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Wednesday, June 24, 2020

President Cuomo would mean 527,096 covid-19 deaths

Becket Adams of the Washington Examiner reminded everyone that the media praised Democrat Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York for his response to covid-19. If only dreamy Cuomo were president some fantasized.

I did the math. 527,096 Americans would be dead today under President Cuomo -- more than four times the 122,659 covid-19 deaths we suffered.

527,096 deaths are New York's death rate times the U.S. population.

Before covid-19 went out of control in New York, Molly Jong Fast wrote on March 22, "Why We Are Crushing on Andrew Cuomo Right Now."

She wrote, "What a difference a pandemic makes. All of a sudden, I love Governor Cuomo, his soothing Queens accent, his stories about his dad Mario (himself a three-time governor of New York) and his 88-year-old mother Matilda. And then there’s Andrew the dad, embarrassing his kids with stories of their upbringing after his divorce, when he was a single father, and bringing his 22-year-old daughter Michaela to one of his corona virus press briefings, suggesting it was cooler to be with him there than to be on the spring break vacation she had just wisely cancelled."

Soothing Queens accent -- as opposed to President Trump's Queens accent.

On March 27, sexagenarian Maureen Dowd wrote, "It’s no wonder that watching Andrew Cuomo’s daily briefings can make some people crave Chianti and meatballs.

"Besides coolly explaining the facts in this terrifying and stultifying plague season, the governor of New York evokes the feeling of a big Italian family dinner table.

"And that is the intended effect."

Dowd also said Bill Maher told her, "I see Cuomo as the Democrat nominee this year. If we could switch Biden out for him, that’s the winner. He’s unlikable, which I really like."

Unlike the unlikableness of President Trump, right?

Her headline read, "Let’s ‘Kick Corona Virus’s Ass.’"

The virus kicked New York's ass because tough-talking Cuomo is a pansy.

This week, the headline on the Adams column read, "All that media praise for Andrew Cuomo looks pretty stupid right about now."

It looked stupid then, too.

Adams offered examples from the Wall Street Journal and Pro-Publica, but I like my examples better because they display the girly views of women journalists who cast themselves as feminists.

Part of this Cuomosexuality is the realization that Biden is Demented Man Walking.

Dowd wrote, "It is jarring to watch officials like Governor Cuomo and Dr. Anthony Fauci, the head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, who have worked their way up through the system, gaining valuable wisdom, have to delicately deal with Donald Trump, the barbarian who crashed through the gates and who is ignorant about — and disdains — the bureaucracy he leads."

Not only did Cuomo's policies lead to a death rate four times the national average, but Fauci just admitted he lied in February when he said masks don't work and the chances of getting covid-19 are minuscule.

'Tis funny that the media likes the tough-talking New York style when it comes from a New Yorker who is incompetent and in way over his head as governor, but mock that style when displayed by a competent but Republican president.

Governor Cuomo managed to kill his state's economy while killing more people than any other state, both in number and death rate.

Next time, New York should disinfect the subways first.

Or better yet, go back to having Republican governors and mayors.

The press will mock them. Sure. Look at how they treat Governor Ron De Santis of Florida. But people won't drop like flies. Again, look at Governor De Santis.


  1. I believe that I have discovered the new Cabal play. This morning the NY Post ran a story about Mel Gibson vs. Winona Ryder from years ago. In the same addition they ran another story about the WHITE man Shawn King who masquerades as black as saying the next target is Jesus. See where this is going now that we all know that blacks are hacks?

  2. Under Cuomo, hundreds of DeBlasios wood run amok.

    1. So you're saying they're a bunch of stupid little peckers.

  3. President Coumo?
    Them that dies be the lucky ones.

  4. Cuomo STILL makes you wet, right Karens?

  5. Cuomo and President Trump grew up only a mile apart.

    All a political opponent of Cuomo need do is to bring forth relatives of those who died in nursing homes when he ordered kung flu patients into those homes. He can't b.s. his way out of that.

  6. I don't always comment but when I do I take a victory lap

    Sometimes the good guys DO win.

    The Appeals Court ruled in favor of Gen Flynn's Writ of Mandamus (which is Latin for "do your f---ing job".

    It's very VERY important to look at this in context. Three judges on the appeals panel and one was a sure no. So, one thing everyone (including Angry) thought was the appeals would kick the can to Sullivan for his July decision. AND it's almost certain Sullivan wanted to keep Flynn on ice until November.

    So.... what gives? Why did the Appeals court rule for Flynn and Trump.

    Now it "might" be that the 2 judges that ruled in favor were all about justice being served and high minded thoughts like that. (unlikely in this partisan era)

    OR it could be that the swamp critters that don't have TDS just realized that Trump may indeed win against the Deep State AND win re-election.

    There have been A LOT of departures at main Justice lately. Dana Bronte, Noel Francisco, and Jody Hunt are all leaving in early July.

    And many have noted the firing/leaving of Geoffrey Berman at SDNY.

    If one were to read the tea leaves a bit here. I would say that a few are thinking Trump may Trump-card his enemies in July.

    One thing that has been interesting is the "rushed" nature of many plots against Trump lately. The sham-peachment was rushed. The Covid blame Trump for not doing enough. The Covid Blame Trump for opening up too fast. Protest and Military Walk-gate. Bolton mustache gate.

    All rushed

    Humpty Dumpty Nadler was even in terra incognita in questions about Barr and impeaching Barr. Sure they had a hearing but nobody cared about hearing from ANOTHER fired ex-gov official.

    Maybe I'm reading too much but it's just possible that the Dems are firing ALL their Ammo before something really bad happens to them.

    1. Well AG, I’m still not discounting another surprise from their completely dysfunctional parents the ChiComms - my bingo card has EMP - but yeah, the LibCommie leadership (all over 80, basically) have effectively took the last train for the coast. What you’re seeing is what would it would look like if Bernie won the primary.

    2. Hope you're right Angry G. It looks like the Left decided it was D-Day a few weeks back and that they were ready for the final battle. Your analysis of course is concerned with the Deep State, the grimy troops' commanders. I hope you're right. Also, Trump looked particularly unruffled and free-flowing in Tulsa. That's hard to fake if one's under duress.

  7. I appreciate your analysis AG. and I hope you are right.

  8. The liberals will have their new man-crush soon enough.

  9. 4 months and change of this - hold fast and wear a Mental hazmat suit to protect oneself from this blizzard of bullshit. Some of this will be in the form of riots in these 4 months. Trust Trump to manage the sale of the rope the Democrats will buy not realizing that the rope will be used (can I really say this?) to hang them during the election - I’m assuming that Trump has enough votes to overcome election fraud... Hold fast...

  10. 527,096

    A mere statistic. --J. Stalin.