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Monday, June 15, 2020

Don't bail states out

Hawaiian tourism hasn't been this low since Japan attacked Pearl Harbor. ABC is boo-hooing. Poor Hawaii.

ABC reported, "The unemployment rate in Kahului skyrocketed to 35% in April -- nearly 10% higher than the national unemployment rate at the peak of the Great Depression -- and the highest of any metropolitan area in the U.S., according to the latest data available from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

"As covid-19 decimated tourism and the planes stopped coming in, job losses on the island piled up with unprecedented furor. In March, Kahului had some of the lowest unemployment rates in the nation at 2.2%."

Covid-19 did not destroy tourism, the state government did by imposing a mandatory 14-day quarantine for all visitors indefinitely. That strangled the goose that laid the 2.2% unemployment egg.

Carl Bonham, the executive director and a professor at the Economic Research Organization at University of Hawaii, told ABC, "After 9/11 there were literally zero planes in the air. That was a very different situation in that we had a shutdown of tourism for a short period of time, but we didn’t shut down the rest of the economy."

This is a story repeated by other states, none as severe. Governors told Americans there would be a two-week shutdown to flatten the curve. They lied. All of the governors who shut their states down lied because the unconstitutional and ineffective shutdowns lingered on and on long after they were necessary.

We know that because when Democrats took to the streets to riot and loot, they did not social distance themselves.

And the cops in many places left them alone to wreak havoc.

The governors also lied in that they did not shut everything down, most notably state government itself. Workers stayed home but their paychecks kept coming. Restaurants could not do that. State governments thought they could.


Not only did governors fail to reduce expenses (even as services dropped) but their actions led to a drop in tax revenue.

California believes it will run a $54 billion deficit.

These goofs think the federal government should just give them the money to cover their fascist closures and spendthrift.


Make them borrow the money on the open market. Make California and Hawaii issue tax-free bonds to cover the debts they made. Interest rates are extremely cheap today.

Democrats used covid-19 as an excuse to tank the economy just as they used George Floyd's death as an excuse to riot and loot. Their promiscuous fascism gave them an economic venereal disease. Let them pay for their own penicillin.

Blue Hawaii should think again in the next election for governor.


  1. Chadwick Gates for governor!

  2. I'd love to buy some 10% tax exempt state bonds, but I want to make sure the commies will not default on the bonds when they spend all the (dropping) tax revenue on reparations, state pensions or some other poppycock...

    1. Personally, I'd stay away from any bonds issued by Illinois.

  3. The Democrat base remind me of the old plowhorses with blinders on to keep them oblivious to what is going on around them and focused on the furrow they are plowing. Their owners (read leftists/globalists) keep them focused on "Orange Man Bad". When will they finally realize the furrow is leading them to the glue factory?

  4. Do you think your state of West Virginia - which imposed numerous stay-at-home orders and shutdowns by your Republican governor - should "borrow money on the open market" to deal with its current deficit?

    1. By the way, that was a very odd question.

    2. Why was it odd?

    3. Because you're under the impression that Don mindlessly supports anything a politician with an (R) after his name does, as certain people do with anyone with a (D) after his/her/its name. Which couldn't be more wrong.

    4. Surber does mindlessly support any politico with an R after his name. You must be new here.

    5. I have as yet to see him support anything of the sort. I'd have to say you are a fringe leftist and mindlessly oppose anything Suber says.

    6. Quarter - you are new here too. Gosh, it is so fun to set you snowflakes off. But also too easy. See you in another six months where I am sure racism, xenophobia, misogyny and anti-Christian viewpoints will remain prevalent here. Gotta love West Virginians

    7. Do you have any clue what "snowflakes" means? It doesn't mean "anyone who responds, no matter how coolly." No one here is "set off," except in your imagination.

  5. "Blue Hawaii should think again in the next election for governor."

    Asking Democrat voters to think again is more difficult than trying to talk a dog off a meat wagon, especially when they didn't think in the first place. - Gary B

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  7. Maybe the whole hoax was to get Mail In Ballots since Trump instituted a Federal Department to shut down voter fraud at poling centers. They have had good results with that effort.

  8. And right behind the states in the line will be the big cities.

    And why not?

    First they put themselves out of business.

    Then they set themselves on fire.

    Sounds like an insurance scam, doesn't it?

    1. And most of
      The states in the toilet have been Dragged down by their large cities.

  9. Without federal rebuilding kwon, parts of MPLS will start taking on that Detroit/Baltimore look. And feel. And smell. Fine. Couldn’t happen to a dumber bunch a LibCommies.

  10. This is amazing.

    The Wokety-Woke Mayor of Olympia had her house vandalized by ANTIFA. The howling mob in the street sent a punk to graffiti her porch, despite flying a rainbow flag and having a large BLM-sign in her front window. It was her version of “We’re on your side, We’re on your side!”.

    Mayor Cheryl Selby: “I’m really trying to process this. It’s like domestic terrorism. It’s unfair. It hurts when you’re giving so much to your community.”

    It’s not “like” domestic terrorism, lady–it IS domestic terrorism! And YOU are in charge of stopping it!

    Is it only domestic terrorism when it happens to you? Evidently. She had ordered the police to simply follow the group from a distance as they vandalized, smashed windows and beat people with impunity. She thinks her job is to solve the “crisis” of “400 years of oppression”. A four-century “crisis”?

    Her real job is to protect her community, but she abdicated her real job.

    These governors and mayors think their citizens won’t leave. They think their businesses won’t close or relocate. They think trucks will keep delivering and tourists will keep visiting with no civic order. They seem to think letting looters run wild will win them elections. They think the cops will keep doing their jobs as politicians throw them to the mob.

    And they think they can turn the rioters on and off like a light switch. Then they're shocked, shocked when the Mob Comes After them.

    Read some History, lady. They always do.

    BTW, there was a group of counter-protestors cleaning up after the Locusts and helping the wounded. Good.

    Excellent local journalism here:

    1. Now you should get a Pulitzer for finding this story. The Holy Grail of yin-yang.

    2. In that very 2nd Amendment oriented state it is a wonder that someone wasn't shot if indeed people were assaulted.

  11. Mayor Cheryl Selby: “I’m really trying to process this. It’s like domestic terrorism. It’s unfair. It hurts when you’re giving so much to your community.”

    No idiot, you are mad because the mob turned on you, which you, due to your virtue signaling, thought would protect you from the mob. Bwahahahah! Hey lady, cisgen, or whatever the flux you claim you are, karma is a beyoutch! Not so fun when it is you, is it, idiot?

    For once, Antifa, BLM, or whoever the flavor of the month is, did something right.


  12. Hawaii has 2 entries in Statuary Hall. One is Father Damian, (aka Saint Damien of Molokai) the priest who selflessly cared for lepers. The other (and the largest statue in the Hall) is a murderous tyrant who waged aggressive war against his neighbors. He invaded and subjugated Maui.


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