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Saturday, July 04, 2020

Highlights of the News

July is Patriot Month.

244 years ago today, Casey Kasem listed this song as No. 1 with a bullet.

Several bullets. Thousands even.

ITEM 1: President Donald John Trump visited Mount Rushmore to speak to America. Ed Asante correctly assessed the situation.

The battle is engaged. We vote in 4 months.

The polls are worthless. Everyone knows this, but the media dare not acknowledge it.
Meanwhile, smelly old hippie Neil Young objected to playing some songs of his at the celebration.
This is why they selected the songs, so he would object and remind everyone that smelly old hippies hate the president.

Real Americans love him.
Dana Loesch called him our red, white and blue Batman.

ITEM 2:  The Sacramento Bee reported, "Californians are still free to attend their house of worship. But they’re forbidden from singing or chanting.

"Updated covid-19 guidelines issued Wednesday by the state Department of Public Health require churches and other houses of worship to 'discontinue singing and chanting activities.'

"In previously allowing religious organizations to reopen in late May, the state merely said these institutions should 'strongly consider discontinuing singing, group recitation, and other practices and performances.'"

The story quoted one large church as saying that is OK.

It is not.

An Orthodox priest wrote me, "This affects our Orthodox churches, because most of our services are sung (apart from the sermon). I suspect it also affects the Catholics and the Lutherans.

"On our Easter (which this year was a week later than Protestant and Catholic Easter), the electric company and police were camped outside of our cathedral in San Francisco before the midnight service, counting the number of people going into that huge building, apparently with the directive to cut of the electricity and lock the doors if more than five people entered the building. This was during the time when all across the country parishioners were not allowed to attend services, but a limited number (ten in Ohio) were allowed to conduct the services (Holy Week and Easter) and live-stream it to the faithful."

This is not about protecting the public health.

This is about attacking every institution that made America great. Schools, sports, and of course church because this nation was founded on freedom of religion.

ITEM 3: Zero Hedge reported, "U.S. vehicle sales for major manufacturers like Toyota, General Motors and Fiat were all slaughtered in the second quarter of 2020 as the U.S. deals with the brunt of the economic impact from Covid-19 -- while already in the midst of an auto recession that we had written extensively about heading into 2020.

"Sales for all three of those manufacturers were down more than 30% in the second quarter, mostly in-line with Wall Street's predictions. Nissan, Hyundai and Porsche also suffered major drops in sales between April and June, according to CNBC.

"Edmunds had predicted a 34% drop in sales for the second quarter, which is expected to be the worst quarter of the year due to the pandemic. GM's sales fell 34% on the nose, Fiat's sales fell 38.6% and Toyota's numbers fell 34.6%."

Who needs a new car if you cannot drive?

I suspect the New York City area saw a boost in sales. No one wants to ride the subway.

ITEM 4: I commented on this report yesterday.

Heck, I said all along this regimen works.

Just remember, communists want people to die to prove their point. We are just statistics to them.

ITEM 5: Diamond and Silk reported, "A now-viral video shows an armed white couple in St. Louis defending their home and private property from more than 100 Black Lives Matter protesters.

"Mark and Patricia McCloskey live in a gated community and the protesters broke through a fence before gathering just outside the couple’s house, where they allegedly made threats against their lives. The couple armed themselves and remained on the front of their property.

"No shots were fired but St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kimberly Gardner released a statement claiming the armed residents may have violated the law and that she was looking into potential violations."

Gardner said, "I am alarmed at the events that happened over the weekend, where peaceful protesters were met by guns and a violent assault. We must protect the right to peacefully protest, and any attempt to chill it through intimidation or threat of deadly force will not be tolerated."

They trespassed and brought guns. How dare she call them peaceful protesters!

ITEM 6: Black lives matter to some people.
Mayor Karen is not among them.

ITEM 7Reuters reported, "Boeing’s communications chief Niel Golightly abruptly resigned on Thursday, following an employee’s complaint over an article the former U.S. military pilot wrote 33 years ago arguing women should not serve in combat.

"His exit leaves Boeing trying to fill the crucial role for the fourth time in less than three years, just as it is battling to shore up its brand after the prolonged safety grounding of its Boeing 737 MAX jetliner."

Maybe Boeing should worry more about making planes that don't crash instead of something someone said decades ago.

But canning older and more expensive workers is what you do when you must cut expenses because you built planes that crash.

ITEM 8: The New York Post reported, "Jeffrey Epstein’s former mentor claimed Ghislaine Maxwell will fully cooperate with the feds after being busted on charges that she groomed underage women to have sex with the infamous pedophile, according to a report.

"Steven Hoffenberg, 75, who spent 18 years behind bars for a Ponzi scheme that he has claimed Epstein was part of, told the UK’s Sun that Maxwell will totally cooperate, adding that Prince Andrew may be very concerned."

Hillary ain't worried.

This is not funny. It is hilarious.

ITEM 9: Andy Puzder wrote, "The early economic signs indicate that we may already be in a V-shaped recovery — or at the very least a strong checkmark-shaped recovery — as we cautiously emerge from the corona virus shutdown.

"As Federal Reserve Bank Chairman Jay Powell admitted earlier this week, we have experienced a welcome bounce back in economic activity, and have done so sooner than expected. The economic data from the past two months make the point.

"The May jobs report gave us the first indication that the post-pandemic rebound would be something special, revealing that employers had created a record-shattering 2.5 million jobs in a single month, beating economists' expectations for a loss of around 9 million jobs."

Thank you, President Trump, the cool hand at the helm.

ITEM 10: Media-ite reported, "Nike has pulled all of its merchandise for the NFL’s Washington football team from its website, as of Thursday afternoon."

Irony: it was all made by slaves in Red China.

Basically, Nike is a Red Chinese company because that's where its product is made.

Ditto Apple and too many other companies.

ITEM 11: The Washington Examiner reported, "The top prosecutor in the nation’s capital said the Justice Department has charged 150 people in cases related to acts of violence during protests that followed the death of George Floyd.

"Acting U.S. Attorney for D.C. Michael Sherwin, picked by Attorney General William Barr in mid-May after a stint as deputy attorney general for national security, revealed the number on Tucker Carlson’s Fox News show Thursday evening while providing an update on the Justice Department’s law enforcement efforts tied to the demonstrations over the past five weeks."

The story also said, "President Trump signed an executive order in late June aimed at encouraging federal law enforcement to protect federal monuments."

Who said the president is doing nothing about these riots? He ain't going crazy. He's going smart.

ITEM 12: The Daily Caller reported, "Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz will soon introduce legislation that will hold city officials financially responsible for damaged property and injuries sustained from rioting.

"'Sen. Cruz is working on a legislative proposal that will hold city officials financially responsible for the property damages and personal injuries that result from their decision to allow autonomous zones and/or order officers to stand down in the midst of rioting and looting,' A spokesperson for Cruz’s office told The Daily Caller."

Makes sense.

That's my way of saying no way in hell it will become law.

ITEM 13: CNBC reported, "World Federation of Advertisers CEO Stephan Loerke says he believes the slew of big brands publicly switching off social media advertising aren’t likely to come back until real change is made.

"'I don’t see those big brands come back if there hasn’t been structural change,' Loerke said in an interview with CNBC. 'That’s my take on the basis of my conversations with them.'

"The trade group’s 120 members, which include PepsiCo, P&G and Diageo, represent 90% of global marketing communications spending, the group says. In a recent survey of 58 of those companies, the WFA found that 31% of respondents had already decided to withhold or were likely to withhold social media advertising. 41% said they were undecided, and 29% said they were unlikely or not planning to withhold."

Of course they won't go back immediately.

They are doing this to cut expenses in the guise of SJW.

ITEM 14: The Washington Redskins may change their name. A dear reader suggested Red Lives Matter.

I don't know why the team will no longer pay tribute to the valor of Indians because that is what a team name does: it honors those it names.

ITEM 15: Gateway Pundit reported, "Professor Helmut Norpoth from Stony Brook University told Lou Dobbs on August 16th, 2016, that Donald Trump had an 87% chance of winning the 2016 Presidential election."

Now Norpoth gives President Trump a 91% chance of re-election.

This is not an outlier prediction. Look at how Democrats are acting. They dare not roll their man out.

Jonah Gottschalk reported, "Biden Campaign Refuses To Release Cognitive Test Results."

They can't. According to Biden they are constantly testing him. That is very, very telling.

Enough Americans have been through this to realize Plugs is too sick to preside.

ITEM 16: The Boston Globe (no links to pay sites) reported Dukakis told Biden not to take the polls too seriously.

Kerry could say the same thing.

Flashback to 2004, "In a hypothetical presidential contest, Massachusetts Sen. John Kerry leads President George W. Bush by 12 percentage points among likely voters, 55% to 43%, while North Carolina Sen. John Edwards leads Bush by 10 points, 54% to 44%."

Dukakis also should advise Biden to stay out of any tanks.

ITEM 17: NTEB reported, "Protesters in Africa Reject Covid-19 Vaccine from Gavi Alliance, Saying they Don't Want to be Bill Gates Guinea Pigs in Racially Motivated Trials."

The story said, "The band of demonstrators who gathered Wednesday at the University of the Witwatersrand, where the trial is based, reflect long-running fears among some in Africa over testing drugs on people who don’t understand the risks. 'The people chosen as volunteers for the vaccination, they look as if they’re from poor backgrounds, not qualified enough to understand' protest organizer Phapano Phasha told The Associated Press ahead of the event. 'We believe they are manipulating the vulnerable.'"

Rich white men have exploited Africans for centuries. Why should Gates be any different?

Tear down his statue. And yes, there is one.

In Red China.

Of course.

ITEM 18: Breitbart News reported, "Joe Biden appeared to suffer another mental malfunction on Friday when he referred to himself as Joe Biden’s husband.

"The presumptive Democrat nominee for president was speaking to the National Education Association annual conference, and union president Lily Eskelsen Garcia touted Jill Biden’s membership in the largely compulsory organization.

"She then introduced Biden, who said, 'I’m Joe Biden’s husband, Joe Biden.'

"He didn’t correct himself and launched into his remarks."

The poorest man in the world is he who has no one who loves him enough to tell him it is time to leave the stage.

ITEM 19: But where will granny get her hooch?
Please, Virginia, go back to being Republican.

If only for your dignity.


  1. The democrats are the ones who started the pandemic to overthrow Trump so they can get their money and power back. Leaked documents reveal the main players in this
    They want to do this to patriots .,.Look at this video ASAP!!!'

    1. ^^^This is spam. The video is a sales pitch.

    2. Didn't look like spam to me... It was actually a very accurate video with a lot of truth. Liberals need to watch it.

  2. 1 - Happy Birthday America. To steal another Neil Young song - Long May You Run.

    4 - saving lives does not matter to the liberals. Defeating PDJT is the only goal.

    7 - the insanity continues. At a family meal a few years back, I said that women should not announce men’s sports or provide color commentary for a sport they have not played. The response from the liberal family members was vicious. Because of this, I may be publicly outed soon. I will NOT recant.

    8 - 98.6% of the country knows of Maxwell’s impending death. Here’s hoping for an upset and that she tells all.

    10 - I long ago pulled Nike merchandise from my shelves.

    14 - The Cowboys will be next because cowboys killed Indians.

    1. Item #7 Couldn't agree more. When a female voice comes on the radio goes off.

    2. Don't forget that the ladies (ha!!) sued to be allowed in the locker rooms with the players as they were showering and dressing. Won that one, too.

  3. #14: "because that is what a team name does: it honors those it names."

    Sorry Don, but what does your football team honor again?!? Could there be a worse team name? Could be considered racist too.

    1. How dare you impugn the valor, the unsung glory, of the stalwart, sturdy, summer dresses and calico tablecloths loved by generations of Americans, their fabric persevering bravely through washing after washing, never to be daunted by the vagaries of washers or the dizzy tumbling of the dryer?

      (For anyone who doesn't know, Don's hometown team is the delightfully (and hilariously) named "Poca Dots.")

  4. ITEM #3 Yeah but Tesla was only down 5% year-to-year when its main vehicle production facility in Fremont, California was shut down and California, one of its biggest markets, was in a virtual lock down during the quarter thanks to Gavin "Ima Idiot" Knewsom (sic). Compares quite well to GM down 34%, Toyota down 35%, and Fiat Chrysler down 39%.

    ITEM #18 What he normally does is say he's "Jill" Biden's husband to endear himself to the audience in a folksy sort of way.

    That doesn't work when you can't remember who's husband you are.

    He's previously confused his sister and Jill.

    Next up? Confusing himself with Joe Biden's hamster.

    1. Enough! Hamsters and children are off limits. :)

  5. As Lynyrd Skynyrd said about Neil Young, "A Southern man don't need him around anyhow."

    1. Amen to that. Go away Neil.

    2. Yes! Back to Soviet Canuckistan!

  6. ITEM #18:

    A good acronym for Joe would be "IJIT"... for 'I'm Joe I Think'.

    1. Need to come up with a 'd' and make it IDJIT. But even so, the point comes across. Well done!!

  7. #8 I don't think she'll be democided. Too obvious this time. Her lawyer will somehow win bail for her, with numerous supervisory conditions. She skips within a month, and no law enforcement agency seriously looks for her.

    1. No chance for bail. She participated in a long term conspiracy with a pedophile, if she's let out on bail the screaming would be too loud. She talks and she might get 20 years, which under the new First Step Act means much less. Arkancide won't happen because AG Barr will personally approve the guards who watch over her.

    2. She (or her lawyer) needs to let it be known loud and clear that the deadman drop is recorded and ready to go. That threat is the only suicide prevention she has.

    3. Protective Incarceration on the military side of Leavenworth should work. The military side is composed of military guards, not likely to be infiltrated or corrupted.

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. The Redskins should change their name to the Washington 7th Cavalry so they can finally be associated with winners.

    1. Yep. "The Dog Faced Pony Soldiers" has a nice ring to it also.

    2. If I remember correctly, the indigenous people of a slightly red skin tint were the winners. So that would make the Washington 7th Calvary the losers. Oh, wait. They are losers anyway.

    3. They need to buy the right to the Fighting Whities' name and logo. It would be hilarious. The merchandise sales alone would make the team a fortune.

  10. #Item 14: I say rename them the Washington Whiteskins. For imagery they can choose from Revolutionary War militias, Union soldiers, D-Day invasion troops, 1st Americans in space, 1st men walking on moon - endless!

  11. Happy Independence Day, Big D and all y’all lovable Surberites! Grill will be blazin in a half hour up here in DubVee, steak and chicken, homemade potato and pasta salads, food coma by 1 PM. May God continue to richly bless the United States of America!

    He got this.

    1. Add me to the "Thank you Don" for all you do. We hope you can enjoy the holiday as much as we are. While we wait for dark this evening--the fairgrounds launch site is less than a half mile from our front porch--we will be watching a replay of PDJT's speech from last night. By all accounts it was magnificent. We can tell because the MSM is going berserk trying to pan it.

  12. I don't always comment but when I do, I declare independence

    Watch item 8

    Epstein is the tip of a very disastrous iceberg for certain powerful people.

    Epstein was obviously an agent for a Foreign Intelligence service. To what end I don't know. The fact that he was acting for some government was a poorly kept secret in certain circles. Granted many powerful people strike a pose that they "know people in X intelligence service" but Epstein and this madam dodged too many bullets for too long not to have a governmental patron.

    I have always said that Russiagate had all the hall marks of an intelligence op.

    I noted that many of the players involved with Ukraine Sham-peachment had curious almost agent covert cover legend type backgrounds. (I mean we can surely find A FEW NSC staff people that didn't move to the US at age 3, right?).

    For those keeping score if said person came to the US at "school age" 5 or older... most intel orgs will not grant SCI access. Curious how many of these staff people just happened to miss that cutoff. Almost like they were positioned to be able to get said clearance.

    And then we have the DNC and Hillary Email hacks. Which everyone even Trump said Intelligence services world wide would be interested in.

    My spidey sense says all these threads may be related and certain things are coming home to roost.

    1. Kissinger was always a big man for what he called linkage. You follow things and they lead places.

      Met an old gentleman once wearing a beret with an interesting crest and asked if he was OSS.

      He just smiled and said, "Bits and pieces".

    2. Gamer, that is the best speculative analysis I have read on this stinking, burning, pile of horse manure I have read.having held a Security Clearance, working for a defense contractor. I wondered in awe of how some people get their clearance without any serious background check.I held mine in the Carter /early Reagan years. Had to have it to hold the job.Anal exam with a concrete proctoscope, if you will. My parents got a visit from Men in Black, so did my professors, teachers and friends. I still can't talk about stuff I've done and seen. The CIA wanted me for years to join.But when you see people like Brennan as CIA head
      Huma having a security clearance,and half the Clinton and 0 administrations not even having the clean background to get a "confidential" low level clearance
      to get a high level clearance is very suspicious..
      They weren't counting on the Orange Lion to keep going.There is going to be He** to pay...

  13. 2: Christianity grows when it's persecuted.

    Newsom ought to pick up a history book.

    10: Irony: it was all made by slaves in Red China.

    I wish I was in the land of bamboo

    14: Define irony. A good many American Indians are beginning to push back on all the renaming.

    They say it turns American Indians into non-persons.

    And most American Indians are quite patriotic

    PS A lot of this is MeToo 2.0. It shall pass.

    1. Had an old friend who was Warm Springs (Oregon Tribal confederation)who had a belt buckle:
      "America-love it or give it back!" He had me pegged as part Redskin"his own words from the day we met.

  14. I don't always comment but when I do I go full conspiracy

    Let's Go Way back and remember the Obama Birther debate

    2011 Trump toys with Presidential ambitions questioning Obama's birthplace and citizenship

    goes on The View with Whoopi and says "I want him [Obama] to show his birth certificate"

    Now Trump is a smart man. Why did he do this?

    Obviously OBVIOUSLY he had information that dear Obama was not telling the same story about his birth and heritage. Many people have noted that Obama claimed to be "Kenyan" many times in his background. (Obama did go to Columbia after all right there in Trump York)

    Trump basically a year later telegraphed the information he had on Obama taunting On October 24, 2012, Trump offered to donate five million dollars to the charity of Obama's choice in return for the publication of his college and passport applications before October 31, 2012. (he didn't give Obama 4 weeks to forge these documents)

    I remember the Birth-gate controversy well. Nearly everyone EVERYONE was begging Obama to release the certificate. It took a month. Then when it was released everyone was like "so why did you wait"?

    What if the Birth Certificate took 4 weeks to emerge... because it had to be forged?

    after all like a spy thriller the Hawaiian official who OKed the release (discovery?) of the "long form" died tragically (and you can't make this up) plane crash. She was discovered wearing (you can't make this up) an infants life vest for flotation. Almost like someone wanted to make sure there was no rescue at sea.

    Anyway outside of the highlighting of the Birth of Obama to Trump animosity (heh!). I think it's easy to see that Trump and Obama are intertwined a bit more than casually.

    If that certificate was forged. It begs the question forged by whom. No US outfit would touch this. So if it was forged it was done by someone.

    In more recent history there is the curious case of Mr Billy Clinton's Grandkid talk with AG Loretta Lynch. Curious how Billy knew where he could approach Loretta on the sly not sly. And get her to recuse herself so a certain Cretin name Comey could say Hildibeast was A OK running a home brew classified email server. No US outfit would touch this, but somehow Billy knew where to Grandkid Lynch. So who DID THAT? (if you guys remember the Repubs like McSame (idiots) immediately began braying for Lynch to recuse, nifty technique no?)

    And then during a Trump admin curiously Epstein is not able to dodge bullets anymore. THEN Epstein gets suicided in a Federal Lockup (while ON suicide watch).

    There are so many curious things going on in the world right now.

    1. Gamer, your devious thinking matches right up alongside my own. Well said!

      I'd like to have a dollar for every time someone said re: birther, "That's been debunked!"

      So far no one at all has been able to show me *where* it's been debunked. That's because it hasn't been, but the FakeNews media want it to go away!

      After all, as their top thinker Joe Biden said, "We choose truth over facts!" Their "truth" hasn't got any room for those pesky facts.

      Oh, and Happy Independence Day, Don & all the Surberites! And what a great speech by our incredible President!

  15. Item 10: "Basically, Nike is a Red Chinese company because that's where its product is made."

    Yep. Check out the link below:

    Scroll down to 'Case Study 1' for more about Nike and slave labor. ;)

  16. I saw what you did at the end of Item 8: "Hilarious"? Hillary-ous, indeed.

  17. #14 why don't the redskins just put a red skinned potato on the side of their helmets ?

  18. 1a. The Rule for being added (assuming it's physically possible...shape of the mountain...aesthetics of 57 faces staring out from it...and all) is like Hall of Fame, not until 50 years after death. It has to be the next generation that still thinks they deserve it.

    1b. That said, U.S. Grant needs to be there.

    2. "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;..."

    I'm looking for the exception that says any Tom, Dick or Harriette bureaucrat can dictate religious behavior.

    4. It was only "controversial" because the press opposed anything Trump said. It was only "surprising" to people not paying attention (like the press).

    5. Kimberly Gardner is a Soros hireling. She forced the resignation of Gov. Greitens with the testimony of Dem operatives and without being able to produce a single bit of evidence.

    6. The Only Lives That Matter Are Ones Democrats Think They Can Use For Political Gain.

    Yes, I keep writing the same thing. It's true.

    14. The Left is committing Cultural Genocide.

    In 100 years, no one will know there were people living in North America before Europeans arrived. They're mention will have been wiped out.

    17. China buys the loyalties of the super-rich with a ready supply of body parts harvested from political prisoners.

    "Join us and you can live forever." (the recruiting line from Necromancer Lord Marshall in the movie Riddick)

    J in StL

  19. #4, lets do the math, I suspect far more African Americans died from suppression of the hydroxychloroquine option than those that died from police action for many years. And the press: crickets

  20. ITEM 2 - Looks more like the Babylon Bee than the Sacramento Bee.

    ITEM 6 - I saw the interview of that father by Sean Hannity Wednesday night. It was heartbreaking.

    ITEM 8 - Ghislane Maxwell has one thing in her favor as she dickers a deal with the feds. No one put a gun to the heads of those prominent men to force them into sexual conduct with underage girls. She might therefore be able to spend her last years out of custody if she rats on them. Of course, she will still be a convicted felon and a registered sex offender.

  21. #8 Ghislaine Maxwell did not commit suicide! Yet!
    #10 If the WRs were smart, they would tweet out "Thanks, Nike! We were ashamed that our merchandise was made by slave labor in China.
    #11 So, about 150 people have been indicted. That's kind of like the number of murderers arrested in Chicago. It is only a blip on the radar.
    #16 They know he's incompetent. That's why they are so focused on the VP. He will resign within 30 days if, by some miracle, he beats PDJT. Warren is salivating over her chance to become President.
    #18 There is no love at all in a Democrat Politician's heart. Only the thirst for power that surpasses all else.

  22. #5 The Missouri couple would have been better off if the woman had kept the pistol she doesn't know how to handle in a holster and used a camera to capture the threats and behavior of the yowling mob.

  23. > Meanwhile, smelly old hippie Neil Young objected to playing some songs of his at the celebration.

    Smelly old Canadian hippie Neil Young.

  24. I do not agree with lionizing former Confederates. There are people, Americans, just as patriotic as me who revere them as heros for reasons other than why I choose not to honor them.
    it does not matter, these men are a part of America's History and to forget them is to place us in dire straits and risk repeating that history.
    Keep the statues, but be honest in the citations we make about them. We still remember the bull moose party because of teddy Roosevelt. Let's keep these men's memory alive and firmly associated with the party of hate, the democrats.
    #4. The deciders at the American Pharmaceutical Association who made the decision to block this should be tried, convicted, and executed for serial murder.

  25. #8 Hillary's fingers were on her speed dial immediately after she heard about the arrest.