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Tuesday, June 30, 2020

The Flight 253 election

2016 was the Flight 93 election. The passengers hijacked the plane from the hijackers rather than allow Hillary to hit the White House. The next three years showed the wisdom of the passengers as stocks soared and unemployment plummeted to 50-year lows.

Democrats responded this year by exploiting covid-19 fears, and by rioting and looting in the cities they control. Readers wonder if it will work.

I think they know my answer, but allow me to outsource my answer (for now) to wiser heads than me.

Andrew Malcolm wrote of President Donald John Trump, "a majority of Americans has never approved of his job performance, and he’s done virtually nothing to broaden his base beyond the loyal 46% whose collective votes in 30 states gave him 57% of the Electoral College. In fact, some of his behavior and needless counter-punching seem designed to turn off fence-sitters who might have been convinced to opt for the guy who drove through tax cuts, deregulation, military rebuilding and a surge in energy production while crushing ISIS and reducing U.S. troops in Afghanistan.

"Now come poll inklings that edges of his staunch base may be eroding among Republicans and even evangelicals. It’s hard to imagine faith and anti-abortion voters switching to a Catholic who supports abortion, an end to the tax cuts and is wishy-washy on Israel.

"But 41 million Americans suddenly seeking unemployment checks will cause the unexpected.

"Trump must emphasize any unexpected evidence of economic recovery, such as the recent jump in new housing starts and an optimistic surge in consumer spending, which comprises 70% of GDP. Trump must also make the campaign about Biden’s liberal policies, low energy and his mental acuity."

His column says both campaigns are worried, which is a good thing because President Trump does best when his back is against the wall, and Biden is a snowflake who will melt once exposed to the sunlight.

Conrad Black is more upbeat.

He wrote, "There will be a backlash among the silent majority of Americans who love and admire their country even as they acknowledge that racial relations require continued work and enhanced sensitivity. On Election Day, they will punish those who have been tolerant or even ambiguous about what amounts to urban terrorism and the desecration of the highest traditions of America.

"No significant percentage of Americans of any pigmentation will approve the destruction or desecration of a monument to Abraham Lincoln, Ulysses S. Grant, or their armies or the veterans of the World Wars. They all fought for liberty and judicial equality for all people and the horrible George Floyd murder and other valid current grievances deduct nothing from the homage owed them for having made the highest and noblest sacrifice.

"The president is again following the right course by putting down a marker to show where his administration stands, invoking an old statute to protect national monuments, and systematically preparing cases to prosecute offenders in large numbers."

Like all good little pundits, Black ended his column with unsolicited advice, "The president should raise his game, speak less lengthily and repetitively, focus less on his grievances with the media, give the country a clear vision for the future (including health care, where he has been silent), and make sure that the people know by Election Day just how far from acceptable positions the Democrats have strayed. Trump should still win, but we are chasing a bouncing football."

My take is Democrats will continue to go all in on destroying America, helped by Red China-friendly companies. Corporate America tried to sell America on staying indoors to avoid covid-19. Now McDonald's and others who do business with Red China are embracing the Black Liberation Movement, or Black Lives Matter as it now wants to be called. A Maoist by any other name smells just as nasty.

Oddly enough, Antifa has used its white privilege to take over BLM in many parts of the country.

Now to explain my headline.

Northwest Airlines Flight 253 was on its way on Christmas Day 2009 from Netherlands to Detroit when passengers noticed smoke coming from passenger Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab of Nigeria. He had attempted to ignite a bomb midair.

Passenger Jasper Schuringa tackled him, others put the fire out, and the pilot handcuffed Abdulmutallab, who is now serving 4 life sentences in federal detention.

2016 was an act of faith. No one on Flight 93 really knew how important it was for them to act, but they did and the world was better for it.

In 2020, we know exactly what is at stake and just how important our actions are. We don't have to storm the cockpit this time. We just have to subdue the bomber.

Keep calm and vote on November 3rd.


  1. Y'all have the power to make my birthday great on November 3rd.

  2. At this point in the game, the polls mean less than nothing. They are attempts to manipulate public opinion, and nothing else.

    The "Evangelicals" that are supposedly abandoning Trump are not, and never were, Evangelicals.

  3. I have a question. Since I was called a cracker on the street by a black would it be alright to return the favor by asking "Whose Your Daddy?"

  4. No. Phrase it thusly: "Who yo daddy be?"

    Hope this helps.

  5. You got it.

    If history repeats, this is an even better rerun of '68 than '16.

  6. Gotta love those media guys and gals.....can I still say that? All the old funny comedians are dead and this is what comedy has come to.

  7. I refuse to believe any poll that shows Joe Biden leading. He has the IQ of bread mold.

    If Biden wins without massive cheating then the fat lady has sung for America.

    1. Keep in mind, he had to appointed the nominee because people just plain don't like him.

      Trump may get on people's nerves, but he delivers, so people will vote for him. Gropin' Joe's hasn't delivered in 50 years.

    2. I am convinced that President Trump will win a clear majority of legitimate votes on 3 November. My greatest worry is that Democrats will succeed in perpetrating vote fraud on such a massive scale that it will alter the outcome.

      Vote as if your very future and the future of the country depend on it -- because they do!

  8. The media is now completely unglued, which is funny if Joe Biden is so far ahead in the polls and Trump is as doomed as they have forecasted since spring of 2016. It all seems like propaganda to depress republican turn out.

  9. Republicans have to get an A+ on the final exam to get a C- in the class. Democrats can flunk the final and still get an A+ in the class. This is how I see so-called fence-sitting or independent voters. They claim intellectual objectivity, yet they can't see the forest for the trees. Pandering to them is a fool's errand. - Gary B

  10. Calm down. Everything will ultimately be straightened out. Anything stated of an alarmist nature on 06/30/20 will be forgotten very quickly.

  11. Excellent commentary Don. This is Tim Favero (I follow you on facebook) but this is my alter-ego on twitter. Great Commentary as usual. and we follow each other on twitter as tbfavero

  12. Conceivably, there are voters who went for Trump in '16, find their expectations unfulfilled, and planned to stay home on voting day in '20. But the left, with their rioting and looting, have given those soft Trumpists a glimpse of what's ahead under President Basement. Antifa and co have drawn the line nice and clear and only fools will ignore it.