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Monday, June 22, 2020

Pulitzer blinded him to the real story

Adam Entous was part of the team at the Washington Post that won the Pulitzer Prize for promoting the Russian Collusion hoax. He now peddles this lie at the New Yorker. His latest piece is on Russian expert Fiona Hill (likely one of his inside-the-administration sources in the hoax) inadvertently tells the truth that Democrats colluded with Russians to concoct the Russian Collusion hoax.

Hill works at the liberal Brookings Institution. (Entous wrote in the piece, "After Trump’s victory, the mood at Brookings was funereal" and "Strobe Talbott, who became the president of Brookings in 2002, served in Bill Clinton’s Administration as his leading Russia expert, and he was rumored to be on the shortlist for Hillary Clinton’s Secretary of State.")

Washington calls Brookings a think tank but it seems more like a holding pattern for the next Democrat administration.

Hill joined the Trump administration but Entous exonerated her, writing, "In one of more than two dozen conversations that I had with Hill this spring, she told me that she had not been seeking a position in the new Administration, but that she was 'open to advising whoever came along and offering my two cents’ worth.'" She said Talbott told her to take the job to be one of the "grownups in the room" -- aka, a mole.

She talked to Entous while he was at The Post for while she was on the federal payroll, she was still working for Brookings. (Entous wrote, "Brookings had said that Hill’s job there would be kept open for three months in the event that she quit or was fired.") She later left the administration and testified to impeach him.

A half-year later, Hill gave Entous a scoop that he downplayed. Democrats had hired Fusion GPS to get dirt on The Donald. Fusion GPS hired retired British spy Christopher Steele to collect the dirt. Steele colluded with the Kremlin to get the dirt, even if it were fabricated.

Entous wrote, "Hill had known Steele since 2006, when she was an intelligence officer and he worked for M.I.6, Britain’s foreign-intelligence service. Steele had been hired by Fusion G.P.S., a small American investigative firm that initially worked on behalf of a conservative client and later the Clinton campaign, to gather reports about Trump’s ties to Russia. One of Steele’s more salacious findings alleged that the Russians had a sex tape that would compromise Trump. The level of detail made Hill suspect that Steele’s sources had slipped him bits of misinformation to discredit the rest of his research. The dossier, she felt, would 'pour gasoline on a raging fire.' BuzzFeed published the documents, and Trump denounced them as a fabrication by 'sick people.'"

Ah, when you are colluding with Russians to invent a Russian collusion by the other team, watch out because the Russians will screw you over too.

And that is his scoop. We all know that Democrats colluded with Russians in a manner they thought gave them plausible deniability -- through Steele via Fusion GPS.

But we now learn the Russians screwed them over. Bigly. In the end, Putin manipulated Democrats and the rest of the swamp critters into a nonsense investigation that tied one of the duly elected president's arms behind his back for two years.

The people at Brookings are so smart and so expert that they got played by the Kremlin, and proceeded to play the whole nation. That's a big story -- too big for a Pulitzer winner like Entous.


  1. Looks like Don kicked back and wrote a story. Going back to work Don?

    1. In retirement I have discovered that the worst thing a writer does is work for someone else

  2. The Brookings Institution is practically a subsidiary of the Qatar government. Also, the Washington Post reports that it received contributions from Huawei from 2012 to 2018. As Churchill might say, Brookings is a modest think tank with much to be modest about.

  3. Still puzzled how the newspaper is still called the "Washington" Post. Wasn't George Washington a slave owner? Over to you, Jeff Bezos.

  4. Proving yet again that it is easier to fool people than to convince them they got fooled.

  5. There are three things I know I will never see in my lifetime:

    1) Me winning The Masters.
    2) A man landing on Uranus.
    3) A LibCommie woman who is NOT butt fugly.

    1. OR Brennan, Clapper,Comey or Strozek in jail.

    2. 2) What? You've never been to San Francisco?

      J in StL

  6. Pulitzers mean nothing anymore. They should be renamed Putz-itzers.