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Monday, June 01, 2020

How not to wear a mask

I find this hilarious.

Joe, this is not what Susan Rice meant when she praised unmasking.

At least his chin is protected.

History will ask: Did Democrats take a dive in 2020?

Oh and he is totally lying. To black people. Again.

The Associated Press saw nothing wrong with Biden's powder blue chin mask. Apparently the campaign's focus group did not like the black mask.

AP reported, "Joe Biden met with community leaders at a predominantly African American church in Delaware Monday morning, leaving home for a second consecutive day to address exploding racial tensions that have begun to reshape the upcoming presidential election.

"Biden, the former vice president who will represent Democrats on the ballot against President Donald Trump this fall, has struggled in recent weeks to be heard from his basement television studio over the noise of dueling national crises. But after another night of violent protests, the 77-year-old Democrat gathered with roughly a dozen local black leaders during an intimate meeting in his hometown ahead of a virtual meeting with mayors from Los Angeles, Atlanta, Chicago and St. Paul, Minnesota.

"That low-key, high-touch approach marked a sharp contrast to that of Trump in recent days, who has made little effort to unify the country. The Republican president was scheduled to speak to governors and law enforcement officials on Monday, but he spent much of the weekend using Twitter as a bullhorn to urge law and order and tougher action by police against protesters around the country. He warned Friday that, 'when the looting starts, the shooting starts.'"

AP may be surprised at how the country is coming together. Many black people resent white Antifa boys appropriating and exploiting George Floyd's death to burn cities down.

But the visual of Biden is a self-own. If you are going to wear a mask, wear it right.

Who dresses him?


  1. Slow Joe's campaign is phoning it in. If Trump had listened to Slow Joe, he would not have stopped travel from China. I'm sure SJ's campaign knows there are recordings of SJ saying that, but they obviously don't care, and had SJ push that lie about less deaths. They know Trump supporters know exactly what SJ said, and those who support SJ will believe him over Trump. As Don said, they aren't even trying to turn Trump supporters, and it's because they know after all of the failed attempts to get Trump, where his supporters held firm and then increased, they can't convert them.


  2. Biden is such a frickin' everyone!

    Jan 31 2020

    Trump institutes China travel ban. Prior to that cat had Joe's tongue and he was more or less silent.

    But once Trump acts second guesser Biden responds...

    "We have, right now, a crisis with the coronavirus. This is no time for Donald Trump's record of hysteria and xenophobia - hysterical xenophobia - and fearmongering to lead the way instead of science."

    Shutting down flights from China even Fauci admits saved countless lives. Yet there was clueless Joe playing Old Maid with the race card!

  3. I live in the bay area and I have to tell you I can see fear on the faces of the liberals here as they are now hearing about how their friends in Oakland sheltered in place and cowered in their living rooms wondering when the police were finally going to come out and do something about the looters. They waited in vain as the thugs methodically went down the street lighting cars on fire and breaking into their trendy cafe's and book shops. The blue cities have done nothing more than advertised their weakness and fecklessness when faced with street thugs. Hardly a winning message for November.

    1. Hey LibCommies - I salute you for having the stones and common sense to finally decide to purchase a weapon. NOW, you will next find out you can’t walk out of the store with one in CA. Yup, your laws.

    2. Too true. Their ignorance on gun laws is legendary.There is nothing more adorable than listening them talk about "gun loopholes" or "fully-automatic magazines" But there is opportunity in crisis. Many of them are beginning to see the light and how vulnerable they truly are.

    3. Z, all they are doing is arming the thugs. They will be too Chickens--- to use it, or incompetent and end up being killed with their own weapon.
      They do not have what it take to aim with the eye, shoot with the mind and kill with a heart like Arctic ice.
      At best, they will download "call Of Duty" and practice that way, never learning how to load the mag, jack the slide and BRASS the target.

  4. The pukes at the AP want us to be "unified" with a pack of criminals? Figures.

  5. The video is a beautiful thing. Joe said:
    "...would be alive...instead of...dead!"

    See how he nailed the science of alive vs. dead?

  6. the phrase "empty suit" has never described anyone more clearly than this clown!!!

  7. Surprised it wasn't his underwear or his wife's bra...
    Keep digging Dems this is your waterloo. Except instead of Napoleon,
    you have Shakes the Clown...

  8. I turn away when Biden appears. this is elder abuse.

  9. Don, Google must hate you. For over a month now all I have gotten for adds are ones to defeat Kris Korbach. Whether on my phone or the desk top.
    For a long time it seemed they would toss up adds for all the sales sites I visited, Northern, grainger, roundhouse etc. Now it is all donk hate adds.

    1. Jeremy, I think this is where your political contributions are going, if in fact you give. I’m getting LOCAL ads right now for Candidates in the Berkeley County WV primary next week. “You may not be interested in the Gleichschaltung, but the Gleichschaltung is interested in you.” Gotta love the Prof!

  10. Well at least he switched from black face to white face.

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