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Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Conservative pretends there is debate in America

National Review posted a column by David Harsanyi on NBC (a subsidiary of Comcast) trying to pressure Google to stop selling advertisements at The Federalist. He was its senior editor until 2019.

NBC also pressed to get the ads halted at Zero Hedge.

Harsanyi wrote, "I don’t know much about Zero Hedge, but the contention that the Federalist (where I worked as a senior editor from 2013 to 2019) is 'far-right,' as reporter Adele-Momoko Fraser claims twice in her piece, is utter nonsense. The Federalist publishes a wide variety of opinions. Some pieces are more provocative than others. Some are very provocative. So what? NBC News is trying to make the site sound like the Daily Stormer, when in fact it has contributions from well-known mainstream libertarians, social conservatives, and moderate Republicans. All of the content falls well within normal parameters of contemporary political discourse — which is exactly what outlets such as NBC News are trying to shut down."

He's wrong.

The "normal parameters of contemporary political discourse" in the 21st century is you print whatever today's official positions are or you are gone because anything outside the approved position is hate speech.

NBC ratted on The Federalist and Zero Hedge after the Center for Countering Digital Hate vigilantes found something that offended them.

NBC said, "The Federalist published an article claiming the media had been lying about looting and violence during the protests, which were both included in the report sent to Google."

Harsanyi wrote, "Black Lives Matter shouldn’t be shielded from criticism. No one should be."

Welcome to the 21st century.

No one dares offend the Black Liberation Movement under its new and improved name, Black Lives Matter. Same communist agenda of destroying America from within, now with better PR.

But BLM only takes advantage of a situation created by liberals. Call the thought police Stalinist or Maoist (given Red China's money, I would say the latter is more accurate) but they are effective.

In 2008, the Daily Kos purged Hillary supporters from its roster of contributors. Discipline is the key to fascism.

There is only one side to the story. Didn't Harsanyi read Jim Rutenberg's piece in the New York Times in August 2016 that said journalists should abandon objectivity and giving Donald John Trump the opportunity to tell his side of the story because there is only one truth: whatever today's official narrative is.

Harsanyi's piece was very telling in that he vigorously defended The Federalist while barely mentioning Zero Hedge. Remember George Carlin's things you would never hear in a cowboy movie? One of them was, do what you want to the girl but leave me alone. Harsanyi apparently IS saying that with regard to Zero Hedge.

Fascism is not coming. Fascism is here.

I suggest National Review man up, ditch the Never Trump BS, and begin fighting for Zero Hedge, The Federalist, and Don Surber because eventually National Review will be next. Fascism has an insatiable appetite. Even collaborators eventually are eaten.

Only the pure of heart may survive. They torched the Wendy's in Atlanta because its manager called the cops. Snitches get stitches, or in this case, ashes.

There is no debate in America. There is only anger and hate from the left. If you don't agree with their demands, they will burn down your Wendy's. And even if you do agree, they might.

But the re-election of President Donald John Trump will change that.


  1. I'm not sweating it. The Gods of the Copybook Headings are nigh. Check out what I found going through the Portland PD Twitter stream. Hilarious!

  2. I would start calling the thought police by its true moniker, the thought gestapo.

    1. That gave me a momentarily hilarious thought of Major Hochstetter from "Hogan's Heroes" as a member of the Thought Gestapo, then realized they can be as bombastic and ill-tempered as he...

  3. When did it become a felony to own an OAN T-shirt?

    1. Once they showed up the Washington “Press Corps” (a/k/a simpering flaccid penii) it was just a matter of time...

  4. Wendy's supposedly has given $500,000 to BLM. Obvious well spent - /sarc The mayor of the Washington state capital was a BLM supporter but her house was spray painted anyway.

    1. Deray McKesson’s been flashin some stylin threads lately. Guerilla Chic at about $700 an outfit, I’d guess.

  5. let me see if I have this right.

    big brother, played by Obama.

    Emmanuel Goldstein played by Donald trump.

    the two minute hate, sponsored by the ministry of truth.

    political correctness, newspeak, and double thought sponsored by the dogma spewers of academia. (wait- did I mean sewers?)

    Wikipedia changing the truth sometimes a dozen times a day.

    Clintons lies were found tolerable, and Obama's were eagerly repeated.

    now lying is required to escape racism charges.


  6. To be fair 🙄, ZeroHedge IS Russian agitprop, even if there are nuggets among the dross. I'd have ambivalence about getting in bed with them. But I'm so old I remember when it was the honor of the ACLU to get in bed with the Nazis, so, there's that. Google is going around asking for somebody to smash it in the mouth. Seek and ye shall find.

    1. Russdians? PUH-LEASE! Grow up!

      Roger V. Tranfaglia

  7. We've know that. Conservatives won't fight back for years and now have little to no voice. And when Biden wins, the purges will become official.

    Secession may be the only hope but even Texas is now lost

    1. We learned during the Tea Party primaries that they'll fight, all right. Vicious, nasty, and ruthless will they fight.
      But only against us.

  8. Yes sir. Fascism is here and it’s name is the democrat party and their true believers. November can’t get here fast enough.

  9. It's National Review.
    They continued bragging about forcing the John Birch Society out of the conservative movement even after the Soviet Union fell, and out was publicly released that the paranoid Birchers had a much better handle on reality than did National Review.
    At the time, I was young and naive enough to be shocked that they weren't issuing mea culpas.

  10. Bill Buckley turned NR over to the New Class which included his son. Today it's the Ford Foundation of the New Class.