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Tuesday, May 12, 2020

They don't want covid-19 to end

Democrats did not shut down or disinfect the subways.

The Democrats encouraged people to visit Chinatown and hug the people who look Chinese (most people in Chinatown are American). Democrats put covid-19 patients in nursing homes. Democrats turned New York City into the covid-19 epicenter if the world.

But most damning of all, Democrats block using hydroxychloroquine and zithromax to treat covid-19. Democrats oppose this regimen because it works.

Dr. Yvette Lozano in Texas explained her experience with this regimen. It works and the Texas pharmaceutical board is livid.

In a video, she said, "I have patients at Lozano medical clinic that are cured of this disease. I have patients that recovered within 48 hours. In fact, the illness that they had was more caused by the stress and the fear of the propaganda that’s being spewed on the news media than by the actual virus."

Chloroquine is a known drug that has been around for 80 years. It was first used to treat malaria, but it also treats lupus and rheumatoid arthritis. We know what dosage levels are safe. It cost $15 because it is out of patent.

The medical establishment -- which is run by Democrats -- is pushing Remdesivir, a patent medicine that could be sold at 10 times the price of hydroxychloroquine.

Dr. Lozano said, "After my first or second or third script to the pharmacy, I got a phone call from the pharmacist. He wanted to talk to me he wanted me to tell him what the diagnosis was for my patient, number one, and what was the diagnosis for patient B and patient C."

She cited patient privacy. The pharmacist insisted on having a diagnosis. She said just fill the box with pills and dispense the hydroxychloroquine and zithromax..

Then she said, "The pharmacy board has stated that those two prescriptions, starting in early March, will not be dispensed by a pharmacist unless it comes with a diagnosis."

So now she just tells them the patient has hypertension.

I thought at first the medical establishment opposed this treatment because President Donald John Trump called it a possible game-changer. But the French government also opposes this regimen.

Democrats have taken over the medical bureaucracy in the United States like the American Medical Association and mainline churches to promote an anti-American agenda of communism. The Soviets called their plan to take over the world internationalism. The Red Chinese call their plan globalism.

They may be registered Republican but registration is an old trick. I was a registered Democrat for 30 years but I voted straight-ticket Republican for 20 of them.

Readers must understand that there are two choices when it comes to a medical license. You can be a doctor, or you can be a bureaucrat.  Some do the former and throw in the towel and become the latter.

Tony Fauci has been a bureaucrat for 40 years. He's not really an MD. For all practical purposes, he is a PhD in medicine.

The plan is to use covid-19 to destroy the American economy and its middle class. I hope Americans soon see the light.

The sunlight.


  1. Excellent video by Dr. Lozano.
    I forwarded it to my state reps and governor to encourage them to completely open Iowa. (Gov. Reynolds is still pussyfooting around)
    Don't know if it'll finally do the job, but it's worth a try.

  2. They already have. That's why everybody wants to get back to work, but, on the larger issue of the Lefties not wanting the Nanking Nasty to end, this is the power they've dreamed of.

    This is what Zippy meant when he spoke of Xi's power and how he wished he had it.

    This is why the Demos are going down hard this Fall, no matter what kind of vote fraud scheme they have.

  3. 2 months ago: "Can't open until we flatten the curve to save our healthcare system." One month ago: "Can't open until we have a vaccine." A few days ago: "Can't open until we have multiple vaccines." Today: (Essentially) Can't open until Biden wins.

  4. Chorloquin and a Zpack, perhaps with zinc added, are apparently only effective if given almost immediately to mildly symptomatic patients.
    By preventing outpatient use of the drugs for CV their effectiveness is at best diminished or worse, demolished. It seems to have no effect on ventilated patients but there the mortality rate is remarkably high anyway.
    A solid study is needed,true, but to my mind even if it is done there is little doubt the press has actively encouraged death for political ends solely because it was Trump himself who was trying to help.
    The 1A concerning the press was a massive error by Jefferson but has only been exposed as such in our time. Now press lies are much more profitable than any truth not only because they are virtually unpunishable but because they have become such formidable weapons to assist or hinder favored or hated politicans in the highest office along with their supporters, corporate or citizen.
    It was only by chance Trump came along to disrupt the inevitable path to slavery under the heel of a greedy monarch and her globalist courtiers, none of whom have forsaken there own dreams and are still just off stage, waiting.

    1. The press that the 1st Amendment applied to was a politically known entity. Today the media says it is neutral; ha ha.
      My doctor has instructions to give that drug combination to me if I have symptoms.

  5. But, hey, 35% of the country would ingest a mixture of bat testicles and pangolin blood as a Wuhan vaccine while hopping on one leg and singing “Barack Hussein Obama, mmm mmm mmm.” They’re beyond any persuasion short of a bullet.

  6. "The medical establishment -- which is run by Democrats -- is pushing Remdesivir, a patent medicine that could be sold at 10 times the price of hydroxychloroquine."

    Much higher. Dr. Zelenko says his cocktail costs $20. Remdesivir cost $1,000 per shot and 5 shots needed, reportedly. It is also made in China I believe.

    In 2014, Gilead charged $84k for their $150. Hep C drug Sovaldi. They charged $1,780 per month for their $6. per course HIV anti-viral Truvada, even though NIH helped them make it. Or maybe BECAUSE they helped them make it.

    Fauci is able to patent drugs using the NIAID labs as his own R&D. It would not shock me if he had patents on Coronaviruses. And financial interests id all the cures and vaccines. No wonder he wants the lockdowns to continue forever.

    It is clinically insane that the guy who secretly funded the Wuhan Bat Lab is in charge of our response to that Lab.

    This stinks from outer space.

  7. Ha! Good on Lozano! Nice post. Keep working.

  8. And when it does end, they’ve got covid-20 ready to roll.

  9. Just tell your doctor, you're planning on traveling to a known malaria zone and need the same treatment which has been provided to thousands of others for decades.