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Friday, June 26, 2020

Highlights of the News

June is National Accordion Awareness Month. With the aid of a bandura, Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata.

ITEM 1: In Drudgeland, the headlines last night were: "Lincoln Statue With Kneeling Black Man Becomes Target of Protests" (the freedman is actually rising). "NOONAN: The Week It Went South for Trump" (her description of every week since he's been president). "From Bolton to Mattis, President faces aides turned adversaries" (neither man was ever his friend).

We are in the fight of our lives.

So what else is new?

It was never easy, it never is easy, it will never be easy. But the alternative is to live in a world of thought control, violence, and the loss of everything we hold dear.

Remember how the Billy Bush tape destroyed him?

How Mueller made the walls close in?

How Ukraine broke the dam?

The next 4 months will be filled with media manipulation, as were the last 4 years.

ITEM 2: Fox's Martha MacCallum asked Greater New York Black Lives Matter president Hawk Newsome, "What exactly is it that you hope to achieve through violence?"

He said, "Wow, it's interesting that you would pose that question like that, because this country is built upon violence. What was the American Revolution, what's our diplomacy across the globe?

"We go in and we blow up countries and we replace their leaders with leaders who we like. So for any American to accuse us of being violent is extremely hypocritical."

And he said, "If this country doesn't give us what we want, then we will burn down this system and replace it. All right? And I could be speaking ... figuratively. I could be speaking literally. It's a matter of interpretation.

"Let's observe the history of the 1960s, when black people were rioting. We had the highest growth in wealth, in property ownership. Think about the last few weeks since we started protesting. There have been eight cops fired across the country."

He did not list the number of cops killed.

Communists want a race war. Newsome is just a tool. And a fool.

ITEM 3: Mark Wauck reported, "The official excuse is covid-19, but I think everyone knows better. The Dems need a tightly scripted convention to try to slip a not all there candidate past the nation. I doubt it'll work. He'll still have to run a campaign of some sort.

"Another unspoken reason is probably sheer fear. Fear of their base turning up and trashing Milwaukee on national TV. Fear of rage of the Bernie Bros, cheated of a nomination once again by the Liberal Oligarchs. Fear of platform fights. Fear of the Freak Shows that recent Dem conventions have become. Again, I doubt they can pull this off."

The platform will be Bernie's spiked with some Symbionese Liberation Army rhetoric.

By the way, a reader introduced me to Wauck's site. It is pretty good, old school blogging.

ITEM 4: United Press International reported, "The U.S. Supreme Court ruled Thursday that an asylum-seeker designated for a quick deportation has no legal right to challenge his removal in federal court, handing a victory to the Trump administration.

In a 7-2 decision, justices rejected an argument from a Sri Lanka man who said he's entitled to a hearing after he was denied asylum. His attorneys cited a guarantee in the U.S. Constitution against unlawful detention."

Chief Justice Roberts and a couple of liberals threw President Donald John Trump a bone after their unconstitutional ruling that DACA is now the law of the land.

The sooner Roberts, Breyer and RBG are replaced, the better.

ITEM 5: Reuters reported, "Calls for reparations gain steam as U.S. reckons with racial injustice."

The story said, "In partnership with Columbia University, Howard University last week launched a project to identify and support local efforts to provide redress to African Americans - both for slavery and for racially motivated crimes.

"Called the U.S. African American Redress Network, it details more than 100 efforts to make good, ranging from public apologies to compensation in the form of scholarships or cash."

And of course you have America's first black billionaire demanding $14 trillion in conscience money.

This won't be legislated.

John Roberts will make it a right.

ITEM 6: The Washington Free Beacon reported, "Nearly two-thirds of the money the Biden Cancer Initiative spent since its founding in 2017 went toward staff compensation and six-figure salaries for top executives. The group spent far less on efforts to eradicate cancer.

"One of several nonprofits Joe Biden created following his tenure in the White House, the Biden Cancer Initiative paid top executives lavishly, with salaries comprising nearly 65% of its total expenditures. That is well above the 25% charity watchdogs recommend nonprofits spend on administrative overhead and fundraising costs combined."

Nice to see President Trump do opposition research.

Nice to see someone publish it.

ITEM 7: The Daily Caller reported, "Senate Democrats blocked a Republican police reform bill on a procedural vote Wednesday without debating the legislation."

That was the reaction Republicans wanted. There ain't no way Nancy will let justice reform pass in the House, which allows Republicans to make a proposal that calms the panic without actually doing anything.

Remember the federal red flag law President Trump proposed? It went nowhere, as did codifying DACA. This is a game that Democrats invented and President Trump now owns.

ITEM 8: So they defaced the statue of Tadeusz Kościuszko, did they?
He was the brilliant engineer who helped win the Battle of Saratoga. Promoted to general, Kościuszko's orderly was Agrippa Hull, a black freeman whom he treated as an equal and a friend.

In his will, Kościuszko bequeathed money to free Jefferson's slaves.

Black lives do not matter to Black Lives Matter. Only power does.

ITEM 9: CNN reported, "Republican Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina has seen an uptick in racist and profanity-laced voicemails at his office since becoming the lead Republican on police reform legislation, including from one person who called him Uncle Tim, according to his staff and a CNN review of several of the messages.

"Scott, the only African American Republican in the chamber, played two of the messages for his GOP colleagues during a policy lunch Tuesday, according to his spokesman Sean Smith.

"The caller who described Scott as Uncle Tim also said he was a sellout and 'the lowest piece of sh*t this country ever produced.' That caller also made unflattering remarks about South Carolina's other Republican senator, Lindsey Graham, and the two GOP senators from Florida, Marco Rubio and Rick Scott."

The target is not Senator Tim Scott. The target is every other black person in America. The message is don't even think of becoming a Republican.

ITEM 10: The Washington Examiner reported, "The local school board in Oakland, California, unanimously voted on Wednesday night to eliminate the district's agreement with local police.

"The board cited the disproportionate arrest of black students and suggested several alternative ways to handle discipline inside schools, according to local station KRON.

"Black students, who make up just over 25% of the district's enrollment, have accounted for 73% of arrests in city schools since 2015, school officials said."

Boys make up half the students. How much you want to bet there is a "disproportionate arrest" of boy students.

Given the disproportionate number of crimes committed by black males nationwide, maybe they need more discipline, not less.

ITEM 11: The New York Post reported, "U.S. Marshals have been told they should gear up to defend national monuments across the country, after several of the structures were toppled or vandalized during recent protests, a report said on Wednesday."

Matt Dillon to the rescue.

If liberals want statues to go, put it to a vote in Congress. Otherwise, they stand as U.S. property protected by the federal government.

ITEM 12: The Washington Examiner reported, "The president of a South Dakota tribe called for Mount Rushmore to be removed, so long as the removal does not harm the existing environment.

"Oglala Sioux President Julian Bear Runner told the Argus Leader Thursday that he believed the massive carving featuring Presidents Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, Teddy Roosevelt, and Thomas Jefferson should be removed from the area, which he considers to be part of the Sioux's Great Sioux Reservation."

Bear Runner said, "I don’t believe it should be blown up, because it would cause more damage to the land. Removed but not blown up."

Look for John Roberts to issue the demolition order.

ITEM 13: KDVR reported, "A local police chaplain says his homeowners association is demanding he take down his thin blue line American flag. It comes at a time when he says the officers he works with need support the most. He says the past three weeks have been very trying for his officers. He wants to show his appreciation for law enforcement, but he doesn’t want to show his face or use his name for his family’s safety."

As if you needed another reason to hate the Karens in the Homeowners Associations.

ITEM 14: Bloomberg News reported, "Republican Carly Fiorina says she will vote for Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden in November." (No links to pay sites.)

There goes California.

But is she registered to vote?

ITEM 15: Issues & Insights reported, "The key gauge to watch is covid-19 deaths. They’ve been falling since April, and there’s strong reason to believe they’re lower than the official count suggests. The dreaded Wuhan virus is no doubt a nasty bug, worthy of our vigilance and ongoing concern. That said, its virulence, as measured by the daily number of deaths, appears to be waning, as the chart with this piece, courtesy of the Covid-19 Tracking Project of the Atlantic, clearly shows."

This is why Democrats demanded testing. More tests, more cases, more panic.

I drive around West Virginia and see little traffic. Sad.

ITEM 16KIRO reported, "A collection of Seattle businesses, property owners and residents sued the city Wednesday over its tolerance of an occupied protest zone, saying officials have been complicit in depriving them of their rights to their property.

"The plaintiffs — including a tattoo parlor, auto repair shop and property management firm — emphasized in the lawsuit that they were not trying to undermine the anti-police-brutality or Black Lives Matter messaging of the Capitol Hill Occupied Protest (aka, CHAZ)."

Given this is officially sanctioned by Seattle's city government, they could collect big time.

I hope they do.

ITEM 17: Inside Higher Ed reported, "10 mathematicians from 8 universities and one company wrote an open letter last week calling for mathematicians to cease collaborating with police departments. The letter also urges math scholars to publicly audit influential algorithms and to embed learning outcomes related to ethics in data science curriculums."

And the story said, "The letter has 1,500 verified signatures from mathematicians, Aougab said, although that number is not limited to academic mathematicians. The letter has been submitted to and accepted by the Notices of the American Mathematical Society."

Defund Universities.

Through student loans, we have transferred $1.6 trillion from poor and middle-class young adults to wealthy and upper income college administrators and professors. They turned 2 generations of some of our best and brightest into indentured servants.

ITEM 18: PJ Media reported, "Historian and scholar Daniel E. Walker is now suggesting that it’s time to get rid of The Star-Spangled Banner as our national anthem, in favor of something less problematic and more inclusive."

Walker wants to change it to Imagine by John Lennon. But why not go with Lennon's other big hit, Woman Is the Nigger of the World?

ITEM 19: CNBC reported, "Verizon said on Thursday it is pulling advertising on Facebook until the company “can create an acceptable solution that makes us comfortable.”

"A company spokesperson said the pause applies to both Facebook and Instagram. It comes as marketers including Ben & Jerry’s, Patagonia and REI have also said they plan to pause advertising on the platforms.

"Facebook’s stock was down nearly 2% Thursday evening.

"Last week, a group of six organizations called on Facebook advertisers to pause their spending on the social media platform during the month of July. The groups -- the Anti-Defamation League, the NAACP, Sleeping Giants, Color of Change, Free Press and Common Sense -- asked 'large Facebook advertisers to show they will not support a company that puts profit over safety.'"

Zuckerberg learns the lesson of caving in to the mob: it always demands more until you are destroyed.

Oh, and nice window, Verizon. It would be a shame if BLM threw a brick through it.

ITEM 20Variety reported, "Dixie Chicks Officially Change Name to ‘The Chicks.’"

They went anti-American Hollywood in 2003, which is a shame because I liked their harmonies.

Of course, Chicks is sexist. Maybe they should call themselves The The, or has that been taken?

ITEM 21: She's the Bill Ayers of 2020.
Little Anarchist Annie makes me better appreciate the other rich kids who just do heroin for kicks.

Obama incited this with his Resistance.

ITEM 22: Fox reported, "Nike lost $790 million during a fourth quarter in which nearly all of its stores were forced to close due to the corona virus pandemic, the company said in its earnings report Thursday. Sales fell 38% to $6.3 billion during the quarter, falling far short of the $7.3 billion that Wall Street analysts expected, according to Refinitiv data. Nike posted a loss of 51 cents per share. The company reported a profit of $989 million in the same period one year ago. "


Nike uses Kaepernick's BS rhetoric about American slave past to cover up the fact that much of its product is made by present-day slave labor in Red China.

I hope the company folds soon.


  1. Electing Marxist Super Spy Barack Obama for two terms was reparations, IMHO.

  2. 6 - the corruption runs deep in D.C. slow Joe’s seems to run a bit deeper.

    10 - this will not end well. It may end in another school massacre.

    15 - the issues & insights article linked is excellent. Cites a lot of facts on how the death numbers are massively inflated. Almost as inflated as Sotero’s ego.

    18 - the more outrageous the suggestion or demand, the more publicity the demander gets.

  3. ITEM 2

    And maybe they are right to blame Whites for importing slaves. It was like they brought in locusts to ravage our Amber Waves of Grain !

  4. Bias free work in progress.

    James O'Keefe
    Jun 25
    BREAKING: “We rig the game so it can work on the left side…Freedom of speech is the main one” – Jose Moreno, Content Moderator – Facebook

  5. item 16: city of seattle should countersue the chaz insurgents and those who inspired the insurgency and so destroy the infotainment biz

  6. ITEM 17

    I smelled a skunk when all student loans were taken away from originated by Public Companies and being given to the U.S. Government as the only ones to do them. It was slipped in by Obama on March 30, 2010 as "one of the most significant investments in higher education since the G.I. Bill." It was a rider on fixing the health care reform bill. Total corruption by this Marxist traitor.

  7. ITEM 10

    Don't leave out the black femails. They are as big a problem as the males.

    My question is how can only 13% of the U.S. population cause so many problems for a Nation started by WHITES landing on Plymouth Rock in 1741? The Italian Mafia use to be called "The Black Hand". But not any more because BLM has taken over that name.

    1. B (burn) L (loot) M (murder)June 26, 2020 at 9:18 AM

      DATS RACIST!!!!!111!

    2. Subtract the reasonable, decent and hard working blacks from that 13 percent and the problematic remainder is much smaller.

  8. More good news from the Heartlands.

    On April 26, 2019, Indiana HB 1284 became Public Law 107. The bill was a major reform of firearm carry law in Indiana. One of the reforms was free five-year permits for the carry of handguns in Indiana, after 1 July, 2020. Most of the reforms went into effect immediately when the bill became law. gun permits are free, justifiable shootings are immune from Civil suit, you get a voter registration form with your gun permit.

    1. Amen, thank you. I missed that info.

    2. Dang! We need that here in Texas, too!

  9. Item #3 Electing Biden means Valerie Jarrett will be running the country again. - Gary B

  10. Someone somewhere on the internet observed that we don't need to "imagine" the wonderful world of Lennon's song. Just look at North Korea.

  11. !, The Emancipation Memorial is older than the Statue of Liberty.
    4. On Thursday the SCOTUS upheld a 1996 Clinton Era Immigration Law.
    17. Ted Kaczynski is a mathematician

    1. Not all mathematicians are evil, but some mathematicians and math organizations definitely are!
      (I am a mathematician. On the same side as you).

  12. #5. No matter how much we give them it will never be enough. They will come back asking for more because of RACISM! - GOC

  13. Item 18: Actually, considering he met his demise, I always thought Lennon's "Happiness is a Warm Gun" would be most appropriate.....

  14. 2: Only 1/6 of protesters are black. He's leading a charge with no charge behind him that isn't paid for by Dr Evil.

    4: Ti-i-i-me ain't on their side.

    11: Matt Dillon to the rescue.


    John T Chance, Dude, Colorado, Stumpy, and Carlos Romante to the rescue.

    12: How the Hell do you remove it?

    This is why they lost.

    16: Wanna see WA go red this Fall?

    18: '68 all over again. You know how that turned out.

    20: They're hoping we've forgotten and will let them back in the country.

    Fat chance.

    21: Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time.

  15. #5) This can be applied to me and my sons who are part native American and already has special rights under the law. Yep, we need reparations for the Trail of Tears./ heritage is true, reparations is /sarc.

  16. #12. Spending time in the Dakotas/Montana and knowing more than few Non -Lakota Sioux . If the Chief wants to set things right, then give the black hills back to the Crow. they took it from them about 100 years before white settlers came.
    They'd have fun with the Crazy Horse sculpture, too if it
    is anywhere near finished.
    Also, see #11. It is a freaking National Park.

  17. 14: Yet another fake GOPe aligns with the woke mob. This is good news in that Biden is helping us shed more dead weight.

  18. You must be teasing us when you mention woke mob and Dead weight in the same sentence!

  19. Thanks for the link, Don--it's greatly appreciated. I'm an avid reader here.

  20. Re: #3
    Excellent use of Thor's hammer Mr. Surber!

  21. #8 I don't think it makes any difference who the statue depicts.
    BLM at it's core is the same people who are U.S. Muslim brotherhood. Any depiction of the human form is forbidden in Islam. Therefore EVERY statue is equally offensive.

  22. #16 No way they win a lawsuit. There is no duty to protect individuals. All the city needs to say is that they were using tactics to de-escelate the situation, for the good of all.

  23. 2. When he comes out of his cocoon (blue state cities) and tries anything in the red areas he will find his few thugs with guns will be seriously out performed by armed patriots who are tired of this shit.


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