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Saturday, July 11, 2020

Corruption Romney approved

The Mitt Wit is at it again. President Donald John Trump's commuted Roger Stone's sentence to time served, sparing Stone going to prison for the de facto crime of being the president's friend.

Romney called it "unprecedented, historic corruption."

By unprecedented and corrupt, Mittens means corruption that he does not approve of. Politicians must look for the Mitt Romney Seal of Approval before bilking taxpayers and accepting bribes (especially the ones given to one's cocaine-addled 50-year-old offspring).

Mittens has been silent on Obama using the FBI to spy on political opponents, in particular, Donald John Trump.

The team sent to investigate Obama's false accusations of President Trump colluding with Russia quickly found nothing, but decided instead to go after Stone.

By attacking Stone, Romney supports and gives credibility to this witch hunt.

Likewise, Romney was silent as a slaughtered lamb when Jimmy the Weasel Comey let Hillary walk despite her forwarding classified information and state secrets to our adversaries.

Romney's silence came despite the attorney general -- Comey's direct supervisor -- meeting with Hillary's husband days before.

But when it comes to unprecedented, historic corruption, nothing beats Biden withholding a billion dollars in U.S. aid until Ukraine fired the prosecutor who was investigating a company that paid his son a million bucks a year for a no-show job.

Not only did Romney not object, but he voted to remove President Trump for asking a new reform government to investigate Biden's blatant corruption. The hero is the villain in Mitt World.

I know no Mormons. I am trying not to judge them all by this completely dishonest and corrupt man. Yes, he may never have been bribed, but he sure as heck enables others.

UPDATE: Dance like nobody's watching -- and pretend it is on an adversary's grave.


  1. Don -

    "...been brobed..." you mean bribed?

    I wish when people talk about "Russian collusion" I wish they would automatically append "like when Obama and Hillary colluded to give Russia a good chunk of our uranium"

    Good column!

    - Toby Flenderson

  2. My grandparents knew a few Mormons. Other than trying to convert them, they were mostly ok people. Mormons are few where I live. I bet they are rolling in their graves. Romney gives a bad name to all he touches

    1. I live where you can't throw a rock without hitting a Mormon. My Neighbors are great people. Utah LDS heritage, they despise Romney. "Carpetbagger," "crook,"
      are the adjectives I hear from them. Mittens is not well loved by the rank and file Mormon. I think if they run a real MAGA candidate against him-he's toast.

    2. Romney's problem is not being Mormon. Romney's problem is being Romney. That is why he didn't win when he ran for President.Mitt Wit is a good name for him. What he doesn't realize is if he did win against Obama, they would have torn him apart. He is not a fighter, just a second rate bully and tool.

  3. Mittens wouldn't be saying any of this or voting for impeachment without McConnell approval. Most of the GOPe in the senate are still opposed to the MAGA agenda and offer little to no support for Trump and his voters.

    1. Mitt getting McConnell's approval? That might be stretching it. McConnell can count, and he knows he'll have Trump to deal with for four more years.

      Romney is basically a Democrat. He was next to last in a line of Democrat governors in Massachusetts, where the Republican Party died in the 1970s.

      I grew up in MA, where Democrats control 70% of the seats in both houses of the legislature (like CA). Moderate (by dem left wing standards) Democrats have little influence in the party, and become Republicans for a chance to be token office holders.

      Voters in that state vote in fake Republican governors in the naive hope they'll restrain the Democrats, and the Democrats let them periodically while they wage internal party battles for primacy. They "let" the people elect the fake Republicans, because once Democrats are in charge of election machinery, they never lose another election.

    2. "....he knows that he'll have Trump to deal with for four more years........"

      Yes. But the key word is FOUR. The deep-state intends to survive and then to prosper, again. McConnell (just like Red China) can count very well, indeed. And "four" is a lot smaller than "a century."

  4. The POTUS has the pardon power because our founders rightly understood that political persecutions, such as the treasonous "collusion" narrative, would ensnare friends and family of the POTUS. The left, and Mittens in particular, should suck one.

  5. I don't always comment but when I do I talk about Mittens and Sour Grapes

    As you may recall Late Great Illustrious Senator McCain did not like President Trump. Just like Mittens McSame also was very rough in his criticism and was generally mean spirited.

    And (would you believe it?) BOTH men ran and LOST Presidential elections.

    Both Mittens and McSame desperately wanted to be President and felt that the men who eventually won (Bush II and Obama) were their inferiors.

    If you don't think John thought a great deal about the reality of their being a President Trump, you don't know John.

    Mittens is suffering from the same near-President affliction as McSame. And it's texts like this that really show it. Mitt knows very well that Roger is not some criminal mastermind who helped get Trump elected. He's just taking a cheap shot when he can take it.

    The reality of a Trump Presidency is very jarring to the political swamp types. Much more than President Reagan, Trump represents the reality that to be elected President, there are skills and audacity that is rarely taught in the swamp.

    Mittens did all the right things AND still lost after being debate clothes-lined by Candy and Obama ("go on governor")

    Gee who set up Mittens to fall into THAT trap? FBI perhaps

    So for a man who has already been prison ganked by dirty politics he's all prissy now about a Commutation?

    And calls THAT Presidential Corruption?

    Mittens is nothing but a child a spoiled child having a tantrum

    1. I voted for mittens because I thought a businessman could be a reformer. I had high hopes and President Trump proved me right, a businessmancould be a reformer.
      I voted for Palin as VP hoping and expecting mccain would die during his firet term in office. I could not understand how arizona voters could repeatedly send this crook to the senate after his participation in the Keating 5. If not for Palin I would have sat out that election. I could not vote for obama and I would not vote for mcain.
      mccain played every privilege card during his career to avoid accountability. One of the most despicable creatures to ever serve in congress. To that I say F U arizona!
      mittens is vying for that position although despicable has not proven as corrupt as mccain.

  6. What a sore loser.

    2024 can’t come soon enough.

  7. I don't always comment but when I do I visit the treehouse

    Over at the Conservative Treehouse website there was talk of a new filling from Flynn's attorney.

    To recap ----

    Judge Sullivan is dragging out dismissal
    Judge Sullivan was told by a 3 judge panel dismiss case against Flynn
    Judge Sullivan appealed!! this to an en blanc review of the 3 judge (which means the entire circuit court of appeals will decide)
    the 3 judge panel stayed the order to dismiss and asked Flynns counsel to respond before en blanc request was acted on

    Flynns Attorney did a data dump of MORE FBI skullduggery this time involving WHY the FBI believed that Flynn had lied.

    The notes show that the only ONLY reason why the FBI team believed that Flynn had lied is that the FBI contend that Obama's Dec expulsion of spies/diplomats were de facto "sanctions" and since Flynn talked about expulsions and said he didn't sanctions. FBI decided that expulsions were "sanctions" therefore Flynn lied.

    Think about that carefully. This MEANS that the FBI and Justice essentially "made it all up".

    Seriously, Flynn never lied. The FBI wanted to interview only to find something ANYTHING to hang perjury on him.

    So here is what I think really really happened.

    The plan must have been to get Flynn compromised and in a position to exert pressure on Trump.

    Why would they do that?

    I STILL STILL have no idea the real real reason why FBI and Main Justice played for these high stakes after Obama left office.

    Obviously Obama did not like Trump interfering with the December kicking out of Russian Diplomats. Obama wondered why Russia did not respond making things worse between Russia and US. Then it comes out that Flynn cooled things down between the Russians asking them to not retaliate.

    Obama has a meeting where he wants the "right people on it"

    Then Flynn is set up.

    the latest info says after the setup the FBI was very worried about the press leaks making it look like FBI playing politics. (ya think?)

    Why did the Comey do this? I mean really why? This was such a huge risk after Obama left office. Why play this way?

    I mean the assertion that Expulsions are "sanctions" and Flynn said he didn't talk sanctions. I mean come on that's out of control.

    Dana Bronte appears to in this data dump from Flynns lawyers

    nearly ALL of his hand written notes are redacted... which would normally mean that they don't involve Flynn

    But, what is revealed is that Bronte was using the words Russia Collusion in MARCH of 2017. Curious how an FBI lawyer used a word that got so much traction so early. Almost planned it is.

  8. All I know is that are no indictments. The "Republican" appointees, like the rioting Democrats, are revealing exactly who they are, aren't they? The place is wall-to-wall swamp. - Gary B

  9. Deplorable behind the lines in CalifJuly 11, 2020 at 7:07 PM

    The Mormons have Mittens and Harry Reid as their cross to bear, so to speak. All the Mormons I know personally are good folks. But just like every other group, they are human, so there is an assortment. Mitt is particularly odious. He saw how the MSM loved “maverick” McCain (except of course when he ran for president against The Anointed One, so he’s following in McCain’s footsteps.

  10. Never forget the precursor to OmamaCare was RomneyCare in Massachusetts when he was governor.

    Romney is a fraud he'll never win another election.

  11. All the comments about how good mormons are have value.
    Their chice for senator reveals their ignorance at the voting booth.
    Mittwit has been a duplicitous empty shell ftom the beginning.
    Many of us saw through him. How could they not?
    Big strike against their intelligence.

  12. All the comments about how good mormons are have value.
    Their chice for senator reveals their ignorance at the voting booth.
    Mittwit has been a duplicitous empty shell ftom the beginning.
    Many of us saw through him. How could they not?
    Big strike against their intelligence.

  13. Unprecedented, historic corruption: an American presidential candidate lays down again for the same Crime Syndicate that blackmailed him into throwing his own race. Like a stumblebum bitch.

  14. I am a Mormon:
    We have a phrase, "He's the kind of person who thanks God for the great deal he got on the widow's cow."

  15. I have a sister-in-law who is Mormon. A very nice, good person. Don’t know her family that well other than it is large.

    Mitt is a sad, sore loser. Ashamed that he was the candidate I had to vote for. I don’t think commutation is as strong as pardoning. So shut up Mitt. PDJT didn’t pardon so Stone’s appeal will overturn the conviction. Much cleaner.

    1. You are correct. His conviction still stands. (why PDT did that I can't figure)

      That the POS of a judge or the Prison board wouldn't allow him to take home confinement like they did for Cohen who surely didn't deserve it just shows how badly our so called Justice System has been politicized openly.

      With all the actual criminals being let out for the Covid virus letting him stay home would be a no brainer.

      But this was never about justice is was always about revenge.

      One stands amazed how so many people that you never would've suspected could be so vicious would come to despise one man so much and with little obvious reason.

      When it happens again I'm afraid there will be actual deaths from anger and depression at his win.

    2. The Prez let it stand cos Stone wanted to keep fighting his corrupt railroading by a a corrupt judge, a corrupt prosecutor and a corrupt jury. A full pardon would make it moot.

  16. And let’s not forget that Romney was/is part of the Ukrainian skulduggery. No wonder he’s found a pair to speak up.

  17. Mr Surber, you should talk about how no one seemed to complain when Obama commuted Oscar Lopez Rivera, a known terrorist and leader of the FALN, a violent terrorist group. And how many criminals did Clinton pardon? Where was the outcry then from these liberal toads

    1. Clinton..Remember Denise Rich hanging on his arm for a couple of months, then got her husband Marc Rich a Pardon? She had a Lot more "experience" than Monica.

  18. My only surprise is that Romney hasn't turned and become officially a Democrat.

    If he did so the Senate would become Democrat Majority and the country would be that much closer to destruction.

    Perhaps it's best to think of Mitt as being the unofficial Senator from DC.

    I wonder how the Utahns feel about that.