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Monday, June 29, 2020

Highlights of the News

Donald John Trump is still our president.

ITEM 1: United Press International reported, "President Donald John Trump on Sunday denied a report that he received an intelligence briefing stating that Russia paid a bounty to Taliban fighters to kill U.S. troops in Afghanistan.

"In a tweet on Sunday morning Trump wrote that neither he nor Vice President Mike Pence received any such briefings regarding bounties on U.S. troops by Russia while also questioning the legitimacy of The New York Times' report."

Those bounties are right next to the weapons of mass destruction.

63 U.S. troops died in Afghanistan on President Trump's watch.

That's down from 210 in Obama's second term, which was down from 1,519 in Obama's first term.

562 died in Bush 43's first two terms.

The press reports only what Democrats want you to hear.

ITEM 2: The Blaze reported, "Over the weekend, a video of a police officer went viral. In that video, an unidentified police officer explains that he was called to provide security for protesters.

"The irony, the officer explained, is that the protesters requested police presence for a -- wait for it -- defund the police rally."

How about a nice defend the police rally?

ITEM 3: Fox reported, "Several Minneapolis City Council members who have received death threats following their calls to defund the police after the death of George Floyd have been assigned private security details -- reportedly costing the city $4,500 a day in taxpayer dollars.

"According to information obtained by Fox News, the city has spent $63,000 on private security over the last three weeks."

Hey, maybe the city can use tax money to hire private security to protect everyone in town once they defund the police.

ITEM 4: Fox reported, "A wave of NYPD officers has filed for retirement in the weeks following George Floyd's death on May 25, refocusing attention on police morale amid widespread protests and calls to defund law enforcement.

"The NYPD told Fox News on Saturday that 272 officers have filed for retirement between Floyd's death and June 23. That represents a 49% increase over the same period in 2019.

"Resignations and actual retirements have remained relatively stable with 135 retirements in 2020 and 131 during the same time last year. According to the department, that's because the recent spate of filings hasn't been processed yet. The department saw 35 resignations in 2019 compared to 36 so far in 2020."

They can hire themselves out as private security guards to the city and collect their pensions too. Win, win.

Well, except for the people shot and killed as crime soars.

ITEM 5: Michael Goodwin reported, "The New York that survived 9/11 and bounced back stronger than ever is now being brought to its knees. The corona virus, the economic shutdowns and the frequent street protests, mixed with pillaging and vandalism, are no ordinary hurdles, but they are surmountable — with courageous leadership.

"Tragically, that’s exactly what New York doesn’t have. The crises pile up like dead leaves, but leadership is nowhere to be found.

"Without it, the city is fast becoming unlivable. The slow exodus of recent years has quickened in recent months, with natives, long-timers and recent arrivals clogging the exits. They’re going to the suburbs, to Florida — anywhere but here."

I said this before the BLM riots and looting.

There is no Giuliani on the horizon to lead the city back to greatness.

Or even mediocrity.

ITEM 6: The Epoch Times reported, "EU Awakens to Threat Posed by Chinese Communist Party. EU, US Will Defend Freedom and Democratic Ideals Together."

Only President Trump can stop Red China from using trade surpluses to finance its takeover of the world.

This is why Chairman Xi backs Biden, who was paid off through his son.

ITEM 7: According to NBC, New Jersey is now the epicenter of covid-19 with 168 deaths per 100,000 population. New York is No. 2 at 165.

West Virginia is at 5.

Why did we lock down?

The fear-mongering over this by the press plays into Red China's hands. That 1/4th of the world's deaths (or so we are told) are in the USA informs intelligent people this was biomedical warfare by Chairman Xi.

He wants Biden president. He paid good money to bribe him -- $1.5 billion through Hunter Biden's fake investment firm. Xi expects results.

ITEM 8: Reuters reported, "Crowds pack an Arizona river as U.S. posts record covid cases for three days running."

Where were the headlines about rioters and people attending George Floyd's funeral spreading covid-19.

Oh wait, Just the News reported, "As corona virus cases spike nationally, Black Lives Matter plans more rallies, marches."

There still is hope for journalism, but it isn't in the New York Times, CNN, or anyone else in the mainstream.

ITEM 9: The Associated Press reported, "Federal prosecutors on Friday charged a black man whose arrest triggered a violent protest in Wisconsin's capital city with extorting local businesses.

"Police arrested 28-year-old Devonere Johnson in Madison on Tuesday after he walked into Cooper's Tavern near the state Capitol building with a megaphone and a baseball bat. The arrest sparked a protest later that night that saw demonstrators tear down two statues outside the Capitol building and assault state Sen. Tim Carpenter on the Capitol lawn.

"Johnson faces up to 40 years in prison if convicted on two counts of extortion. Online court records did not list the case or an attorney for Johnson as of late Friday afternoon. U.S. Attorney Scott Blader said in a statement that Johnson's initial appearance hasn't been set."


Anyone who walks around with a bullhorn and a baseball bat threatening people is a thug.

He needs a timeout.

In prison.

ITEM 10: Always practice good sportsmanship.
To be fair, Bubba finished higher than I ever will.

ITEM 11: Politico reported, "Why Biden Is Rejecting Black Lives Matter's Boldest Proposals. Activists want to defund the police. Biden won’t even legalize pot."

Bernie and AOC control the Democrat Party platform. Biden will do whatever they tell him to do. He just wants to be president -- and to remember what planet he is on today.

ITEM 12: The Daily Caller reported, "A group of protesters surrounded a Whole Foods in Washington, D.C. on Thursday night, accusing it of gentrifying black and brown communities, according to Daily Caller News Foundation (DCNF) reporters covering the protests.

"The DCNF reporters described that protesters were marching through the street and stopped at Whole Foods surrounding the doorway. The leader of the protesters began shouting Whole Foods is responsible for gentrifying black communities and is part of the racist capitalist system."

Whole Foods?

They are going after the Yuppie Chow.

When white people left the cities, the press labeled it White Flight. When whites return, the press calls it Gentrification.

ITEM 13: Cody Matz of Fox in Minneapolis reported, "Particles of dust from the Sahara Desert may land in Minnesota in the days ahead. Yes, I am referring to the desert in Africa.

"In one of the larger events we’ve seen in years, a plume of dust blown out into the Atlantic from the western Sahara Desert is making its way across the Atlantic and heading for North America. While this is NOT an unusual occurrence, the overall scope and severity of this event just might be."

Well, the rioting and looting are turning the state into Mogadishu, Somalia. Why not add a little sand?

ITEM 14The Washington Free Beacon reported, "Administration leaders are moving to curb the nation's exploding suicide crisis through a new, three-digit number to reach the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline.

"Federal Communications Commission chairman Ajit Pai expects to designate 988 as a special code to connect people quickly and easily to the lifeline, he told the Washington Free Beacon in an interview — a response to the two-decade surge in suicide deaths that Pai called stunning and epidemic.

"The change will be voted on by the full FCC at its July 16 open meeting and is expected to pass unanimously, one FCC staffer told the Free Beacon. The new code will easily direct callers to the 10-digit line currently operated by a network of publicly funded crisis centers that provide immediate counseling, mental health referrals, and emergency services to people contemplating suicide."

Suicides have ramped up and the highest risk group is middle-aged white men. Apparently we don't matter. (OK, I am now post-middle age, unless I live to 132.)

ITEM 15Just the News reported, "The Mississippi state House of Representatives on Sunday overwhelmingly approved a bill that calls for removing the state flag and redesigning it to eliminate the controversial Confederate symbol it currently bears.

"The 91-23 vote means that the state Senate will now decide on the matter. Republican Gov. Tate Reeves has indicated willingness to sign legislation if it reaches his desk, according to Mississippi Today, though the outlet reported that the state executive had not taken a firm stance on the issue of altering the flag."

Democrats adopted this flag 126 years ago.

Republicans are removing it.

Liberals will change subjects and demand something else. Just spitballing here, but maybe changing the state's name to something that was not "culturally appropriated" from the Indians.

ITEM 16United Press International reported, "Local officials in India advised residents near Delhi to be on alert and close their windows as a swarm of desert locusts entered the capital Saturday.

"The swarm arrived in the neighboring city of Gurugram in Haryana state, as well as the South and West districts of Delhi. The government of Haryana issued a high alert, and Delhi Environment Minister Gopal Rai called for an emergency meeting."

Don't worry, America. The Murder Hornets will make quick work of the locusts if they come around here.

ITEM 17: Politico reported, "Florida Democrats are rising in opposition to the news Joe Biden is vetting a running mate who once lamented the death of Comandante en Jefe Fidel Castro.

"An early ally of Biden’s presidential campaign, California Rep. Karen Bass’ name surfaced this week as a possible vice presidential pick who could help balance his ticket because of her deep progressive roots and her activism against police brutality, an emerging issue in the presidential race.

"But Bass‘ comments about the longtime Cuban leader following his death in 2016 — when she respectfully called him Comandante en Jefe (in Spanish, commander in chief) — is politically poisonous in Florida and even more toxic in Miami, home to many exiles from socialist Latin American regimes that include Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua.

"The Florida Democratic Party has spent two years fighting a renewed GOP effort to brand it as socialists, and the state and national parties are spending big this year in Miami to defend two congressional seats and win two crucial state Senate contests in districts with sizable Cuban-American populations. All four lawmakers condemned Bass’ Castro remarks."

People wonder why I am not panicking.

Watching Democrats try to please so many insatiable groups is entertaining. Theirs is a Party of Babel.

ITEM 18: You can follow the crowd.
Or you can do what is right.

ITEM 19: Nobody needs a large magazine.

ITEM 20: This just in: Rioting and looting spread Kung Flu.
Pass it on.

FINALLY, June is National Accordion Awareness Month. Growing up in Cleveland, I associated the instrument with polka, and Frankie Yankovic was the Polka King.

He took it up at age 9 and he cut a few records before going to Europe for World War II in 1943. The Army made him a flamethrower. He got frostbite in the Battle of the Bulge. The doctors wanted to amputate his hands and feet. His faith in God saved him as he beat gangrene.

After the war, he recorded "Just Because," which became his biggest hit.


  1. Can’t leave the boys hangin, Big D! From Wiki:

    He was not related to fellow accordionist "Weird Al" Yankovic, although the two collaborated.

    And no, I’ll pass on searching for “collaboration vids.”

    Keep the faith, y’all. We got this.

  2. Looking forward to hearing your take on Parler, @DonSurber, the app which replaces twitter and doesn't censor conservatives (yet)

    1. Ditto, moving off of Tweeting #LeaveTheNest

      #19 - exactly, even a shotgun wouldn't keep up

      Finally, There's always Gus Wolinsky, Polka King of the Midwest - "Home Alone" - John Candy....

  3. The US will be divided between policed states (red) and police states (blue). The irony is that the police states will be un-policed. The rioting mobs will be the policing force.

    14 - they refuse to report on the link between the lockdown and increased suicides.

  4. #19 And they don't have more than ten rounds. Looks like California and that guy isn't a long term gun owner. Extremely poor muzzle control by both. Pointing in the direction of the crowd and giving orders rises to the level of rude or threatening display.
    Lucky if they don't find themselves charged.
    Still, valid point, more ammo in the gun is always better and threats don't always appear one at a time.
    By the way... did you see that the Louisville protest shooter is a twice recently arrested protester who got in an argument with other protesters and went home for a gun?
    Not a conservative. Down the memory hole with that one.

    1. Alles Heil Sieg Heil, SR!

    2. I've seen they are in St.Louis so those aren't neutered 10 round mags. I still maintain they could both use some weapons training and a better understanding of permissible self defense.

    3. From what I have read, the crowd was on private property (they went through a gate that was posted as Private Property), so the couple may not be in too much trouble. Also I thought I saw an article that some of the crowd were being considered for arrest (trespassing at least) and not the couple.

  5. Item #9 "Anyone who walks around with a bullhorn and a baseball bat threatening people is a thug."

    This thug walks into a Texas mini-mart and attempts to hold it up. He's immediately shot by every customer in the place.

    Yes, it's a joke, but most good jokes are based on truth. Don't walk into a Texas bar with bullhorn and baseball bat. I don't pack heat, but I'm glad many of my fellow Texans do, including a lot of women. - Gary B

    1. Real story from The Armed Citizen, a would be robber walked into a watering hole in Wyoming, fired a round into the air to get everyone's attention and was shot something like thirty times. The Sheriff stated they were working to determine the identity of the folks who missed so they could get them additional training. Happened in the late 70's.

  6. ITEM 7

    Ever wonder why there are ZERO cases in Vietnam? Look into it and it reveals the Con-visus Scam.

    1. Zero deaths, not zero cases. Also, their entire country pulled together to deal with it. Our medical establishment, on the other hand, traffics in misinformation and sees death and economic destruction as a positive thing. An opportunity to make things right will present itself on November 3rd. - Gary B

    2. I stand corrected.

    3. Regardless of the error, leaning about how they handled it illustrates a major difference in cultures. They're set up to deal with epidemics, structurally and psychologically, and we're not. In this case, the American, can-do attitude, combined with the millennial disconnect from wise decision-making may have been a huge disadvantage. So, thank you for bringing it up. - Gary B

    4. There is no common sense taught anymore. Or critical thinking.

  7. Are you tired of hearing about Black History? Time to listen to White History then and now. is named after Virginia Dare, the first English child to be born in the New World. She was born August 18, 1587 into community on Roanoke Island off the North Carolina coast that would later be known to history as the “Lost Colony.”

  8. Fear and Confusion. Pure Psy-Op. Use Critical thinking and it is all clear. It is all political.

  9. #10 - Bubba finishing 22nd:

    Obviously there were 21 Racists in the field!

  10. #18 Laura Ingraham said it best about this young woman,


  11. 2, 3, 4: As we used to say on TV, You Asked For It.

    13: In the immortal words of Fred Flintstone, droll, very droll.

    19: God did not make all men equal. Sam Colt did.

    1. #19 nothing says NO! like a .357 held in petite hands.
      My wife is a living example of that.. Actually it was a .38 in the ear of a very unwelcome guest.
      Wife's a descendant of a famous Cherokee woman Nancy Ward . She was Famous for standing over the body Of her first Husband -Five Killer Carpenter who was Killed by Creek Indians. she chewed the lead bullets before loading so they'd hurt more. Wife's descended from that there is a long and rich tradition in America of Self defense. that sets US apart from other nations.

  12. Don: Take A LONG HARD LOOK AT PARLER before transferring. Apparently it WILL censor you, it DEMANDS a lot of personal information that you might not want to give up, and it apparently divorces you from the greater internet community. Any messages posted on Parler Google and other search engines do NOT pick up. Some skeptics are wondering whether Parler (and it popped up out of nowhere, like an Astroturf protest) was created as a means to suck in and then quarantine Conservative voices on the internet. Sort of like Climategate, whereby if no skeptical papers about AGW are being published the scientific community can 'prove' that they are of one mind about it.


    1. I didn't have to give out much info, but their platform is difficult to operate in as is not Twitter. Unfortunately, Twitter banned me because I asked my Rep to change the communication law to limit the social media censoring. Dan Bongino just entered into a partnership with them, so I'll reserve judgement on their platform.

  13. 12. Grocery stores in a neighborhood is gentrification?
    Are they saying only whites want cheap groceries? Now, we know why they burned Target.

  14. I don't always comment but when I do I discuss jumping sharks

    #19 shows BLM jumping the shark in the biggest way

    There are cycles to these sorts of things. Most people don't have a sense for these things. But lately with all of the media fake-narrative propaganda with social media magnification, I've begun to notice the shifts.

    There are several things to note here.

    1 - Hey it looks like we found a reason why you need an AR-15, no?

    2 - The BLM thugs were clearly CLEARLY in the wrong trespassing on private land.

    3 - Good Trigger discipline on the part of Mr Homeowner

    4 - The missus obviously did not know how to handle a gun. She's lucky she didn't shoot herself or someone else unintentionally

    5 - The homeowners were obviously freaked out having a diverse group tromping around on their private land.

    6 - The BLMer thugs wisely decided NOT to come close to Mr AR-15

    Very few people outside of the military know what a 7.62×51mm NATO round can do to a closely packed group of targets. But if those thugs had not shown their colors they might have found out.

    What Mr and Mrs Homeowner just demonstrated is the folk are scared AND they may just decide to NOT wait on the PoPo to come and politely escort said thugs off the property.

    AND if you come out adequately armed for a Mob situation it's AMAZING how reason will dawn on the Thug Mob about where it's better to be.

    BLM just may get woked themselves.

  15. Here's how you handle insurrection. Shoot the loudmouth leader in the head. Wait for next in line to step up. Simple solutions are best.

    In what society is rioting, property destruction, looting, assault and murder okay? Answer: All of the UK and Democrat-run parts of the US.

    In what society is self defense a crime? Answer: All of the UK and Democrat-run parts of the US. - Gary B

  16. #19: I like the 100 round drums... glad I got them before the laws changed in CO.

  17. The laws made about and the policies and Police Dept rules due to the so called War on Drugs are the primary cause of the militarization of the Police and thus the change in attitude by LE over the years.

    At the heart of most unarmed shootings by police is a drug bust or a snitch trying to get off a drug charge thus willing to sic the cops on anyone that they can remotely point to as being involved with drugs. That plus the confiscation of property owned by drug users/sellers or anyone presumed to be has also fueled the Us vs Them Attitude.

    Change some of that and make the police beholden for egregious errors that result in death or injury and you'll see a retraction in the attitude.

    Simple fix but the people who get the money don't want it stopped for obvious reasons.

    And so here we are.

  18. Those good ol' boys (eeeee hawwwww) in that Arizona river may get sick (but no sicker than usual). Don't worry about them none.