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Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Housing starts up. The economy is in its re-election mode

It's Chumbawamba time in America. We have a Tubthumping Economy. Readers remember the song and its chorus, "I get knocked down, but I get up again. You are never gonna keep me down."

Tony Fauci and the Faucists in the public health bureaucracy pushed to shut down the economy.

The anti-American press gleefully predicted it would take a decade to recover, and indeed, many small businesses may never re-open. The National Bureau of Economic Research wasted no time in declaring the Democrats' long-sought Trump Recession on June 8.

But less than 10 days later, as the economic data comes in for May, investors realize that NBER's recession call was premature.

Employment rose by a record 2.5 million jobs -- 10 times what is considered a good month.

Retail sales soared a record 17.7% -- wiping out April's losses.

And today CNBC reported, "U.S. home construction rebounds 4.3% in May."

They are never going to keep us down.

The story said, "The Commerce Department reported Wednesday that the May rise in home construction followed declines in April and March. Home builders are hoping that as the nation re-opens, housing will post a strong recovery, helped by super-low mortgage rates."

This is only the beginning.

Market Watch reported, "U.S. building permits jump 14.4% in May, signaling faster housing rebound."

The story said, "What’s lighting a fire under builders is a surge in applications to buy a new home. They rose for the ninth week in row, a separate report showed, and hit an 11-year high. Mortgage applications were a remarkable 21% higher in mid-June than they were one year ago, based on data from the Mortgage Bankers Association.

"Housing starts surged 21.5% in the West and 12.8% in the Northeast, the region hit hardest by the corona virus."

Americans are moving again. They want bigger, better, and brand-new. This is a sign of economic confidence and optimism.

There is a long way to go. The story also said, "The pace of home construction had crested to 16.2 million annual rate in January to mark a 14-year high. Although the market hasn’t returned close to pre-crisis levels, it’s expected to continue to improve during the busy summer season."

The worst is over. America is rising again. Nothing is going to stop us now.

Democrats know this which is why they rolled out the BLM riots and looting.

My question is, what Acme Product will Wile E. Democrats roll out next? Another impeachment? Another investigation? Another Democrat attack on Fort Sumter?


  1. I think they're going to stick with the racism angle. They're pretty much manacled to it now.

  2. I read that the lockdown killed 41% of black owned businesses.

    I'm guessing another 20-30% in riots.

    destroying black business leaves them nothing but a return to the plantation.

    seems almost a plan.


    1. Guess this fact reveals the real truth behind BLM. It is to fund money to the fraudulent "Act Blue" NON PROFIT. AKA giving money to the Deep State. Trump is Strangling their old cash flows.

  3. White Progressive flight from big cities is driving demand for new houses.

    1. Yeh, come out to the farm lands but you will need to get use to weapons everywhere. That is where we vote in person and it gets Real Personal if you do not like how we live as Free Men you haven't seen anything like ityet.

    2. I have already had to deal with one person who moved to our rural country to escape violence and immediately wanted to bring malls and the like to our county because her children had nothing to do. The people do not change, they bring with them the progressive mindset.

  4. The black version of the song starts with ..."I get knocked up...."

  5. Headline:

    "Housing starts rise to pre-COVID levels. Democrats immediately announce plans to sabotage construction equipment and burn down new homes."

    1. Wish I could laugh, Mark, but believe me, if LibCommies think the Babylon Bee is for real they will sure as hell take your post seriously too.

    2. Do you really think "Housing starts rise to pre-COVID levels". Not even close as so many lost never returning jobs. It really helped that BLM burns down businesses like Wendy's so those jobs aren't there any more. This whole thing needs to be viewed as a never ending Hoax to bring down the U.S.If you cannot see where this is going you need to take a Training Course in Self Protection.

    3. The Air Force Academy “offered” (IOW mandated) a PE class named Self Defense. I be good, bruh.

  6. I'm confused. Pepsi just eliminated the Aunt Jemima Brand.Was that really because she does not meet up to the standards of the Svelte and Beautiful Blacks that now dominate the Fake News?

  7. Pulte has continued building all through shutdown in my part of Metro Detroit. There was an out for construction projects that were in progress when the shutdown went into affect. I pointed this out as a reason why there never was a recession. You cannot have housing expansion at the same time as a recession. Pulte and Centrex stopped all new projects in Michigan two years prior to the 2008 recession. Large homebuilders always see downturns and preserve cash before the rest of the country. Never happened this time around. In other words, it was a fake recession too.

    1. No, I believe that we have a worse case than a recession. It is good that you are viewing these things looking for what is real BUT it is becoming ,as planned, to the reality that this is becoming, what was previously called " Stagflation" Only way to protect yourself is with Precious Metals.

  8. A lot of people want to move out of the cities. I don't blame them. But just as we see with all those fleeing CA, they bring their "values" with them. Give them 40 years and their new communities will be just as "good" as their current Blue Hellholes.

    1. NO,Cabal is moving their infiltration into the new areas that they need to take over. If you see any of their placing agents into your local organizations you need to immediately remove them in any way possible. Sometimes it is not pleasant but necessary.

    2. A much bigger source of those unAmerican "values" comes from the schools that our children & grandchildren attend.

      While you're worrying about the new neighbors who just escaped from a blue hellhole, your kids are being taught "Heather Has Two Mommies" and "How to **** in the Shower" by their young progressive teachers.

      They're also being taught how America is racist, unfair, bigoted, genocidal, and a whole bunch of other lies; but actual American history isn't taught at all.

      "Give me the child till the age of seven and I will show you the man." Our younger generations are being brainwashed, and it's working!

    3. The "South" in the '60s was Democrat. Thirty years later it was Republican even though it was largely built up by 'immigrants' from the big Union regions in the North.

      But Prof Reynolds' Welcome Wagon would not be a bad idea. Also billboards saying, "Dear Blue City refugees. You killed your city. Don't kill ours."

      J in StL

  9. I don't always comment but when I do I answer what's next.

    What's next is Bolton

    One might wonder about the interesting timing between. Covid then Riots for X reason then Bolton Book.

    If you think this is just happenstance you are not paying attention.

    The Bolton book was on the calendar for awhile now. Bolton went full poison pen and put fabrications in there. NOW he's the darling.

    Pres Trump sued to stop the book. Now the "bombshell(tm)" leaks start. Then much like the Cosby case there will be the Judge saying "well it's already out there so I allow publishing - let the people decide(tm)"

    MARK my words Flynn can't get an answer till late July. But NOW the wheels of justice will be in turbo mode to get this book out by July 4th.

    Also MARK my words that the Judge will specifically say the "leaks make the point moot".

    We saw all this media timing with Hillary's coronation. Really? Do we need Madame Secretary? Do we need a female Luke Skywalker to help the US "deplorables" to handle a female president?

    And if you glance really hard into that dark alternate future with a President Hillary... you can see Epstein is still alive and Harvey is not in jail. (go empowered women!)

    Now those same engines of media disinformation are tuned to try to take shots at Trump.

    But it's all Kabuki the Dem elders KNOW that Trump will win. The Dems know the overt spying and dirty tricks they pulled in 2016 and STILL did not win.

    they Know how bad 2020 could be. Right now it's playing to make the score close and keep the house. That's all they are doing

    So Bolton is just a Tool. A Tool with a bad mustache