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Saturday, July 25, 2020

Highlights of the News

July is Patriot Month. Columbia, the Gem of the Ocean was the unofficial national anthem for decades. "Thy Banners make tyranny tremble, when borne by the red, white and blue."

Never forget, this country defeated the best military in the world to become free, and brought down Imperial Japan, Fascist Italy, and Nazi Germany. Has anyone seen the Soviet Union lately?

ITEM 1: Zero Hedge reported, "China's Foreign Minister Wang Yi, one of the most visible senior officials in the President Xi-led Communist Party, said Friday that the current 'difficult situation' in US-Sino relations was 'entirely the fault of the US.'

"Meanwhile, CCP mouthpiece the Global Times warned in an article published roughly an hour ago that the closure of the US consulate in Chengdu will cause more strategic losses on the US side as 'Washington has long used its diplomats in Chengdu to infiltrate Tibet and other regions in Southwest China, interfering in China's domestic affairs.'

"In a statement that alludes to the western powers' criticisms of China's blatant and widespread abuses of human rights in Xinjiang, the GT cited a top Foreign Ministry spokesman, who said during a briefing on Friday that the US's consulate in Chengdu was a thinly veiled espionage operation."

I hope that Chengdu is a nest of espionage. I wish we spied on Red China as hard as Obama spied on President Donald John Trump.

ITEM 2: Politico reported, "A judge on Friday denied the Oregon attorney general's request for a temporary restraining order to rein in the activities of federal agents responding to protests and unrest in Portland.

"As part of a lawsuit against federal agents in the city, Oregon Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum had requested that federal officers clearly identify themselves when seizing protesters and stop arrests without probable cause.

"But U.S. District Court Judge Michael Mosman rejected the motion, arguing that she did not present enough evidence that future harm would continue at the hands of the agents. The judge also raised doubts about whether the state had legal standing to pursue a suit on behalf of protesters or others who might be targeted by the federal officers."

It did not help the state that what the press calls protesters were trying to burn down the federal courthouse.

The Constitution is not a suicide pact.

ITEM 3: The Wall Street Journal reported, "Ratings for Disney's A&E Network have plummeted since it canceled the hit police reality show Live PD on June 10, a sign of how much the network relies on law-enforcement programming.

"Average prime-time viewership for A&E between June 11 and July 19 was 498,000 people, down 49% from the same period last year, according to data from Nielsen. In the key demographics of adults 18-49 and 25-54, the declines are 55% and 53%, respectively.

"The show, which follows police on their rounds in multiple cities simultaneously, averaged about 1.9 million viewers for its Friday and Saturday night episodes, repeatedly re-aired on other days. It spawned several successful spinoff shows, also canceled."

Bring back Mysteries of the Bible.

ITEM 4: United Press International reported, "Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz signed into a law police reforms following weeks of protests in response to the killing of George Floyd by a Minneapolis police officer.

"The bipartisan Minnesota Police Accountability Act, which passed the Democratic-led House and the Republican-led Senate earlier this week, provides for mental health and crisis intervention training for officers, mandates monthly reports for each use of force incident and bans so-called warrior training and chokeholds, like the one former officer Derek Chauvin used on Floyd.

"The law also creates a new advisory council with citizen input, mandates officers to intervene when another officer uses force beyond what is reasonable and a slew of types of training."

We have been training and re-training police for decades.

How about if we try teaching communities to behave themselves and when confronted by the police to be polite?

ITEM 5: Just the News reported, "President Trump said Friday that he's 'unrigging the system' with executive orders aimed at reducing the prices of prescription drugs in the U.S.

"One of the executive orders would provide discounted insulin and EpiPens to low-income Americans, which Trump said would bring the cost down to 'pennies a day.'

"The president explained that community health centers would have to pass the savings they receive on the drugs onto their patients.

"Another order would allow 'states, wholesalers and pharmacies' to safely import prescription drugs from Canada – a change Trump said the Obama-Biden administration wasn't able to make."

De-coupling Republicans from Big Pharma and other groups is liberating.

And attractive to Democrat voters abandoned by their party.

Dropping insulin prices will help plenty of West Virginians.

ITEM 6: Just the News reported, "Key Republicans who led the effort to expose FBI abuses in the Russia collusion probe say newly declassified memos show agents improperly spied on candidate Donald Trump in 2016, recording his answers and actions during counterintelligence briefings.

"The new memos released Thursday by Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe detail the FBI's conduct during a mid-August 2016 counterintelligence briefing, Trump's first as the GOP nominee, in which an agent was secretly inserted to gather evidence of later-disproven Russia collusion.

"The agent's post-briefing memo recorded near verbatim the specific questions the future president was asking intelligence officials, even comments Trump made about his youngest son, as well as sizing up national security adviser Michael Flynn's behavior."

They still are spying on him.

Remember, Schumer bragged that the intelligence community can get you six ways to Sunday. How many other people did Obama, Schumer, and the rest of the Democrat Party have the FBI spy on?

ITEM 7: Flashback to January 19, 2019, when Memeorandum and the rest of the media were all abuzz about a teenager allegedly smirking at an Indian.

Yesterday, the Washington Post paid the teenage victim of this slander up to $250 million to settle his libel suit. CNN settled earlier.

Memorandum had not one story linked to the settlement last night.

Compare the coverage of Smirkingate to the media's cover up of arson, rioting and looting by Democrat operatives with the blessing of Democrat mayors.

ITEM 8: Red State reported, "Today, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals issued an opinion reversing a jury verdict and ordering dismissal of a case that was the biggest of Michael Avenatti’s career in his prior profession as an attorney in Southern California.

"The case was a class-action lawsuit brought by Avenatti on behalf of Plaintiff Bahamas Surgery Center and against defendant multinational health care company Kimberly-Clark Corp."

The jury said $454 million. The Ninth said zero.

That pretty much sums up the legal career of the Creepy Porn Lawyer.

ITEM 9: Subvet said in comments yesterday,  "I know most of your readers probably won't see this as I am posting late in the day. I'm going to do it anyway.

"I am and have been a baseball fan ever since I can remember. My Father played with me in the back yard. I was 4 when I attended my first game to see the Washington Senators play the Cleveland Indians. Senators lost but I was seriously hooked. We moved to New England and the Red Sox became my team. I suffered through years of The Sox bringing us to the brink and then losing in the World Series. 1967, 1975, 1986 and then the devastating loss in 2003 play off to the HATED New York Yankees in 1983, 2004 was our redemption. The Sox won after defeating the Yankees and plowing through the St. Louis Cardinals. We finally won! I wait all winter for spring training.

"Yesterday the Red Sox unfurled a 250 foot Black Lives Matter Banner at Fenway Park. That is that, I am done. The Red Sox and MLB can kiss my *ss. I have removed my Red Sox towel from my golf bag, my ball marker from my pocket, my vintage 1986 Red Sox jacket and hat are in the trash. 65 years of my love of professional baseball has ended.

"My wife looked at me said are you sure? Yes, I am sure. BLACK LIVES DO MATTER BUT SO DO ALL OTHER LIVES. My heart is broken but the million dollar players and billionaire owners can suck it. I'll spend my money on other things. NO MORE PROFESSIONAL BASEBALL FOR THIS GUY!!!! Let them wither on the vine. I have struggled to keep the expletives out of this post. I AM FURIOUS. BTW all other professional sports are done as well."

He speaks for me and many others.

I started as an Indians fan in 1960 after they traded Colavito, which killed the team. The team had 6 winning seasons in the 35 years from 1960 to 1993, inclusive. Our glory days were Joe Charbonneau winning Rookie of the Year.

Then in 1994 came a new ballpark, a new hope, and 2 World Series lost in extra innings in Game 7.

It was nice, but it is over. Nobody wins.

ITEM 10: Antifa meets the irresistible force.
(In Howard Cossell voice): "Down goes Stay Puft Marshmallow Man! Down goes Stay Puft Marshmallow Man!"

ITEM 11Fox reported, "A Christian ministry in the United Kingdom said it received death threats and had its accounts shut down after a mob rule campaign by LGBTQ activists, falsely accusing it of conversion therapy.

"Core Issues Trust (CIT), a non-profit Christian ministry that supports men and women who voluntarily seek change in sexual preference and expression, was targeted at the end of June as the U.K. seeks to ban conversion therapy.

"Earlier this week, Barclays Bank notified CIT that it was closing the group's accounts after several other companies took action against the group. Mailchimp and Paypal suspended its services, and both Facebook and Instagram removed content from its pages."

I sure hope British law allows CIT to sue Barclays, Mailchimp, and Paypal, the latter I have never trusted and used only once.

Facebook and Instagram also need to pay for cowering to fascists.

ITEM 12: Reuters reported, "Ghislaine Maxwell, the former associate of late financier Jeffrey Epstein, suffered dual setbacks in a U.S. court on Thursday, as a judge authorized the release of new materials related to her, while another judge refused to block prosecutors and lawyers from publicly discussing her criminal case.

"U.S. District Judge Loretta Preska in Manhattan directed the release of large portions of more than 80 documents from a 2015 civil lawsuit against Maxwell, the British socialite now facing criminal charges that she lured girls for Epstein to sexually abuse.

"The materials ordered unsealed include flight logs from Epstein's private jets, testimony from depositions in 2016 in which Maxwell's lawyers said she was asked 'intrusive questions' about her sex life, and police reports from Palm Beach, Florida, where Epstein had a home."

(In fake outrage voice): How dare they ask a person who aided and abetted a pedophile about her sex life.

Preska is a Bush 41 appointee.

Put her on Arkancide Watch.

ITEM 13: Vogue reported, San Francisco Mayor London Breed, a black Democrat, said of BLM, "I have a real problem with the takeover of the movement by white people.

"I want people to respect the opinions and feelings of black people and allow us to decide what is in our best interest. I talk about the plan to reduce the police budget and reallocate those resources to the African American community, and a large number of non-blacks reached out to tell me what I should do for the black community. Then, they say what their community deserves because of their challenges as well. That really bothered me. The black community is capable of speaking for ourselves and deciding what’s in our best interest."

Black community.

Is there a white community? If so, does it have autonomy? Can it demand defunding of socialist programs and reallocating the funds to the Caucasian American community?

White liberals did not hijack this movement.

They set it up.

But Breed is using race just as George Wallace and all those southern governors did. She was elected mayor of the whole city, not just this mythical black community.

ITEM 14: Fox reported, "Five Seattle news organizations were ordered by a judge Thursday to turn over unpublished photos and videos from a May 30 protest to the police department.

"King County Superior Court Judge Nelson Lee ruled the news outlets must comply with a subpoena, saying the images of videos were needed for an investigation into the alleged arson of Seattle Police Department vehicles and the theft of police-issued weapons, the Seattle Times reported.

"The media companies subpoenaed are the Times and television stations KIRO 7, KING 5, KOMO 4 and KCPQ 13. The subpoena seeks images and videos during a 90-minute span of the protest.

"Protesters damaged six police vehicles, stole equipment and set five vehicles on fire, authorities said. A loaded Glock 43 semi-automatic pistol and a loaded Colt M4 carbine rifle with a suppressor remain missing."

Fox called vandalism and theft a protest.

Roger Ailes rolls his eyes in his grave.

ITEM 15: Paul Bedard reported, "The draft 2020 Democratic National Committee platform being circulated in Washington aims to reinforce the view that liberals are best situated to battle for minorities seeking higher wages, better housing and jobs, and more money for schools.

"With the August convention coming on the heels of the Black Lives Matter protests, it features support for the movement and an expanded pledge to root out racism.

"The preamble says, 'We will give hate no safe harbor. We will never amplify or legitimize the voices of bigotry, racism, misogyny, anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, or white supremacy.'

"In promising change, it sets up one group that has it too good and is holding minorities back: whites.

"In more than 80 pages in the draft platform published by Politico, whites are mentioned 15 times, all critical, including three references to white supremacy or supremacists and one to white nationalists. The document doesn’t capitalize white as it does Black, Latinos, Asian Americans, and Native Americans."

They gonna boo God again?

ITEM 16: The Daily Wire reported, "Although the FBI has arrested three Chinese visa holders suspected of having memberships in the People’s Liberation Army, a fourth research visa fraud suspect is being protected in the Chinese consulate in San Francisco, where U.S. law enforcement cannot enter unless invited."

Under Biden, the PLA will have a suite in the White House.

Crack down, Mister President.

ITEM 17: The Chicago Sun-Times reported, "Wielding a hatchet, Otis Williams slaughtered a man and woman in Kankakee County in 1974 to keep them from talking to the police about meat, candy, cigarettes, vegetables and fruit he’d stolen from a market.

"Convicted in their deaths, Williams and an accomplice got prison terms of 800 to 2,400 years. In 2013, making his 30th appearance before the Illinois Prisoner Review Board, Williams finally succeeded in winning his freedom. The board said he was remorseful, a model inmate and no risk to the public. He was paroled by a vote of 11-4."

Model inmate.

He should have been executed 40+ years ago.


  1. I notice you did not mention what happened on Fox yesterday regarding Kayleigh's press conference. I notice NO ONE is talking about their censorship. Are you being censored?

    1. Voltaire: "To find out who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize."

    2. Not censored. I didn't think it merited an item, but Voltaire was right

    3. You are O.K. Don regardless of the faux paw after your racist "Monster" quote. BTW probably why your came under their Tweet scope the other day.

    4. The quote isn't by Voltaire. It's by someone whose name i won't mention here beause he is an ugly piece of s**t. Even though like a clock with one hand he was right once. Look it up.


  2. Item 13: Blacks are 13% of the population yet commit the majority of the crimes in the country. Blacks countenance criminals living in their midst.

    1. And you will now banned for complaining about being discriminated against.

    2. That's because math is racist, therefore statistics are racist.


  3. Daily life sometimes puts business, work or other roadblocks to getting to a Surber, "Highlights of the News" posting until the following morn (no complaints, the benefit is a 2 for 1 reading of the previous and todays, like this a.m.)...I was moved to respond to the reader's late night post and went on to today's Highlights, and was gladdenned that the ever diligent Mr. Surber late night mined that little gold nugget for this morning. ZB

    1. I know the feeling.
      I was a big fan of the Charlie O's mustache gang. Settled in the midwest and followed the cubs and cards, and despite all the strikes, I still loved the game.
      It's just a bunch of bittersweet memories, akin to those of a marriage that ended in divorce due to an unfaithful spouse's infidelity.

    2. Back in the late 70's my best friend was a Jewish kid who's parents ran a retail chain in the Northwest (long gone now)He was the manager of a store in the Tri-cities area of Washington where I worked. He was working towards his Flight instructor's rating and that required a certian amount of instruction from a CFI-me. He had Piper Aztec twin we'd go to Seattle for a Mariner's game or a Seahawks game and fly back home afterward. I got to log the time as instruction given. His sister had a thing for me. But lets put it this way"Expensive and built to stay that way." but you could go downtown have a great meal,take in a movie and just live life. Now thanks to the Dem/socialists-its Gone With the Wind.. Th8at Neighborhood in the scene where3 the Soyboi got punched is near where His family live. this is upscale suburbia.They wantto take the fight to US ok. "Molon Labe."

    3. Amen, I feel the same way about the NFL and NBA. My dad loved sports, he coached softball and basketball both. I played softball, volleyball, swam. Watched my brothers play football, and basketball. I watched Larry Bird, and Reggie Miller, Boom Baby Boom.

      All the memories, are now bittersweet. NFL has been known as the National Felon League for years. NBA wasnt far behind them. So all these criminals are getting paid millions to play, so that they can entertain us and we can get out of real life and our problems for bit, are now lecturing me on how to behave? Reaaaalllly? On how to think?

      I lived and worked in a male-dominate field for 30 years. I didnt get handed jack because of affirmative action. I had to prove over and over I was better at my job then the "guys". For the most part, I had fun doing. Nothing like fixing an issue in 10 min, that two guys spent 2 weeks spinning their wheels over.

      Everyone faces issues. Faces name calling, faces discrimination of one sort or the other. It is all wrong. But to tell me I am bad just for the color of my skin sets this country back a 100 yrs. That is the epitome of RASISM.

      So now all sports are dead to me now, and I grieve.

  4. Hey LibCommies, the mask is off now anyways so I encourage you to frame up your platform as Pure, 100%, non-GMO, No Artificial Sweeteners MARXISM. Personally, I’d LOVE that debate. Capitalism vs. Marxism, 2020, all the way down the ticket. “You lose.”

    Mr. T, 50-0. Never forget, friends, that The Duke With The Cool Tank Helmet was up SEVENTEEN on H.W. at about this point in 1988.

    1. And yes, I’ll concede DC’s EC votes to the Eventual (and Inevitable) LibCommie candidate, Big Mike Mooch. But it ain’t a state.

  5. #10. Punching street blockers, while heartwarming, is growing stale. I long to see a decent American come out of his truck with an 11 round 1911 and snuff seven or eight speed bumps in a calm, workman-like manner. I think we all need to see that.

  6. The best part of that vid in Item #10 is seeing how the other cyclists reacted.

    Did they come to the aid of their comrade? No. (Only after the puncher left did they offer a shoulder for their mate to cry on.)

    Did they confront the puncher? No. What they did was gasp in horror and cower.

    Should have been easy to confront the puncher. There look to be about 10 or more cyclists. And not one brave enough to respond to their mate getting a black eye. LOL!

  7. 1 - The last sentence. Yes.

    9 - all that’s left is college football.

    15 - as usual, democrats are against all of the things they are guilty of. “ We will never amplify or legitimize the voices of bigotry, racism, misogyny, anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, or white supremacy”.

    1. 9 - all that’s left is college football.

      They won't leave that for long; already indoctrinating the entire student body campus by campus.

    2. I washed my hands on college football back in '15, during the dust-up at Mizzou; the football team threatened to boycott an upcoming game vs BYU at Arrowhead Stadium here in KC...they ended up playing....we had already bought tickets, so we went to the game, but that is the last $$$ Mizzou will EVER get from me...also have a 1/4 season season ticket package for the Royals, and if they get woke, I'll be done with them, too.

  8. 11: You and me both.

    12: Once done, I think the dam busts. Miss Maxwell will be safer and, eventually, the Federal bench will demand action. It would be the second attempt on a Federal judge's life and, while that's OK if you're just people, the people on the Federal bench aren't going to take it well.

    1. Don't forget about Woodrow Harrelson's hitman father who assassinated federal judge John H. Wood Jr. the 1st one murdered in the 20th century. What is old is new again.

  9. I don't do spectator sports. in fact, I haven't owned a tv since Reagan. many more super bowl Sundays I've spent surfing than watching football.

    all tv is porn. a poor substitute for reality. better to do than watch.

    look at cooking shows. you can't smell the goodies or taste them. all you can do is watch others having fun.

    I'd rather bbq alone than watch blobs on the boob tube do it.

    and bbq is the longest running pleasure man has devised.

    dead beast-fire-stories.

    bbq smells great

    tastes better.

    brings people together.

    away from tv.

    as frank said, "I may be VILE and pernicious

    but you can't look away

    I make you think I'm delicious

    with the stuff that I say.

    I'm the slime oozing out from your tv set.


  10. Item #2 Oops. Scooped up by federal officers on a federal charge. Their Antifa handlers didn't say anything about that. No getting released by a local DA after a couple of hours in the can. Welcome to federal prison, dumbbell. This federal thing...priceless.
    - Gary B

  11. Item #16 Notice how quickly China's fortunes have reversed. Suddenly, Xi doesn't seem so clever. Even Mother Nature is rebelling with all their flooding. Great job, President Trump, but I have a question...How did you unleash all that rain? That's what I call 3-chess!
    - Gary B

    1. The Chinese also apparently seeded a lot of clouds over the Tibetan Plateau with silver iodide so increase the depth of the snowpack to improve spring and summer flow rates downstream. Doesn't seem like a good idea now, messing with Mother Nature.


  12. Item 7 re:Sandman
    Anyone know where I can find an old Indian to bang a drum in my face?
    Looking for waterfront property here in Sarasota, and it's a bit pricey. And I can smirk with the best of em

    1. it was an old Indian that gave me a lesson on the proper use of a cane-empirically-my Grandma..the banging was on my backside.
      (I deserved it BTW.)

  13. Now something many of the younger bloggers have never been told.

  14. “How many other people did Obama, Schumer, and the rest of the Democrat Party have the FBI spy on?”


  15. ITEM 9 - I have been a Yankees fan since childhood and I will continue to remain so now that they have invited President Trump to throw out the first ball at Yankee Stadium this shortened season, much to the chagrin of the Bronx borough president.

  16. To be quoted by Mr. Surber is an honor �� to see the other's posts gives me hope there are enough of us out there to really slap them in the face.
    Thank you Mr. Surfer for the recognition as well as this excellent daily blog.

  17. “Paypal, the latter I have never trusted and used only once.”

    Used to know a guy whose dad was born in Yerevan who always paid with what he called “Armenian Express”.

    ie, cash.