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Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Jake Tapper doth peacefully protest too much

I have no idea why Jake Tapper has Woodstock from Peanuts in his Twitter photo, but then again, I don't know why CNN hired him. Jeff Zucker usually hires stupid people: Chris Cillizza, Harry Enten, and Brian Stelter.

But on Tuesday, Tapper made a pretty dumb move.

Instead of letting a slam on CNN slide, Tapper brought it back to fore by answering it.

The scene was Jerry Nadler's hearing on Bill Barr. Republican Congressman Jim Jordan knew it was a farce, so he had a little fun with on Tuesday morning.

According to Breitbart News, Jordan's staff compiled a video of Democrats rioting and TV reporters calling it peaceful protests. This was one way to force the cable cabal of disinformation to air their errors.

In his show afterward, Tapper decided to fight back. He said, "At the beginning. Jim Jordan of Ohio played a video featuring many upsetting images of mayhem and violence from protests and riots across the country. And that was included along with a mash-up of members of the media and others using the term peaceful protests."

That was news to CNN viewers who did not watch the hearing. Maybe that was not the brightest thing to do.

Tapper then put the remarks in context, which made it look even worse.

He showed Josh Campbell saying, "This has been the epicenter where there have been largely peaceful protests during the day, at night sometimes turning violent with these confrontations between protesters and police."

In other words, they are nice by day, terrorists by night.

Tapper showed Diane Gallagher saying, "This is something that we have been seeing here on the streets of Atlanta, mostly peaceful protests since the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis. And when it was one of their own, that anger, that frustration, that pain simply exploded. And we saw the results of that overnight and into this morning in those protests. Again, for the most part, throughout the entire day on Saturday, the protests after Rayshard Brooks’ death were peaceful. And as it began to get dark, things began to change."

Again, peaceful by day, terrorist by night.

With great smug and indignity, Tapper demanded an apology.

Jordan should consider that.

He should go on the air and apologize for pointing out the truth about CNN's tapioca soft coverage of the Democrat riots.

OOPS! I forgot to enable comments for two hours. My bad.


  1. Chocolate City they call Atlanta. Any guesses why?

    1. Because it sounds better than naming it after a different brown substance.

    2. As I recall any City contracts will only go to a Black Owned Business. Makes me wonder how their infrastructure is doing?

  2. Re: OOPS! I forgot to enable comments for two hours. My bad.

    Short term memory is what goes 1st.

    1. Memory is the second thing to go.

      What's the first thing?

      I don't remember.

  3. I don't always comment but when I do, I notice Information Warfare Tactics

    A Congressman's question to AG Barr about Trump and AG going to Episcopal Church and the Bishop and Arch-Bishop complaining it was a "political stunt"

    Barr's answer: "Did they do that before or after the fire was put out?"

    In information warfare how you frame the battlefield is as important as winning. The Democrats had a very well scripted "Multiple Damning Statements, then carefully framed question where there is usually no good answer"

    These framing statements are part and parcel with any decent leftist's rhetoric. Remember in a leftist's world view Police are Evil, Protesters are Peaceful saints. Police escalate and cause violence they don't respond to violence because protests are peaceful.

    Question/Statement - Trump Called women "pigs".

    Trump's Answer "Only Rosie O'donnell"

    So just as Barr and Trump have shown, Decline to do word battle on the enemies turf.

    Don't accept their premise at all. Every answer when someone speaks of "protecting peaceful protesters"

    Just say, "Did the pepper spray get used before or after the fire started?"

    "Did the police put your friend on the ground while giving them a pavement facial, before or after the fire started?"

    "Did the police arrest your friend before or after the fire started?"

    Everyone with two brain cells Knows the BLM protests are not peaceful. A reply with the words "fire started" underscores this point.

    So the reply refutes the hidden premise of "peaceful" while not getting into a useless semantic debate. Also questions that are not "on the nose" as replies are very helpful in having your debating partner reconsider their first principles. That is they have to pause a bit process the implications of what you said and then think of a reply. Standard denials elicit rote response. Questions about tangential but important facts, often re-start logical thinking.

    This Jake thing of a Jordan attempted refutation of the Nadler narrative of violent protests being a "myth". Is also an example of a "not on the nose" reply. Rep Jordan did not refute Nadler via words or denials, he used pictures of violence with Nadler calmly saying Rome Burning is a Myth.

    Tapper, had to show the video because that WAS the issue. In the midst of this Tapper shows violence! I know many people think this is a trivial thing. But imagine that the only information you have received was "peaceful protest" with pictures, results of "bad police" with wounded "peaceful protesters"

    Then you see violent protesters in a Jake Trapper segment. What are you to do? Use your brain perhaps to reconcile what you just saw?

    Do not reply "on the nose" to peoples dogmatic "statement/questions".

  4. There is a message out there that Trump is going Head to Head with the corrupt Dr. Fauci.

    Seems like Top Virologist Dr.Judy Mikovits has now come out with 1 book and another is coming out in August. He is so corrupt according to her and I believe Trump is tuned in to it.

    This virus is not even connected to a Covid Virus.

    1. Sweden COVID-19 Deaths Near Zero. Never instituted Shut Downs.

  5. Yes, Trump just tweeted it.

  6. Grateful to sneak into our country then show their love for it. Taking out this trash needs to become a mission.

  7. Hey Jake, go watch my cousin-a metro officer get hit with frozen water bottles, fireworks and crap. Peaceful my skinny Scots/Irish/Cherokee arse..

  8. Unless he got permission from the Schultz family, I suspect his use of Woodstock in his Twitter photo is a copyright infringement. He certainly can't claim "fair use" because he's using it to enhance his professional image to the public.(Because who doesn't love Woodstock, even if you despise Tapper.) Would love to see him sued for that.

  9. Jack Tapper about 12 years ago was able to ask the occasional tough question in Obama's first term when he was with ABC but then became a reliable lap dog when he came over to CNN. I feel embarrassed for him now. I doubt he believes his own BS he has to read on CNN. Dude, we have twitter feeds and youtube, we can see with our OWN EYES what is going on 24/7. You aren't fooling anyone.

  10. Tapper wore out his welcome and his credibility eons ago. I find it impossible to pay any further attention to him.


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