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Friday, July 31, 2020

Poll: Americans say Red China is asshoe

He likely is dead now thanks to the communist government, but a year ago a protester in Hong Kong famously said, "Don't trust China, China is asshoe."

Someday You Tube will pull the video in deference to Red China, but for now, Americans are free to say Red China is an asshoe, or even an asshole.

And most Americans believe that.

Pew Research announced, "Americans’ views of [Red] China have continued to sour, according to a new Pew Research Center survey. Today, 73% of U.S. adults say they have an unfavorable view of the country, up 26 percentage points since 2018. Since March alone, negative views of [Red] China have increased 7 points, and there is a widespread sense that [Red] China mishandled the initial outbreak and subsequent spread of covid 19."

Democrats nominated a senile imbecile who was bought off when Red China gave his son a billion bucks to invest.

President Donald John Trump needs to hit this issue hard, and not just for reasons of national security.

The physical wall along the Mexican border rises. The most important 256 miles are covered. The rest of the border is mainly desert areas and mountains. Border jumping is down to its lowest in decades.

Now we need an economic walling off of Red China, an adversary that sends us disease and goods produced by slaves.

Pew also reported, "Americans see Sino-U.S. relations in bleak terms. 68% say current economic ties between the superpowers are in bad shape – up 15 points since May 2019, a time in the trade war when tariffs were ramping up.

"26% also describe China as an enemy of the United States – almost double the share who said this when the question was last asked in 2012.

"57% say China is a competitor of the U.S., while 16% describe it as a partner."

The Washington Free Beacon reported that Secretary of State Mike Pompeo outlined Washington’s new attitude toward Beijing last week.

He said, "If the free world doesn't change communist China, communist China will surely change us. Securing our freedoms from the Chinese Communist Party is the mission of our time, and America is perfectly positioned to lead it because our founding principles give us that opportunity."

The Trump administration finally calls it communist China again, because it never changed.

President Trump is closing Red Chinese consulates and his Department of Justice is cracking down on universities that are hotbeds of spying by Red China.

I would quarantine all cargo from Red China for 30 days. We are in a national health emergency because of Red China. Make 'em pay.

And because Red China uses slave labor, I would raise the tariffs on Red Chinese imports to 100%.

If the Defense Production act allows it, I would require all USA companies to cease all production in Red China and block the sharing of any technology with Red China even if it is on how to make a Barbie doll talk.

President Trump tried to work with Chairman Xi. He got covid 19 instead. We are in a Cold War again. President Trump thankfully is our commander-in-chief


  1. I can't speak to the motivations of our elected officials, however, I think that many US citizens wanted to help the Chinese people. IIRC, the last few decades have seen the largest reduction in extreme poverty in history, much of that was due to the West helping Red China.
    Let no good deed go unpunished....

    1. I've got no problem helping the Chinese people; but their government is deadly, and needs to be removed!

  2. Don't do anything too harsh until we have ALL infrastructure in place for raw materials and ramped up manufacturing for all of our medical needs especially our vital medicines like antibiotics.
    Crazy that we rely 100% on China for anything much less medicine. We can thank previous administrations for this and a bought and paid for Congress

  3. There needs to be a court such as the The Nuremberg Trials. It was never fair but it achieved what was necessary.

    Those who try to bring down the Republic deserve this same justice. Fair, there is nothing fair in this life.Justice is what is what is called for.

  4. I really can't understand the thinking of selling out your country, your friends, your family in the future just for money/power. I can't begin to think how their mind works. Don't get me wrong I would sell my soul to have son back, I'm sure Don feels the same way, but to sell your soul for profit and power is the worst a person could be. To the shit pile they go!

  5. And I'll add in: China also sends us spies, diplomatic spies, student spies, corporate spies, military spies.

  6. I predicted this previously and will do so again: Mr. T will defeat the ChiComms without firing a shot, equaling Ronaldus and Roosha. Arguably, besting him as the shite he’s going through is worse now that the LibCommies have openly declared their allegiance.

  7. Ah so. Ahhh so. Ahhs so. Ahhhsole. Ass hole.

  8. My opinion of China has not soured in the least. Their last contribution to humanity was " The Art of War". Since then, nuthin.

    1. And I'll add that I am grateful my President is using it as the anvil on which he is crushing them.
      Time for another best seller, title this one"The Art of No Deal".

    2. Me likey, brother. Or how about “The Art of the Squeal”? As in, pigs. As in, food. As in, what China is scrambling for right now. No wonder they bought Smithfield.

  9. 3 gorges is bulging.

    in dam technology, that's a bad thing.