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Friday, July 17, 2020

Barr takes on Red China -- and Apple

The Trump administration has a message for the American In Name Only companies that use slave labor to make their products: leave Red China.

This means you, Apple.

Politico reported, "Attorney General William Barr on Thursday criticized corporate America's relationship with the Chinese Communist Party — while singling out Apple once again as an example of a double standard in how tech companies treat the U.S. government versus Beijing.

"He also hinted at the possibility that American business leaders who advocate for the party’s political interests at its behest could face prosecution under the Foreign Agents Registration Act, a U.S. law that requires people to disclose lobbying for foreign governments."

Barr said, "The ultimate ambition of China’s rulers isn’t to trade with the United States; it is to raid the United States. If you are an American business leader, appeasing the [People’s Republic of China] may bring short-term rewards. But in the end, the PRC’s goal is to replace you."


Barr also said, "Over the years, corporations such as Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, and Apple have shown themselves all too willing to collaborate with the CCP."
What does he know about Red China?


The New York Times reported last month, "Barr started his career in the C.I.A. as an analyst, working on China and other matters. When I asked about the origin of his interest in the intelligence service, he responded indirectly, with an anecdote about telling his high school guidance counselor that he wanted to be C.I.A. director. It was tempting to link Barr’s career and conservatism with his father, Donald Barr, who served in the Office of Strategic Services, the C.I.A.’s forerunner, during World War II."

For all intents and purposes, Apple is a Red Chinese company. That is where it makes its stuff. The company not only enjoys slave labor but Apple also gets to skirt environmental laws.

Corporate America has embraced the idiotic and unproven global warming theory to make America less competitive and Red China more competitive because by and  large, corporate America is in bed with Red China.

The duplicity of Nike and the rest who embrace SJW is stunning. They want reparations for the fifth and sixth generation descendants of American slaves while profiting off today's slavery in Red China.

The 4 presidents before President Donald John Trump allowed Red China to surpass our economy with its slave labor and lack of environmental laws.

President Trump tried playing nice. It is time to just say no to all goods manufactured in Red China. Tariffs, hell, quarantine all products from Red China because who knows what new disease those iPhones and the rest will unleash in America.

That would hurt the economy?

So did covid 19.


  1. Just waiting till he takes on the NBA. I wonder if Adam Silver is seeing this stuff and beginning to get nervous. Here's hoping.

    1. Doesn't need top take the NBA on directly. Nike shoes sitting on the docks will hurt the players and bleed the league

    2. I don't think it's just Nike that colludes with the NBA. The NBA also deals directly with the Commies. Just look at the league approved slogans for player's jerseys compared to the banned slogans. Nike is a huge part but not the whole picture.

  2. Gee Nony, maybe it's because they've infiltrated our schools, bribed professors and stolen intellectual property that was paid for by the American taxpayers. Or maybe its for misleading the global community about Corona not being passed from person to person which has led to the deaths of hundreds of thousands.
    There's abundant cheap labor in other countries that our corporations can exploit.

  3. Big D, I can’t top your No Excitement Without Indictment meme, but here’s a lamer version on this topic for Mr. Barr:

    No Gratification Without Red Commie Isolation

  4. Replies
    1. I hope he wins, keeps the Senate, and re-takes the House.

      Then let the "restructuring" begin - staff cuts and agency relocations throughout the Federal bureaucracies.

    2. Unfortunately we have the tire industry to China. There aren’t any tires made here.

  5. Regarding not just Apple, but ALL the cheaply made (and formerly cheap) products coming out of China: Notice that their prices are not nearly so cheap as they used to be. Gonna be tougher for them to stay competitive, if only US manufacturers get on the ball and provide consumers with more "Made in USA" alternatives. ='[.]'=

    1. They've gotten away with that for so long but you are right on. Their crap isn't cheap anymore. It's just made that way. BTW DO NOT BUY BRIDGESTONE TIRES. They are made in China and they are crap on stilts. Honda is putting that tire on all their new cars and it is a big ripoff. That's the same Honda which jumped at the chance to become part of the Black Lies Matter bandwagon. I learned the hard way when I just had to shell out close to 1,000 bucks because the Chinese tires never made it to thirty thousand miles on a brand new car. China hasn't changed in over a thousand years. Still thinking of ways to deceive the "foreigner".

  6. Thank you, Mr. Barr, now get the hell back to working on indicting the coup perps. Until then, you're guilty of being a deep state reptile, until you prove yourself innocent. We, out here, are not holding our breath. - Gary B

    1. The coup people are working with or alongside the Han Empire. It's all part of the same scheme.


  7. "No excitement without indictment."

    Been waiting for someone to write this for decacdes.

  9. BTW - require ALL products coming from China to be disinfected when they get here.

    That oughta hit them where it hurts.
    I can't go to my public library for over three months allegedly because they don't want the books being handled and the virus deposited on surfaces. Never mind you could make people wear surgical gloves and discard them before they leave. It's a bunch of "public servants" getting a nice paid vacation. But just think if all the CRAP coming here from China had to be disinfected? Wiped down? And everyone knew that was happening. I have to admit when I pick up something that says China on it I wonder just what the hell am I handling and how deadly might it be. The "virus" was a bio weapon and it worked. They'll be a next time.

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