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Thursday, June 04, 2020

NYT denounces the NYT

The New York Times today denounced the New York Times for publishing a rare column by a conservative.

The newspaper ran a column on Wednesday by Republican Senator Tom Cotton of Arkansas who argued that we should stop the rioting and looting in the country.

Today, reporter Marc Tracy of the New York Times responded with a story, "Senator’s ‘Send In the Troops’ Op-Ed in The Times Draws Online Ire."

The subheadline said, "Staff members at the newspaper, including a Pulitzer winner, denounced an opinion essay by Tom Cotton, Republican of Arkansas, calling for a military response to protests."

The story was a cry for censoring the New York Times by the New York Times.

The story had such gems as "Nikole Hannah-Jones, a correspondent for The New York Times Magazine who won the Pulitzer Prize in commentary last month, tweeted, 'As a black woman, as a journalist, as an American, I am deeply ashamed that we ran this.'"

We have gone from respecting differing opinions to demanding we silence all opposing views.

As for Hannah-Jones, what do her race and sex have to do with whether or not we should invoke the Insurrection Act?

The union is demanding the Times be censored.

Tracy reported, "The NewsGuild of New York, the union that represents many Times journalists, said in a statement on Wednesday that the Op-Ed 'promotes hate.' 'This is a particularly vulnerable moment in American history,' the statement said. 'Cotton’s Op-Ed pours gasoline on the fire. Media organizations have a responsibility to hold power to account, not amplify voices of power without context and caution.'"

The story was so bizarre, I thought it was a parody.

Tracy reported, "Three Times journalists, who declined to be identified by name, said they had informed their editors that sources told them they would no longer provide them with information because of the Op-Ed."

So his anonymous sources said their anonymous sources won't talk to them. Given these anonymous sources fed them the Russian collusion hoax for 2 years, this would improve the Times.

Finally, the story said, "Kara Brown, a freelance journalist in Los Angeles, tweeted that she had turned down an assignment from The Times because of the Op-Ed. In an interview, she said the assignment would have been to profile the rapper Noname for the Styles section."

How will the republic survive without another flattering profile of a rapper in the Styles section?

Tracy did not bother to interview the editorial page editor, instead relying on tweets. That is so lazy, a sloth would be embarrassed.

By running Tracy's garbage, the Times is trying to show its news staff is independent of its opinion staff.

Yes, the news staff is even loonier leftist.

And it is getting its wish for censorship.


  1. In the immortal words of a well-known carouser, Marine Colonel, Lakers fan, and motorcycle tourist, "You can't handle the truth!".

  2. at least Pravda and red star didn't award themselves pukelitzer prizes.


  3. I guess people really can go Crazy from having so much hate. Journalism schools quit teaching journalism long ago and now just teach hate and Liberalism. I think that makes me ignore them all the more.

  4. “We have gone from respecting differing opinions to demanding we silence all opposing views.”

    This is happening in the sports world big time. It is turning me off again. Hockey may be all I have left to watch. And college football, for now.

    1. The swiftness in which Drew Brees was condemned for having a relatively non-controversial opinion was disturbing. And for the NFL media to pile're right, we won't have much left to watch.

    2. Feel the same way about hockey but the anti-racism virtue signalling virus or ARVS-20 is infecting them too.

      Might take this ignoramus seriously if he said something about the black lives in Chicago being mowed down in Chicago by killers who ain't cops.

  5. As I said last night, no real surprises here.

    The defining characteristic of leftists is to be ignorant, and proud of it.

  6. They probably ran it just so they could denounce it.

    Sick lying bastards.

  7. Postmortem twitches or cadaveric spasms. They're beyond any possibility of recovery. "Mostly dead is not the same as all dead!" And here we have a case of all dead.

  8. The snow flakes at the NYT couldn't argue against the merits Mr Cotton presented, so they had their predictable temper tantrum.

  9. Speaking of more sheer, infuriating hypocrisy --- Maine is about 98% white, except when the East Coast drug dealers make their opoid runs up to Bangor ---

    Here's a clown show email we got from a totally incompetent outfit which at one time long again was a first-rate summer stock playhouse whose productions in the past decade wouldn't make the cut in auditions in Albanian wh*rehouses:

    From: Ogunquit [Maine] Playhouse
    Sent: Wednesday, June 3, 2020
    Subject: A Message to Our Playhouse Community

    Typically, at this time, you would be receiving our June newsletter with information to keep us connected.

    Instead, today we are sending a message from our organization in support of the black community and all people of color in their fight for equality and justice. We stand with our friends, colleagues, talent, audiences and their loved ones who have fear and have suffered as a result of racist and horrific acts of violence and hate. We are committed to making a difference and we want you to know you are heard.

    As an organization we will find ways to make improvements in not only our company, but also our community. We will continue our commitment to tell stories and to create an environment that promote [SIC] our core values of inclusion, integrity, and diversity. We can and will do better.

    In an effort to show our ongoing support, we will cancel all of our online programming and social media posts for the remainder of this week.


    Don Reed

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