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Monday, June 08, 2020

Highlights of the News

Have a little faith. We will re-elect Donald John Trump as president. My blog is keeping the Sabbath.

ITEM 1: NBC reported, "13 days after the murder of George Floyd on a Minneapolis street by a Minneapolis police officer, the Minneapolis City Council has announced its intention to disband the Minneapolis Police Department."

But who will enforce those Stay At Home orders?

The story said, "With the Vikings staging at least 10 games per year in Minneapolis, the end of the Minneapolis Police Department will surely have a dramatic impact on security arrangements in and around the stadium."

Wasn't that the plan? Isn't that why the players kneel?

ITEM 2: St. Louis Today reported, "Charges have been filed against a 24-year-old man who police believe fatally shot retired St. Louis police Capt. David Dorn, 77, on the sidewalk outside Lee's Pawn and Jewelry early Tuesday morning.

"Stephan Cannon, 24, of Glasgow Village, has been charged with first-degree murder. He is being held without bond.

"As downtown St. Louis descended into violence and chaos Monday night into Tuesday morning, Dorn, also a retired municipal police chief, attempted to protect the pawn shop from looting. He was shot multiple times, and his killing was broadcast on Facebook Live."

The story said, "A stolen television was later found where Cannon was arrested. He admitted to police that he changed his hair and appearance once he saw his image being distributed to the public."

Dorn was black. Cannon is black. Dorn was about Cannon's age when he joined the police force. He rose through the ranks.

ITEM 3: Ever wonder what happened to Pajama Boy?

He became mayor of Minneapolis.
The Black Liberation Movement is doing well under its new moniker, Black Lives Matter.

ITEM 4: Readers should not despair over the lunacy of looting and kneeling and the like.

These protests stem from fear. Democrats fear that the black vote is slipping away. Their plan was to lock up the black vote and the brown vote ahead of that day in 2050 or so when white people no longer are a majority in America.

But Donald Trump came along and did the things that Democrats said they would do someday. Black and Hispanic employment hit record highs. His prison reform gave a second-chance to thousands of black felons. His immigration service is battling MS-13 which terrorizes Hispanic neighborhoods.

Democrats meanwhile keep getting loonier.

Hillary got 88% of the black vote, and lost.

Hillary got 65% of the Hispanic vote, and lost.

Does anyone seriously believe Biden will do better?

And so we get this protest theater. The mob is expanding its vision and losing focus. The walk of shame, the abuse of Drew Brees, and the general unforgiving spirit of the mob will turn many liberals off. We shall see how this plays out, but it looks like both a tactical and strategic error on the part of Democrats. Democrats.

ITEM 5: Deadline reported, "New ‘Looney Tunes’ Cartoons Ban Elmer Fudd From Having A Gun – But Other Mayhem Is Okay."

What's with the yellow gloves on Bugs? They used to be white.

ITEM 6: The New York Post reported, "The Queens man arrested for scarring the landmarked façade of St. Patrick’s Cathedral during a George Floyd protest is now free — because the Manhattan District Attorney’s office declined to prosecute him.

"Yadir Avila Rosas, 26, was taken into custody at 5:30 a.m. Saturday, an NYPD spokeswoman told The Post.

"Police charged Rosas with criminal mischief in the third degree and making graffiti, alleging that he was the getaway driver for two women who tagged the famous house of worship with spray-painted slogans on May 30.

"But an expected Saturday afternoon arraignment never happened, at the DA office’s discretion."

In New York, you cannot go to church to pray but you can go there to desecrate it.

Maybe Bill Barr should make a federal case out of it.

ITEM 7Just the News reported, "Doctors across the world are offering preliminary but encouraging reports that the corona virus may be losing steam and becoming less deadly: a behavior observed in at least one respiratory pandemic before, and a welcome sign for a world weary of nonstop covid-19 fears.

"Optimism over the corona virus has been in short supply since January, when public health officials and politicians began publicly and repeatedly speculating that covid-19 may be a semi-permanent fixture of global life for the foreseeable future, possibly for years."

The pandemic panic is over for now. Democrats will try to revive it before the election, especially after the BLM rioting backfires.

ITEM 8: Salena Zito reported, "Despite a deadly pandemic, staggering unemployment and racial unrest, Pennsylvania voters showed up in record numbers to take part in their presidential primary Tuesday — even though the results were a foregone conclusion."


Zito said, "Judging by the numbers so far, President Trump drew voters out in force. With almost 98% of districts counted, Republicans have cast more than 861,000 ballots for Donald Trump, with 734,000 Democrats voting for Joe Biden. And while it’s still unclear how many people voted in person versus mail-in ballot, some counties are reporting that Trump drew plenty of supporters out of their homes."

In 2016, Hillary had 935,107 votes in the Pennsylvania primary. President Trump had 902,593. Nevertheless, he carried the state that November.

ITEM 9: The quickest way to stupidity is trusting media accounts.
Before trusting a media prediction ask yourself were they right about Hillary's election? Were they right about Russian Collusion? Were they right about covid-19 killing 2.2 million Americans?

Then flip the dial, and watch Looney Tunes. Gun or no gun, Elmer Fudd is still amusing.

ITEM 10: The Daily Wire reported, "The New York Police Department reportedly took a protester into custody after he allegedly threatened to burn down the Diamond District during a live television interview on Fox News."

In New York, desecrating an historic cathedral is OK. Just don't threaten the Diamond District.

ITEM 11: The election will be brutal.
Joe needs to stand up for America.

ITEM 12The Washington Free Beacon reported, "The Fifth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals on Thursday blocked an order requiring Texas officials to make mail-in ballots available to any voter who wants one due to the corona virus ahead of elections in July."


The story said, "U.S. District Judge Fred Biery sided with the Democratic plaintiffs in a May 19 order requiring the state to make vote-by-mail available to virtually all Texans. The Fifth Circuit decision includes pointed rebukes of Biery's order, predicting his decision 'will be remembered more for audacity than legal reasoning.'"

The decision said, "Instead of searching for a conceivable basis for the rules, the court jerry-rigged some straw men and proceeded to burn them."

Biery is a Clinton appointee.

The three appellate judges who rejected and mocked him were appointed by Ronald Reagan, President Trump and Obama. You really have to screw up to get an Obama judge to do the right thing.

ITEM 13: Yahoo found a way to make it appear covid-19 is spread evenly across the USA.

Use colors that blend in. Thus 921 cases in Wyoming look about the same as 375,133 cases in New York. Oh and go by cases, not deaths.

ITEM 14: Michelle Obama said, "What’s happening right now is the direct result of decades of unaddressed prejudice and inequality. The truth is, when it comes to all those tidy stories of hard work and self-determination that we like to tell ourselves about America, well, the reality is a lot more complicated than that. Because for too many people in this country, no matter how hard they work, there are structural barriers working against them that just make the road longer and rockier. And sometimes it’s almost impossible to move upward at all. Because what if you’re required to work during a pandemic, but don’t have enough protective equipment or health insurance from your employer, or paid sick leave? What is more essential: your work or your life? If you don’t feel safe driving your own car in your own neighborhood? Or going for a jog or buying some candy at 7-11, or birdwatching? If you can’t even approach the police without fearing for your life, then how do you even begin to chart your own course?"


The last five decades have seen progress for American black people unparalleled by any other ethnic group.

Her husband's election proved that.

Such a brave woman she is to encourage violence while protected by Secret Service.

The hardest thing in her life is deciding which of her mansions to sleep in each night.

ITEM 15: Never Trumper Charlie Sykes tweeted, "This is *huge* in-kind contribution to the Trump campaign. A gift."

The gift in question is a street painted, "Black Lives Matter = Defund the Police."

That is how Never Trumpers think. There is no right or wrong. The only evil they see are things that help President Trump.

ITEM 16The College Fix reported, "The UCLA Anderson School of Management has pulled an accounting lecturer from teaching because of his response to a student who asked for 'special treatment,' in the lecturer’s words, for black students.

"Gordon Klein joined the Anderson School in 1981 and has also taught in the UCLA law school and Loyola Law School, according to his faculty page.

"An Anderson spokesperson refused to tell The College Fix what policy or policies Klein is alleged to have violated, only confirming that he was 'on leave from campus and his classes have been reassigned to other faculty.' She implied, however, that he was the subject of a discrimination complaint."

Treating black students the same as white students is racist. This is not new. This is what we mean by affirmative action, and it has been the law for 40-plus years.

ITEM 17: The Wrap reported, "New York Times Op-Ed section editor James Bennet has resigned."

He got the job because his brother is a senator. Fredo Bennet was best known for libeling Sarah Palin.

That did not cost him his job.

Publisher A.G. Sulzberger said in an email, "James is a journalist of enormous talent and integrity who believes deeply in the mission of The Times."

Sulzberger, too, is a journalist of enormous talent whose talent was being born the oldest son of the previous publisher. If it weren't for nepotism, half the management at newspapers would disappear.

ITEM 18: The New York Times reported Mitt, Bush, and all those other RINOs who did not support President Trump in 2016 will not vote for him in 2020.

Matt Drudge made this his banner headline on Sunday. I laughed and laughed and laughed.

Meanwhile, I have a world exclusive that the Obamas, the Clintons, and Rosie O'Donnell also will not vote for President Trump in 2020.

I predict this Won't Vote For Trump story will resurface a few more times before November 3. They have no candidate. They have no policy. They have no hope. All they have is hate and fear.

ITEM 19: The Sun reported, "The US has officially demanded Britain hand over Prince Andrew to be quizzed over his links to billionaire pedophile pal Jeffrey Epstein.

"And in a bombshell move, the Department of Justice has formally told the UK the Duke of York is now caught up in a criminal probe for the first time."

Boris Johnson should say, sure, we will turn him over as soon as Bill Barr indicts a few of your millionaire pedos.

ITEM 20: The Feel Good Story of the Day.




What's not to like? And it is a key to the plot twist in the story.

ITEM 21Fox News reported, "The Philadelphia Inquirer’s top editor is resigning after a staff uproar over a Buildings Matter, Too headline that ran on an article lamenting damage to businesses amid turbulent protests over the death of George Floyd in police custody, according to reports.

"Stan Wischnowski, 58, stepped down Saturday as executive editor at the Inquirer – one of the country’s most prominent newspapers – which has struggled as journalism has tried to adapt to the digital age.

"The day after the headline ran Wischnowski and senior editors posted an apology on the paper’s website, calling it offensive and saying it never should have run."

He apologized.

Never apologize.

Apologizing empowers the mindless mob, and rationalizes any and all the punishment they may heap on you, while discouraging others to speak out.

I don't know whom I respect less, Wischnowski or the Walk of Shame mayor.

FINALLY, as part of National Accordion Awareness Month, I offer Fred Astaire.

He also played drums and piano. Danced a little. Just not at the same time.


  1. Priorities, Big D. You’ve got them straight. God bless you!

  2. Jim says it best

  3. Item 4: I am completely with you on this, Don. It all looks like panic on the part of the Dems/media to me.

    And all of their countermeasures have been deployed too early. They are having little impact because Americans have battle fatigue after the pandemic panic. It's summertime, lockdowns are ending, and the economy is recovering. People are increasingly tuning out gloom and doom, which is all the Dems have to offer. They are flailing now.

    1. Stole my thunder! Actually, love the fact that great minds think alike.

      Anyway, totally agree - everything happening here is 3-4 months ahead of schedule out of a sheer panic.

      Just like 2016!

    2. Actually, I am glad they are shooting their load early. Dems are running down a very thin list of stuff to pull before the election. The fact they started 3-4 months early means they will be down to z-grade material sooner and we can get back to our lives with Trump re-elected.

    3. Agreed, but once they realize this what are they going to try next? Not looking forward to it, whatever it is.

    4. I am thinking an invasion of Space Aliens in Aug. or Sept., but they will settle for another Illegal Alien one. They keep using the same playbook over and over, even though it continues to fail. They are truly crazy in fear of PDJT and in panic mode.

    5. @John vampires vs cowboys? Or space aliens vs Godzilla? If we weren't in the middle, I'd bring the popcorn.

  4. Thank the Lord he is still alive, the Driver I mean.

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  7. 2 - the left could give a rip about officer Dorn.

    7 - this is their face saving - the virus has weakened FOR NOW.

    14 - lots of minority police in minority major areas. And I’m sure there is plenty of birdwatching opportunities in the inner cities.

    20 - stories like this should lead the news. Show what America is really like. But Noooooooo. We can’t get rid of PDJT with stories like this.

    All of these editor resignations for not toeing the line. Pretty soon, only leftists will be running major newspapers. Oh. Only ultra-leftists will be left. Left of leftists are not leftist enough.

    1. At this rate Pol Pot won't be allowed to be a big newspaper editor. Too 'Rightist thinking' for the Wokers. And God forbid any veteran from Shining Path apply for the job!


  8. #6 "Maybe Bill Barr should make a federal case out of it."

    Barr hasn't made a federal case out of anything, especially all the cases directly in front of him, wrapped in a red ribbon and sitting on a silver platter. He's worse than Sessions because he's still the AG. - Gary B

  9. #16 "This is what we mean by affirmative action, and it has been the law for 40-plus years."

    An affirmative-action air controller killed Frank Sinatra's mother when he misdirected her jet leaving Palm Springs. It flew straight into a nearby mountain. Make sure the person performing your heart bypass has actually earned his or her medical credentials the right way and not carried into the profession on a magic carpet. - Gary B

  10. Let me get this straight. black lives matter is saying the Reginald Denny incident was abortion in their behavior?

  11. Correction: Aberration

  12. First- Don't do it Don,there is a reason to rest on the Sabbath. clear the mind and refresh the Soul.
    3&4."Never interfere with your enemy."
    5. what about Yosemite Sam?
    6. Try desecrating a Mosque.
    7. Read that as:"Democrats fear..."
    8. Trump Tromped Biden.
    9. Narrative failure in progress..
    11. Think about that 3Am phone call..
    12. Fail
    13. What is this Yahoo! thing?
    14. Hateful nasty, woman.. Hope one of her Daughters marries
    a Cop or a Marine. Or both.
    15. see my comment on #3&4.
    17. Our local rag is a mere pamphlet..
    18. The sun rises in the east, Dog bites man, Never Trumpers are not voting for Trump, so?
    -Who is this Drudge person?
    19. I think they may be making "Randy Andy" squeal like a Pig.
    20. I miss my '02 'Stang good for him.
    21. Paying Danegeld -you never get rid of the Dane.
    Finally-"flying Down to Rio used as a prop-the largest Airliner of the time-the Fokker(American)F.20 four engine,
    made of wood and could barley get out of it own way.
    seems there was this Guy named Douglas who built this Airliner called the DC-3.. So the Fokker was used as a prop.
    complete with Dancers on the wing.

  13. #11 (biden kneeling):
    "Stand up Chuck!... oh, God love ya...everyone stand up for Chuck!" He was an idiot decades ago too!

  14. Had to listen to “Smart Patrol/Mr. DNA” by Devo re the MPLS situation. Frey is an altruistic pervert. So is Bender, the City Council chair. You’re a white supremacist if you call the Smart Patrol (community policing) to report a garage breakin.


    1. What if you call and say it is a WHITE man that is the burglar?

    2. I'm gonna get me a shotgun
      and kill all the looters I see,
      I'm gonna get me a shotgun
      and kill all the looters I see.
      After I kill all the looters I see,
      Looters they ain't gonna bother me.
      I'm gonna get me a shotgun
      and kill all the looters I see.

    3. Good reworking of Garrett Morris's philosophy of life from Saturday Night Live's 'Gigi' tryouts


    4. Since I don't want to be a racist, I will shoot the burglar. Works for me.

  15. Smart Patrol (community policing)is like a tribe in africa. BTW blacks only make up 13% of the U.S. Republics population. Only Cucks and Snowflakes think otherwise.

    1. Smart Patrol is what George Zimmerman said he was on and it was proven in court he was right.

  16. Watch This Live right now

  17. ITEM 5: Deadline reported, "New ‘Looney Tunes’ Cartoons Ban Elmer Fudd From Having A Gun – But Other Mayhem Is Okay."

    I thought it just had to be the Babylon Bee, but it isn't!

    1. Nobody's made a decent cartoon in decades anyway. The only ones worth watching are the old ones!

  18. Item 4: There is no crime the Deep State/Globalists/NWO folks won't commit in order to regain power. The ride is going to get bumpier. We win in the end.

  19. #1 "Wasn't that the plan? Isn't that why the players kneel?"

    Oh please, please let the irony be a cut in player salaries to pay for increased private security in the wake of no police protection.

  20. #5. Bugs had yellow gloves in some of the early cartoons. Went to white to save money on yellow ink.
    #9. My wife's nephew lives in D.C, and he's been all morally superior about the upcoming "million" protesters. Hardee-Har-Har.
    #11. Did someone have to help up Sleepy Joe? Piers Morgan challenged Trump to take a knee. Yeah, Right!
    #15. It looks like it reads 'HATTER' as in "Mad as a .."
    #20. Sometimes good things DO happen to good people!
    And Finally. Seeing Ms. Rogers in that amazing dress, all I could say was, "Accordion? What accordion?"

    First day back at work. Thankful that I'm well. Thankful that I have a sweet wife was thankful having me home 24/7. Lot of chores got done. I'm blessed.
    Don, check out and comment on Candace Owen's gone-viral message on George Floyd. Worth an article/

  21. Don
    Since it is clear that Drudge sold out and has an NDA in place, do you think it is appropriate to come up with a new moniker such as "Hollowed-out zombie version of the Drudge Report"?

    Also, I would be remiss in not saying something and my apologies for not saying it sooner; my sympathies on the loss of your son. I hope you and your family are healing.


  22. One of the fundamental questions for conservatism is "What is it you seek to conserve?" When it comes to observing the Sabbath, there just might be sound reasons far beyond the religious. A tradition 5-8,ooo years old (depending on where you want to peg its inception) may be worth conserving.
    #4,9,etc. I always knew the lefty meltdown would be ugly, and we're still in the warmup phases. I expect a lot worse. But they are touching off the fireworks while the sun is still shining on the picnics.
    And for accordion month, how can we not acknowledge the great Wierd Al Yankovic?

    1. re: "lefty meltdown"
      November 4th and 5th are going to be epic!

  23. #4, grateful to read Surber and get some perspective. Was getting down and depressed with all the defund the police and craziness and apparent support from many. Just seems crazy to me.
    #14. Guess she is re-ashamed of her country again, Say didn't her husband, the president and the dems had BOTH houses of congress, seems they could have fixed all this systemic racism...guess they didn't.

    1. re#14: That's the result of an affirmative action AND diversity hire for ya.

  24. "But Donald Trump came along and did the things that Democrats said they would do someday."


    Don, your incisive and pithy analysis is why I rely on your blogs and books.

  25. ITEM 15: Never Trumper Charlie Sykes tweeted, "This is *huge* in-kind contribution to the Trump campaign. A gift."

    The gift in question is a street painted, "Black Lives Matter = Defund the Police."

    Must have run out of paint. Should be Black Lives Matter = Defund the Police = Destroy Your neighborhood.

  26. ITEM 21: Fox News reported, "The Philadelphia Inquirer’s top editor is resigning after a staff uproar over a Buildings Matter, Too headline...

    He committed the unpardonable sin; deviating from the prescribed narrative.

  27. Re National Accordion Awareness Month:
    Fred Astaire on accordion was a surprise, but my all-time favorite accordionist is this guy:
    This was Weird Al's first appearance on national television in 1981 - he and a friend performed "Another One Rides the Bus".

  28. #7 - don't all viruses become less virulent over time? If they got worse, even rarely, humans would have been wiped out a long time ago. It's like the stories from a month ago that everyone expressed shock that UV radiation killed the Wuhan virus. Is there a virus that sunlight doesn't kill? Ugh!

  29. Five decades of black civil rights whipped out in 13 days. Par for the course for Democrats.

    The most loathsome person is neither, but mittens romney who has cow-towed to the lowest common denominator by looking up from the gutter at them.

  30. Tell your reader to read Clarice Feldman's column at American Thinker on Sundays while you keep Sabbath

  31. It wasn't so long ago that the phrase "a well regulated militia" was thought of as an archaic throwback to the frontier era.

    Elmer Fudd hunting Bugs Bunny is the perfect analogy to the Democrats trying to bring down Trump, with every scheme exploding in their face. "I'll get you yet, you cwazy wabbit!", to which our president replies, "Eh, what's up, doc?"

    Finally, Fred Astaire danced and played the drums at the same time in "Damsel In Distress." The following year, he danced and drove golf balls at the same time in "Carefree."

  32. Item 13: Yahoo Map

    I want to use this in my visual literacy class to show how data/information can be manipulated. Does anyone know the direct url to the map?


  34. 1. Yeah. The replacement agency will be the Committee For Public Safety.

    3. Carved in the walls of KGB's Lubyanka prison was the term "зачем", "what for" carved by idealistic revolutionaries consumed by the reality of revolutionary politics. Frey is finding that out.

    4. I lived through the '60s. Same ol' revolution. Same ol' revolutionaries. Same ol' riots. Not as much bombing, though. Got Nixon elected...twice. But SERIOUSLY we need to recapture (liberate?) public schools from the Democrats and their labor unions.

    5. Really, Looney Toons has the same problem BabylonBee has. It's hard to be loonier than the Left.

    6. They accuse justice of not being blind. They should know. They're the worst abusers. Political Justice is no justice.

    7. Just like the common cold which is also a coronavirus (actually 3 viruses. Now 4)

    8. Trump voters are Trump voters. Biden voters are 'mail in' voters.

    9. "The quickest way to stupidity is trusting "...Democratic Party Propagandists..." accounts."

    There. Fixed it for ya'.

    11. Joe stand up for America? That would be a first.

    12. Mail in voting is legalized ballot box stuffing. Who voted? Who knows?

    13. Repeat after me, "Democratic Party Propagandists of the Press".

    14. Why is what she claims most prevalent in Democratic bastions? Why?

    15. For every black killed by a cop 37 are killed by other blacks. The Only Lives That Matter Are Those Democrats Think They Can Use For Political Gain.

    16. Treating them "special" ensures they can never have an equal footing. Almost all the domestic problems in the US today are because the Democrats were allowed to persist after the Civil War. The Party of Slavery.

    J in StL