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Wednesday, June 03, 2020

2020, according to journalists

2020 already is the worst year for journalists in American history since...


Eleanor Clift wrote on January 2, "How Long Can Nancy Pelosi Hold Back These Articles of Impeachment? Longer Than You Think..

"The conventional wisdom is going to say that Pelosi needs to send the articles ASAP. But there are four words to live by: Don’t doubt Pelosi’s instincts."

The respected journalist quoted respected pundit Norm Ornstein, who said, "This is working beautifully for her, and for the country. In the weeks since the House voted for Impeachment, there have been more damning emails, and there’s no reason to believe we have seen the end of it."

When a respected journalist and a respected pundit in Washington agree on something, it is a fact.

ABC's Martha Raddatz went to Tehran for the funeral of Iran's top terrorist, Qassem Soleimani.

She said, "I have been the midst of anti-American protests in Iran before, but nothing like this. A powerful combination of grief and anger with shouts of Death to America echoing through the streets around us. This morning, mourners filling the streets of Iran's capital of Tehran for the funeral of General Soleimani killed by that U.S. drone strike last week. Aerial images capturing the sea of Iranians packing the streets to pay tribute to a man revered by many here."

Yes, it is all President Trump's fault because they have only been shouting Death to America for 40 years.

On February 4, Politico reported, "The Trump administration’s quarantine and travel ban in response to the Wuhan corona virus could undercut international efforts to fight the outbreak by antagonizing Chinese leaders, as well as stigmatizing people of Asian descent, according to a growing chorus of public health experts and lawmakers."

And they were absolutely right as New York would later shut down all Chinese restaurants.

All Indian restaurants.

All Thai restaurants.

In fact, all restaurants.

Also on February 4, the New York Daily News reported, "The one sure thing about Iowa? Joe Biden looks like the biggest loser. The Democratic front runner stumbled badly in the first in the nation caucus — and then lashed out at the credibility of the voting process.

"Even though no official results were out, Biden’s own campaign admitted Tuesday morning that he finished only in the top four. Some analysts predict Biden barely edged out Sen. Amy Klobuchar for fourth place, a humiliating position for the former vice president who enjoys near-universal name recognition."

Whatever happened to Biden?

On February 5, CNN reported, "Nancy Pelosi ripping Donald Trump's speech may not have been planned, but it was effective."

Ah yes, her decorum at the State of the Union displayed why mothers consider her a role model for their daughters.

On February 16, the New York Times reported, "More than 1,100 former prosecutors and officials who served in Republican and Democratic administrations signed an open letter condemning the president and the attorney general over the Stone case."

The story failed to say that there are not 1,100 former federal prosecutors. Anyone could sign up by claiming to be a former prosecutor.

No links to pay sites.

On February 29, Ashe Schow reported, "Media Claims Trump Called Coronavirus A ‘Hoax.’ Here’s What He Actually Said."

Are you ready for it?

Our president said, "Now the Democrats are politicizing the coronavirus. Coronavirus. They’re politicizing it. We did one of the great jobs, you say, How’s President Trump doing? They go, Oh, not good, not good. They have no clue; they don’t have any clue. They can’t even count their votes in Iowa. They can’t count their votes!

"One of my people came up to me and said, 'Mr. President, they tried to beat you on Russia, Russia, Russia. That didn’t work out too well. They couldn’t do it. They tried the impeachment hoax. That was on a perfect conversation. They tried anything, they tried it over and over. They’ve been doing it since you got in. It’s all turning, they lost, it’s all turning. Think of it. And this is their new hoax.'"

Management would fire any reporter at the Times or the Post if he ever got a story on Donald Trump right.

On March 2, the Committee to Protect Journalists announced, "The U.S. government should immediately suspend efforts to effectively expel dozens of Chinese journalists and put a halt to mutual retaliation over media operations, which threatens to undermine the free flow of information as the covid-19 epidemic spreads throughout the world."

Dozens expelled!

National Review reported, "The U.S. will place various durations of stay on all Chinese journalists in the country on visas. There are currently around 3,000 such journalists in the U.S., while American journalists in China number in the dozens."

Oh and Red China has jailed 48 journalists. Orange Hitler has jailed zero. I can see why they would attack him and not Chairman Xi.

On March 19, Rebecca Fishbein wrote, "Help, I Think I'm In Love With Andrew Cuomo???"

Speaking for many a journalist, she wrote, "And yet, in this time of crisis, with little concrete information available, I need Cuomo’s measured bullying, his love of circumventing the federal government, his sparring with increasingly incompetent city leadership. Not only that, but the less contact I have with other humans, the more I start to think of Cuomo as my only friend. I’ve started laughing at his little jokes. I catch myself touching my hair (not my face!) when he talks about an increase in testing capacity. I swooned when he told a reporter he had his own workout routine. I have watched a clip of him and brother Chris Cuomo bickering about their mother at least 20 times. I think I have a crush."

Within a month, he turned New York into Wuhan West.

On April 19, the president's eldest son tweeted.
PolitFact and other fact-checkers immediately agreed with Donald Trump Jr. -- without mentioning him or the Times.


It is as if the fact-checkers are covering for the Times.

On April 21, CNN anchor Jim Sciutto – a former chief of staff to our ambassador to China under President Obama – tweeted, "Breaking: The US is monitoring intelligence that North Korean leader Kim Jong Un’s health is in grave danger following a surgery, a US official with direct knowledge tells me."

Spoiler alert: Kim is still alive.

The voices in Obamanaut Sciutto's head were wrong.

On May 13, the Atlantic reported, "In recent weeks, the nation has been treated to an unsettling sight: angry men with assault rifles protesting various state lockdowns in response to the corona virus pandemic. These demonstrations reached an ugly peak in Michigan last month — though they may yet worsen as the pandemic persists — when armed protesters rushed into the capitol building, and put on a chilling display of fury and intimidation. They claimed to be exercising their democratic rights of free speech and gun ownership. But there is something profoundly undemocratic about this form of demonstration.

"Michigan lawmakers were understandably shaken when the armed throng surged into the capitol atrium; some donned bulletproof vests. The protesters screamed in the faces of stoic policemen who refused them entry to the Senate gallery. Many demonstrators sported fatigues and tactical gear, and also dark face masks — not so much out of public-health concern, mind you, though that was surely a handy excuse to seem even more menacing."

Last month, carrying a rifle was violent.

This month, throwing bricks, burning buildings, and even killing police officers and other people are considered a peaceful protest.

2020 is the worst year for journalism since 2019.

And we have just under 7 months to go.


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    1. Depends on who they is and how you define won.

  2. What was not expected was that Trump is no afraid of them..
    He is showing the Nation and the world that the MSM are bunch of Klowns..

  3. And now James Mattis has come out against President Trump and described him as a threat to the Constitution, over at the Atlantic.
    Not a word from Mattis in the article about what he'd do - make tea and cookies? - or about the police chiefs and government figures pulling LEOs back from the rioters.

    1. Wow. Did Mattis turn out to be a turd. I had high hopes for him when Trump picked him. We all found out the hard way that turd turned out to be deep state.


    2. Just another individual that the deep state and the MSM told us was the best thing since sliced bread. Kinda like Mueller.

    3. We should've known how bad Mattis would be when McCain went gaga over Mattis's selection as SecDef.

    4. I'll take 200 Alex.
      What does a retired general do when he is butt hurt?

  4. Wonder what you are going to call your new book, Don?

    Lord knows you have a plethora of new material!

  5. I swear to God I thought the impeachment was LAST January. Like, 2019 January. Holy shite.

  6. Either Rebecca Fishbein does not have elderly parents or she does and they are loaded.

  7. Wow all the while ppl are symbolically getting arrested. I'm not impressed, but maybe it's just me.

  8. No surprises in any of this.

    The defining characteristic of a leftist has always been to be ignorant and proud of it.

  9. As the election gets closer, the stories will get more frantic and more bizarre - making the peeing hooker story seem sane.

  10. Can't bat, can't pitch, can't field...

    Honestly, what is CNN good for other than as an Awful Example?

  11. PBS has been airing a show on the history of fascism in Europe. SPOILER ALERT: the historians in Germany and Italy say it stemmed from a biased media. We joke about the fake news, but these people can do a lot damage with their lies.

  12. Not a word of concern for idiot new laws that release felons back on the streets the same day they are arrested. There is no M S M just M S fake news propagandists.