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Thursday, June 11, 2020

Highlights of the News

Donald John Trump is still our president

ITEM 1: Tulsa World reported, "President Donald Trump will be in Tulsa on June 19 for this first campaign rally since the coronavirus pandemic started.

"He is planning more events in Florida, Texas and Arizona as well.

"Trump made the announcement during a roundtable with African American supporters Wednesday afternoon that did not appear on his public schedule."

As George Strait once sang,
Tell me something bad about Tulsa
So I won't have to go back
Believing I belong there
A week from Friday, we will all want to be in Tulsa for an hour or two.

ITEM 2: The National Federation of Independent Businesses reported, "The Small Business Optimism Index increased 3.5 points in May to 94.4, a strong improvement from April’s 90.9 reading. Eight of the 10 Index components improved in May and two declined. The NFIB Uncertainty Index increased seven points to 82. Reports of expected business conditions in the next six months increased 5 points to a net 34%, following a 24-point increase in April. Owners are optimistic about future business conditions and expect the recession to be short-lived."

Their optimism is a relief.

My fear was corporate America would recover quickly at the expense of small business.

ITEM 3: United Press International reported, "The U.S. Consumer Price Index, the gauge that measures change in the costs of goods and services, fell for the third month in a row in May.

"The Labor Department said in its monthly report the index declined by 0.1%, after an 0.8% drop in April. The figure added up to an overall 0.1% index increase over the past 12 months, it noted.

"The department said it's the first time ever the non-food and energy index has declined for three months in a row. All items not including food and energy also fell in May for the third straight month."

I guess I can just leave my Whip Inflation Now button in the junk drawer.

ITEM 4: Fox reported, "The focus of so much of the recent George Floyd protests has been on police violence against demonstrators and others, but in New York City, the union that represents NYPD detectives is turning the tables.

"'If you assault a New York City Detective and there are no consequences from the criminal justice system, we have to have other means to protect our detectives,' said Paul DiGiacomo, president of the Detectives' Endowment Association, which has represented some 19,000 current and former detectives. He vowed to sue any protester, rioter or looter who attacked its members.

"'It's heart-wrenching because they are out there doing a job under very difficult circumstances, trying to protect the innocent people that are protesting while the criminal element is within that group, assaulting, looting and victimizing not only police officers and detectives out there, but also the people of the city.'

"The first lawsuit has been filed against a looting suspect accused of stealing items from a pharmacy in Manhattan and who allegedly attacked Detective Joseph Nicolosi. The detective claimed he was injured in the struggle when the 19-year-old suspect resisted arrest."

Defund the Riots.

ITEM 5: The Wall Street Journal reported, "Tucker Carlson is leaving the Daily Caller, the conservative digital publication he co-founded a decade ago, a move that he said would help him focus on his prime-time opinion show on Fox News.

"'I’m just too absorbed in what I’m doing,' Mr. Carlson said in an interview. 'I wasn’t helping in any way, because I’ve got an hour to do every night."

"Daily Caller co-founder and publisher Neil Patel said he bought out Mr. Carlson’s roughly one-third stake, but declined to disclose the terms. Mr. Patel now owns a controlling stake in the website — the rest of which is owned by investor and major Republican donor Foster Friess and a few other small investors — which makes the Daily Caller the largest digital-media company owned by a person of color, according to Mr. Patel, who was born in India."

It always was odd that Carlson was associated with a competitor.

ITEM 6: Citing covid-19 concerns, Georgia postponed its primary election three weeks, holding it on Tuesday. Chris Cuomo at CNN thought he would have Georgia election official Gabriel Sterling on to sweat about problems with the voting.

News Busters reported, Sterling ate Fredo for lunch. There was record turnout. And there were new machines.

Cuomo said, "No, no, no. The machines are new, the problem is not. In 2018, 87,000 people were prevented from voting, a disproportionate number were people of color and young voters. I agree with you that you had anticipation of a turnout. You had to prepare for it, it doesn't seem you did. And it seems convenient, if you're going to be not able to handle the demand, it's nice that you do it in places that tend to vote Democrat. "

Sterling replied, "Those counties where people tend to vote Democrats are run by Democrats and they're the ones that set the elections boards, they’re the ones who hire the staff. We have been saying for years there's problems in Fulton. Fulton County has paid hundreds of thousands of fines for violating election rules. It has repeatedly, over and over again. You can go back and look.

"And I’m sorry to say it that way. But we’ve have 159 counties and 150 of them had almost no problems whatsoever. And they all received the same level of training from the secretary of state. We trained the trainer, the counties are in charge of training the poll workers. We're all going to learn from this."


Fredo will never learn.

ITEM 7: The Washington Post reported, "Flynn committed perjury and his guilty plea of lying to FBI should not be dismissed as DOJ requests, court-appointed [friend of the judge] finds."

I hope Flynn's lawyer Sidney Powell finds a case where Judge Sullivan allowed someone to withdraw a plea of guilt without this unusual move that likely defies the canons of judicial behavior.

But we have a corrupt government in Washington where the innocent are railroaded and the guilty get book deals.

ITEM 8: Mitt is a weathervane.
He is so loyal that he became the first senator to vote to remove a president from his own party.

ITEM 9: Newsmax reported, "Female leaders have performed better in general than their male counterparts in dealing with the corona virus around the world, according to former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, Business Insider reported on Wednesday.

"'There is a correlation between countries with women leaders and very positive responses to covid-19,' Clinton said this week during a virtual summit sponsored by CARE, an international humanitarian agency. 'Women have been demonstrating the kind of inclusive, empathetic, science-based leadership that we should be trying to promote across the world.'

"The summit — which featured Clinton, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and other notable figures — focused on the disproportionate impact the pandemic has had on women, as well as the efforts to overcome racial injustice."

People in Michigan disagree.

They call their governor Whitler because she acts like a governess.

By the way, the virus has killed more men than women. Hillary is never right, is she?

ITEM 10: Blue Lives Matter.
The left will do this until there is a penalty paid.

ITEM 11: The Washington Times reported, "Seattle protesters demand city abolish police, hire black doctors to treat black patients."

Democrats are going old school. Separate but equal.

Meanwhile, protesters in that city said, "The first night in the so-called Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone that has formed in the wake of police giving up the week-long blockade of the East Precinct was rainy and peaceful and full of speeches from activists, agitators, poets, and socialist city council members."

Put a fence around the zone and do not let anyone in or out.

Oh, and the protesters put out a plea for vegan food and soy because the homeless people stole all their food.

ITEM 12: KEX reported, "Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler has previously said that building walls is racist.

"Last year, he said 'we have an administration that’s seeking to build a wall to divide us…We have a president who emboldens racist behavior.'

"Well, a little more than a year later Mayor Wheeler is having a plywood wall built around city hall to keep his violent and radical supporters out."

The Prince of Portlandia should build a moat.

Also, the Portland Tribune reported, "Mayor Ted Wheeler on Monday offered all city of Portland employees 40 hours of uncontested bereavement leave to mourn 400 years of African-American oppression, including the police killings of African-Americans across the country.

"Wheeler made the announcement in a June 8 email to city employees. The offer came after more than a week of large protests over police brutality, including the death of African-American George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police."

Taxpayers should also get a week off from paying taxes.

Uncontested leave, eh?

I suggest the entire police force take a week off together.

ITEM 13: Which one is satire?

It's as if the left gets all its new ideas from Babylon Bee.

ITEM 14Christian Toto asked, "Are These 7 Movies on the Woke Mob’s Chopping Block?"

He cited the temporary removal of Gone With The Wind as an example.

His list of soon-to-be-banned films include Blazing Saddles and Animal House. He is likely correct. Lefties are humorless scolds.

By the way, I did not like GWTW. Chick flick.

ITEM 15: The Daily Mail reported, "Mayor de Blasio says NYC will rename a street in every borough after prominent black leaders and paint 'Black Lives Matter' on roads in each of the five 'crucial locations' - including one near City Hall."

I am sure residents on those thoroughfares will really appreciate having to change their address.

You elect ignorance, you get ignorance.

ITEM 16: The Detroit News reported, "Gov. Gretchen Whitmer said Tuesday she supported the spirit of efforts to defund the police in the wake of George Floyd’s death last month at the hands of Minneapolis police, a statement that her office later clarified did not indicate support for eliminating funding for law enforcement.

"The conversation surrounding the defund the police movement is really about reprioritizing resources, the Democratic governor told The Root in a Tuesday interview broadcast on Instagram."

Defund the police is just that.

I am so glad that this second-generation politician never had to live through a riot that forced her family to leave a house it had lived in for 42 years.

FINALLY, June is National Accordion Awareness Month. Many readers don't like FDR but his death was mourned by a nation drained by a world war. The photo of Chief Petty Officer Graham Washington Jackson Sr. playing his accordion with tears streaming from his eyes is heart-rending even today.

He was friends with the Roosevelts.

He was playing "Going Home," a 1922 song adapted by William Arms Fisher from Symphony No. 9 by Dvořák, his New World Symphony.

It is the saddest accordion music I have heard.


  1. Item 3. I have always thought the inflation of the late 60's and throughout the 70's was demographically driven as the baby boomers entered the workforce and created significant demand without the economy having the production capacity to meet that demand in place.

    1. The inflation you referenced was entirely a function of the Federal Reserve (monetary policy), not consumer behavior. The same for the Great Depression. The Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco published a good summary laying the blame with the Fed, as Milton Friedman demonstrated conclusively in A Monetary History Of The United States, co-authored with fellow economist Anna Schwartz.

    2. It had a lot to do with the deficit spending used to fund the Vietnam war, and then the huge jump in energy costs caused by the Arab oil embargo.

      I have a WIN button somewhere in my garage.

    3. To both of you:

    4. Don,

      That's very interesting and it makes sense.

      But the authors acknowledge it explains only low-frequency inflation, saying it "shows a strikingly good fit except for extraordinary events, such as wars or oil price shocks."

      And in Graph 4 (p15), the data for the US shows actual inflation spiking well above the "Age-structure impact" curve during the 70's.

      So I'm still going to point the finger at energy costs. Didn't your own basket of goods get cheaper with the recent low gas prices?

    5. I wore my "WIN" button upside down and told people it meant "No Immediate Miracles".

    6. Don,

      It is interesting to note that the US, up until 1970, produced enough oil to meet its demand. The baby boomers however were driving in increasing numbers, me included, which led to a surge and then dependence on foreign imports. The Arabs were not stupid and saw this as an opportunity to raise prices, thus the demographics of America strike again.

  2. Item 14-
    I don't usually watch three hour movies, but when I do, they'll be good ones like Patton and Lawrence of Arabia.
    Saddest accordion music you ever heard?
    A couple of clicks after listening to it, I found one that'll give it a run for it's money called french accordion music Yann Tierson style. Enjoy.

    1. An accordion played right will tear your heart out. An accordion played wrong will have you doing it yourself.

  3. America’s Newspaper of Record scores again! Devastatingly effective satire. We got this, Big D!

  4. Item 2 -- Nice that the NFIB index is rising, but I believe there are two problems.

    First, NFIB likely doesn't have a lot of "smallest of the small" business members, and that "smallest" group was hit the hardest. It would be nice to know how what's left of that group feels about things. I would guess that they aren't as opitimistic (hope I'm wrong.)

    Second, NFIB's survey in general is of the businesses that are still with us. Of the businesses which routinely respond to its survey every month, it would be interesting to know which ones stopped responding because they're either no longer around or are on the verge of that.

    1. Tuesday had lunch at one of those small businesses.
      Try as she might our Governor Kate the Brown can't keep the whole state locked up.I think that a lot of these entrepreneurs are underground or below the Democrat
      radar.Construction here is going nuts.I've been getting my winter's wood from the Truss plant locally.
      they are booming. I see a "V" recovery. at least here in Western, NE Oregon.

    2. Brought one of the trucks to the dealership for annual (state) inspection yesterday, got to talk to the guys there.

      The guy I buy my trucks from is the senior sales guy, and he said that things are going gangbusters. Back when they reopened in late April, they brought only him back since they were expecting sales to be slow - but in nothing flat business was great and they soon had all the sales guys (and gals) back working the floor. The place was busy, even though it was mid-day on a weekday - plenty of people in looking at vehicles and closing deals.

      The gent who runs the service-and-parts area told me that they are flat-out as well, and that he could hire four more people right now if he could find them.

      This really *is* like a recovery from a natural disaster - since that's pretty close to what it was (in nature).

  5. #14 GWTW was my Mom's favorite movie. She had the Novel too. Pop was a real working cowboy. He loved westerns and the West. Hated GWTW with white hot passion.My Grandma's family had a large plantation in North Carolina Tidewater country-they were Indians. Oh they'd have a Scarlett marry a Rhett Butler so there were blue eyes in the family,and they could say:"Black Irish" or "Black Dutch."
    anyway the patriarch heard a sermon by a Scots Presbyterian preacher on th eevils of slavery-before the civil war and sold off the whole thing.
    caused the breakup of the family some went west some stayed . some of the boys fought on the opposite sides in the civil war.
    What I have problems with is the erasing of history by the left.

    1. I found the second half of "Gone With the Wind" to be boring as hell, but fidgeted through it just to hear Clark Gable's last line.

    2. I read GWTW in ninth grade; thought it was a pretty good war story until my english teacher told me it was a melodrama. Yeah, it had a lot of that mushy stuff in it but I just skimmed over that. As for the movie, *gag* *spit*!

    3. GWTW played for years, the only film they showed, at a theater in Van Nuys CA back in the 40's. My mother's first job was as an usher/snack bar attendant there when she was 20 years old. She saw that film so many times she could literally do everyone's lines!

      She also found out that eating free chocolates (which the theater allowed attendants to do, no charge) led to upset stomach and large weight gains! ;)

  6. "Seattle protesters demand city abolish police, hire black doctors to treat black patients."

    Can white people demand to be treated by only white doctors?

    Will black people want to be treated by black people whose only qualification was their skin color?

    That should work out well. LOL

    1. No. You're assuming the Left has any sense of fairness. Not sure where you got that impression. The society they are creating will be a caste system that would make old India look egalitarian.

      J in StL

  7. Graham Washington Jackson was a Chief Petty Officer, not a Seaman. CPO in 1945 was the highest enlisted rank possible.

    I just introduced a friend to your post Don. He appreciates it.

    1. You are absolutely correct.
      I shall fix.
      Thank you

  8. Item 7.

    Don, but Sullivan already has. Almost exact same case just change the names and no trap on the first.

    So it is doubly curious why he wont let it go.

  9. #15. "You elect ignorance, you get ignorance." You elect stupidity, you get stupidity. FIFY. Ignorance can be corrected. Stupidity is forever. Mayor Wilhelm is proof that liberalism is a mental disease. - GOC

    1. Reiterating Robert Heinlein:
      "There is one, and only one, universal capital crime, and that is Stupidity. Sentence is usually carried out immediately, and without appeal."

  10. 6 - A preview of democrat cities voting results in November.

    7 - the judge is shameless. He is positioning himself as a democrat candidate for office.

    8 - Romney is more flaccid than a wet noodle.

    11 - they can grow and raise their own food in their newly formed utopia. They can manufacture their own goods as well. We are going to witness Lord of the Flies in real time.

    14 - why stop at 7. The woke-erati could find 777.

    15 - I guess they will reimburse the businesses for having to reprint all their stationary, business cards, packaging, etc.

    FINALLY - you are channeling John Williams and his commercial from the 70s.

  11. Finally:


  12. 10: Remember the guy in Buffalo who got knocked down? That's what he was trying to do.

    14: Agree.

    16: How is Der Fuhrer going to enforce her lockdown without the cops?

    1. Easy. She'll hire ANTIFA and BLM and get Soros to pay for them.


    2. Hell, they now have a warlord in their precious we are not the US 6 block nogo zone...

  13. "I am so glad that this second-generation politician never had to lie through a riot"

    Pretty sure she'd lie through anything. ;)

    *cough* live *cough*


  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. #14
    My first thought of the money I spent watching GWTW.

  16. #12 When working, I could always use another week off. I can say I would NOT accept that leave. That would look as if I were in solidarity with these insane ideas. I suspect that voicing this attitude would either get me fired as a racist, or at least 40 hours on-the-street without pay. It would be worth it.

  17. #16 - "Defund the police." I believe this is an Islamist ploy to usher in Sharia law. I note that many of the people speaking for BLM are Muslim. It also coincides with saying All Lives Matter is racist. It reeks of Muslim intolerance for anyone different from themselves.

    1. That would also tie in with acclimating the population to covering their face. Unfortunately for them it's been shown women are less susceptible to covid , or they could have convinced liberals that only women had to wear masks from now on.

  18. #15. All the sane people should be changing their addresses. Leave the city to the rot.

  19. #11 – My son lives on Capitol Hill a few blocks away from this craziness (moved there last summer for work reasons and was planning to move back to the east coast this summer before all the nonsense). As of yesterday, he was able to walk into the area (only closed to police) and take some pictures. The ringleader is extorting local businesses for protection. Apparently there isn’t much coverage of this situation locally, never mind nationally except for a few conservative sites. Imagine if some lockdown protesters did this and wanted to just go back to business as usual for all establishments. Can you say SWAT teams and militarized police?

    Regbma in ma

  20. #6 I live in Forsyth County Georgia. The was a line to vote at 2pm. About a 30 minute wait. New to Georgia, I was impressed with the turnout. Everyone was friendly and equally impressed with the turnout. The guy behind me was a retired cop from Philly who said, "I always used to just vote democrat but not anymore." Forsyth is about 30 miles north of Atlanta. Others I spoke with said they had no issue at their polling place either. But Atlanta is large Democrat city. The mayor was hard pressed to open up. Here in North Georgia it's almost business as usual. (Restaurant workers must wear masks.)

  21. Re item 1: I have an abiding fondness for Tulsa, though I've never been there. Many years ago I was the vocalist in a band and I wrote song which I thought might have commercial potential, though they never used it. It was called, "I Met That Girl In Tulsa (And 'Tulsa''s Just 'A Slut' Spelled Backward)". I always regretted not recording that, it could have been a huge hit in Oklahoma City.