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Saturday, June 27, 2020

Zero Hedge and canceling the cancel culture

A reporter who got Zero Hedge kicked off Twitter temporarily in February. Now the tattletale reporter is jobless, and likely will remain that way.

It is the old story of let he who is without sin cast the first stone. The reporter's sin was plagiarism. He also tweeted in defense of sex with minors, but journalists seem to accept pedophilia today.

The Wrap reported, "Buzz Feed News Fires Senior Reporter for Plagiarism."

The story said, "The reporter, Ryan Broderick, was the author of 11 articles linked in a Friday evening note to readers from Buzz Feed News’ editor in chief, Mark Schoofs, who said the articles in question contained information and phrases that were not properly attributed to their original sources."

The Desk, a journalism blog, reported, "The dismissal was confirmed by two staff members at BuzzFeed who agreed to speak with The Desk on background."

Buzz Feed Editor-in-Chief Mark Schoofs disclosed the firing -- "In our commitment to transparency, we have also added an editor’s note to the top of each story indicating the original source" -- but did not name the fired reporter.

As transparent as a stone wall.

Fox reported, "Broderick was hired by Buzz Feed back in 2012 and became a reporter for Buzz Feed News in 2013, according to his LinkedIn page. He became a senior reporter in 2019."

Plagiarism is pretty much a career-ender in journalism -- or was. Who knows what the rules are today. And by today, I mean June 27, 2020, as journalism's standards morph every day it seems.

Zero Hedge reported, "Less than 48 hours after our February Twitter ban, internet sleuths discovered that Broderick had previously blogged about pedophilic fantasies involving young boys. Why he wasn't fired on the spot is anyone's guess. Perhaps former BuzzFeed editor-in-chief Ben Smith (now with the 'Pedophilia: A Disorder, Not A Crime'-promoting New York Times) has a soft spot for Ryan."

Twitter has since restored Zero Hedge.

We shall see if anyone hires Broderick.


  1. Ben Smith May actually have had a hard spot for Ryan.

    With Lyin’ Brian Williams back on the air, tomorrow’s liberal standards may praise plagiarism as long as it helps the cause.

    1. Perfect set up for Plagiarist Joe....

    2. They all plagiarize. They almost all state the left/democrat "talking points" or narrative w/o acknowledging them.

    3. "Plagiarism is basic to all culture." - Pete Seeger Folk Singer/Activist

  2. No wonder that BuzzFeed is called "BuzzFraud."

    From the archives of "He who is without sin ...," Eliot Spitzer (Client No. 9) had been waging a campaign against "sex tourism" when he got caught transporting escorts across state lines.

  3. Imitation is the sincerest form of...bullshite.

  4. "A reporter got kicked Zero Hedge off Twitter"

    Perhaps reverse 'Zero Hedge' and 'kicked'?


  5. Ah, the good old days.

    From the Columbia Journalism Review July/August 1995 (paraphrased):

    Fox Butterfield, NYT Boston bureau chief: Took five paragraphs from a Boston Globe story about, ironically, plagiarism committed in a commencement address by H. Joachim Maitre, Boston University's dean of the College of Communications.

    His resulting prose was very similar to that published in the Globe.

    Butterfield got a one-week suspension & remained the bureau chief.


    Considering that the NY Times by now has degenerated into the daily edition of the old Village Voice "sex wanted" ads, Butterfield Eight wasn't such a bad guy, after all.


    Don Reed

  6. I should add, Buzz Feed felt entirely justified in printing the now infamous Steele "dossier" (on Trump, paid for by Hillary Clinton).

    Buzz Feed Logic: Publishing completely unsubstantiated, salacious, libelous gossip is OK, as long as we tell you that none of it has been substantiated.

    But stealing from other writers is not.

    Broderick's big mistake was not paying Steele to provide a cover story --- furnishing Broderick with stolen quotes, which Buzz Feed then printed and now has (presumably) retracted.

    And of course, Buzz Fraud will now go back over everything that Broderick wrote and determine whether or not anything had been lifted from ---

    I can see it now.

    Utterly ignorant of the past, Buzz Flop will apologize to the Estate of Stephen Ambrose for Broderick having lifted passages from the Ambrose books (which are chock full of lifted passages from various authors and historians, a scandal that erupted in 2002).

    (More sarcasm)


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