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Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Highlights of the News

June is Accordion Awareness Month. My advice? Don't mess with Rockin' Sidney's Toot Toot.

ITEM 1Just the News reported, "Chicago officials report the city's highest number of shootings in a single weekend this year. From Friday evening to Monday morning, 102 people were shot, 14 of whom have died, five of those killed were minors."

Gunmen killed twice as many people in this Father's Day massacre as died in the Saint Valentine's Day Massacre.

Meanwhile, New Yorkers are shocked to learn after 350+ years that their town was named for the Duke of York who was one of the biggest slave traders in North America.

Mayor de Blasio has inspired a name change: New Chicago.

ITEM 2: J.L. Young wrote, "Trump’s Base Remains Solid As Political Tide Turns."

Young was the director of communications in the Office of Management and Budget and as deputy assistant secretary in legislative affairs for tax and budget at the Treasury Department under Bush 43.

His is one of many stories that notice the supporters of President Donald John Trump aren't budging. That is a problem for Democrats.

His base appears to be small, but it was large enough to elect him. He carried 30 states. His base will grow. I predict 37 states.

Someday, a political science professor will advise his students not to ridicule the opposition. Don't call them deplorable. Don't call them the dregs of society. Don't say they belong in the trash bin of history, because if you do, you will never, ever win their support.

President Ronald Wilson Reagan knew that. He said communism -- not the people of Russia -- would be swept into the dustbin of history.

ITEM 3: Trafalgar Group announced President Trump is within its 2.95% margin of error in Michigan. Biden 46.2%, President Trump 45.3%.

Trafalgar does not bother with a national poll because that is not how we elect presidents. We elect them through our states.

Politico reported in 2016, "The Trafalgar Group, a Republican consulting firm that conducted surveys using automated phone calls to landline numbers in battleground states. They got Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Florida and North Carolina right — an achievement few others can claim."

Still not convinced Trafalgar knows what it is doing? 538 gave it a grade of C minus.

Readers occasionally worry about the election. Why? The base has been waiting to re-elect him since it learned Obama lied and spied on The Donald. All the turmoil and junk thrown at President Trump have only made the bond between him and his supporters stronger.

Paybacks are a female dog.

On November 3, the Baha Men will let us out.

ITEM 4The Daily Caller reported, "President Donald Trump signaled his support for modernizing antitrust laws for internet-based companies, he told The Daily Caller during an exclusive Friday evening interview in the Oval Office.

"The Caller sat down with the president for more than an hour and discussed a host of issues — including corona virus, racial inequality, the 2020 election, and China. When asked about potential second term initiatives, Trump eventually brought up rolling back Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act of 1996, which provides online platforms liability protections for speech from their users."

Twitter and Facebook flew too close to The Donald. He can melt the wax that holds their wings.

ITEM 5: Zero Hedge reported, "Jeffrey Epstein's accused 'madam' is reportedly holed up in a luxury apartment on Paris's Avenue Matignon -- just a five minute drive from the dead pedophile's $8.6 million flat, according to the Daily Mail.

"Maxwell 'is moving locations every month to keep private investigators off her tail and is ­staying at the residences of trusted colleagues and contacts,' according to a source.

"'She wants to remain in France for as long as she can to take advantage of extradition laws and has a huge network of contacts willing to keep her hidden,' they added. 'Under French law anyone born on French soil is safe from extradition to another country, regardless of the alleged crime.'"

As if anyone is pursuing this case.

ITEM 6: Agence France Presse reported, "New European research has added to the growing body of evidence which suggests that a vitamin D deficiency could be linked with developing a more severe case of covid-19.

"Carried out by researchers at Trinity College Dublin, Ireland, and the University of Liverpool, UK, the new study looked at 117 countries which had 150 or more covid-19 cases to see how the virus affects different populations in different ways.

"The researchers gathered data on people aged 65 and over, each country's population density, the latitude of the capital city and air pollution levels.

"Their findings, published in the British Medical Journal, showed that the proportion of older people in each country strongly affected covid-19 mortality rates -- for every 1% increase in the proportion of people aged 65 and over, the researchers estimated that there was an increase of 13% in mortality rates.

"After taking into account age, latitude also remained a significant factor in higher mortality rates, with the researchers estimating that there is a 5% increase in death rates for each degree further north the country is located, above 28 degrees north. Above this latitude, say the researchers, people are often not exposed to a sufficient amount of ultraviolet B exposure, found in sunlight, to maintain normal vitamin D blood levels through winter and spring."

I don't know about covid-19 but the sun helps the human condition. I take top-down drives and a vitamin D supplement. The rides also are good for my mental health.

ITEM 7: Fox reported, "President Trump’s rally on Saturday attracted a record-setting audience on TV despite the smaller-than-expected crowd in attendance at the Tulsa, Oklahoma, event.

"A whopping 7.7 million total viewers tuned into Fox News from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m. EDT during Trump’s remarks, making it the most watched Saturday in the network’s history during that time period, according to early Nielsen data.

"Trump’s rally also gave Fox News its largest Saturday night prime-time audience ever from 8 p.m. to 11 p.m."

Dateline NBC was the only TV show that came close. It had but 3 million viewers, less than half the president's audience.

It is 2016 again.

ITEM 8: Hot Air reported, "On Tuesday President Trump travels to Yuma, Arizona, to celebrate the completion of 200 miles of border wall construction.

"Trump is scheduled to receive a briefing on the border wall construction, followed by a roundtable discussion on border security with local community leaders and elected leaders. The president will tour the border wall and take the opportunity to thank U.S. Border Patrol and law enforcement for their work. From Yuma, he will fly to Phoenix to speak at a Students for Trump convention.

"The Trump entourage will include Acting Department of Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf, Acting Deputy DHS Secretary Ken Cuccinelli, and Customs and Border Protection Acting Commissioner Mark Morgan."

200 miles.

The coyote industry is dead because now you have to go far off the road in ATVs to jump the border. Some people will, of course. They always have. But the human trafficking peaked and will fall.

This is simple economics. The wall drives up the cost of transportation while dropping demand because the trip is more parlous and expensive.

ITEM 9: PJ Media reported, "On Sunday night, black NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace said he found a noose in his garage stall. Wallace had pressured NASCAR to ban the Confederate flag at events and placed a Black Lives Matter bumper sticker on his race car. NASCAR did indeed ban the flag, sparking outrage and protests. NASCAR condemned the noose, and drivers expressed their support for Wallace. Yet many thought the story of the noose rather suspect. Jussie Smollett trended on Twitter as Americans expressed their skepticism. Was this a fake hate crime?"

Thank you, Mister Smollett, because we now pause to question the veracity of such reports.

But is a noose a hate crime? The Supreme Court struck down a Virginia law that banned burning a cross in the lawn of an interracial couple saying it somehow is covered by the First Amendment. How is that different from a noose?

ITEM 10From John Bolton's ode to an outhouse ("The Room Where It Happened") I offer this sentence, "Throughout my West Wing tenure, Trump wanted to do what he wanted to do, based on what he knew and what he saw as his own best personal interests."

They paid $2 million for that?

Bolton said he resigned.

President Trump fired him.

Law professor Jonathan Turley reported that by violating a non-disclosure agreement and violating classification procedures, Bolton put his fortune and his freedom at risk.

Turley wrote, "The case is tricky because Bolton is in clear violation of his nondisclosure agreement, which includes a provision for approval prior to publication. I have signed such nondisclosure agreements for decades for my national security work and, each time, I still swallow hard in reading the language on review. Moreover, the courts tend to defer to the classification claims of the executive branch. Bolton admits he did not receive approval since he believed, not without reason, that the administration was slowing the process in order to delay the book release before the election.

"There is certainly every indication that Bolton did exactly what the White House hoped he would do. The administration did nothing as thousands of copies of The Room Where It Happened were printed. So if the book does contain sensitive classified information, it hardly seems credible as intelligence agencies believed the Russians would not dare try to breach the Barnes and Noble warehouse guarded by a single night watchman or, on the other hand, borrow a copy from any journalist in town."

Finally, after a 4-year hunt, we have found a Trump official who is helping the Russians.

ITEM 11Also from Jonathan Turley, "I have been a critic of the alarming criminalizing of speech in Great Britain through hate speech laws. Such laws create an insatiable appetite for greater and greater speech regulation and create a sense of empowerment among citizens to silence those with whom they disagree.

"Now, a Scottish man has been convicted of a message that was grossly offensive, indecent or menacing. According to the Evening Express, the prosecutor (appropriately named Susan Love) cited the fact that Terry Myers, 41, called the Irish boyfriend of his ex-girlfriend a leprechaun."

The judge fined Myers $350 for calling him a leprechaun. Now we know how they get those pots of gold.

ITEM 12: Breitbart News reported, "The developers behind the megapopular video game Fortnite have reportedly removed police cars from the game in response to the national debate surrounding law-enforcement practices and the Black Lives Matter movement.

"The Wall Street Journal reports that Epic Games, the creators of perhaps the most popular video game in America, Fortnite, have removed all police vehicles from the game as protests against law enforcement continue across the country in the wake of the death of George Floyd."

Defund Fortnite.

ITEM 13: Newsweek reported, "Increasing numbers of Houston residents have reportedly been diagnosed with covid-19 after attending protests against the death of George Floyd.

"Large protests began in the city days after the death of Houston native Floyd, an unarmed black man who died while in police custody in Minneapolis, Minnesota on May 25. Texas has been experiencing a surge of new covid-19 cases. Harris County, which encompasses Houston, has been adding hundreds of new cases each day to the more than 17,000 total confirmed cases reported as of Monday.

"Houston resident Shamone Turner told KRIV that she took part in a march to Houston City Hall attended by an estimated 60,000 people about two weeks ago and later tested positive for the virus. Several friends who accompanied her were also said to have tested positive. Despite the illness, she said she has no regrets about her decision to march."

But NBER assured me the riots and looting stopped the spread of covid-19.

I want to talk to the manager of Newsweek.

ITEM 14: reported, "Cleveland Clinic is taking cost-reduction measures, including eliminating raises and delaying some capital projects, in reaction to more than $500 million in revenue shortfalls and increased expenses caused by the corona virus pandemic, the health system said.

"The Clinic also reduced operating costs by restricting travel and changing how it manages paid time off, the health system said."

Republican Governor Mike DeWine killed the hospital industry in Cleveland with his fascist lockdown, which lasted six weeks too long.

ITEM 15: Fox reported, "Jimmy Kimmel, who urged actor Tom Arnold to release an alleged N-word tape of President Trump in 2018, admitted years ago that he imitated rapper Snoop Dogg's voice for a track in a 1996 Christmas album -- an original song in which Kimmel used the N-word several times.

"The admission came in a January 2013 podcast obtained this weekend by Fox News. In the podcast, Kimmel also changed his speech pattern in an attempt to adopt the voice of black comedian George Wallace, in what host Adam Carolla called Kimmel's crazy black voice. Kimmel acknowledged imitating black people on other occasions as well.

"Kimmel, who is slated to host the Emmy Awards this year, announced last week that he's taking the summer off amid a brewing blackface controversy; he has not issued an apology."

Maybe he can get Emmy's coveted Al Jolson Memorial Award last given to Ted Danson.

Meanwhile, members of Aunt Jemima's family are bitter with Pepsi's whitewash of her pancakes.

ITEM 16: KTAR reported, "Corona virus pandemic or not, an investment advisory company is leaving the cultural unrest in Seattle and moving its headquarters to Phoenix’s Camelback Corridor."

Smead Capital Management president and CEO Cole Smead said that although taxes in Seattle are lower, candidate recruitment is harder and the cost of living within the city is more expensive than Phoenix.

Smead said, "We’re hearing rumors of 40-story buildings that will be only 20% occupied by October."

Democrats are turning big cities into toilets.

No one wants to live in a toilet.

Excuse me, only a Democrat would want to live in a toilet.

ITEM 17: Fox reported, "Far-left activist Shaun King on Monday said all images depicting Jesus as a white European should be torn down because they are a form of white supremacy.

"King made his remarks over a series of Twitter posts as historic monuments and statues have become the targets of anger and vandalism during Black Lives Matter protests in the wake of George Floyd’s death while in police custody late last month."

Ah, now the real target of the Marxists is revealed.


Christianity is all that stands in the way of Marxist control of the United States, a nation founded on freedom of religion. The USA would be the devil's biggest prize.

ITEM 18: United Press International reported, "After an increase in gun violence over the weekend, Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan announced the city plans to end the so-called Capitol Hill Occupation Protest zone, which thousands of protesters have held free of police for roughly two weeks amid nationwide unrest following the death of a black man by a white police officer late last month.

"In a press conference Monday, Durkan told protesters who have taken over the six-block area that 'it's time for people to go home.'"

I like the name CHAZ better.

Capitol Hill is a prominent, upscale gayborhood in Seattle. The national press has downplayed that feature. In fact, the national press seems unconcerned about the people who live in this "free" area, just as they were about the people who lived in the area Occupy Wall Street took over under Obama.

ITEM 19: The Hill reported, "South Korea slammed former White House national security adviser John Bolton for distorting the facts regarding nuclear talks between leaders of the U.S. and the Koreas in his forthcoming memoir.

"South Korea’s national security adviser, Chung Eui-yong, said Bolton’s description of top-level consultation in his new book 'The Room Where It Happened,' is not accurate.

"'It does not reflect accurate facts and substantially distorts facts,' South Korea’s national security adviser, said in a statement, according to Reuters."

The story also said, "Chung said the publication set a dangerous precedent, but did not elaborate on specific areas South Korea saw as inaccurate, according to Reuters."

Bolton should be tried for espionage and sedition.

He's a nut who belongs in the movie "Dr. Strangelove," and not real life.

FINALLY, 4 years ago today, Britons voted to get out of the European Union.

Britain is still in the EU.


  1. Item 16 Just ask Illinois Govenor JB Pissoir (as I call him) about Demockkrat houses and toilets. He won't answer but ask him.

  2. Reading all of this convinces me that the massive, yuuuuge and immense silent majority will be making a major statement in November.

    To paraphrase Merle Haggard - if we make it till November. Accompanied by an accordion.

    1. The story that everyone OUGHT to be covering is the Balkanization of the Democrat Party. Let’s see, how many splinter groups are there now? 19? “Yes, I’ll have a double scoop of transgendering environmentalist, Latinx please, heavy on the Marxism and self-loathing, rolled in man-hating with some PETA sprinkles, and also a large concrete milkshake. Chocolate.”

      Mr. T 50-0.

  3. #17 Shaun King specifically mentioned (hint hint) stained glass and murals.
    I predict that smashing stained glass church windows is going to result in one hell of a backlash. Quickly.

    1. So Shaun King is advocating a modern rendition of Kristalnacht? Hmmm....

    2. King (Talcum X) is s fraud and a race hustler.I get darker mowing my lawn and probable have more African blood. But, then again so does my Poodle/Maltese Mix.Speaking of sunlight , i take vitamin D supplements as my dark complexion protects me from the sun at 45N.

    3. I forgot the name Talcum X. Made my day!!!!

  4. #19 Telling the truth when the truth is classified can get you prosecuted. Telling a lie can't. Why not just lie. Worst that can happen is the book gets shelved in the fiction section of the library.

  5. #6 A link to vitamin D deficiency might explain higher morbidity among black and brown people. An explanation that doesn't rely on systemic racism. Expect this study to get very little play in the msm.

    1. Diabetes is the best correlated condition this far.

    2. And the precursor to diabetes, metabolic syndrome. Primarily associated with obesity. Also NAFLD, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, afflicting a very large number of people.
      Vitamin D supplements are dirt cheap, which is why Big Pharma has no interest in it.

    3. Tell me about this- I 'm all three races White ,American Indian, and Black-in that Order. Not obese, no drink no smoke, and, type two-well mainly. as mentioned above I take Vit.D supplements, C and Zinc.
      that and a A- blood type, and I feel I have a big "Infect Me!" sign on my back..

  6. #FINALLY Still in the EU. Once in the grasp of the deep state it is very hard to break free. Much like socialism, you can vote your way in but you'll need to shoot your way out.

  7. Rockin' Sidney-
    Laissez les bon temps rouler!

    1- I still say build a wall around nyc and mine the the bridges and tunnels.

    5- Word of advice to Ghislane:
    Surround yourself with bodyguards you can trust. If Steve Bing can be Arkancided from the 27th floor, you can too.

    7- TikTokTrolls tried to undermine the rally by over-ordering tickets, and they still want us to believe there's no way mail-in voting fraud won't happen.

    8- As long as you're there, Mr. President, HOLD A RALLY!!!

    9- Bubba any relation to Chris? Cuz they're both full of fake news.

    10- One question:
    Does that book come in 2-ply?

    15- Trivia time: Jemima was also the love interest to the protagonist in Clint Eastwood's movie, The Eiger Sanction.

    16- "only a democrat would want to live in a toilet"
    Because they're both full of shi♤.

    18- It's time to go home?
    Ooh, that'll show 'em.

  8. Mr. Surber,
    Love me some Zydeco!!

  9. #3 - I’m not worried about the base, I’m worried about Dem cheating.

    #5, she’s not hiding from investigators, but Arkancide.

  10. Don, I love your take on the news. It is daily dose of news with just enough humor to make it bearable.

    1. I'll always remember a line from Molly Ivins about watching the Texas legislature: "Your only choices are to laugh, cry, or throw up. Two of those are unhealthy."

  11. Item 17: Tearing down Jesus and Mary is multi-funtional for King and his allies. They get to show contempt for God, promote a goal of their buds in the Muslim Brotherhood, and do violence to the most beloved Jews of all time.

    Since the Son of God became a Jewish man, but did so to represent all humanity on the cross, the connection between Communism, Jew-hatred, contempt for Christ, and hatred of the human race is all wrapped up in one symbolic bundle.

    1. ^^^This^^^.
      Nice synopsis of the Dem/Islamist/Hate machine..

  12. ITEM 9: Fake Noose – The NASCAR Bubba Wallace “Rope Noose” Was a Purposeful Hoax…
    Throughout the late evening and overnight hours we have been able to assemble definitive proof the NASCAR story of a noose hanging in the garage of drive Bubba Wallace is a hoax. [Background Here]

    When the race team of Bubba Wallace arrived at Talladega Speedway in Alabama, he was assigned to garage stall #4. After reviewing prior video of that specific garage bay, at that specific speedway; and after reviewing a picture released yesterday showing the FBI investigators on the scene; it is clear the “rope noose” in question was nothing more than a manual garage door pull-down with a hand loop tied into it.

  13. Don is a real Wordsmith. The more that I read his personal takes on various news he nails it with Deplorable language.

  14. ITEM 15

    You do remember that Ted Danson was married to that black beauty Whoopi Goldberg Right? I us to have one of her Whoopi Seats which was quite good at expressing her opinions.

  15. I don't always comment but when I do I talk to the mustache

    So Bolton really stepped in it.

    Anyone with a lick o' sense knows the game Bolton played here. It's the same script Clapper, Brennan and Comey played.

    Make outlandish terrible statements to a vapid press. Then get REALLY REALLY quiet when anyone wants him to testify publicly under oath.

    The difference is that Trump made him sign an NDA. AND wouldn't you know it! the Judge did not stop publication! Due to you know "the cat is already out of the bag" (TM).

    I tell you there is a cottage industry in getting leaks to surface. THEN defending the supposed to be non-public information as "already out there".

    I don't know what the remedy is but the Courts are going to have to stop allowing one party to leak confidential/classified information to media AND then saying "oh well it's out there, I can't stop it"

    It's interesting how when anyone says WALL, FLYNN, OBAMACARE or DACA courts can do any DA*N THING they want. But when damaging info concerning Trump is before the court (mind you backed up by an iron clad disclosure contract AND a classified information agreement) suddenly the courts are all Timid and Impotent "oh well we can't do anything now".

    Not DA*N likely the Court CAN embargo all the books printed. They can seize all the copies out there. They can allow the damaged party (that would be Trump) to sue for treble damages for anyone TALKING about this non-public info.

    But no, A court can stop a wall for a spotted donkey turtle or any other hare brained reason it discovers via "emanations from the constitution". But not enforce contract law. Which is the very foundation of Common Law jurisprudence.

    It's interesting how Trumpus Magnus has been a very bright light illuminating how bad our legal institutions have fallen.

    We now live in a world where a woman can willfully bypass classified information controls for years. But an FBI director says "oh well". Meanwhile a retired American General has his fate in limbo for YEARS for a brief conversation that NO one seems to have the transcript of.

    How did we get here? How is it that it became necessary for the last 2 FBI directory to be Lawyers before they were Fed Cops?

    How did we get to a world where to be a high public official you are required to be a Lawyer just not to get conned into a perjury trap?

    1. I've read that it would be very difficult to get Bolton for the publishing of the book but a lot easier to take away any money he made from it. He probably knows this and did it anyway for the TV gigs on CNN and MSNBC. The Dems will reimburse him for the money he lost when the Gov't took it.

  16. #10 -- Let's see, first it was Hillary Clinton and "What Happened"; now it's John Bolton with "The Room Where It Happened". What's next, Joe Biden after 3 November with "Sh*t Happens"?

  17. Regarding Bubba Wallace:

    Surber states: "Yet many thought the story of the noose rather suspect."

    Don - please identify the "many" you refer to with sources/documentation. How many is "many"?

    BTW - No one within the Wallace/NASCAR circle is saying this is a "hate crime." Nothing like misleading the narrative there Captain Straw Man. Sort of like your "Wallace pressured" NASCAR to remove the Confederate flag, suggesting it was Wallace alone who had the flag-removal decree enacted.

    Surber - Your Bubba entry is all Fake News and (another in a long list of) a microcosm of this blog. But you can't be blamed. You were lifelong MSM until fired (not retired).

    1. Yawn.

      I documented fake hate crimes in "Fake News Follies of 2017"

      It's only $9.99 on Amazon

    2. Don - Thank you for keeping true to form. I knew you would.

      You get called out to provide facts and rather than do that, you ignore the question (again) and change the narrative completely.

      But to humor myself, I'll try again (and I'll write slow for your followers): Hey Don, when you write, "Yet many thought the story of the noose rather suspect." How many is "many"?

      And: Can you document that Bubba Wallace and/or any NASCAR official called this incident a "hate crime."

      Would like to write more but headed over to Amazon to buy your book. If you were fired from a newspaper job, you definitely need all the retirement income you can get.

    3. Yawn.

      While you were blubbering, NASCAR admitted the noose was a hoax.

    4. Nony: Well, I'm one of many. I thought it suspect.

  18. 16. "Excuse me, only a Democrat would want to live in a toilet."
    Which explains why they keep voting the way they were voting.

    17. Just when you think you could not find a bigger a$$hole, someone proves you're wrong.

    18. I thought this was just a "street party"?

  19. You are over Target Don. Keep it up!