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Saturday, July 18, 2020

Democrat-sanctioned riots

It would be less than accurate to say that rioters have taken over Portland, Oregon. Democrat Mayor Ted Wheeler turned the city over to rioters. They are his shock troops.

Democrat Governor Kate Brown, and Democrat Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum now are protecting Wheeler's violent mob from federal officers.

The media is complicit in this, insisting on describing the takeover by looters and rioters as a protest.
The Associated Press is promoting this violence and intimidation. Its report on Portlandia's insurrection was Pravda worthy.

AP said, "The mayor of Portland demanded Friday that President Donald Trump remove militarized federal agents he deployed to the city after some detained people on streets far from federal property they were sent to protect.

"'Keep your troops in your own buildings, or have them leave our city,”' Mayor Ted Wheeler said at a news conference.

"Democrat Gov. Kate Brown said Trump is looking for a confrontation in the hopes of winning political points elsewhere. It also serves as a distraction from the corona virus pandemic, which is causing spiking numbers of infections in Oregon and the nation. [AP failed to mention riots spread covid 19 in Portland and elsewhere.]

"Brown’s spokesman, Charles Boyle, said Friday that arresting people without probable cause is 'extraordinarily concerning and a violation of their civil liberties and constitutional rights.'

"Oregon Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum said she would file a lawsuit in federal court against the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, the Marshals Service, Customs and Border Protection and Federal Protection Service alleging they have violated the civil rights of Oregonians by detaining them without probable cause. She will also seek a temporary restraining order against them.

"The ACLU of Oregon said the federal agents appear to be violating people’s rights, which 'should concern everyone in the United States.'"


What should -- and does -- concern people is the loss of safety in city after city as Democrat mayors use gangs and Antifa to create chaos in the streets in an attempt once again to get President Trump.

In New York City, the mayor painted Black Lives Matter -- dog whistle racism -- in the streets, cut a billion dollars from the next police budget, and failed to protect (or even speak out against) the looting of high-priced jewelry in stores in Manhattan.

Democrat Oracle AOC said they were stealing bread. They must have made Rolex sandwiches then.

The New York Post reported that bats were delivered to rioters. (The Post called them protesters.) Later that day, a woman attacked and beat three police officers.

This is not an uprising. Street violence is a de facto tool of the Democrat Party in its obsession to revoke the 2016 election results.

Most Americans are appalled by the violence, the looting, and the arson. Most Americans favor funding the police. Most Americans do not want to live in Portland, New York, Chicago, Baltimore, and the rest of the big cities where mayors encourage rumors.

Sadly, millions of residents of those urban wastelands are stuck there.

But they can vote their way out on November 3. In a second term, President Trump will have more flexibility to take on the Democrats who torment America.


  1. Johnson sent the 82nd to put down rioters IIRC.

    I'll bet trump can do the same, if it comes to it.

    1. Rioters aren't the problem. Democrat government officials abetting rioters are the problem.

    2. In a normal world, yes. But obama has corrupted the military to the point that trump can't even count on the generals to follow his orders. Don't forget the 52 flag officers obama dumped during his 8 yrs who wouldn't toe his line politically.

    3. Are you sure about Johnson and the 82nd?

      I know both Eisenhower and Kennedy sent US Army personnel to the South to prevent diehards from using violence and intimidation to frustrate implementation of SCOTUS orders to deseg .... And one of those times it was the 82nd

      I dont recollect Johnson doing that and Im old enough to remember LBJ

    4. Callmelennie, it also happened under LBJ. They had the black rifles. Scared the protesters. At the time the M16 had a mythical reputation.

    5. The Democrats _want_ Trump to send in the Army. That will give them their cover for their own propaganda.

      Trump has refused to play the role assigned to him, follow their script, or bail them out.

      And like toddlers throwing a temper tantrum, the Democrats are running of of things to break, hurl, break or destroy.

      Too bad for them and their cities.

  2. Just think of Antifa as the rainbow at the end of the Oregon Trail, and all will be well.

  3. Portland businesses are packing up already. Imagine a town with no stores. Is it still in fact a town, or just an encampment then?

    1. Minneapolis is well on its way also. They have had at least 2 major businesses that employ hundreds already back out of rebuilding. Dems didnt stop their businesses from burning the first time and would say they would stop it if it happened a second. Opps, we are gone.

      Trouble is, we had a bunch of grocery stores in poorer neighborhoods give up a few years ago and leave because they were tired of being robbed. you add in riots, who is going to build back stores, including ones for food.

      I also love how the rioters want to call 911 to stop the police from picking up their cohorts in crime......

    2. is interesting, as The UN's various Agendas call for the redistribution of populations from rural areas into vertical cities... so as to better monitor and control the population...yet they are burning down those cities during this phase of their game.

  4. If these Democratic politicians are violating the law in promoting this violence, it is President Trump's constitutional responsibility to faithfully execute these laws and arrest them and hold them until they are no longer a menace to the law abiding. Let the shysters whine. The longer this drags out, the more drastic the action we need.

    1. Yes, for the protection of the politicians and rioters.
      When the populace isn't protected by those who are in office to do so, vigilantes and death squads often follow.

    2. As I repeat: Federalism. If the duley elected mayors wish to burn their city down, that's between them and their voters.

      Trump's jurisdiction is over Federal buildings and employees. He could solve a lot of this problem by announcing that the Federal Government will be moving out of Portland (etc), Departments, Offices, and Courthouse. You need to visit a Federal Office, hope you like the drive.

  5. We just signed the recall petition for Kommie Kate Brown. "Flush Brown Down" was the poster with the recall folks. It won't amount to much, but at least it's a message from deep red state Oregon--look at any election map by county and it's obvious Oregon is held hostage by looney Portlandia.

  6. I savor each day, but i am so waiting for November 3.

  7. What would Eric Holder/Obama do?

    Send in hundreds of Justice department lawyers to prosecute civil rights violations for allowing armed thugs to loot, assault, commit arson, etc.

    Don - what do make of the talk of Moochelle being readied to be Biden's VP choice for a last minute substitution?

    - Toby Flenderson

    1. I believe she's too lazy. Afraid her inadequacies will be found out. She MAY be talked/forced into it though as she is probably the only person who's candidacy could make a real difference for the Dems.

      Even they aren't sure as Michelle did a very thorough job of sticking her middle finger in White America's face and smirking while doing so.

      I believe a lot of Blacks would vote for the ticket on the basis of her being VP. Whether there would be enough is a question.

      It would def put a spoke in Trump's campaign. How could he really attack her without losing more than he gained?

  8. Urban terrorists should NOT get the same rights as ordinary criminals.
    Lets hope the feds find the connections to the dems and that foreign interloper soros

  9. Some Kapernick & NBA sanctioned camps:

  10. Take a look at current pictures of places where previous "riots" (coinkydinkly about race and Democrats. I suspect a link somehow) and see how they look today.

    50 years in some cases and some of the buildings remains still stand. No one has bought and built. Stores that existed then and were burnt up still haven't been rebuilt.

    No one invests in these sewers except case where scamming Representatives have forced invest by banks being reimbursed by the government or direct investment for construction by the government.

    The neighborhoods are still drug and poverty infested if not worse. The same so called "community" is there still whining about White racism and privilege and applauding their children as they get gunned down or marched off to prison.

    Why won't anyone point out the common factors? Why won't anyone apply logic and science to formulating actual cures by recognizing causes?

    Well we all know WHY and we all know WHAT and we all recognize no one in politics or the public has the guts (or to be honest the standing) to speak the truth and demand some solutions.

    This is called mental illness if an individual were to deny their reality to the point of their own detriment.

    We owe it to the people who are mentally ill the therapy and the facts. We are not doing anyone any favors by ignoring them.

  11. A century ago, Democrats had a hooded mob of paramilitary vigilantes to attack their political enemies and terrorize the population. They were the White Supremacists and segregationists called the Klan.

    Today, Democrats still have a hooded mob of paramilitary vigilantes to attack their political enemies and terrorize the population. They are the Black Supremacists and communists called BLM and Antifa.

    New century, same old criminals.