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Tuesday, May 26, 2020

The protected, the unprotected, and the attacked

Michael Goodwin of the New York Post wrote, "During corona virus pandemic, essentials are the new protected class." The label essential protects one from the economic devastation left by the pandemic panic -- the Days the United States Stood Still.

I agree with him. Communists (he calls them socialists) are capitalizing on covid-19.

(The difference between communism and socialism is the latter do not create a police state. For example, Whitmer in Michigan, de Blasio in New York, and Newsom in California are enforcing a lockdown that other states and localities were casual about.)

But Goodwin also made a point that is bigger than the halving of the GDP by the forces of evil in governor's mansion across the nation.

Goodwin wrote, "In early 2016, Peggy Noonan wrote a prescient column in The Wall Street Journal about the battle unfolding in the presidential race.

"'There are the protected and the unprotected,' she wrote. 'The protected make public policy. The unprotected live in it. The unprotected are starting to push back, powerfully.'

"Hillary Clinton later would call Donald Trump supporters ­deplorables, reflecting her elitist disdain for those who didn’t share her advantages.

"Happily, the unprotected and deplorables carried the day and gave themselves a fierce advocate in the 45th president. Yet the 2020 election presents a similar divide, albeit with different language.

"The Trump revolution, for all its progress, clearly has more work to do. For by hook and crook, the protected managed to hang on to power."


I am happy to report that the protected are nervous. Consider that the media no longer refers to the Obama administration but rather the Obama Era, as if he were not responsible for the corruption of those he appointed to high office.

The New York Times reported, "The nation’s intelligence chief has declassified an Obama-era document related to President Trump’s former national security adviser General Michael T. Flynn, according to the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, in a highly unusual move that prompted accusations that he was trying to discredit the Justice Department’s Trump-Russia investigation."

The Times spins that unmasking the Russian Collusion hoax is somehow wrong.

Well, when you get a couple of Pulitzers for promoting the hoax, you get pretty protective of the Deep State traitors who did this.

Goodwin is less than pleased about the protected class. He wrote, "Just as the Founders and countless guardians of liberty warned, those with too much power inevitably go too far. Just as inevitably, when government picks winners and losers, the unprotected are the losers.

"Being designated an essential business or employee meant you could keep working, keep your paycheck and standard of living. If you were unfortunate enough to be labeled nonessential, you could lose your business, your home and your nest egg.

"Unless you worked for the government. Despite shutdown orders in New York and other blue states, municipal and state workers continued to get paid even as most didn’t have to work."


The news business is part of the protected class and received the blessing of essential. This lasts only as long as no one calls out the pandemic panic. Trish Regan did, and Fox Business News promptly fired her.

The rest of the media toed the line.

But this is more than a dichotomy between the protected and the unprotected because there is a third category of people, the attacked.

They are attacked because they are members of the protected class who side with the unprotected. They pose a threat to the protection of the protected.

And so the protected attack Candace Owens and other black conservatives because black people who vote for President Donald John Trump are a threat to the attempt by the protected class to regain the White House.

Ditto the hostility directed at Ric Grenell for breaking the stereotype that gay men are all liberals.

Ditto the hostility directed at Sarah Palin.

The argument is that historically society has mistreated women, blacks, and gay people. But that history ended with civil rights laws in the 1960s, and a new era of privilege began with affirmative action in the 1970s -- which began a half-century ago.

However, the biggest target of the attackers is Donald Trump, who betrayed the billionaire class by siding with the deplorables. Unlike Trish Regan, President Trump can beat the bastards at their own game.


  1. In theory, the Constitution protects the "unprotected" against the "protected," as they are described here. In practice, it's the opposite. How do we flip it back the way it's supposed to be? The resistance we've seen against tyrant governors is a good start. Do you think the country will stand for another bogus shutdown, after what's happened? I don't think so. - Gary B

    1. The unprotected were expected to stand up for themselves.

      And that's exactly what is happening.

    2. Not nearly enough resistance. More businesses need to basically say F-you! And stay open. Businesses open accepting the risk and customers can vote with their wallets.
      If I were a church I would NEVER allow them to shut me down. Churches have obvious protections under 1st Amendment. Elderly priests stay away. Young healthy priests and deacons can celebrate the mass. And let the parishioners decide

  2. Candace Owens should cut the antivax stuff out. It makes her look like a nut job.

    1. A nutjob? Not at all.
      Ms. Owens is arguing against the push to mandate the use of The HPV vaccine.
      There is justification for this.
      1. The disease is not contagious.
      2. The disease is primarily spread sexually.
      3. There is a history of girls who have had adverse reactions (some have been major) after receiving the vaccine including Ms. Owens.
      In this case, I think she's right on the money.

    2. Maybe not a nut job but putting thousand of girls and women at unnecessary risk for cervical cancer because she was one of the few that had a reaction. Look what the antivaccers did for the measles. Not fair.

    3. The science is very much NOT settled when it comes to vaccines. Do you know what's in them? How does it affect your health? Can you get 19 at once as a newborn and expect to never have adverse effects? I have yet to see a vaxxer answer these concerns rationally.

    4. While very little science is ever completely settled, we've been using vaccines on people and animals for at least 70 years and the risk/benefit ratio is pretty well known. Are vaccines perfect? No. Are they a great advancement in public health? Absolutley.

      Let me ask you since you're so opposed to vaccines, should we no longer vaccinate dogs and cats against rabies?

  3. the attacked would also be any medical professional who tries to contradict the benefits of wearing masks, social distancing or hydroxychloroquine. Their youtube vids and twitter accounts disappear about as fast as a Chinese doc calling out the CCP. Excellent analysis again by our host.

  4. Actually, the majority of the "essentials" are working stiffs and, most likely, working stiffs, hence, Deplorables.

  5. It is the essentials that are promoting the lockdown, that much is clear. This will not end well for them.

  6. Like the New Jersey governor said: He didn't consider the Bill of Rights when he shut things down. None of them did, all they considered were bogus data and faulty predictions. Shame on them for fooling us. To quote The Who(not the commie health propagandist WHO) "We won't get fooled again".

  7. "(The difference between communism and socialism is the latter do not create a police state. For example, Whitmer in Michigan, de Blasio in New York, and Newsom in California are enforcing a lockdown that other states and localities were casual about.)"

    Commie versus socialist? I say power-crazy and too stupid to control it.

    Wretched Gretchen is swiftly accomplishing the exact opposite of what Lyndon Johnson gloated over, after the Dems gave blacks the vote: in this case, Michigan will probably vote Republican for at least a few decades.

    Let us at least get the recall petition signatures validated, to remove That Woman From Michigan.

  8. In New York, a nonessential business owner can become essential by selling lotto tickets. Follow the money.

    President Trump has always ended his rallies with the loudspeakers playing "You Can't Always Get What You Want." While I do not disparage the Rolling Stones, I suggest that a better closing song would be "Wake Up Everybody" by Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes. In seven minutes, it lays out Trump's stated platform, to upgrade education and medical care, rebuild our infrastructure, fight drug addiction, demand truth telling by our clergy (and the media), and ethical conduct by the business elite.

    "Wake up everybody no more sleeping in bed.
    No more backward thinking, time for thinking ahead.
    The world has changed so very much from what it used to be.
    There is so much hatred, war and poverty."

    "The world will get no better
    If we just let it be.
    The world will get no better,
    Gotta change the world, you and me."


  9. The protected class will need protection. Too bad they don’t believe in the second amendment.

  10. It has become more and more obvious with every passing day: this is a PLANDEMIC.