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Thursday, June 04, 2020

The target of the lockdown and the riots

As Democrats riot and loot in cities across the country -- sanctioned by Democrat mayors who refuse to arrest the hooligans -- Americans now realize what a sham social distancing is. The unconstitutional lockdown goes unenforced in Detroit, which is Michigan's hotspot while Governor Gretchen Whitmer insists on locking down the Upper Peninsula and the rest of the state.

A reader called her Queen Karen.

Certainly she is proof that women can be just as bad and power-mad as men.

Queen Karen faces a revolution.

MLive reported, "Businesses in Jackson County that violate Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s executive orders will not be reported to licensing agencies, Jackson County officials said.

"A resolution passed by the county Board of Commissioners, states the county will not bar access to businesses that fail to follow guidelines designed to reduce the spread of the novel corona virus.

"The county 'should be permitted to return to our natural freedoms,' states the resolution that passed 6-2 at the commissioners’ study session on Tuesday, June 2."

While she refuses to lift her idiotic ban on barbers, she apologized for saying people should Google how to cut their own hair.

Correct. The queen said, "So if my comment offended anyone, I apologize for that."

Meanwhile, the Democrat attorney general, who is also a woman, continues to hassle a 77-year-old barber in rural Michigan who dares to cut hair.

Whitmer wants to keep the hair salons and barbers unemployed until July 4. Many will be unable to open again due to nearly 4 months of closure. Fixed costs such as rent, utilities, and taxes remained and ate the cash reserves.

Which brings me to the whole point of the Democrat covid-19 lockdown followed by Democrats looting stores and burning down businesses.

Democrats want to destroy small business. Tanking the economy actually helps Corporate America (which sides with Democrats) because it drives its competition out of business. While the mom-and-pop stores shuttered, Amazon flourished.

Walmart remained open while Joe the Barber faces jail if he dares complain.

Remember, it was the National Federation of Independent Businesses that opposed Obamacare, not the Chamber of Commerce, whose membership overwhelmingly supported Obama. Obamacare did not affect them as much as it did mom-and-pop stores. Obamacare forced businesses to buy health insurance, while driving up the price of premiums exponentially for individuals and small businesses.

Owning a store or a body shop provides independence, which is the antithesis of Democrat policy.

This also explains why Nike and other members of Corporate America support the riots and looting. They can absorb the losses. A single store owner cannot.

To be sure, some small businesses want to be burned down so they can collect insurance on a business already ruined by the illegal lockdowns.

The rationalization for the destruction defies logic. Everyone already opposes racism and police brutality. Both are illegal.

The only chance patriots have left to escape this absurdity is to vote Republican and hope that President Donald John Trump has driven away enough sellouts (Paul Ryan and Jeff Flake, for example) to do in his second term what needed to be done in the first.

I am not saying Democrats are winning. I am saying fight like you are behind.

Tuesday is the Republican primary in West Virginia. I will vote against Jumbo Jim Justice, knowing I probably will have to hold my nose and vote for him in the fall.

One final note to my Yooper readers: You really need to secede from Lansing and form your own state.


  1. thank you for posting this. Readers need to understand we are comparing unemployment claims and that those states that didn't do the shutdown fared better than many states that didn't. I will add that these states also had lower deaths per capita than these lock down states.

  2. "Certainly she is proof that women can be just as bad and power-mad as men."

    If not her, then Pelosi, Billary, Frankenstein, Warren, etc. I'm sure I missed a lot.

    Women DO NOT make better character politicians than men.


  3. You really need to secede from Lansing and form your own state.
    that's one unintended consequence that may end up biting the Lefties.

    Good and hard.

    1. Ed, I’ve been thinking about that...the conditions Mr. T should impose on a bailout package for the LibCommie city/state shiteholes. Of course, they will expect, in their plantation master style, a “no strings attached” approach. Not so fast, Legree. Here’s what I’d propose:

      1) Words have meaning; thus, the bill should have a catchy acronym that contains the word “shitehole.” Like, RATS. Restoring America’s Tired Shiteholes. Speaker Nance “Prevagen” Pelosi won’t like it, but, no shiteholes, no signature.

      2) Benefits per shitehole shall be calculated based on the number of citizens whose last names contain at least a 2:1 ratio of consonants to vowels. So, if your last name is Surber or Palmer or Dutcher, that’s $1,000 per. However, if your last name is Cuomo or Omar or Yoo or Rashaad, no soup for you.

      3) Automatic 50% reduction in city/state workforce for a minimum of 8 years.

      4) All lotto ticket sales suspended for a minimum of 8 years.

      5) Mandatory charter/voucher system for all public schools within the borders of the shitehole.

      6) A rigorous accounting oversight board administered “with extreme prejudice” for each shitehole. For instance, my high school friend Todd T was partner at a regional accounting firm in the Mountain Time Zone. Todd won’t put up with any bullshite from these shitehole politicians. He’d be perfect.

      7) All public services deemed “non-essential” for Wuhan Hoax purposes shall immediately be reopened. THIS IS NON-NEGOTIABLE.

      8) To promote hyper capitalism, shitehole areas will immediately cease and desist all business licensing practices, except for a fee of 10 (ten) dollars to purchase an embossed piece of paper certifying that one “may conduct business in the shitehole city/state (circle which applies) of [fill in the blank].”

      Those are my thoughts, but feel free to pitch in with your own brainstorms! Have a nice day!

  4. Anybody that has ever been in the restaurant business knows that no restaurant can survive with even 75% capacity, you need every seat and even then, most go out of business.

  5. There may be obama's 57 states, yet.

  6. We're starting to wonder if our country can survive until November. Yes, the looney left is being exposed as never before, but the damage they inflict is ongoing as well.
    I support local business when and however I can, but I live in a very small town with ONE grocery store, one hardware store, and a fairly new DollarGeneral. Any big box shopping is 90 miles away. What we do have is daily USPS/UPS/FedEx delivery. Amazon is a lifeline here. I may not like Bezo's draconian, power mad dictates; I'm not fond of Walmart either, but both are very successful business models, and the competition they drive out is part of the "creative destruction" that is the evolution of any technological change. Online shopping is the future here and everywhere, and those that can market it will thrive.

  7. Usually insurance does not cover damages due to rioting.

    1. Then I guess it's a good thing all these Democrat Governors and their press affiliates are calling this "peaceful protesting."

      Like that will make a difference when you file a claim.

  8. Time for twitter users to start a hash tag for wHitler. #weekinwHitlersummerhomecontest
    What the end result to happen is to have two inner city families picked at random stay a week at her white privileged resort home near Michigan's wealthy Traverse City area. Two new random black families every week for the entire summer to atone for her white systemic racism.
    Make the liberals live up to the ideals they want to force on everybody.
    They need to sell their homes in the white suburbs and move back to the inner cities to be with their black brothers and sisters to prove they aren't racists. Their children need to go to inner city schools to atone for their whiteness.
    And we need a really good belly laugh as we watch the white liberals flee the inner cities AGAIN when their true racist selves come to the forefront after spending a month or two in their new homes.

  9. When Trump wins in November it should be considered his first term since he never got one. He never got a honeymoon either.

    Imagine all the things Trump could have accomplished with a GOP Congress that supported him.

    1. I think Trump accomplished a lot BECAUSE Of the rabid opposition. I fully expected him to be a very liberal Republican President, considering his background. Their unbridled hate for him and refusal to cooperate awoke in him the need not just to fight back but to try and destroy what they were defending, 'business as usual' (the fleecing of the taxpayers).


    2. He's been planning this for 40 years, he knew exactly what he was getting into. Let me give you a little hint, when Trump says "I just became aware of" or "I'll have to look into that" what it really means is "you're f**ked, the i's have been dotted and the t's have been crossed. There is no escape.

    3. He's usually 4 steps ahead and is playing backgammon not chess or checkers.

    4. Eight more years, brother!

  10. I do believe the virus is real. But the over hyped-over reaction, this whole thing has been a well orchestrated attempted hit. The follow-up Black Lies Matter looting and riots too.

    The President's opponents are counting on something Goldman Sachs noted months back. That economic growth during the second quarter of an election year has been a “key predictor” of past presidential races.

    Why do you think all the Democratic Governors got on board, followed the same plan, have been so willing to trash their states so ruthlessly? The Governor of NY put infected people into Nursing Homes on purpose, for crying out loud. I still can't quite get over that...

    When looked at as a coordinated action by the Left/Dems, especially in the 2nd quarter, it makes more sense.

    What would the Left/Democrats be doing any different if they were actually openly avowed enemies of the US?

  11. Hi Ray, I spoke with my insurance agent, and our area may be different.
    Around here, acts of vandalism most often will be covered,(of course all caveats apply-please check your own policy).
    Acts of war, national disturbance however, may not.
    So as much as I would like to see the President declare war on the looters and rioters of antifa. I don't want him declare them at war with us yet, not until all the claims

  12. "Certainly she is proof that women can be just as bad and power-mad as men."

    No. They are FAR worse.

    Get one who is bad and they run rings around a bad male.

  13. The Michigan Upper Peninsula has 19 people per square MILE. Its appallingly-high unemployment rate is worst in off-season months without tourists. Under Whitmer those few jobs vanished.

    Now the state GOP wants to fire Whitmer's unemployment office director. The incompetence in THAT office is so bad it's beginning to sound like they're running a culling, waiting for the unemployed to starve.

    Get a second opinion when a Democrat starts to tell you what's good for America. Michigan is the #1 example of why Donald Trump needs reelection.

  14. Actually the UP came within one vote of seceding from Michigan back in the '70's. Too bad it didn't go through. As a Yooper, I really resent my tax money funding shenanigans downstate, while they pretend we don't exist.