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Saturday, June 06, 2020

Highlights of the News

Donald John Trump is still our president. Thank God and 62 million deplorable voters.

ITEM 1: Experts said 2.2 million Americans will die by June, unemployment will hit 19.8% in May, and Biden will be president.
Horoscopes are more accurate.

Oh and there is no media bias, you deplorable rube.
OK, maybe a little.

OK, maybe a lot.
ITEM 2: A reader wrote, "The condition of the black community is of importance to me. I became intimate with their environment, over the course of eight years as a volunteer instructor/facilitator for sentenced men at the [REDACTED JAIL IN A BIG CITY].

"During the current orgy of mass violence, burning and looting in response to the killing of George Floyd and the odious virtue signaling by whites the true, documented, undeniable reality of murder in the black community has been suppressed, ignored and discounted. Their terror, misery and death is of little import compared to the accolades heaped upon those engaging in so much destruction of businesses, employment and lives in the most vulnerable communities. Whites have been trampling one another to signal their solidarity, bemoan racism or engage in ritual public admission of guilt.

"Perhaps it is to be expected from a culture for which cause and effect, (i.e. policies, ideologies, compilation of data, accountability, and responsibility) are consider manifestations of suppressive privilege. Are black men, women and children people being murdered? Absolutely. How many, why and by whom (and what sort of cultural conditioning preceded this reign of death) is a discussion that will not take place.

"The horrific reality is that the misery of the black condition is a revenue stream for both the public and private sectors. Black Lives Matter? Black lives comprise the raw material that is fed into fraudulent public education, (little more than holding pens) until they are of age for the crime/punishment, social services and abortion industries. Their misery is exploited by white and black politicians, community organizers and crime syndicates. The current fiasco is a case in point.

"Being up close with incarcerated black men for several years, exposed me to a human dignity, ingenuity and potential that while a flickering spark was not extinguished. Helping these men reclaim their inherent value and dignity was the greatest privilege of my life. There is no word of contempt sufficient for those, black and white, that profit from and manipulate black lives while stripping them of their human dignity and potential."

I thanked the reader.

People profit off this misery.

It sickens me.

ITEM 3: The left got on Emma Watson's case, so she cut her hair.
Bald for BLM? They can get liberals to do anything because liberalism is a mental disorder.

(UPDATE: Bald for BLM is a rightwing prank.)

Speaking of mental disorders.
Only a fellow squirrel would be attracted to Peter Strzok.

But now we know who fed NBC its anti-Trump lies over the years.

ITEM 4: President Trump got Iran to release an American.
He did not give them $170 billion to spend on nuclear bombs and an attempt to destroy Israel because he is not a Muslim.

ITEM 5: Biden said, 10% to 15% Americans are just not very good people.
10% to 15%? Oh come on. There are more Democrats than that.

ITEM 6: The New York Times said, "In late March, Brooks Brothers was showered with praise after announcing it would use its three clothing factories in the United States to make personal protective equipment to help fight Covid-19.

"Now those factories may become casualties of the coronavirus, and the future of Brooks Brothers — not to mention its identity as the ultimate Made in America brand, one that has dressed presidents and former presidents dating to James Madison — is uncertain.

"Brooks Brothers plans to lay off nearly 700 employees this summer at the factories, in Massachusetts, New York and North Carolina. The company is also trying to find buyers for the factories by mid-July, and expects to close them if it can’t."

Its owner said, "There are a very small percentage of our customers who told us they really care about Made in America. The vast majority of customers care more about quality and service than where a product is made. When we look at the sales, we really don’t see a lot of reason to believe we would be penalized. I think we — I — am more sorry about closing the factories than the customers will be."

To the Times I say the only shoddy Made in America product is its newspapers.

Return the Russian Hoax Pulitzer.

You want proof?

It was a set-up. They learned from Obama's attempted entrapment of General Flynn.

ITEM 7: A reader sent me a panicked email that said if the election were held tomorrow, President Trump would lose.

I sent back a note, the election won't be held tomorrow. It will be held on November 3.
I did not sell off my stocks in March, and I sure as heck ain't selling out my president.

No, I am not knocking my reader. People are human. We live in interesting times that test our faith in God, so why would they not test our faith in a mere mortal?

Just bear in mind this one little rule: Never Bet Against Donald John Trump.

If you get down, email me. We did it before in 2016. We shall do it again in 2020.

ITEM 8: The Buffalo News reported, "All 57 of the members of the Buffalo Police Department's Emergency Response Team resigned Friday from the unit which responds to riots and other crowd control situations, the president of the union that represents Buffalo police officers told The Buffalo News.

"Two law enforcement sources confirmed the resignations.

"Two members of the Emergency Response Team were suspended without pay late Thursday after they were involved in pushing a 75-year-old protester to the ground as they were clearing the area in front of Buffalo City Hall at the emergency curfew. The Erie County District Attorney's Office is investigating the incident. No charges have been filed.

"The Emergency Response Team members have not quit the police department, but have stepped down from the tactical unit, according to the sources."

I saw the video.

I also know that viral videos only show part of the story. I have known that since 1991 when the Rodney King video appeared.

The presumption of innocence applies to everyone.

ITEM 9: NBC reported, "District of Columbia Mayor Muriel Bowser on Friday had Black Lives Matter painted on the street that leads to the White House where protesters have been demonstrating following George Floyd’s death in police custody."

Bowser is a black racist.

Her town, she can do what she wants, but she is following a Democrat tactic of dividing people by race that led to segregation in the South.

Don't get caught up in the mayor's Bull Connor.

ITEM 10: The Guardian reported, "President Donald Trump has ordered the US military to remove nearly 9,500 troops from Germany in a move likely to raise concerns in Europe about the US commitment to the region.

"The move would reduce US troop numbers in Germany to 25,000, compared with the 34,500 currently there, a senior US official said.

"The official said the move was the result of months of work by America’s top military officer, General Mark Milley, chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, and had nothing to do with tensions between Trump and the German chancellor, Angela Merkel, who thwarted Trump’s plan to host a G7 meeting this month."

If true, it is about time.

We should have done this 29 years ago when the Soviet Union collapsed. World War II ended 75 years ago.

ITEM 11: The New York Post reported, "Public Advocate Jumaane Williams just made his criticism of Bill de Blasio’s handling of Big Apple protests personal — accusing the mayor of using his biracial family as a political shield."

The story said, "De Blasio’s wife, first lady Chirlane McCray, is black, and they share two biracial children, Dante, 23 and Chiara, 25."

And the story said, "Thousands of cops turned their backs on the mayor at the funerals for a pair of officers who were shot just weeks after an interview in which de Blasio said he and McCray had taught Dante about the “dangers” posed by the police to young black men.

"Williams’ rebuke comes a day after de Blasio was booed off the stage at a George Floyd memorial in Brooklyn."

Mayor Groundhog Killer has brought police, Black Lives Matter, and everyone else together

ITEM 12: Alisha Haridasani Gupta of the New York Times wrote a column, "Why Aren't We All Talking About Breonna Taylor?"

Because it is an open-and-shut case that would not divide people.

Police killed her in her home after getting the address wrong in a no-knock warrant.

Black lives matter only if their death can divide the people.

ITEM 13: Sister Toldjah reported, "Paul Krugman Caught in Hilarious Self-Own After Furiously Spinning Conspiracy Theories About Good Jobs Report."

The Nobel-winning economist said (without evidence) that President Trump strong-armed the bureaucracy to lie. Well, he does write for that paranoid conspiracy publication, the New York Times, which insists that Russia rigged the last election for President Trump.

He ended his tweeting with "Whatever happened, these numbers should make you more, not less, pessimistic about the economic outlook. Why? Because they will reinforce the White House inclination to do nothing and let emergency aid expire."

Jason Furman, Obama's chief economic adviser, tweeted, "You can 100% discount the possibility that Trump got to the BLS. Not 98% discount, not 99.9% discount, but 100% discount. BLS has 2,400 career staff of enormous integrity and one political appointee with no scope to change this number."

In case Krugman is wondering what that object is in his hands right now, it is his ass. Furman handed it to him.

ITEM 14: What if we are not in a recession?

If the second-quarter GDP numbers numbers show growth that would mean we are not in a recession, as defined by having 2 or more quarters of negative growth.

The economy shrank 4.8% in January, February, and March. But in May, unemployment fell by 1.4%, the biggest monthly drop on record. Depending on how well we do in June, we may see a little growth.

The stock market is recovering from a 23% dive in March. The NASDAQ index is up for the year, while the S&P 500 is down only 0.28% since January 1. That shows Corporate America is doing well, even as Main Street businesses suffer.

But we know the worst is over because Democrats staged the BLM riots to divert our attention.

ITEM 15: Hot Air reported, "Chicago Riots Wipe Out Most Grocery Sources For Minority Residents."

Burn, baby, burn, will become starve, baby, starve.


ITEM 16: The court told Whitmer, hey baby, don't do the Manke Panky.
Justice in America.

FINALLY, June is National Accordion Awareness Month. Readers are sending suggestions. Never heard of this dude. Thanks!


  1. Item 8 - The man the Buffalo police knocked down was acting strangely. He was swiping his phone across the officers belt and pants pockets. I saw speculation he was attempting to access the officers phone with those motions.

    1. True. Plus they keep focusing on his age. With his face mask And hat on, they have no idea how old he is. A slight push moves him back. Looks like he loses his balance and falls.


    3. It was probably like soccer players who, once touched by another player, fall down and scream in agony.

    4. The guy was a professional terrorist groupie, agitating for violence. He was waving a scanner to wiretap police communications. He was also wearing a stuntman rig. that was fake blood. You think I'm kidding. I'm not. Its Agit-Prop--He even brought his own NPR cinematographer. Details in nic. Really. They're playing to win, kids.

  2. 2 - the most important item of the week. Thank you to Don’s reader for the message. Working with the homeless for many years gave me the same opinion - just numbers and statistics for bureaucrats to increase their budgets. Solutions didn’t matter.

    Candace Owens is the future. The race hustle industry fears her.

    15 - see item 2.

    13 - I am shocked, shocked I tell you to see Paulie wrong again. Perhaps the worlds worst economist.

  3. Item 15 The Chitcago Mayor held a conference call yesterday asking the grocers to come back. Maybe Wal Marts 100 Million was part of the effort to rebuild the south side of Chitcago.

    1. One does wonder sometimes if bodegas and other smaller groceries are getting burned to force migration. Then the land gets redeveloped and gentrified and then former residents deplore the improvements and burn it down again.

      Oh. Wait. That's FAR too cynical about the party that kills millions of future taxpayers yet wants to tax who's left. Or developers who pay for a politician's sweet retirement.

      Cities are run by Democrats. Don't the Donks know precisely what's best for the inner cities, electing jackasses like the Cuomos?

      Stand back. Let Nero find his own matches.

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks
      I was gonna tweet that but asked myself why am I giving Twitter content?

  5. ITEM #10 Why does the US have to have a "commitment to the region"? Shouldn't the Europeans be the most committed? Or is it just more convenient to let Uncle Sucker shoulder the cost of their defense?

    Oh wait! I know the answer to this one.

    ITEM #13: Guess we can take from this that were the DIMS in charge they'd be rigging the numbers from the BLS for sure.

    ITEM #16: Whitmer's VP aspirations take yet another hit. And to think. All that "Karening" for nothing.

    1. Michigan State Police officers told me Saturday that they are not Whitmer supporters. There were DOZENS of state cops guarding Owosso barber Karl Manke.

      Yes, the ones she sent before now guarded him during a Black Lives Matter protest staged in Owosso. (Manke was unharmed. The expected trouble didn't happen to my knowledge.)

      Will this end Whitmer's regime? No. She has two years to go and the state GOP has a spine of suet and brains of jelly for not putting this menace DOWN every time she opens her mouth. Instead, milquetoast state GOP snivelers appease the woman and are as complicit as she is by their inability to do what Manke's lawyer had to do by himself.

      Why do I believe in Trump but not the state GOP supposed to back him. If they do, they're coy how they do it.

  6. #7 If you don't sell high, you can't buy low.

  7. ITEM 2: I've realized that long ago that when the left politicizes something, it is to gain money from it. Once I saw that, the Twilight Zone craziness becomes more understandable. That poster opened my eyes to the exact money trail for the oppression of blacks in our modern era. Done with the help of, and profit by, blacks themselves. If we had a media we deserved, this would have been exposed a long time ago. The media, being mostly corporate owned now, has to have a connection to this money trail. Attention, Matt Taibbi.

    ITEM 7: That panicked reader no doubt listens to, and/or reads the leftist MSM, who pound anti Trump rhetoric hourly. That reader needs to step away, and do something relaxing. And still read blogs like this, where the truth is still printed.

    ITEM 9: It amazes me that the left enlists blacks to support policies that are detrimental to blacks (see this ITEM, ITEM 2, and ITEM 15 as but three of many examples). They also convince white leftists to kneel down before blacks to apologize for, … for, … what, I don't know. But they got them to. And, per ITEM 3, they convince leftist feminists (BIRM) to shave their heads for BLM. Hitler, Stalin, Mao, are all rolling in their graves with jealousy of how easy it is.

    ITEM 13: Krugman the dumbman, is totally invested in his post 2016 election economy prediction being true, that he has become a sad caricature of himself. What a waste of his formal education.

    ITEM 16: The founders left the citizens with many options to fight tyranny. In this case, it worked to perfection! Which means our republic is still functioning. Thanks founders.


    1. Krugman's formal education did not take because it is evident there was no critical thinking taught, or if there was he disregarded it.

    2. Demand expert advice! Democrats are living proof that they were 100% correct in saying that a mind is a terrible thing to waste.

  8. I like the accordion in the subdudes music:

  9. Item : Oh poor Brooks Brothers. Say, didn't quite a few companies boldly claim to changing over to producing sanitizer, alcohol, and masks? Why haven't the shelves been refilled with these, then? Haven't seen much of any of this stuff in any store, bare shelves where these items should be. What's really going on?

  10. Flaco Jimenez with The Mavericks:

    "All You Ever Do is Bring Me Down"


  11. Item 2. Should be read at every BLM protest..but alas it won't happen as it does not fit the agenda.

  12. Yay Augie Meyers, a member of the supergroup Texas Tornadoes along with Freddy Fender, Flaco Jimenez, and Doug Sahm! Sadly Doug and Freddy are no longer with us but Flaco and Augie are still going strong. Augie lives not far from me in Bulverde, Texas.

    Augie often plays accordion but he is more often on keyboards. Flaco Jimenez is the true accordion genius. Here he is with Dwight Yoakum and Buck Owens on "Streets of Bakersfield."

    1. Augie’s Farfisa organ was the mega hook of Sir Doug’s hit “She’s About a Mover,” which to me is one of THE great roller rink songs ever made.

  13. Trump supporters don't like to be polled.

    1. Yep, I hang up quickly when pollsters call. Not giving them anything to shape or twist...

    2. Same here. Polls are up there "Your warranty on your Pontiac Montana has expired." calls. that thing's been reduced to Hyundai Elantra parts years ago..

    3. I've been polled three times. One was during the impeachment. I let 'em have it.

    4. Ditto, I and all the people i know, don't participate in polls. Pollsters are just peddling worthless junk.

    5. I take opposite stance. The lower Trump poll numbers, the more depressed base gets. And quite a few on the margins might just 'vote for change' due to his low poll numbers.
      So I always take part in trying to boost poll numbers (as fraudulent as they are, especially this far out from election date)

    6. Not true, but the boss objects to me being on the phone while on the clock.

    7. Tell them you're voting Zen Druid. You want a President who's a tree that isn't there.

      Sorry. That's an oak.

  14. How come I keep thinking of Enoch Powell's - Rivers of Blood Speech ?

    1. For those that are curious as I am:

    2. In the speech, Powell advocated voluntary re-emigration by "generous grants and assistance" and he mentioned that immigrants had asked him whether it was possible. He said that all citizens should be equal before the law, and that:

      This does not mean that the immigrant and his descendants should be elevated into a privileged or special class or that the citizen should be denied his right to discriminate in the management of his own affairs between one fellow-citizen and another or that he should be subjected to an inquisition as to his reasons and motives for behaving in one lawful manner rather than another.[8]

      Maybe Trump remembers this..... the left think immigrants especially illegal ones need us to hand over our jobs, money and possessions because 'gasp' they are deserving. What about my hard work? hours spent going back to school to get yet another degree that H1B visas makes worthless. Lawful residents shouldn't have to pay for all the illegals that politicians and Hollyweird are enamored with. Let politicians give them their own money not mine. Oh wait, not happening. Rules for me and rules for thee.

    3. He was also a Conservative and all that he said came true. Same roadmap that is taking place in the Republic that needs another 4 years of Donald Trump. I also believe that this whole Hoax of a Pandering Demic was the only Insurance Program that the worldwide Deep States had left to try to keep Trump from carrying out his programs throughout all of the civilized countries in the world.

    4. Full text follows-

    5. The above link needs to be spread everywhere as time is of the essence in the matter.

  15. 2: A lot of people feel this way. Since the 60s.

    3: Collaborateuse.

    5: When he still had some acuity, he called us dregs.

    7: Overall Black LV app of - 41%

    Other Non-White LV app - 43%

    With those numbers, he will not lose.

    14: But we know the worst is over because Democrats staged the BLM riots to divert our attention.

    You got it.

    17: I'll take Accordion Awareness over Gay Pride any day.

    PS Fake News is crying because there will be no Gay Pride parades this month because Birx Barf.

    Now you REALLY know the worst is over.

    1. Your reply to #17 was a tough one edutcher, but I guess I'm going to have to agree with you!

  16. Paul "I don't do online porn" Krugman is such a fool.

  17. we have a couple of areas in our city, one close by where the groceries were being robbed all the time. After years of abuse, the stores packed up and left. now "they" whine about food desserts. Yes, it really really sucks but nobody would help the police track down the robbers. You dont piss in your backyard.

    Most of the rioters were from away so they burned someone else's yard, not their own. Someone is making money off the chaos. Unfortunately, they are evil whites AND black who dont care about the common man of any stripe. DOJ, AGs need to go after the gangs, crime lords who took advantage of the chaos to loot and rob, and the few persons who paid/supplied most of the rioters to start. Or does anyone here think a pallets of ACME Bricks were just hanging out where there was no construction for miles around conveniently next to windows of bunches of businesses. check out who owns ACME Bricks.....

  18. #10-Germany may have rethink its Military Position,
    We've let them lay on the beach under our Nuclear Umbrella too long. Poland is our true ally in this. Screw'em. I think Merkel is worried that Accordion awareness month will be celebrated by Strains of the "Panzerlied" tune in the streets..

    1. Ramstein AFB is an essential midway stop between the middle east and USA for all sorts of reasons, especially medevac. But there's no reason at all that it couldn't be rebuilt in Poland. If we pulled NATO funding to do it, it wouldn't cost us anything.

  19. >>>Did anyone notice from the video (e# 8) that the "assaultee" in Buffalo, N.Y. appeared to be reaching purposely/inadvertently towards the advancing officer's service weapon belt area...Immediately, as in reflex is when the officer pushed the agitator (*sorry* 'victim) away, and that person fell to the ground, while impeding the marching policemen
    ...Ummm, one other thing how come permits are required for parades to block streets and sidewalks, while the protesters (e.g. fronts for violent demonstrators) are allowed to take over the streets?! My brother was prevented from getting down to Johns Hopkins the other night for lifesaving treatment because some Baltimore city streets were blocked off. He is a U.S. military academy graduate, and deserved better; he is still a product of our hard earned tax dollars, and residual property of the U.S. military How many of our other American brethren are being denied life, liberty, pursuit of happiness (a/k/a access to our jobs, food, etc.) by these closed streets and blocks...not to mention our gutted businesses. Ahhh well, the media says we all support this U.S. downfall. ZB

  20. Item #3: Emma Watson is going to be sad that Bald for BLM is a 4Chan political stunt.

    1. Link:

    2. Hahaha.

      Thanks. I will update

    3. French collaborator chic. It's so very in these days.

  21. With cellphone video everywhere all the time, it puzzles me that we haven't seen pics of those pallets of bricks being delivered. If TPTB have such evidence, they're suppressing it well.

  22. #9. Washington is not her town, it's MY town, it's our town. Washington DC was created to be the seat of government. It has been a cess pool for as long as I can remember. It is a national disgrace.

  23. #9 DC mayor has Black Lives Matter painted on the street prior to protest.
    She's also working to have the National Guard troops evicted from D.C. I think this crazy lady is trying to stir up trouble in the town she's supposed to be protecting. If this turns into a riot she should be charged with inciting a riot.

  24. It keeps getting funnier. Those White (stars?) who have a line of Cosmetics that include Skin Lightening Products are being called out a Racists. hahaha

  25. Item 9: Walt Disney's Goofy warned us about Man's Best friend" ... who would have thought this cartoon would MAN-ifest itself.... Bowser is revealed

  26. @Greg, I think someone is. Doesn't take much to bribe someone to erase/ lose the tape or a backup. Most of this happened in Dem run cities. If prosecutors are letting, arsonists, looters and rioters off a no charges, why would anyone look for who preplaced bricks and weapons like bats, metal rods and filled frozen water bottles to name a few? Only someone who cares about their community would. If they cared they would have shut the rioters down in the first place.

  27. 1. Not "Media". "Democratic Party Propagandists of the Press, aka DPPP. Dippies for short.

    2. For every black killed by a cop 37 are killed by other blacks. Where's the outrage?

    The Only Lives That Matter Are Ones Democrats Think They Can Use For Political Gain.

    Oh, yeah, and the Democratic Party is the Party of Slavery.

    The Nazis had their Sturmabteilung. The Democrats have BLM and the ironically named Antifa. My God. It's the 21st Century and the Democrats segregate their street thugs. Segregation now, segregation then, segregation forever. At least they stay true to their roots.

    3. So what's the chances of getting the Lemmings to jump off cliffs?

    9. Segregation now. Segregation then. Segregation forever. She's staying true to her Democratic Roots.

    11. Wanna bet he'll pull a Bloomberg, run a third time, and win? New York is an example of community incapable of self rule.

    12. Ban No Knock raids. They are really a way for the SWAT teams to do live fire training on civilians. End it.

    J in StL

    1. Prosecutors and police would disagree with your #12. For every tragic mistake made (and all such accidental shootings ARE tragic), there instead would be scores of times that knocking would give time to destroy evidence or grab weapons, if not flee altogether.

  28. #15 - History shows that when Mother Nature or foreign invaders destroy all or part of a city the survivors immediately start cleaning up and rebuilding.

    But when people loot and burn their own communities the communities stay looted and burned.


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