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Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Obama destroyed the rule of law

Max Boot, the John Bolton of the Washington Post, filed another President Donald John Trump-is-killing-the-rule-of-law piece on Monday.

Boot is a frothing-mouth idiot as opposed to Jennifer Rubin's mealy-mouthed idiocy. Both are minstrels in conservative face putting on a show for liberal elitists.

The rule of law maintains that the same laws apply to everyone equally, but as dear Peggy Noonan (much maligned by conservatives, and for cause) put it in 2016, there is the protected class and the unprotected class.

I added a third class of protected people who stand up for the unprotected; they are the targeted class because they are viewed as class traitors. Witness the nonstop witch hunts and lawsuits against President Trump.

Which is why Boot's multiple complaints about President Trump and the rule of law ring false. Washington insiders meticulously apply the law against the president -- even making up laws such as obstruction of Congress.

But the law is not applied to Washington insiders.

Consider the 33,000 emails Hillary sent from her private server while secretary of state. The emails included classified material. Copies of all the emails were sent to a company in Red China.

Even if they weren't sent to Red China, she violated national security laws. James Comey said so himself at a press conference in July 2016. But she was not indicted (indeed, the FBI helped her destroy the evidence) because Comey said gee, she did not intend to break the law.

That was just days after his direct supervisor, Attorney General Loretta Lynch, met with Bill Clinton very openly for 45 minutes privately. There was an opening on the Supreme Court at the time. Who knows what they discussed.

But the word was out. Hillary was protected.

While Comey was protecting Hillary from 10 years or more in prison, he had his FBI lie to federal judges to get permission to lie to spy on Donald Trump. An inspector general's report specified 17 instances of lying.

No one faces any prosecution.

None of this is secret. It is not as if I am sitting in my conservatory in Poca, West Virginia, discovering things no one else knows. Right now, I am in my living room with a rerun of Ghost Whisperers on my TV while I ruminate on facts in the public domain.

Everyone in Washington knows that Barack Hussein Obama got away with spying and lying, while Hillary may have gotten away with murder.

The rule of law is dead in America. Bill Barr and his henchman Chief Sitting Bull Durham are not going to revive it. Even if they wanted to, I doubt a grand jury in would indict those who broke the law in an effort to bring down President Trump.

Max Boot blames the victim.

I hope Jeff Bezos pays him well because I would hate to think that even a frothing-mouth idiot like Boot sold out cheap.

Meanwhile, mobs roam the streets of major cities, vandalizing and looting with impunity. Mayors tell police to instead enforce the lockdown on the middle class. The rule of law is dead because it gets in the way of Democrat power.


  1. I understand your frustration. I wonder where is Weiner's laptop?

    Barr even agreed in a recent interview that this was the closest the US has come to a coup since Lincoln's assassination.

    Barr along with Grennel has done a huge amount to bring back the rule of law. I have been pleasantly surprised how much has come out, and how many swamp creatures have been removed from DOJ since Barr replaced Sessios. There is still a lot more to do.

    It seems Barr is being very careful building a water tight case, and the conspiracy is sprawling. And when you are going to Indict people this powerful, you need to have a water tight case.

    >Bill Barr and his henchman Chief Sitting Bull
    >Durham are not going to revive it. E

    1. No indictment, no excitement

    2. Time has run out. If Comey was indicted today, a trail would be at least a year out long after the election. The ability to apply pressure on the anyone indicted grows weaker by the day. If Biden is elected this all goes away.

    3. NBADJT (wether he's President or 'just' a business owner)

  2. Fourth. Barr is a carnival barker. He’s really selling it. I’m betting, though, that when get inside it’s just a midget wearing a leprechaun suit.

    1. Now now! You DID see where some Scotsman was fined $350 for calling an Irishman a leprechaun, didn't you?

  3. If Donald Trump is not able to complete the task that he was elected to do all bets are off. Even though old underground converted missile sites will not be good enough for those who are bring this upon the U.S. The whole World will also be cleansed in a similar fashion. Their comfort level is about to turn upside down.

  4. Don, what happened to 'tired of winning'? The Party of Thomas Jefferson (horrors!!!) is committing suicide daily. Berman removal (among others) is in preparation for this Summer's 'Russiagate' revelations, with a sprinkling of Epstein. Can't have co-conspirators in the DOJ when this happens. Then come the debates. Then on November 4 the Democrats who couldn't cheat enough to win rename their Party after....the statue they left standing.

  5. When Barr said Don Obama had only engaged in politics, not crime, he was also saying the same thing about his capos. How can he indict any of them but not thier leader? Even if they squeal He has been given a pass. This is a mistake because after Trump and Barr leave office, they will not be treated so kindly. Flynn is an avatar for them.
    Maybe, to give an appearance of probity, some procedural evil doers will be charged along the lines of the DACA technical malfunction Roberts used against Trump.
    Obamas blackness has protected him just as it is now protecting the "looters for social justice". Nothing will be done in either case to avoid real mayhem, all in the hope that their energy will fade away like that of CV19. With reparations hanging like a carrot in front of them, it may not.

  6. "Meanwhile, mobs roam the streets of major cities, vandalizing and looting with impunity. Mayors tell police to instead enforce the lockdown on the middle class. The rule of law is dead because it gets in the way of Democrat power."
    If this doesn't motivate the middle class and all law-abiding citizens to vote Trump in November, nothing will.

  7. The November Presidential election will be a mess rivaling the Iowa and California primaries, with multiple states collecting and 'counting' votes for weeks, just to start. This will be by intent. Since there can be no Presidential election without a winner, Congress will be seated (since their votes will be less affected) and Pelosi will claim the Presidency since the 'illegally voted in' Trump and Dementia can't claim victory. Call this lead foil hat conspiracy, but I could see it happening.


    1. Some kind of election cataclysm is likely. Biden cannot win a fair election. I have a tinfoil hat in my own closet along with a chrystal set:: Some kind of Democrat plot is in play for this election. Their various agitprop arms talk about what they expect to happen almost every day. It cannot be coincidence.

  8. Barr has talked the talk since becoming attorney general. I'm still waiting for him to walk the walk.

    1. Barr is a kick-the-can expert. While we're on the subject, I'm starting to wonder what's holding Trump back. Is he being held hostage somehow? Is he under some spell? He needs to stop the blowhard threats and demonstrate what he's done, not what he says he's going to do. I thought Antifa was declared a terrorist organization. What happened with that? Pretty soon, Trump will join Gowdy and Issa at the children's table. I know he's an expert strategist, but he better start revealing some of his strategy soon. - Gary B

  9. I'm so sick of the violent mobs on the streets of America and in our government.

  10. All great points but miss the major one: No grand jury of washington dc DEMOCRATS is going to indict anyone, regardless of who might actually somehow sometime get arrested and charged, if the accused are democrats. Case closed. The situation we live in today, as Don says. Rule of law is toast.