in 2016. We have since picked up and narrowed the gap between us and the Democrats [by 135,000]. So we were already ahead 44,000, and look what we’ve picked up. I predict we’re going to narrow the gap further between now and November."

In the very next paragraph, the newspaper gave the Democrat side of the story.

It said, "Of course, Trump is now an incumbent president politically hobbled by growing disapproval of his handling of the corona virus pandemic and protests against systemic racism. He’s also facing an opponent in Biden who, polls show, is significantly less unpopular than Hillary Clinton was. So it remains to be seen how helpful any Republican tailwinds will be for Trump, who has plummeted in the polls nationally and in battleground states like Pennsylvania."

The attribution was the newspaper itself.

Democrats registered 30,506 new voters, and Republicans added 164,778. Those are net gains. But personal experience shows that people vote Republican long before they actually switch parties. Took me 20 years. I view Democrats as the starter party.

The story showed Democrats are strengthening their stronghold in Philadelphia, while alienating the rest of the state.

That appears to be the trend nationally.

And while Democrats have said they are gaining in the suburbs, Democrat riots, looting, and arson tell a different story.


  1. He’s also facing an opponent in Biden who, polls show, is significantly less unpopular than Hillary Clinton was.

    These were the same polls that said the Beast would win.

    And "significantly less unpopular" used to be called damning with faint praise. Gropin' Joe was never as popular as he's being portrayed.

    The story showed Democrats are strengthening their stronghold in Pennsylvania, while alienating the rest of the state.

    Sure. City dwellers like the homes burned down.

    PS Think think you mean Philadelphia.

  2. And Trump just said they are not going to allow Public Housing to be built in Suburban Areas.

    Meaning people like George Zimmerman will be welcome to do his nightly patrols. Guess the peaceful rioters will be disappointed.

  3. Biden voters really like the programs he plans to add.....
    -eliminate police
    -open the borders
    -raise taxes
    -cure the wuhan flu
    -allow Chinese to resume stealing all of our stuff
    -mandatory naps for all federal employees....

  4. But, how many republicans died since 2016 which then makes them a democrat voter?

  5. This is great news because these companies won't have the deep pockets of the city to sue. SWEET!

  6. Don, you're being unfair to Dukakis. When they pushed his on-button he always had speech function and location awareness.

  7. The story showed Democrats are strengthening their stronghold in Pennsylvania, while alienating the rest of the state.? Philly?
    Anyway, newly registered voters in my experience vote. I see the 2016 voters sticking with Trump and the new voters being pulled from the Democrats. I still worry especially if mail in voting, not absentee voting, is permitted. NJ's recent primary voting scandal seems to bear out my concerns. I yell at the TV when the MSM equates mail in with absentee voting. And yes some states have had it for some time, mail in voting, One is Washington State but they have voter ID to register, cleaned up their registration rolls and confirm signatures plus have had the system for a decade or more and corrected problems. While not perfect and has too many hands handling the votes, it does have checks built in.

  8. I don't always comment but when I do I use Anecdotal evidence

    this is a GREAT article and it's nice of Don to share

    It's great because of the literal absence of spin. The quotes are from a (gasp) Republican!

    In fact the only "nod to lib power" was the pathetic sentence (without evidence!)- Trump now an incumbent hobbled with disapproval.

    Yep he's hobbled alright getting 130000 new Republican voters is hobbled. I would look for more of these types of stores to "leak out" from 2nd tier city newspapers that challenge the hermetic group think that Trump is a one term pres from NYT-land.

    Just today I saw an article on Zero Hedge discussing a Goldman Sachs presentation series that basically said "get ready for a Biden Presidency"

    I don't know what is going to happen to the political crystal ball types if they are dead wrong again on who will be President. But already I hear a lot of the rich who pay for Goldman Sachs type info saying to me "hey you know anyone who is talking about Trump's 2nd term, I need to balance my thinking"

    That kind of discussion NEVER even was thought of much less uttered during the coronation of Rex Hillary.

    Now 4 years later a few are actively looking for counterpoint input. Curious I say.

    1. I used to live in Philly for ~5 years.
      The Philadelphia Inquirer is today, and always has been, a LEFTIST RAG. The Inquirer is the Minor Leagues for journey school Leftists who aspire to the pinnacle of their useless careers--a desk at NY Times or Washington Post

  9. “The starter party.” Big D, YOU RULE!

  10. They're trying to set the table for 'Trump stole the election AGAIN! time to #DoubledownResistance! Because polls are always accurate except when we say they aren't!


  11. They’re going to have to change the song...

    “Pennsylvania 165,000”

  12. “Biden is no Truman. He is barely a Dukakis.”

    You misspelled conscious.


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